I wasn't really surprised when the phone rang, I had been expecting it. My friend Dan had mentioned he wanted to send his wife, Tina, over for one of my sessions. I had never met her, I had one of those visions in my mind of a 40-ish woman on the heavy side, normal for my practice at this stage of my life.

Dan and I were friends, the kind you chat with when you run into them, or see at the Sunday night bowling league. The type of friend you never get really close to. He had asked a couple of times in passing about my work, nothing out of the ordinary, until he mentioned booking Tina.

Always on the lookout for a new client, I sold him a gift certificate good for one full body massage, which he stuck in his pocket. It was only a day later when she called, and I booked her for the same evening.

As I opened the door to greet her, the look on my face must have given me away! Here was this tiny little woman, head tipped back to look up at me, not an inch over 4 and a half feet tall. She was dressed in a two-piece sweat suit, hair in a pony tail, I would have guessed jailbait at a glance!

"How old are you?" I blurted out, a bit unnerved. She smiled and said, "26..everyone asks me that." Then she stepped by me into the room as I stood there and struggled a bit to recover my bedside manner. I handed her my standard medical form, she quickly filled out the worksheet, and I showed her to my massage room. I glanced at the form as I went to wash up, she had checked "no" on all of the medical questions, and written in "pleasure" on the reason for massage line.

I knocked on the door, "ready?" I asked, and heard her voice "Sure." She was sitting on the edge of the table, stark naked, with the towel bunched at her waist! Try as I might, I simply could not avert my eyes, her breasts were small, perfectly formed, with nipples that were like little buttons. There was no hint of any tanning lines on her flawless skin, she obviously sunbathed nude.

"Go ahead and lie face down on the table" I told her, turning away to gather my oils and senses. When I turned back to her, she was propped up on her elbows watching me. The expression on her face showed that she knew she was getting to me. Again my eyes went to her breasts, hanging down so slightly from her chest. I finally forced myself to look away, I hadn't even noticed the towel was thrown carelessly across her bottom, leaving the lower parts of her cheeks on display.

I was developing a bit of a bulge in my jeans, completely out of character for me. I took a drink of water, and a deep breath, and went to work. I started at her feet, she soon lay flat on the table, accepting. My hands roamed up her calves, first one side, then the other as she lay there silently. As I moved to her thighs, she gave the little shift that parted her legs slightly, the universal signal of acceptance. As my hands roamed freely up the back of her legs, I could see the mass of dark hair, and just a bit of pink peeking out.

I felt a little shudder as I tucked the towel between her legs with my fingertips, making sure I pressed against her momentarily. Her legs parted even more as she let out a soft moan. I watched as her left hand, stretched down by her side, grasped the edge of the towel, and pulled it slightly. She was trying to expose herself to me!

Back in control, I decided to tease her. It was obvious she was willing by now. I let my fingers run under the edge of the towel, and almost brush the lips of her pussy. I let them linger high on her inner thighs, she began to squirm.

Just as she started to lift her bottom to meet my fingers, I switched to her back and shoulders. I spent a minimal amount of time there, and soon asked her to turn over. She complied, and as she did, the towel slipped to the floor. With a shudder, she looked right at me and stretched her arms out over her head. I said nothing, just went to work.

Her body was amazing, I could easily encircle her waist with my hands, the muscles of her abdomen lay in waves, the kind one gets from body building. I spent way more time than normal on those breasts, I could feel her nipples like hard little rocks as I let my fingers brush over them.

Finally I moved to the foot of the table, the only thing out of place was the huge mass of pubic hair. Even more amazing was the way her clitoral hood made a large inverted "V," sticking out and over her clit like a little roof. In my profession, I have seen a lot of Vaginas, hers was completely unique! Her excitement was obvoius, her engorged clit stuck out and down, it was as large as the end of my index finger. I ran my hands up and let my right hand brush directly across her pussy, her legs just opened wide to allow me access.

I repeated the motions for awhile, she was flushed and moaning, so I leaned forward and sucked her into my mouth. I let my tongue make a few little circles, then I licked under and lifted her clit with my tongue as she began to orgasm. I tasted her saltly sweetness, a hint of perfume, over and over, I almost couldn't get enough.

Finally I felt her stiffen slightly, so I eased up, letting her bask in the reducing sensations. As I came to a stop, and leaned back, she looked at me with slitted eyes, and said "Do it to me, please!"

For a second I thought she meant more oral, I started to lean forward again, she said "No DO IT!" At that, I dropped my Jeans, freeing my rock hard erection. She smiled as I came into her view. I stepped to the table, and pulled her tiny body down close to the end. Placing myself against her, I pushed, and barely managed to get the head in. I looked down, she had a grimace, so I pulled back slightly and tried again. I felt her take a deep breath, and relax, I slipped in another inch. My god she was tight, I worked for some time, finally managing just half my length.

"Good God that thing is big" she said with a groan. "Big?" I thought. I know I am slightly larger than normal, but a long ways from big. But I was big to her! I kept working, finally I was as far as there was room, there was no way I could ever fully enter her. So I began some slow stroking, she felt like I had my cock in a vice. I looked down, the end of her clit was actually curved down and rubbing against the top of my penis with each stroke!

I felt the beginnings of an orgasm, she did too, as she began to spasm, I erupted. I could feel my cum pouring out around me, there was just no room. As she was coming, she leaned forward and bit down on my right nipple. The stab of pain as she bit sent me over the edge to another stronger climax. I felt her hands on my back, digging, she almost couldn't reach all the way around me with her arms. More pain as she dug in her nails, and bit down harder as she went on and on. Then I felt her relax, and I lay with her for what must have been 10 minutes.

At last I withdrew, I handed her a fresh towel, she sat up and cleaned herself off as I watched. She looked at my chest, the beginnings of a welt was there, with the clear imprint of her teeth. She giggled, and said, "Let's see you explain THAT to your wife!.....""Well, how do you plan to explain THIS to Dan?" I retorted. "Oh, Dan will be happy" she said. "He has been trying to get me to do this for ages!" I thought about that a second, I was used to it. "You were the first one" she told me. "How about I come back next week and you can be the second, too!...."

*I think I can hardly wait until next week....

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