tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTina And Chrissie

Tina And Chrissie

bySean Renaud©

Aaron been gone for only a little over a minute when Tina pulled herself to her feet and pushed her skirt down over her hips. Standing at his sink she gripped his toothbrush and brushed her teeth while pulling her hair back away from her face. A mouthful of Listerine to help rinse the rest of taste from her mouth and then she called out. "Aaron honey can I borrow a shirt?" She paused for a minute waiting for a response and brushing her hair back at the same time. "Aaron?"

"What the fuck is it now?" He shouted as he turned the corner with a bottle of beer in either hand.

"I need a shirt." She replied lowering her eyes slightly.

"Oh, duh." He reached into the dirty clothes hamper and yanked out a random anime themed shirt and tossed it at her. "Come on Tina." He smiled playfully and set the beer down on the counter as he walked out of the room.

Tina sighed and pulled the shirt over her head and grabbed her drink walking out into the living room behind him. Aaron was already sitting at the table when she slipped her arms around his shoulders and kissed his cheek then took a swallow of her beer. "You ok?"

"No I'm not ok. I fucking hate my goddamn bitch of a girlfriend, I raped my whore of a best friend, who the fuck do you think I am?" Aaron shouted slamming his beer down and letting it froth over his fingers and onto the table.

"Hun, just calm down. I'm just fine, no harm." She said as she wiped away a slight trickle of blood from her nose. "As for Chrissie you've needed to put that bitch in her place for some time." She slowly unraveled herself from him and moved back into his kitchen grabbing a rag.

Aaron watched as she started cleaning up his spilt beer and brought him another bottle before sitting down across from him. "You know you are way too fucking nice to me." He muttered as he twisted the cap from his beer and pressed it to his lips.

"I know." She replied with a smile then his cell phone rang. "Don't answer it."

Aaron hushed her and picked up the phone. "What?" A low animalistic growl rumbled from his throat as she spoke his face starting to turn red as he listened. "Shut the fuck up! I happen to enjoy her company! Maybe if you weren't such a goddamn prissy bitch all the fucking-" He cut himself off by flinging his cell phone against the wall shattering it just like he had his other phone.

"Why do you let her get to you like that?!" Tina screamed. Before she could respond her own phone started to ring. She looked at it and then answered it.

Aaron could easily hear his girlfriend screaming on the other end of the phone. "I know you're with him you whore! You can just tell Aaron that I'm coming over for my things now! And Tina?"


\"You better be gone by the time I get there or we'll have problems." Then she hung up.

He could almost see the change as Tina's face twisted into an angry scowl and her eyes darkened from their normal lovely green to an almost stormy gray hue. "Oh no that bitch did not just threaten me! That girl don't know me, I'll go get the hammer out my goddamn car." True to form she had started speaking "ghetto" the moment she was genuinely upset. "Did you hear her?"

"Yes I heard her. Now call her back and tell her not to come. Please?"

"Oh no I want that bitch to come. Let her try to touch me!"

"Tina please." Aaron repeated this time lowering his eyes slightly for that super cute look he used to charm her.

She sighed and clenched her fists. "That is so fucked up Aaron, you know I can't resist that look." She hit the redial button on her phone and let it ring until her message kicked in before hanging it up. "She's not answering."

Aaron growled and glared at the phone then over at the door just waiting to hear the knock. "I'm gonna go back and play some more. . ." She said as she finished her beer and tossed the bottle in the trash. She gripped another bottle from the fridge and disappeared back into the gaming room.

She hadn't even gotten completely into the room when the door bell was impatiently rang several times in succession. "Where the fuck is she?"

"This isn't really a good time babe." Aaron replied cowing back from her. In the other room Tina was growling angrily at his attitude.

"Why? Are you trying to fuck her?" Chrissie screamed getting only inches from Aaron's face as she spoke. She was a tiny thing, barely five and a half feet and less than a hundred pounds. She didn't have any real defining features other than a smooth flat stomach and bright blinding blue eyes. "Is that it? Did I interrupt you cheating on me?"

"Nothing like that Chrissie." He replied backing away nearly stumbling over his chair.

"You know I don't like it when you drink." She sneered snatching what remained of his beer and pouring it down the drain. "Well since she's gone I guess we can talk about us."

"There is no us." He growled almost angry again.

It was taking every bit of self-control that Tina had to keep from bursting into the room already. Instead she stood just out of sight clenching her fists and trembling in rage. She couldn't stand that he would take this from Chrissie. Then she heard the loud report of Chrissie slapping him across the face.

Aaron's head snapped to one side and remained there while he felt his face redden, the outline of her fingers perfectly imprinted on his face. As the burn started to fade he slowly turned his face back toward her. "Don't hit me." He whispered.

"Shut up. Why do you let that whore come to your house? You know she just wants your cock."

"Tina is not a whore." He replied.

"Is too, you think I don't notice the way she looks at you?" Chrissie pushed him aside and stormed into the game room coming face to face with Tina. "Oh you're still here."

"Damn right I'm still here bitch." Tina spat. "Just cus you are all insecure doesn't mean you have to be a bitch all the time."

Chrissie stood still for almost a full minute just staring at Tina before recognizing the shirt she'd once bought him. "She's wearing my shirt." She muttered before stepping forward and slapping Tina across the face. As Tina reeled from the blow Chrissie moved in closer gripping the shirt around the hem and yanking it up over her head and shoving Tina down.

There was a brief struggle before Chrissie straddled the larger girl and started peeling the shirt away from her yanking and twisting it away to reveal inches of caramel hued flesh before finally tossing it aside and slapping her a second time. "How dare you wear that shirt!?" She shrieked.

It was barely any effort for Tina to buck her hips flipping the tiny girl up into the air and then roll over on top of her. "You're just jealous cus you can't keep a man." Tina slapped Chrissie and her entire face started to redden before Tina started yanking her shirt off revealing a plain white bra beneath. "You wear a bra?" She almost laughed as she yanked at fabric several times bouncing the smaller girl off the ground a few times before unfastening the bra and holding it up like a trophy. "A b-cup. I knew it! Tiny tit bitch!" Tina laughed before slapping her across the face.

Tina never saw Chrissie's hand slip up behind her and snatch a fistful of hair and yank her to one side. She did feel the smaller girl's nails tearing into her back and push her aside. For a moment the pair just tumbled around the room tearing at each other until both were nude from the waist up, panting and tangled in each other's limbs.

"Stop it! Both of you!" Aaron roared as he stepped into the room gripping Tina's ankle and dragging her across the room to one corner then walking back over and gripping Chrissie by the arm and yanking her up onto her feet. "Get the fuck out of my house bitch!" He roared shoving her toward the door. He'd barely released Chrissie when she spun around and punched him in the nose.

He barely moved. He didn't flinch or grunt or anything to acknowledge he'd been struck. If not for the sound you would have thought she'd missed. Slowly a smile curled over his lips baring his canines as he lowered his gaze. "What the fuck is your goddamn problem you fucking trailer trash brat?" Chrissie knew that look as well as anybody. It utterly terrified her. She would have apologized if she'd been able to talk faster than he moved.

Unfortunately for her she wasn't. By the time she'd parted her lips he'd slapped her so hard her entire body spun as she stumbled. Chrissie screamed as he gripped her thighs from behind and yanked her legs from under her. Her face slammed against the carpet splitting her lip almost instantly. "Tina! Get the fuck over here!" Aaron shouted as he pushed his foot against the back of her skull pinning her down. "No wait go get the cuffs." The beastly smile grew as he looked down at her. "Gonna teach you a lesson bitch."

Chrissie was kicking and thrashing beneath him but it didn't matter how much she kicked and screamed. He was so much stronger than her that it was like holding a child down. "Aaron honey, I'm sorry. I was having a bad day." She whispered forcing herself to sound calm.

"Don't you even try to pull that bullshit on him girl." Tina called as she walked back into the room with a pair handcuffs hanging from a finger. She didn't wait to be told what to do. Tina just walked in and gripped one arm closing the cuff around then wrestled and twisted that hand behind her. It only took her a few seconds to get Chrissie cuffed like she'd been less than an hour ago.

"Get off her." Aaron said. His voice had entered that deadly calm tone. Tina looked up as she backed away drawing a deep breath as she stared at him. "Strip." Tina reached behind her back unfastening her skirt and letting it fall to the ground. It was the only thing that had survived the fight. She just stood there before him nude and waiting for his next command.

Aaron remained perfectly still as he stared at Tina, mostly at her pierced nipples but occasionally up to her face for a moment. He couldn't believe the girl he'd just raped was still his best friend, and beneath his heel was the bitch that'd caused him so much agony. There was only a second of thought before he eased up on her neck.

Chrissie dragged in a deep breath of relief as the weight was lifted from her throat. Then she tried to scramble away. The moment she started to move he had her again. This time he gripped her hips quickly undoing the buttons and zipper of her pink jeans and starting to yank then down her slender stem-like legs. The two looked like children playing wheelbarrow as only Chrissie's hands were on the floor as she tried to escape him. Aaron was silent as the pants turned inside out as they peeled away from her pale flesh finally catching on her shoes. He just yanked again and again. The first yank ripped her hands from beneath her slamming her face against the floor a second time. The second dragged her backwards across the floor just like the next two tugs. A fifth and one pant leg slid over Chrissie's sneaker and the next tug took her other shoe right off her foot and went flying with the pants into the wall.

"That's better." Aaron smiled kicking her in the side as he walked over to her. She tried to curl up into a ball but Aaron quickly kicked her onto her back and pushed his heel against her throat cutting off her air. "You want to live bitch?" Chrissie nodded. "Tina babe, what do you think we should do to her?"

"Everything you did to me. Then maybe we can do something really wicked." She replied a mischievous smirk curling her lips.

Aaron turned slowly to Tina and nodded reaching down to unzip his pants and pull out his cock. "Bring the bitch over here."

Tina shoved her fist into Chrissie's blonde hair twisting her hair and roughly wrenching her to her knees. "See what happens when you act up you stupid skank?" Tina growled as she half led, half dragged her rival to Aaron. "Open your mouth." Chrissie pinched her lips shut tight squeezing blood out of her split lip. "I said open!" Tina hissed as she slapped the blonde leaving a perfect red handprint on the girl's face. Still she didn't open her mouth. "You want to be a stupid bitch? Fine." Chrissie mewled in pain as Tina grabbed her from behind jamming her fingers into the bitch's mouth and prying her jaws open.

Chrissie felt her stomach wrench the moment Aaron jammed his cock into her throat. She'd never liked sucking cock, the idea of his piss stick in her mouth was nearly enough to make her vomit and the taste was unbearable. She could feel her throat stretching to accommodate Aaron's manhood and retching over and over again. "Look at the little bitch crying. Bet she wishes she had a brain in her fucking skull now." Aaron sneered as he pushed his again forcing his cock past her gag point and laughing as she gurgling noises escaped her abused throat. Spittle foamed out of her lips as she struggle to breathe around Aaron's cock.

"I want to watch you stuff her asshole. Aaron honey will you fuck this bitch in the ass?" Tina purred pushing the girl farther onto his cock.

"That's definitely a good fucking idea; show her what a pain in the ass she is! Hold the fucking cunt down." Tina smiled and pushed Chrissie down one last time squishing her nose against Aaron's stomach. Chrissie's face started turning beat red as Tina held her down on his cock, laughing as the girl's pale skin turned darker and darker red and tears streamed down her saliva coated cheeks.

She was seconds from passing out when Tina finally pulled Chrissie off of Aaron's dick and dropped her onto the carpet. "Right here." Flipping Chrissie onto her back Tina sat on the girl's face and hooked both of her legs pinning Chrissie upside down. Holding the girls knees down with her elbows Tina pried Chrissie's ass open revealing the virgin asshole. "Come on Aaron, fuck this bitch right in her ass."

"I'm getting to it, stop rushing me." Aaron growled walking over to the girls. His cock twitched at the sight, his best friend sitting on his girlfriend's face, smothering her in her cunt. At the same time the sitting sixty-nine exposed his soon to be ex's asshole and cunt, both only a few inches away from Tina's open mouth. Standing directly over Chrissie he aimed the tip of his cock at the puckered brown anus of his victim.

Tight didn't even begin to describe Chrissie's unused rectum, putting his full weight onto it Aaron couldn't even squeeze the top past her resistance. "Lick it Tina." Tina looked up at him for brief moment considering refusal then quickly remembered the animal he'd become that day and got to work. She started by spitting on Chrissie's anus and rubbing that around with her fingers. After a second she'd dipped that finger into her ass, followed quickly by the opposite index. Using her fingers to pry Chrissie's asshole open and jammed her tongue inside the girl's shitter.

Beneath her Chrissie was starting to struggle again but cuffed and pinned the only thing she could managed was futilely kicking her legs and gasping for air. It was a horrid position to find herself in with her nose jammed into Tina's recently fucked ass still smelling slightly of Aaron's sperm and her mouth smashed against Tina's slit. Just to breath he was forced to work her lips and tongue pushing flesh aside for gasp of air. Tina gasped as Chrissie's lips and tongue wriggled against her forcing her clench her legs trapping Chrissie's head in place.

By this time Tina had managed to squeeze a second finger from each hand into Chrissie's tight bunghole stretching it open. Her tongue was rammed deep into the girl's bottom in an obscene kiss. When she finally pulled back Chrissie's asshole was gaping open nearly a full inch. "C'mon Aaron you can fuck her now." She grinned licking her lips and then spitting into the girl's gaping hole.

Aaron didn't hesitate walking aiming his cock down and pushing it into Chrissie's ass. Lubed with Tina's spit it was easy to slide into Chrissie's hole. Her muscles clenched tight trying to force his cock out but she wasn't nearly strong enough to stop him from pushing down into her. As soon as his balls rested against her ass he pulled out and plunged back into her letting his full weight drive himself down into intestines.

Chrissie was squealing in pain, not that anybody could hear here through Tina's thighs. "That's it you little bitch, eat my fucking cunt. You want to breathe?" She lifted up just enough to give the pinned girl a breath. Several minutes of slobbering, sweating and crying into Tina's ass had completely messed up her make up which was now smeared around her eyes and cheeks.

"Please, let me go." Chrissie sobbed.

"Do as you're told, now eat my asshole." Tina wriggled forward and pulled her cheeks open lowering her rectum onto Chrissie's face. Any resistance was gone from Chrissie and her tongue hesitantly slid past her lips to writhe against the black girl's anus. "That's it you stupid cunt. Can you taste what I had for breakfast? Do you taste the tacos I had for lunch?" Tina squeezed her muscles forcing a glob of stained cum onto Chrissie's out stretched tongue. "How bout your boyfriend's cum? He fucked me in the ass right before you got here." Chrissie watched in horror as Tina pushed again bubbles forming in the cum before it splattered against her face. "Don't stop until I fucking say you can!" Chrissie sobbed but her tongue again reached out to clean the scum from Tina's rectum.

"Open your mouth Tina." Aaron growled as he started reaming Chrissie harder and faster. He didn't wait for Tina's response though; he snatched her skull in both hands and slammed his cock into her throat. Tina instantly retched and released Chrissie's legs. Aaron drove his hips forward again and again walking forward until he had Tina pinned to the floor while he abused her throat. A combination of bile and saliva frothed over Tina's lips as she struggled to free herself from his abuse. One final thrust into her throat would have made her puke if she'd had enough room. Instead she felt his hot sperm slide down into her belly as he remained in place. Then he finally pulled loose of her throat and kissed on the forehead before standing up.

"Chrissie, get the fuck out. I don't ever want to see your fucking ass again." Aaron said walking over to her and wiping the remaining cum and spit from his cock into Chrissie's hair and undoing the handcuffs.

For a long moment she sat there in shock watching as Aaron pulled his pants on and Tina pulled the indecently short skirt. Chrissie didn't move as Tina walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed a beer and started drinking it. It took Aaron walking over and throwing a pile of clothes, all of which belonged to her, on her and repeating that she should leave.

"Aaron, please no. I love you."

"No you don't, you're a jealous, needy, petty bitch in love with yourself. You drive me insane, look at this. In twenty four hours I've raped my best friend and my girlfriend!" The realization made his eyes water slightly.

"You've always had anger problems, and you did warn me that I should go." Tina chimed in.

"Shut the fuck up unless you want that beer bottle shoved up your ass." Aaron snarled turning quickly to the still topless Tina.

"I'll do whatever you want baby. I can't live without you, who would pay my bills?" Chrissie cried curling into a ball.

"You probably should have thought of that before you decided to act so goddamn stupid." Aaron responded walking over to Chrissie and forcing her head into one of the shirts. She didn't fight him as he clothed her like a child.

"Anything, I'll be your plaything. I don't have anybody else." She sobbed.

"What do you think?" Aaron asked turning towards Tina who was half way through her beer by that point.

"I say throw the bitch out on the streets myself, but that's just me. It's not my decision." Tina replied recognizing the broken look in Chrissie's eyes. She'd had it herself a number of times.

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