tagBDSMTim's Slutty Cheerleader

Tim's Slutty Cheerleader


Jason was out of the house for the first time in weeks. Work had been ridiculously busy, so most of his days of late had been split 60-40 between the office and his house. Thankfully, the rush was over and he could finally enjoy a leisurely day.

Well, that wasn't entirely true. Jason couldn't get what he'd seen last month at Tim's party out of his mind. He'd been introduced to a world he never knew existed before...a world where people voluntarily give up their humanity...their dignity! His neighbor owns a sex slave and keeps her in his basement! And Tim had said that lots of people did this sort of thing. So Jason can't help but wonder - how many of the people in the line at the Post Office own slaves? How many in the queue are slaves themselves? How can you tell?

The biggest problem for Jason was that the whole concept turned him on immensely. So it wasn't mere curiosity that plagued his thoughts...was this raven-haired beauty in front of him in line a slave? What would she look like with a collar around her neck? Her ass sure looked spankable, too. Or maybe she's a Mistress? What would it look like to see her dominating a man? Or another woman? Jason had to hide almost as many erections now as he did when he was a teenager!

"Can I help you?" asked the annoyed postal employee, and Jason came out of his reverie long enough to ship a couple of packages and leave the Post Office. Sighing as he left, he thought that perhaps he'd feel better if he got something to eat before continuing his errands. He parked his car at the local Ohio Fried Turkey restaurant and stepped inside.

"Jason! Hey! Long time no see, neighbor!"

Jason was startled. That was Tim's voice...he hadn't seen his kinky neighbor at all since the party. He turned to find where Tim was sitting, and found him sitting in a booth next to a window. Sitting across from Tim was his slave, veronica. And oddly enough, she was wearing a cheerleader's outfit, of all things! It was pink and white, and Jason could just make out the team name on the front: 'Rabbits.' There was a steel ring around her neck. It wasn't the same as the one from the dungeon - this one was much thinner. Her long, brown hair was up in a girlish ponytail, high on her head, accentuated with a big, pink bow. And she looked just as beautiful as she did in Tim's basement. Jason took a deep breath and walked over.

"Hey, Tim. Hello, veronica."

veronica replied pleasantly, "Good afternoon, Sir."

"Where've you been, buddy?" Tim asked, after taking a sip of his soda.

"Work's been hell lately. What team is the 'Rabbits?'"

"veronica, tell Jason about the Rabbits," Tim instructed.

"Yes, Master," veronica responded promptly. "It's the team that all good sluts belong to, Sir."

Jason was puzzled. "Um...why?"

"Rabbits fuck a lot, so sluts look to them for inspiration, Sir!" veronica responded gleefully.

Jason turned to Tim. "And she's wearing a cheerleader outfit for a fake team in public because...?"

"Because it's humiliating, of course! Now, why don't you go grab something to eat and come back and join us?"

Jason walked over to the counter, but he was having a hard time concentrating on the menu. He'd been all but obsessing over Tim and veronica's...unique...relationship for weeks. And now here they are in public, and she's wearing a pink cheerleader outfit. He belatedly realized that she had a set of matching pom-pons under her chair. Damn, it was so...deviant. And so...hot! Jason nearly knocked someone over in his daze...he apologized, looked at the menu, and put in his order before allowing himself to daydream some more.

Jason tried to keep his ears open for his number...but it was hard to concentrate. Tim and veronica were sitting at the booth, chatting as if nothing were amiss. Tim was eating a fried turkey leg, while veronica munched on a salad. What did everyone else in the restaurant think? And what makes a woman...or anyone, for that matter...want to live like this?

"Three-oh-two, your order is ready. Three-oh-two? Sir?" Jason snapped back to reality, took his tray, thanked the employee, and returned to Tim and veronica, determined to get some answers.

Jason began speaking the minute he sat. "veronica, can you explain to me why you do this?"

"Do what, Sir?"

"Why do you obey Tim's every command? Why do you degrade yourself?"

veronica took a deep breath, exchanged a meaningful glance with Tim, and began to speak. "i've always been a people-pleaser, Sir. But i also have a lot of responsibility at work. i have to tell a lot of people what to do. Don't get me wrong - i love my job, but sometimes it's very difficult. Sometimes i feel like an actor...like i'm pretending to be a boss. Being owned means that, at least at home, i get to be who I really am - a follower, not a leader. It makes me happy."

Jason chewed on this for a moment while buttering his bread. "This *really* makes you happy?"

"Yes, Sir, it does."

Tim interjected forcefully, "Did you really think I'd hold a woman against her will?!"

Jason sputtered at this. "No! Of course not! I didn't mean any offense. I've just been blown away by all this."

Tim flashed his big grin at Jason and veronica chuckled. "Oh, I'm just teasing. I know this has been a lot to take in. But clearly it's affected you."

"Aside from work, it's been all I can think about," Jason admitted.

"You haven't had a girlfriend in a while, have you, buddy?" Tim inquired.

Jason reddened a little. "Yeah, it's been...a while. veronica was my most recent sexual experience, actually."

"Damn, that's a shame. I'll bet you're pretty wound up," Tim observed.

Jason replied, "Yeah, that's putting it mildly."

"Would you like some relief?" It distinctly sounded like Tim was making an offer.

"Uh...what are you suggesting?" Jason wondered what his neighbor was up to. Rather than responding directly, Tim looked around the restaurant before spotting someone that looked like a manager - blue dress shirt, red tie with a cartoon turkey at the bottom. Tim flagged the man down, who quickly strode over to their table.

"Oh, hey, Tim! How's it going? Is there a problem?"

"No, Tony, everything's great. I was just wondering if we could borrow your office." Tony's face abruptly changed from worried manager into a lascivious grin. "Oh, absolutely! Follow me." And with that, Tim, Jason, and veronica rose from their seats, pushed their chairs back under the table, and trailed Tony to his office. The smells and noise of the nearby kitchen faded once he shut the door.

"veronica, show us your tits," Tim commanded. veronica replied with a crisp, "Yes, Sir," then grasped a small hidden zipper on the left side of her chest and guided it in an inverted U-shape above her breasts before it reached its end on the right side of her chest. The hidden flap promptly fell and her breasts sprung free of the tight cheerleader outfit.

"May I?" asked Tony, with a lustful look in his eye. Tim grinned and nodded, and Tony immediately began to lavish attention on veronica's exposed chest. she began to moan immediately.

"Well, Jay, what do you say? veronica really wants your cock again," Tim teased.

"Oh, shut up." Jason didn't appreciate Tim's joke.

"Please, Sir, i desperately need your cock," veronica moaned, looking directly at Jason. His face reddened again.

"I wasn't kidding, man. she really loved sucking you off at the party," Tim added. Jason looked at veronica again...yeah, you can't fake that look of desire. He undid his belt, unbuttoned his jeans, and let them drop around his ankles before stepping out of them. He wasn't sure what to do next and looked to Tim for guidance.

Tim rubbed his chin for a moment. "Lay down on the floor." Jason did as he was instructed. Then Tim slapped veronica, grabbed her collar, and used it to position her above Jason's hard penis. "Down, whore," he barked, and she immediately complied, her wet cunt soon enveloping Jason's throbbing cock. For the briefest of moments, Jason realized that she hadn't been wearing panties this whole time, but the warmth of veronica's snatch quickly took up all of his attention.

Tony went to go back to veronica's breasts, but Tim held up his hand. "I think she wants your cock too, Tony." Tony grinned and unzipped his fly, then shoved it in veronica's face. veronica smiled widely before beginning to passionately - maybe even greedily? - worship Tony's sweaty cock. Meanwhile, Tim had removed his own pants and appeared to be putting something on his cock. He positioned himself behind veronica and shoved his dick into her asshole. she cried out, but it was muffled around the sound of Tony's cock.

It wasn't long before the foursome established a rhythm - veronica bouncing up and down on Jason while Tony pounded her throat and Tim reamed her ass. she choked on Tony's cock and mascara-stained tears ran down her face, but - at least from what Jason could see - she was as happy as could be. Tony kept squeezing and twisting her nipples, making her squeal in pain. Tim kept spanking her ass, too. Jason figured he should be tormenting her, too, so he started to roughly play with her exposed clit and pinch her thighs. The sounds of pain and pleasure coming from veronica's stuffed mouth were really, really erotic.

It wasn't too much longer before Tony couldn't take anymore - he withdrew his cock and sprayed his cum all over veronica's exposed tits. The dirty act must've set veronica off, because her moaning became louder.

"Please, Master, may i cum?" she pleaded. Tim simply said, "Yes," and she immediately had a screaming orgasm. The dirty sights and sounds nearly set Jason off, too, but he held back. "Oh, I'm going to cum too!"

At that, Tim withdrew his own cock from his slave's rectum, then yanked veronica off of Jason's cock and promptly shoved her down to her knees. Nothing more needed to be said - veronica immediately took Jason's dick into her mouth. she took just a moment to savor her juices before sucking Jason's cock in earnest. Just as he was about to climax, veronica released his cock and finished him off by hand, directing his spray to her breasts. Then Tim grabbed her by her ponytail, twisted her around, and pounded her throat with his own cock for a few moments before pulling back and shooting his own load on her tits, too.

Tony and Jason grinned like fools while Tim helped veronica clean up...though Jason noticed that neither one bothered wiping the copious amounts of semen off her chest...Tim instructed her to taste the cum, which she joyfully did by licking some of it off her tits, then they just zipped her top back up. Jason noticed that she squealed a little when the material on her outfit rubbed up against her sore nipples. Her hair and make-up were a total mess, and it seemed like Tim was just going to leave it that way.

"Tim, thanks a lot," Tony said between gasps for air. "I really, really needed that."

"Glad we could help, Tony. We love your restaurant. And how about you, Jason? Did that help?"

Jason's heart was still pounding in his chest...he hadn't felt this good since...well, since the party. "Yeah, Tim, it really did. I needed that, too. Thank you both."

"No, thank you, Sir," came veronica's reply, her face still a little flushed from her own orgasm.

And with that, the men replaced their clothing, made sure they were clean, and left the office. Tony thanked Tim again before going to check something in the kitchen, leaving Jason, Tim, and veronica to return to their table and finish their meal. It was cold, but nobody seemed to mind very much. Out of the corner of his eye, Jason could see a lot of envious and disapproving looks being aimed veronica's way...he felt mildly embarrassed, but he was riding so high on endorphins that it didn't affect him very much. The trio then left the restaurant, veronica being careful to retrieve her pom-pons from under her chair on her way out the door.

"Well, we have a couple errands to run. But we hope to see you again soon, Jay," said Tim. "We have a lot of fun with you." Tim elbowed Jason gently in the chest, but stopped teasing when he saw the contemplative expression on his neighbor's face. "What's up?"

Jason mulled his words for a moment before responding. "I want one of my own."

"You want one...what? A car? A puppy?" Tim asked.

"A slave, Tim. I want a slave of my own. Like how you have veronica. I need more of this in my life," Jason responded. "All I do is work and sleep anymore. And I've never been as satisfied with a woman as I have been with veronica, and I have to believe it's because of...well, all this." Jason waved his hand as a TV presenter might, indicating he was talking about veronica - her collar, her hair, her outfit.

veronica grinned, and Jason noticed that some of the cumshots from earlier were beginning to seep through her top. "Sir, I think you will make a wonderful Master. If Master allows it, I would be happy to help."

Tim grinned too. "Oh, definitely. I'm sure we can find you a slave to call your own."

And with that, Jason and Tim parted ways for the day. Jason went to continue his errands, but now all he could think about was having a slave of his very own.

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