tagMatureTim's Mom & Sunday Morning

Tim's Mom & Sunday Morning


Stephen lay next to Grace. She was too sore from yesterday but didn't let him know it. Lying next to her, his cock was hard again. He wanted her to have it and just as much as the day before. Horny as ever, he looked at her with the look of desperation and thought to himself how extremely beautiful she actually was. "She almost too beautiful for words" he said to himself.

She was nicer then any other woman he ever came across. Seeing her yesterday in the nude and now, she was finer then fine. She even liked him more then he realized too. Underneath those pajama's was the slender, lithe, and sexy physique of an athletic mature woman. If she could withstand it again, she would withstand his awesome masculinity.

Saturday, she discovered that true masculinity of his. She already knew for years he was a man's man, but he hadn't had the chance yet to prove it to anyone including himself. Grace liked Stephen more then she ever let on. She knew him very well over the years. Being best friends with her son Tim helped. She watched him grow up and develop into a handsome and hawt guy.

She began to see him as a potentially virile man with endless qualities. He had all the properties most any adult male had. He was by anyone's standard, a great guy. He was a very good looking guy. She loved every aspect about him. She adored him in more ways then she ever had with her husband.

Simply put she came to desire Stephen but kept it herself. Finally having a chance, since he turned 18, then 19, and he was an adult male and yes finally he was in her mind a real man! She gave in to those hidden fantasies she held close to her heard and finally had a moment of mutually pleasurable sex with him!

As a result, she was sore. She was bruised. It would go away. She would be fine, but Stephen was unaware of all that. She didn't let him know she was in pain. She didn't want to hurt his feelings. Because of sex with him he made her feel incredible. She made him feel equally special. Given another chance she'd do it again. If she could, she'd strip down, expose the sexy and athletic shape he so loved, jump his body, and prove to him what happened was no fluke. She let him know he was special to her! She'd easily experience what she experienced yesterday, if she could. She was not physically able unfortunately.

If it was possible, she would've taken the opportunity at the magnificent unbridled sex she craved from him and that grand cock too. If she felt she could, she would have seized his awesome hard shaft, retained it for unending, ongoing, and gratifying sexual nourishment! Seeing as it was Stephen, it seemed possible, but it was not unfortunately.

She thought about Saturday while he lay next to her feeling her tits. A smile sealed her heart. Her eyes glistened even though she was in pain. Stephen did not know she hurt, but it wouldn't matter; she wouldn't tell him. Due to how great he was yesterday why would she ever let on? He was more then she ever expected him to be!

"Mmmmm that feels nice honey" she told him. "Do they feel nice to you too" she asked as he rubbed her tits. He told her yes as he smiled back. Looking at her, he wondered why she wasn't smiling.

"Ohhh I'll be fine. You were a lot to handle yesterday but I loved every last second of it sweetheart. You became a real man yesterday" she said as he kept rubbing her tits as well as her tummy. He couldn't either of them since she wore the pajamas, but none of it mattered in his opinion. He was next to the woman he adored and loved.

"Yes that's right Stephen yesterday you became a real man." A smile surfaced for the first time on her face. "Mmmmm your hands feel incredible right now" she added. Her eyes closed momentarily. Knowing he was horny, she wanted to oblige him and not make him feel horrible but she couldn't.

She told him to take off his shorts. She told him she would make his Sunday morning a beautiful day regardless if it was raining. It wasn't about to stop either. She would change that a little. She caressed his chest running her fingers through his chest hairs, trickling them down to the right or left of his cock that was covered by his briefs.

She was aroused a little. She thought about sex too. She was in pain. She couldn't allow herself that pleasure unfortunately. She knew she shouldn't be toying with him like she was, but it was fun to see him get turned on. She wanted to at least suck him off. She craved it like a baby craves a pacifier.

She couldn't and she knew better. He saw her wincing and knew something was wrong. He asked her a few times what was wrong. "Grace what is wrong?" She told him nothing was wrong but continued she kept making that painful looking face. He knew at that point she was not right and felt it was his fault. "I did this didn't I? Whatever is wrong I did it didn't I" he asked.

She finally admitted she was in pain, but said the two of them together caused her pain and not him alone. It was not his fault. She caressed his cheeks pleading with him not to feel bad or guilty. He did anyways.

He got out of bed, got on his knees, and begged her not to be angry. She assured him she wasn't. They looked into one another's eyes and she winked forcing a smile and said "You and me we will do this again and very, very soon. I guarantee you we will have great sex together like yesterday sweetheart and as soon as I am able to. Is that clear Stephen; is it honey?"

He nodded yes. Standing in front of her, he put on his clothes, apologized profusely, but she laughed and told him not to feel bad. She told him having sex with him yesterday was more incredible then anything she ever experienced! She told him she couldn't wait to have him inside her again just like yesterday. She told him to stand next to her bed. She grabbed his crotch, squeezed it, and reassured him it was a gift. She told him "This gift is as beautiful as any bounty of flowers only more spectacular!" Later that day he ordered two dozen tulips anonymously. Nobody ever discovered where they came from. He wanted her badly. Early that week she was walking up the street. She walked slowly but she was up and around. Early in the morning a couple days later she was walking at a good pace. In two weeks he had to go back to college. In two weeks he would be gone.

Two days later he saw her from his bedroom. She was jogging. She looked great but normally she ran. Again he was in his boxers. By coincidence she looked up while passing his house. She smiled and waved at him. That brilliant smile told him she was healthy again. He felt she might be ready.

He waved back. She gave a hand sign indicating to him to call her. Understanding it he called soon afterwards. Tim answered and they talked instead of him and Grace. He asked Tim about his mom. Tim really didn't know why. Stephen left it alone. He laughed about it once he was off the phone.

Later she called him and told him she had to be with him. She told him she needed him. She expressed the insurmountable urges she's had. Before he went off to college again it was her duty, her obligation, and her desire to give him what he craves. She asked him where and when would be best for him. He didn't care one way or the other; he had to be with her too. They were two promising souls who wanted one another, needed one another, and destined for one another because their lives were innately entwined.

Stephen didn't care. She yearned to be with him. She told him too. Her needs and desires grew immensely. She told him repeatedly that she had to be with him soon! His loving nature and his masculinity got the best of Grace.

Expressing her feelings in the manner she did made Tim hornier then ever. He stopped thinking about college altogether. His parents were all over him. They wondered what it was that was distracting him. He lied to them. What else was he going to tell them?

He continued to focus on her needs. He was always horny. He wanted to hold himself. He wanted to masturbate all the time. He had to come up with some plan to be together. He never did ejaculate but wanted to desperately. He saved himself for her.

Next door she lay sleeping. Often she would lay awake next to her husband who easily slept the nights away. Mr. K. took up space where Stephen belonged. She knew it and Stephen felt that way too. She wanted Stephen in the spot occupied by her husband.

Stephen was envious of Mr. Kripke. Mr. K was so lucky to be lying next to her. He knew better but lost sight of the reality of it. To Stephen, she was his and only his. Grace felt the same way too some days. Stephen's chance would come.

7 days and he would leave for college. 6 days remained and he would be gone until Thanksgiving. Then there were only 5 days remaining and no word from her yet. With the next day coming, it would be 4 days. 5:00 in the morning came. Stephen was restless as ever. The sun was on the horizon. He had to be with her without question. He had to have her! He craved her tits, her bounty, and her body! He yearned to be with her. He was up half the night thinking about her. He thought of how he made her feel, her needs, and what she told him. He had to give that to her again!

He called her cell phone at 5:30 Thursday morning. Thinking it was too early for anyone to answer, he was going to leave a message, but he answered it. Mr. K. picked up Grace's cell and answered it. Stephen felt it was over with. He thought he was going to be nailed. When he heard Mr. Kripke say something on the other end he felt relieved.

He said hi to him, told him to hold on, and that she was coming. Mr. K. was clueless. "Calling a little early aren't we Stephen? You could have walked over and if a light was on just come in like always. I bet ya didn't think anyone would be up yet did ya bud? Hey have a great day today! Here she is alright? Oh by the way, good luck this year in school."

"Umm yeah hey thanks Mr. K." Stephen replied. "Thanks a lot." Then he watched Mr. K. pull out of the driveway after putting his golf clubs in his car. Tim was sleeping.

"Hiiiiii honey good morning sweetheart. How is my favorite man in the world today" she asked in a perky tone. His body lit up. The sound of her voice propelled his emotions in to outer space. She sent his hormones into chaotic disorder. There wasn't any way around it. He knew he had to have her!

Standing and looking out his window, he went from limp to hard in seconds. Wearing a t-shirt and briefs, he quickly went to the basement where he could talk to her. Holding his cock in desperation, he felt good. He felt great. She sounded awesome. He told her she did and he told her he needed to be with her!

Quietly she was told "Ohhhhh god Grace ohhhhhhh my god I need you! I have to be with you Grace! When and where Grace? When can we get together?" She said give her an hour and she'd call him back. She would set it up.

"Just give me one hour Stephen. I'll be ready."

He left early. Meeting her 10 miles away from the city, he was told to bring a change of clothes. He parked his car and got in hers. Even before leaving the parking lot she was all over him smothering Stephen in a passionate kissing spree. Every bit of her uncontrollable lips sent exciting palpitations through him! She was turning him on!

He didn't expect that. But kissing him that passionately only made him instantly hard! He wanted Grace to feel his erection! He yearned for her to touch it! He reached for one of her hands so he could place it over his crotch. He needed her to grab the excited erection inside his shorts! It screamed for her!

He wanted her to feel it, rub it, and squeeze it hard, real hard! He wanted her to clamp down on it. He wanted her to clutch it decisively. He moaned as burning desires mounted within him. Finally, he grabbed a hand. Finally he pulled it down. Finally he was able to firmly press it against his cock! Finally he felt relieved!

Stephen got his point across! She stopped kissing him. Grace was impressed. She cooed and he murmured. He looked at her anxiously. He tried mustering a smile. It was a weak smile. She looked at him with a pleasurable smile.

Finally she started the car, drove off, but kept her hand on the hard cock while driving. It was a pleasant drive for the two of them. She talked while feeling it. It made her feel euphoric. She moved around it freely. It kept them both happy. It satisfied some urges for the time being.

Squeezing his hard splendor she told him "This is good baby; this is very good mmmm."

He looked at her. "Grace, may I feel you too? I mean can I feel your tits?"

"Be my guest" she shouted out in a spry voice. "Go ahead, unbutton me, and be my guest!" Her emotions got the best of her. Out of nowhere she blurted out "Ohh ohhhh oooooohhh ahhhhh mmmmm yes Stephen yes ohhhh god yes!"

She turned to look at him. She loved the feel of his cock inside the palm of her hand and knew he loved the feel of her supple round bosoms too. "You know what? You make me horny Stephen!"

"Because of you I feel alive; I feel so much younger today! I mean you make me feel extremely young and alive today. I know you don't know what to expect but I'm warning you right now honey. You and I are going to sustain one long, one hearty, and one incredible day together! Yeah honey today is going to blow your mind! Making love and having sex with you today is going to be better then anything you may ever have I think." She began giggling and added "We're gonna have some of the greatest sex you can imagine!"

That set off his imagination.

He realized exactly what she said. That put him into overdrive.

"There over there Grace! Turn off there! The side road there, pull off and go down it" he shouted. She started to turn down the road like she was told. He told her to drive up near a small grove of trees. "Go in there! Let's do it there" he said excitedly, but she said no.

She calmly told him she wouldn't. She told him she was not going to have what she hoped would be the most exciting, most incredible, and most memorable sex in decades in a patch of mouse infested, flee filled grass and dirt.

She was not rude. She was subtle. She made him feel better even though she rejected his suggestion. He apologized, she accepted, and while they were stopped, he kissed her on her lips. He felt her tits at the same time since she was unbuttoned.

"I am going to give you a memorable day today in bed, on a couch, or something somewhere Stephen but not there. Regardless you and I will always remember this day. I am going to make great love to you! I am one very horny woman right now and its because of you too! I want you badly. I can even taste you in my mouth."

"I'm can't express how messed up my hormones are but I will tell you my cunt is going crazy and it's going crazy for you! I am well it is well ohhhh I'm all messed up!"

She went on and on talking in circles for several minutes only making him hornier! She told him how she wanted to be fucked. She told him how she wanted to get eaten out by him. She told him how she wanted him to do this or that. She told him things he never imagined in his life. Weird and wild things he never imagined she would ever say. Regardless everything she told him was erotic and only made him want her more then ever! She made odd erotic sounds in between expressing herself! He loved it!

She pulled her hand off his cock. Finally at the cabin they scrambled up to the front porch. Without unlocking the door, she stopped him and took off his shirt. Then she took off hers. He stared at her beautiful bounty showcased by beams of sunlight passing through the trees' branches. It was romantic. She was scintillating. She smiled as he gawked rubbing his chest for a moment.

In the remote locale, nobody knew they arrived. Nobody knew they were even there. Nobody could see them. Nobody even cared. It was an ideal location. On a porch, she stood almost topless except for her sexy bra.

In the wooded area they were secluded from everything. Wind rustled through the branches of the trees. Sounds of natures' wonders filled the air around them. The echoing nature surrounding them filled their veins. It was silent, but it wasn't. Waves hit the small beach. Rustling of branches and forage seemed distant. Silence surrounded them. The heart beat within both seemed louder then any other sound around them.

What burned inside each made more noise then everything else combined. It was lust that made the most noise of all and it did not make a sound. Lust filled their hearts and souls. Lust filled his loins. Desire filled her up rapidly. She knew it; he knew it. Nothing mattered more then that moment. In their entire splendor a loving desire smoldered inside and would lead them to a magnificent ending.

She paid attention to two things. Her needs and what he had to do to fulfill her needs. He had all she desired; all she yearned for. Fulfilling her wouldn't be hard. She was ready and he was ready. They stood motionless on the porch at the cabin staring the other in the eye thinking, wishing, wondering, and craving what existed within the other. She had to have something! She had to feel his power. She had to know how he felt. As soon as she put her soft sensuous lips against his powerful lips she knew instantaneously what he felt!

It was amazing! The burning desire, the fiery cravings, and his explosive yearnings he held in check all revealed themselves magically to her. In an instant, she felt his sexual energy! She knew, but how she knew she had no idea other then she understood he was mad about her and it all showed when they fervently began kissing one another on the sunlit porch that day.

Who took the lead didn't matter. Who was the dominate lover was of no consequence for these two. Expressing their passion for one other was the others goal. They did it once before, but today was going to be different. It was special and unique. She would show him how a true loving lady does a wonderful handsome sexy young man like him!

Her flesh was soft and sensuous. It was smooth and elegant. It was enticing. It was his forever. She had those qualities too. He knew it. He loved her for them. He caressed every inch of her back while the kissed.

Her body against his boy felt orgasmic. The front of her bra pressed against his chest. His cock pressed against her stomach. She loved it. He wanted to feel her bra. She wanted to slip her hand inside his shorts. Neither did as they kissed. He didn't want to stop kissing her. She didn't want to stop kissing him. They made the other feel special.

Birds called out. Animals stopped to watch them then ran off. Deer peered through trees to see lovers arm in arm, kissing frantically, half naked, and ready to enter the cabin to make love to the other. Nature watched in isolation as Grace and Stephen openly showcased their love and desire for one another.

It was scintillating. He was ready for more. She was ready for more. Finally exhausted she had to stop and catch her breath. He did too. She turned and unlocked the door. He touched her smooth back. She smiled, but he didn't see it. Inside they left the door wide open. Only the animals would hear them and that was fine by her. It would not matter.

In the darkness of the cabin, she was alluring, fascinating, and provocative as ever. He appeared even more mature, more masculine and more exciting then expected. He was that day. She was too.

He felt different. She felt something odd. Each became hornier then earlier. Inside the half sunlit cabin, while peering at him, by instinct caressed her slim tummy. She smiled too while rubbing herself. He watched her. While looking at him her hands touched her bra and then the tops of her breasts. It was a magical attraction for him. Everything became more intense.

As she stared at him and caressed herself, a transformation was underway. He tantalized her. He over-stimulated her. She envisioned his cock running rampant over her body. She removed her shorts for him in her mind. She imagined his cock running across her face and tits.

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