tagLoving WivesTina and Chris Spice Things Up

Tina and Chris Spice Things Up


"Mitch, you want another beer?" I asked.

"Yeah, Chris, that would be cool," Mitch responded.

"Honey, you ready for another wine cooler?" I asked my wife.

"Yes, babe, maybe one more," my wife Tina answered.

I climbed out of our hot tub, toweled off, and walked back inside the house, leaving my old buddy Mitch and my wife Tina in the spa enjoying the beautiful star filled sky over the large trees that filled our backyard. Our only son Josh was with the grandparents for the weekend and Tina and I decided to have a few friends over to enjoy our new swimming pool and spa – a 'no kids' get together which did not happen too often since most of our friends, all around mid to late thirties, were usually busy with kid and family things. So without the kiddos around, the adults let their hair down a little bit. Plenty of alcohol was consumed and a good time had by all. By this time of the evening, everyone else had left the party except for my old friend Mitch.

Tina was definitely getting close to her limit and feeling the alcohol. Neither of us were big drinkers (and I knew from experience she let her inhibitions down when she was a little drunk). We have been married 13 years, and with our son Josh growing up fast (just turning 9) and becoming more independent we had been spending a lot more time working on our relationship, including our sex life. We both stay in shape and I think Tina looks as hot as ever. She has long brown hair, big brown eyes, a friendly smile and a beauty queen face. She's about 5 foot tall and has a rock solid body – not too skinny and not too heavy, a solid figure with 36C tits and a shapely ass that still fills out her clothes (and bathing suit) really well and gets her lots of second looks. Tina was wearing a modest one piece blue swimsuit today, but it clung well to her body and she looked great.

We both had pretty limited sexual experiences before we started dating about 15 years ago. We have been through some highs and lows over the years, but over the last few months we had taken things to a different level in our sex life. Tina said she was interested in spicing things up a bit and got no argument from me – I think she is reaching that stage where she knows what she wants and what works for her. Over the internet we bought some accessories like vibrators and specialty lubes and lotions. I was a little surprised how turned on she got when we used the vibrators on her, but I was not complaining!

She had never been into any kind of adult movies, but we got a free promotional adult DVD with one of the 'accessory' orders and watching it together peaked her interest so we got a few more – just the standard stuff with pretty hot women and well hung guys and usually pretty limited plots. One night a couple of weeks ago, after we'd both probably had too much to drink and were watching one of the videos with a storyline involving a cheating wife with a big dicked stud, while I was fingering her pussy and she was stroking my erection, I asked her if she ever thought about fucking a really well hung guy. She completely surprised me with her response that she actually had wondered what it would be like, and maybe, just once, she would like to take on a really big dick. I was not expecting that answer and, in my inebriated state, it I think I may have said something like "as long I get to watch."

Now I have always been able to satisfy her in many ways including with my dick – it was nearly 7 inches long and about 5.5 inches around in girth. From what I knew probably a little above average and believe me it made Tina scream in pleasure all the time. But I also knew there were some pretty monster sized dicks out there bigger than mine, and I like a lot of other husbands have wondered how much "size matters."

We had not followed up that topic since then, but I will admit I had spent some time over the past couple of weeks thinking about it, with mixed emotions. I had thought that it was probably the alcohol talking, and I did not think she even remembered the conversation. But also the thought of my wife fucking a well hung guy did turn me on for some unknown reason, and there was a part of me that wanted to see it.

Earlier tonight, Tina had pulled me aside for a quick conversation. She asked me with a little grin on her face, "Do you remember that night you asked me about having sex with someone else?"

At that point I had realized she did indeed remember the conversation. "Uh, yeah, I think so," I stammered back, a little taken back.

"I think I am ready to go for it," she said convincingly.

"What? You mean today, err, tonight? With, with who?" I asked, now trying to figure out how I really felt about it now that it was closer to being real. I was suddenly feeling both aroused yet hesitant about the whole thing.

"I was watching Mitch step out of the pool earlier and noticed a pretty big bulge in his bathing suit as it clung to his body. It looks big. But Chris, you seem hesitant, wasn't this your idea?" She asked as she stepped nearer to me and reached out one her small hands to rub my crotch through my shorts, feeling my quickly growing erection. "I thought you wanted me to do this? I love you and would only do something like this if you were okay with it, and like you said before, you would be watching..."

While my brain and the pit of my stomach were telling me this may not be right, my dick was straining to get through my shorts and I knew I did want to see this happen. Before I could respond further we were interrupted by some of the other guests, and I had not had the chance to talk to her one on one again this evening.

Mitch was an old friend of mine I had known since high school. We hung out a lot together in those days and our early adult hood, but fell out of touch as we grew up and started families and he eventually moved away. Mitch had a big reputation as a ladies man during those old times and had no trouble getting more than his fair share of action. He was pretty big guy at about 6 ft 4 and 230 lbs and had good looks to go with it. He has an easygoing personality, dark hair and dark eyes and a muscular build. In high school and college the young ladies were all over him and he was happy to satisfy them. He and his wife had recently gone through a rough divorce and he was spending more time back in town visiting his family when he had his kids for the weekend. I understood his ex-wife tired of the extramarital sexual excursions Mitch had – the women continued to come to him even as a married man, and he had a hard time turning all of them away. I don't think I had ever seen Mitch's dick but suspected he was pretty big based on the rest of his build and his success with the ladies years ago, and also based on my wife's recent observation.

Tina and Mitch had always got along well. While Mitch had told me many times how lucky he thought I was to have an all around beautiful wife like Tina, until today I considered their relationship kind of like a brother-sister, and I really never felt threatened at all with the thought of Mitch around my wife. Tonight, I noticed she got more and more flirtatious as the evening wore on and Mitch played along. I had noticed lots of smiling, laughing, talking and casual touches between the two of them this evening. Mitch seemed happier than he had been in a long while.

I grabbed the drinks from the fridge but paused to survey the spa situation before heading out the back door. Tina and Mitch had moved closer together and were sitting side to side and talking about something. Their backs were facing me and I did not have a great view, but I saw no arms out of the water - I imagined Tina had one of her hands wrapped around his dick. And that Mitch had one his hands playing with her pussy, maybe even a finger or two inside of her. Wow, was I really thinking those things? I noticed my dick was getting hard again. I've heard there are a lot of married couples into swinging and I have certainly seen a lot of references to internet sites and movies and so on about 'cheating wives' or 'slut wives' or 'husbands who like to watch' but I never saw myself fitting into any of those categories before.

I walked out the backdoor to the spa almost hoping to see what I had just imagined. With the bubbles flowing in the spa I could not make out much, but I did see arms were under the water and Tina's face looked a little flush. I knew she could look like that when getting aroused.

"One for you and one for you," I said as I handed the drinks over.

"Hey listen, I just got a call from work and I need to spend some time on the phone dealing with a late breaking issue that can't wait till Monday," I lied with a made-up story. As Mitch took a swig of his drink I gave Tina a big wink and received a smile and look back from her that seemed to be a combination of surprise and understanding.

Is she really going to do go through with this, I wondered.

"Okay, hon, but try to keep it quick," she responded. "Don't worry, I'll keep Mitch company for awhile."

"Chris, we'll be fine, you take care of business," Mitch said.

"All right you two, try to make those drinks last awhile and I'll come later with some more."

Once inside I ran upstairs to our guest bedroom, as the back window provided a great view of the spa from the second story. Out of breach, I opened the blinds to take a look and I saw Mitch's arms around my wife while her arms were below the water as they were locked in a pretty damn passionate kiss. I quietly opened the window so I could try and hear what was being said. They broke the long kiss.

"How long do you think Chris will be busy?" Mitch asked her.

"I don't know, so we better move things along. Sit up on the edge," I heard Tina tell Mitch. "I love your fingers inside of me, but now I am going suck that big cock of yours!"

And just like that it started. Mitch stood up with a big grin on his face, pulled off his swim trunks and put them on the edge and sat down, revealing a semi-hard penis that looked to be a little bigger than mine when fully erect. Tina knelt down on the spa bench, right in front of him, circling his dick with one hand and cupping his huge balls with the other, and bringing her mouth to the head of his cock and giving it a lick and a kiss. His cock was growing and hardening more as she opened her lips and took him into her mouth. She started a pumping motion with her hand on the base of his cock and started bobbing her head energetically on his huge tool. Her fingers could not fully wrap around his big dick. I knew she was really turned on by the way she was sucking him off.

"Do you like watching me suck your big dick?" she asked him and then went right back to swallowing him into her mouth. He put one hand in her hair but let her lead the bobbing motion. Her lips and mouth had to stretch some to accommodate his tool in her mouth but this did not hold her back at all. She was not holding anything back as she gobbled his tool.

"That's it, Tina, that is awesome," he said appreciatively. He slid the top straps of her bathing suit off her shoulders and rolled it down revealing her impressive breasts.

I had my dick pulled out and was stroking it pretty hard – I was surprised at how excited I got watching my wife suck one my best friend's dicks. And a big one – he had to be at least 9 inches long and between 6 and 7 inches around.

Tina's tits were floating on the water and slightly bobbing up and down with her blowjob motions. Mitch reached a hand down and caressed her breasts, and her nipples were very hard. When Tina would give me blowjobs, she normally pulled up after a couple of minutes and we moved on – she knew I loved oral sex, but she usually was not that crazy about giving it to me. But here I could see she was really into it and showed no signs of slowing down as she continued to pump his thick shaft with one hand, massage his huge balls with the other, and make slurping noises with her mouth as she bobbed her head and up and down over his shaft. They were going at it like this for several minutes when he grunted and said, "I am cumming!"

Tina did not miss a beat – she kept bobbing and sucking as Mitch began to pump his load into her mouth. "Agghhhhhhhhhh!" grunted Mitch as some of the large load of semen trickled out of Tina's mouth.

I could not believe what I just saw – Tina had never done such a thing when giving me blow jobs. I had never seen anything like that, not even in the pornos.

"Well, that was quite a load, big boy," Tina said seductively, with her hand looking very small still pumping his dick slowly and licking her lips clean.

"Okay, girl, it's your turn now – sit up here and let me take care of your pussy," Mitch told her as he helped her slide her bathing suit all the way off.

Tina usually loved having her pussy licked and sucked and fingers or other things inside her. She sat on the edge and Mitch took his turn kneeling in front of her and immediately went to work with his mouth on her clit. He worked his thick tongue up and down and side to side on her clit and she responded with groans of pleasure and her hands in his hair. He placed one of his large hands over her pussy and massaged her pussy gently and then inserted his middle finger into her vagina, eliciting a response of "Oh, Yeaahhhhh," from Tina.

My cock was standing at attention watching this man give my wife oral sex. I could tell Tina was really getting off and I knew how she could react when you hit right spots and the right rhythm and Mitch was definitely doing the right things. While I was very turned on, at the same time I still had some mixed and conflicting emotions. But there was no turning back now. Tina stole a few glances up towards me to see if I was watching. When she saw me through the window she smiled big and then closed her eyes to continue enjoying what Mitch was doing to her.

With his mouth and tongue working on her clit and his finger sliding deep inside her she quickly reached her first orgasm, but he wasn't done. He moved his other hand down to her ass and rubbed all around before inserting his thick thumb into her asshole.

Uh-oh, I thought, as Tina had always told me before to stay away from her ass. But instead she started bucking her hips even more, with a response of "Oh, Shit, Yeahhh!" Mitch was into what he was doing and started moving her fingers and mouth in rhythm. "I am cummminngggg againnnn!" Tina cried and she wrapped both of her hands around his hair, her hands moving in the same rhythm as they rested on his head.

Mitch pulled away from her pussy and put his arms around her, bringing his mouth to hers for an extended tongue swapping kiss. She eagerly met his embrace and kiss. With his arms wrapped around her, he lifted her body, looking small next to his, turned around and set her down in the middle of the spa, continuing deep kisses and exchanging tongues. He then lifted her out of the water by wrapping his arms around her upper thighs. Standing straight up holding Tina, his big cock was pointing upwards at attention and protruding up through the surface of the water. His big cock was ready for more after cumming in her mouth just a little while ago. He looked into her eyes and told her, "Are you ready for me to fuck you now?"

Tina cried out, "Oh Yes, Mitch, fuck me now," and followed with a deep kiss on his lips.

Shit, Fuck, Shit, Fuck, I was thinking. Mitch is about to fuck her right there! I cannot believe this actually happening. I kept stroking my hard erection and watched to see what was going to happen next.

Mitch slowly lowered Tina onto his throbbing cock as she held her arms around his neck. She watched his face as he concentrated on entering her from below.

As his big dickhead was entering her she responded, "Oh God that feels good." A few more inches of his thick cock was met with "Fuck, it is so big. Mmmmm feels so fucking good." She buried her face into his shoulder.

With about half of his manhood inside her he started to lift her up and down on his big dick, using his strong legs and his muscular arms to lift her up and down.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, "cried Tina in response to each time she was lifted and fell back down on his huge cock.

Mitch then lowered her fully onto his nine inch monster, reaching deeper into Tina than anyone had before.

Mitch told her, "your pussy feels great – nice and tight and a perfect fit on my cock, don't you think, Tina?" He kept lifting her up and down on his cock, thrusting up to meet her as he brought her down onto him. She hung on to his shoulders with his hands and her tits bounced up and down in rhythm with the lifting. Her tits looked amazing bouncing up and down. This scene was more amazing and erotic than any porno he had ever seen.

"Fuck me, Mitch! Ohhh Yeahhhh Oh Yeahhh, "Tina cried loudly as she had what was probably the biggest orgasm of her life. But Mitch was still going strong.

"I want to take you from behind," Mitch told Tina. She knelt on the spa step with her knees and leaned her upper body over the edge of the spa, with her hands holding her up. Mitch set up behind her, grabbed her hips and plunged his still throbbing member into her pussy. I knew this was her favorite position for fucking. She said the penetration felt deeper and it made everything just more intense.

"Oh, that is good," Tina said and started to push her hips and body back each time Mitch pushed his dick deep into her. "That's it, Mitch, fuck me deep. Fuck me hard."

I could tell Mitch was getting close as he started to pump faster and more aggressively. I could hear the slapping noises as he rammed his big rod into her and his hips touched her ass. He held her hips tightly and Tina cried out, "Oh that is it, Mitch. Harder, harder!"

"Oh shit! I'm cumming!" yelled out Mitch as he continued pumping her from behind.

"Ahhhh, me too," cried out Tina as she had one big final orgasm. Their simultaneous orgasm lasted a good half a minute with pleasurable moans and groans coming from both of them. I finally climaxed as well, shooting my cum all over my hands.

They both were spent and Mitch held her for a few minutes from behind. "Tina, I don't what to else to say but that was fucking awesome," he told her.

"You know how to use that big tool pretty well, Mitch. That was pretty amazing for me as well, " Tina replied.

I had experienced some of the most erotic feelings I had ever had watching Tina and Mitch, but at the same time I felt bothered on some level and still not sure how to react to all this. My wife looked amazingly sexy and beautiful getting taken by Mitch, but could I deal with the fact she had fully given herself over to another man, and definitely enjoyed the experience?

They slipped their bathing suits back on and toweled off, as I came back outside to meet them.

"Ready to get out, already?" I asked them.

"Uh, yeah, Chris, I really need to be going. Got a lot of things I told my parents I'd help them with tomorrow. I really had a great time today and appreciate the hospitality," Mitch said.

Tina said, "Mitch, we're glad you enjoyed yourself here today," with a slight smirk on her face.

Mitch made his way out leaving Tina and me sitting on the back porch. "So, how was it?" I asked her.

"Chris, I was on fire. I saw you watching from upstairs. Did you enjoy watching me get fucked?" Before I could answer she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me passionately, slipping her tongue into my mouth. Our hands were all over each other and in no time she was kneeling in front of me with my dick in her mouth, her right hand pumping my cock as she eagerly sucked me deep in her mouth. "Mmmmm, Chris, you are so hard," she paused to tell me. "I want you inside of me of now!"

She led me by the hand inside to our bedroom and pushed me down on the bed, laying on my back. She pulled off my shorts and her bathing suit and straddled me, grabbing my hard cock and pushing it up into her pussy, looking into my eyes. She immediately started riding my cock up and down and really fast. "Oooohhhh, that is good, Chris," she told me. Here I was fucking my wife who still had Mitch's semen in her pussy. She was very wet and lubricated but I was surprised her pussy did not feel too loose after being filled by Mitch's big rod. It quickly adjusted to my penis and felt great. Clearly she was getting off again on my dick.

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