Chapter 1

Sam Charles walked into the office and headed down the hallway. Walking into Katie's office, he grabbed his overnight faxes from his bin and said, "Morning!"

Katie looked up from her desk and smiled. "Good morning to you." She stood and leaned forward over her desk, passing him a note. "Derrick wants you in his office as soon as you came in."

Sam took the note and scanned it. "Wonder what I've done now?"

Katie laughed and said, "I'm sure it wasn't good."

Sam left the office and continued on to his own. Dropping his briefcase on his desk, he shrugged off his jacket and took off his hat, then went back out. Going upstairs, he went down the hall to the executive offices. Derrick Busby's door was open, and he saw that Derrick's brothers, Jack and Billy, were also present. The three were talking about Derrick's newborn son. Sam entered and flopped down on the couch next to Billy. "What's up?" he asked.

"Little Derrick has got some sort of bug," commented Billy. "He's not feeling too hot."

"That's too bad." Little Derrick was Sam's newest nephew, Sam being brother-in-law to the three other men. He had married their oldest sister years ago, long before he had joined the firm. "He getting enough to eat?" he asked innocently.

The room exploded in laughter. Lonnie, Derrick's wife, was a small girl, small everywhere except in her bust size, which was astonishingly huge. When not pregnant she was easily a DD cup; when pregnant and nursing, she grew at least a couple of cup sizes larger. Sam had never seen a woman with bigger tits, even in the porn movies he had seen, and had never been able to understand how she never toppled forward onto her face. What she did to a swimsuit or a tight sweater had to be seen to be believed.

While Billy and Jack struggled for their breaths, Derrick grinned. "He's very well fed, thank you very much."

"Glad to hear it."

"Christ, you'll never be able to wean the little guy," said Jack. "He'll be the fattest baby in the world!"

It took a couple of minutes more for the room to settle down. Sam contemplated the other two wives. Noreen, Jack's wife looked like a centerfold from the neck down, and a horse from the neck up; he could never decide what he would do if he woke up next to her one morning with her on his arm, chew his arm off or close his eyes and screw her. Billy's wife, Kathy, was Noreen's cousin and was the real beauty of the family. She had modeled in her teens, and childbirth had simply added some pounds in all the right places. What she ever saw in Billy was a mystery to Sam. The man was very rough and crude, while she was quite refined, but they got along famously. Once, at a party, Kathy was wearing a long denim skirt with snaps up the front, and had commented that the room was warm. Billy, reclining at her feet, had reached up and ripped the snaps open almost to her waist. Everybody had laughed, but Sam had been surprised by the explicit way Billy displayed his wife, and by the fact that she didn't seem to mind or cover herself up afterwards.

"Any reason you can't go down to the Oneonta office this morning?" asked Jack.

Sam eyed the others curiously. "Not particularly. Why?"

Derrick answered the question. "We want you to audit them."

"Paperwork or payroll? Both?" Derrick nodded, and Sam continued, "I'm a few weeks early on the paperwork audit, but at least a month behind on payroll. I doubt if Clark will even notice. What's going on?"

Jack said, "We're letting Clark go. I'll meet you down there and tell him it's not going to work out. I want you to see how bad the mess is."

Billy interjected, "You've wanted him gone all along anyway."

Sam made a wry smile and nodded. Since first meeting the new manager he had thought him to be a walking nightmare. A few months into Clark's reign, he had gone to Derrick and told him what he had witnessed so far, but his comments had been neither requested nor desired. Sam shut up and let the numbers do the talking for him. The last quarterly audit had been an unmitigated disaster, the lowest ranking in company history. Now it looked like the others had woken up.

"So who's taking over down there?" Sam already knew the answer to this one as well.

Derrick pointed at him and said, "You are. How much time can you put in down there? Jack will backstop you, and Dickie, too, if needed."

Sam rubbed his face. He had been expecting something along these lines. He had started with the company in sales, working his way up to Sales Manager in the flagship Saratoga office before being fired and reassigned. The recession hadn't been his fault, but Big George, his father-in-law hadn't cared. It had taken his sons buying him out to resurrect his reputation. "I can't see where I can put in more than three or four days a week. How long is this going to last?"

Jack said, "Six months, maybe more, maybe less. Through the winter, at least. I'll fill in the other couple of days. We'll have to see about hiring another Sales Manager. In the meantime, you need to clean house and start over again from scratch. The only people left are Margie and a new secretary."

Sam thought it over. Margie Jackson was one of the top salespeople for Busby Housing. It would be a start, at least. He glanced at his watch and stood up. "Give me ten minutes and I'll be on the road. I'll be down there no later than 11:00. Give me an hour to finish the audit before you show up." Jack nodded and the meeting broke up. Sam stopped as he left the room and turned back. "You know, I was talking to Lee on Sunday, and I mentioned just this very possibility."

Nobody said a word. Lee had been Sam's wife of 17 years, Big George's daughter, and the other's sister. She had died four years ago, and Sam visited her grave every Sunday, to sit and talk.


"Hello and welcome to Busby Housing. Can I help you?" asked the secretary when the tall, slim, and older man entered the sales office. He was carrying a briefcase, so he wasn't a customer, and Tina Lawson figured him to be some sort of salesman. She had only been working for the company for a few weeks now, it being her first job since graduating from Delhi Tech's secretarial program.

"Hello. My name is Torquemada and I'm the Grand Inquisitor," said Sam, smiling. Tina gave him a funny look, so Sam wrote off the attempt at humor. "Who's working today?"

"Mister Hobson is on the phone and Margie is out with customers. Can I help you?"

Sam ignored her and moved into an empty office, setting down his briefcase and tossing his coat and hat aside. Reaching into his briefcase, he pulled out a list of names and handed them to the mystified secretary. "My name's Sam Charles, and I'm down from Albany to do an audit. I'll need these files, please. What's your name?"

"Tina. I'm Tina Lawson, Mister Charles. Do you want these all at once?"

"Just call me Sam, Tina. Mister Charles lives in Atlanta with my mother, Mrs. Charles." Sam gave her a disarming smile, then sat and began setting up his audit. After a few minutes, Clarke Hobson got off the phone and came in and greeted him. As Sam had predicted, the man was so clueless he didn't even realize that an audit wasn't scheduled. Clarke left him and Sam found himself helping Tina find the files. Things were incredibly disorganized and Tina, though bright, had never been properly trained. 'Another thing to take care of.', thought Sam.

Sam was busy for almost a full hour auditing the files and payroll of the small office, with Tina scurrying around looking for files for him. The results were even more depressing than before, being significantly lower than on the previous audit, which Sam told Jack as soon as he arrived. Jack simply nodded in despair and went into Clarke's office, shutting the door behind him. Tina glanced at Sam several times from her receptionist's desk, but Sam gave her nothing more than a poker face. Fifteen minutes later, Clarke stormed from the office, and Sam stood and went into the now vacated Manager's office. Jack gave him a brief rundown, then led the way back into the lobby.

Margie and Tina were talking in a low whisper and looked up as the two men came in. "Clarke is no longer with us. Sam is going to be the new Sales Manager, at least until the Spring. Margie, you've known Sam for a while now, but I don't think Tina's had the pleasure yet. Sam, this is Tina Lawson. Tina, Sam Charles."

Both women shook Sam's hand in congratulations. Tina said, "We met this morning, during the audit."

"Well, you've seen his good side then. He's usually much nastier," joked Jack.

At Tina's worried look, Margie laughed and patted her arm. "Don't listen to him, Sam's a real sweetheart," a comment that brought forth considerable laughter from both Sam and Jack.

At Jack's command, Tina ordered several pizzas and soft drinks, then he and Sam listened while Margie explained what had been going on during Clarke's tenure. Tina had been aware of some of it, and told what she had seen, some of which had seemed rather strange and not entirely legal. Sam and Jack gave each other several looks implying 'Thank God we got him out of here before he could do some REAL damage!'

Finally, Jack and Sam worked out a schedule for covering the office, and Jack left. Sam stayed behind, moving his belongings into the Sales Manager's office and finding out more about the Oneonta situation. At 4:00, Tina clocked out, and Sam sat down in Margie's office. "So, what's the new girl like?" he asked.

"Tina? She's OK. Clarke hired her about three weeks ago after he fired that barmaid he had originally hired." Margie filled him in on the personnel that Clarke had hired, a drinking buddy and a barmaid. Sam had met them both and agreed with Margie's descriptions. "She just graduated from Delhi Tech. I think you got to her before any of Clarke's bad habits rubbed off on her," she said with a smile.

"Damn long drink of water. Good looking, too," Sam commented.

"Sam! Looking at young girls, shame on you!", laughed Margie.

"Margie, I always look at women. When I stop, you can close the coffin lid, 'cause I'll be dead! She is young, isn't she?"

"Why, Sam Charles, you really were noticing her!"

Sam protested. "Jesus, Margie, I'm old enough to be her father! All I'm saying is she's very attractive." Although considerably taller than he normally preferred, Tina was quite attractive. Long light brown hair, dark brown eyes, and an oval face simply highlighted a slim build, large bust, and impossibly long legs.

Margie smiled and nodded. "Yes, she is that. Tall, too, she makes me feel like a midget."

It was Sam's turn to laugh. "Margie, you are a midget, at least compared to her. You're what, 5-3, 5-4?" Margie nodded agreement., and Sam continued, "She's got a half foot on you, at least. And, good Christ, but she's young. She makes me feel like an old fart."

Margie got the last word in. "You are an old fart, Sam."

Chapter 2

Tina's apartment was a converted garage loft out back of a large house on Franklin Mountain. It had begun life as a small barn but then the farm had been sold and the new owners converted it to an apartment upstairs and a garage downstairs. It was only ten minutes from her new job, and an hour away from her family, which was perfectly fine with Tina. She loved her family dearly, but she wanted to be on her own.

Tina walked in to her apartment to find a visitor already there. She smiled as she saw her landlady drinking a beer out of the bottle in an armchair. "Hi, Heather. What's up?" she asked. She continued on into her bedroom to change out of her work clothes.

Heather Babcock was shorter than Tina, and heavier, but not unattractively so. She was simply a bit more rounded, 'cushiony' she described herself, with wide-set hips, an ample ass and heavy tits, and a gentle and pleasant curve to her belly. She was a blue-eyed redhead. Heather was also about ten years older than Tina, and married. Heather stood and followed Tina to the bedroom, upending her bottle of beer as she went, finishing it off and setting it on a small table in Tina's bedroom. "Nothing much. Bobby called and he's running late, so I figured I'd come over and visit." Heather was barefoot and dressed in shorts and a T-shirt.

Tina nodded, kicking off her shoes. She unzipped her pants, uncaring as her landlady watched her shimmy out of them. She adjusted her panties, then lifted her feet one at a time to pull off her socks. Heather came up behind her and reached up to undo the back zipper on Tina's knit top. Tina thanked her, then grabbed the hem and peeled it off. She saw Heather smiling at her in the mirror, and was unsurprised when she reached out and unsnapped her bra. "Visit, huh?" Heather's hands snaked around Tina's sides as the overly stuffed lace fell away, to cup the two large globes. "That what you call this?"

Heather jiggled the two big tits gently, then flicked her fingertips over Tina's nipples. Tina sighed contentedly, and Heather said, "Bobby's been on the road two days now, and I'm so horny I'm ready to fuck the dog!" She continued to fondle Tina's breasts and she could see, in the reflection, the younger woman's nipples hardening with desire. She came around to Tina's left side while she continued to rub her left breast with her left hand. Her right hand she slid down the back of Tina's bikini panties and caressed the tall brunette's ass. "Play with your pussy!", she whispered hotly. "Show me!"

Tina moaned and closed her eyes. Her hands slipped to her hips and she tugged her panties down to mid-thigh, then moved to her heart-shaped bush and began probing her hot and wet cunt. She whimpered as Heather began running her right fingers along the crack of her ass, and her eyes opened as she felt Heather lift her left breast and begin to lick the nipple. "Oh, God, that feels good!", she said. "I need to come, too." Her fingers went into overdrive, pinching and rubbing her clitoris as Heather chewed her tits roughly. Finally, almost five minutes later, she began shivering as her orgasm overwhelmed her, and she stared at herself in the mirror as her come washed over her in waves. She collapsed against the dresser and Heather relaxed her hold on the girl.

"I think you liked that," quipped Heather, massaging Tina's ass.

"I think I loved that!", Tina replied. "Come on, that was just a warm-up." She took Heather by the hand and pulled her over to her king-size bed, then lay back on the covers and watched Heather strip. Heather had not been wearing underwear. The older woman crawled into Tina's outstretched arms and brought her face up to kiss Tina.

Tina rolled towards Heather so that the pair lay on their sides facing each other. Moving closer, Tina slipped a long leg between Heather's and pressed her thigh into Heather's bare-shaved cunt. Heather responded in kind, and as the pair began to hungrily explore each other's mouths with their tongues, their bodies responded. Heather continued groping Tina's big tits, while Tina slipped a hand in between, to finger Heather's cunt. This time it was Heather's turn to be overwhelmed. Although Tina came once, after that she rolled Heather onto her back and attacked her tits with her mouth, while three fingers snaked inside Heather's pussy to search for the woman's G-spot. When they found it, Heather began shaking in an orgasm that Tina refused to relent in.

Afterwards, as they cuddled in each other's arms, Heather asked, "So how was work today?"

Tina stretched and threw an arm behind her head. "Okay, I guess. A couple of guys came down from headquarters in Albany and fired my boss."

"No shit!"

"Yeah, no shit. One of the guys is the new manager, and he kept me on, and Margie seems to like him, or at least she knows him, anyway. I don't know what's going to happen, tell you the truth."

"So what's he like?" prodded Heather, rolling onto her belly and resting her head on Tina's stomach. "He any good looking?"

"Jesus, Heather, is that all you ever think of?"

"It is until Bobby comes home and gives me what I really need. Nothing personal, Tina, but I prefer guys to girls."

Tina giggled. "You prefer both to neither, you horny slut!"

"True, true. So, tell me, what's the new guy like? He cute?"

Tina shrugged. "I'm not sure I would call him cute. Good-looking, distinguished, handsome, but not cute."

"Distinguished means old, Tina," protested her friend.

"Well, maybe. I guess he's forty-something, but he doesn't look old. I mean, he looks like a successful businessman, only slimmer, not fat." She chuckled some. "He is losing his hair, though, and Margie teased him about it. He didn't seem to mind." She gave it a bit of thought, and a refreshingly new idea came to the girl. "I don't know, but I thinks he's kind of sexy."

Heather's eyes opened wide and she sat up in bed, her full breasts swaying at the movement. "Really? You think he's sexy? Since when did you start noticing guys?"

Tina smiled and reached out to caress Heather's nipples. "Jealous?"

Heather grinned. "Curious."

"Maybe I'm not a full-blown lezzy after all. Maybe I just haven't met the right guy yet," Tina replied.

Tina began to explore her friend's body again. Heather twisted on the bed and the pair began to sixty-nine, Heather sitting on Tina's face as she licked out Tina's drenched slit. They were both moments away from coming when an air horn blasted in the driveway. "Honey, I'm home!", roared a deep voice.

Tina made a final assault on Heather's cunt, and the pair went over the top, coming fiercely. Sated, Heather scrambled off the bed and grabbed her clothes, then headed for the door.

"Aren't you going to get dressed?" asked Tina incredulously.

"Why bother?" said Heather. "I'm just going to get undressed anyway, in about two seconds flat, and he knows we fuck around. Hell, he wants to join us!"

"No thanks!" Tina wasn't interested in Bobby Babcock, and had told Heather just that.

"No big deal. Hey, you want to see what sex with a guy is like, keep an eye on our house. You'll find out in about two minutes!"

Curious, Tina got off the bed and went into the living room and looked around the curtains to the front lawn. Looking out surreptitiously, she saw her friend's husband come back out of his house and look around curiously for his wife. Then, as he noticed Heather trotting naked out of the garage apartment, he grinned from ear to ear and walked over to the side lawn, out of sight of the road. Heather came up behind him and tossed her clothing to the ground. He wrapped his naked wife in a hug, kissing her fiercely, then stepped back and undid his jeans. He pushed them down his legs, then put his hands on Heather's shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

As Tina slyly watched her friend begin to suck Bobby's cock, she reflected on just what it was that set her off against Bobby Babcock. Physically the long-haul trucker simply didn't appeal to her. He was a tall and skinny man, his arms were extensively tattooed, and he wore his long dark hair in a ponytail. Worse, he had a thin face, small beady eyes, and a small nose that made him look like a ferret. Screwing a weasel was not on Tina's list of things to do. Still, she knew her friend loved him dearly, and despite his rough manner, he seemed to love her as well. She suspected that Heather had told Bobby that Tina might be watching, because his eyes would occasionally stray to her apartment windows. However, Heather kept his mind elsewhere, and Bobby ran his rough hands through her thick red hair and closed his eyes as he began to facefuck his wife. Tina could just make out Heather's throat contracting as she began to swallow Bobby's come, as his hips began twitching. She could hear his groans of pleasure even in her apartment.

Heather continued licking and sucking Bobby's cock even after he came, and he stiffened rapidly. Forgetting about his unseen audience, once she had him properly prepared, she knelt on the lawn and spread her legs wide. Bobby sank to the ground and grabbed his cock, stuffing it into her cunt and shoving into her doggy-style. Then he grabbed her hips and began wildly plunging into her pussy, and it was Heather's cries which carried across the lawn and up to Tina's ears. Tina was so excited that she slipped her fingers to her own pussy, masturbating as she watched her landlord and landlady fucking on the lawn.

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