tagIncest/TabooTina & Her Sister Ch. 18

Tina & Her Sister Ch. 18


The week after Jen's visit was hectic for me. The girls had set a date for the wedding and it was only a little more than three weeks off. I had a lot to do. Oh not as much as someone who was having a traditional wedding but still a lot of things to take care of and chief among them was to find a place for all of us to live. I had contacted a couple of real-estate agents and put them to the search but they kept coming to me with places that I found unacceptable. Some it was a location I did not want, too many neighbors too close by, and some it was just way more than I felt was reasonable. I had given up on locating something in the immediate area and had expanded my search area.

My house hunt ended on the Friday after Jen left. I had to make a short trip to see a client about 2 hours drive away, and while returning I got detoured. I ended up on a secondary road in rural West Virginia and was heading home. I did not have too far to go I knew I was less than half an hour travel from my apartment . I was vaguely familiar with the area from having traveled through it in the past but I can't claim to have known it well. Suddenly I looked to my left and saw a For Sale sign nailed to a tree at a driveway entrance. I hit the brakes and backed up to read it.

It read. "For Sale. House and land 100+ acres. Contact county commissioners office for details." And it listed a phone number. The sign had obviously been there a while but it wasn't ancient. I stared at it a minute then on a whim I turned into the driveway to see what there was back there.

About 300 yds off the road, behind a screen of trees stood an old style brick house. A big house and obviously, from the architecture, old. I drove up to it and stopped, visible in the rear was a barn and another outbuilding which looked as though it was a smaller barn or perhaps a carriage house in the last century. The land around the house was open meadow, which appeared to have not been taken care of in the last few years as trees were beginning to sprout randomly. I got out of the car and walked up onto the front porch to see if I could see into the windows. It was hard to see anything inside, as it was darker inside than out. More out of curiosity than anything else I tried the door and found it unlocked. Throwing caution to the wind I gave myself the nickel tour.

What I found was a big old style Manor house a large Living room or parlor as they used to call it and a dining room set across the entryway from the parlor. To the rear of the dining room was a big old kitchen, which would have been modern in the 1940's. Behind the parlor and accessible from the entry hall was a good sized room with several windows and a fireplace as well as a door to the outside. The second floor was a collection of medium sized rooms and one large room in the front that was probably the master bedroom and one bathroom. The bathroom was huge. It had obviously been a bedroom at one time and been converted when indoor plumbing came into existence. I strolled around and an idea began to form, actually several ideas and plans began to gel. I won't bore you with the details but I could see seven or eight bedrooms including the master and a bathroom remodel to make it into two as well as adding a bath off the master.

Back down to the car and out to the road, I copied the phone number onto a note pad and drove of in search of a phone. 2 miles down the road was a gas station / general store. I stopped and went fishing for information before making the call. I got the whole local story on the place. Last owner had died about 10 years earlier with no heirs the county took the place for taxes and had been trying to sell it ever since. The problem was it had been the site of some minor Civil War battle and was reputed, by local legend, to be haunted. To make things worse some Civil War buff had had the place declared as a historic site by the Federal Government in the 60's and now there was no way to develop the land into anything but a farm, or park. The county also had a money problem and wanted to sell the property as well as a bunch of others, fast.

Armed with the information I asked for directions to the county seat and set off. It was only about another 5 miles and a stop at the courthouse led to a meeting with the county officials. They asked for an unbelievable 1 million for the property. I just laughed and got up to leave. They hastily added that they would listen to a reasonable offer. I sat back down and took out my checkbook, wrote a check made out to the county for $100,000 and handed it to them. "Full and complete payment. Not a penny more!" was all I said as I sat back in my chair. They blustered and complained but never moved to hand the check back. I stood firm and sat there with my arms crossed, just saying "No" to every counter they made.

Finally they stopped at 150 and would not move. Now I had to work them. I explained that I wanted to remodel the inside and live there and that I would be spending another $100,000 at least on that and of course I would like to keep the contracts local and would appreciate their help in selecting good craftsman. I know the three of them saw kickback dollar signs at that revelation. That brought their asking price down another $25K. Now I set the hook. I'd give them the additional $25K but I wanted a property tax break because of the "Historic Nature of the property" I demanded a 90% abatement. They nearly cried and I pointed out that 10% of the tax for the county was better than the zero they had been getting.

We had a deal. They called the county Solicitor to draw up the papers and we agreed to settle in 2 weeks. I let them keep the check as a good faith deposit. As I left the building I stopped in the Clerk of Courts office and asked who was the best attorney in town. They told me, and then I asked who was the smartest attorney in town. That question got me a surprised look but a different answer. As I suspected the guy with the reputation is not always the smartest one. He usually is the best but with less fanfare. I left the building and stopped by his office, he agreed to see me and I explained about my transaction with the county commissioners. He chuckled at the price I got for the property commenting that they probably would have given it to me for less until I told him about the tax deal I worked out. That brought a laugh and an admission that I probably got the better of the deal. He agreed to accept me as a client and handle the paperwork for the transfer and to review the contracts I would need to undertake to rehab the building. I figured I was set and I was definitely excited. While it would be a bit of a drive for me to work it was still only a half-hour and the place would be big enough for the three of us as well as the children to be. Still there would be plenty of room left over for guests i.e. my other two wives to be and my sister when she came to visit.

I drove home on a cloud. I was a little worried that Tina and Tammy might not like it but I figured if worse came to worse I would rehab it and put it on the market, I should at least break even. But I was fairly confident that they would love it as both had made comments about living in town that led me to believe they were not 100% comfortable with it. They were country girls after all, having grown up on a farm and all. Still I decided to keep it to myself for now and present it to them when it was ready to move into. Not as a dilapidated old dump but as a modern comfortable home. Still I had to tell someone so I decided to call Jen and tell her as soon as I got home.

Luckily I got home before either of the girls. I grabbed the phone and dialed her work number. It rang and then her voice answered. "Jennifer speaking." I paused I knew by the tone of her voice that this was the old Jen and it scared me a little.

"Jen, its Jack, how are you?"

"Oh hi Jack, I'm busy right now is this important?"

"No not really I just wanted to tell you something but it can wait." She must have read the disappointment in my voice. There was a pause on her end then she said, "I sorry Jack, I'm just a little pissed. I was planning on coming down and surprising you tonight and staying for the weekend but I got dumped on earlier and now I have to work through the weekend. I really was looking forward to seeing you and the girls."

"That's Ok, we miss you too and it would have been nice but maybe next weekend is better. Actually it will be perfect it you can make it a long weekend, Friday through Tuesday?"

"Why? What's so special about next weekend?"

So I told her about the farm and how excited I was, and my plan. I wanted her to come down and go to see it with me and look the place over, before the closing, as I had to share it with someone and I had decided to keep it a secret until the remodel work was done. She asked me a hundred questions, most of which I did not have the answers to and before long she was laughing at me because I was so excited. Like a little kid at Christmas. She promised to plan a long weekend and admitted that now I had her excited about it too.

Then she surprised me, "Why don't I just take the week off. I'll just schedule vacation for myself and I can help the girls get everything ready for the weddings. It'll be fun, besides maybe I can get my big brother to give me some more orgasms, I need one so bad right now."

I laughed. " I'd love to have you for the week, in more ways than one too. Tina was commenting the other night how much she liked eating you pussy too. She and Tammy both will be excited."

"Well don't tell them. Let's surprise them."

I agreed and let her go back to her work as I hung up. I got comfortable and started dinner while I waited for Tina and Tammy to get home from work. They waltzed in about an hour later and I had things ready for us to eat.

Tina seemed to be in a bit of a foul mood and it didn't take long to figure out that she was tired and having to wait for Tammy to finish work so she could give her a ride home had got on her nerves a bit. So I calmed her down and decided that I was going to have to go out and buy another used car for Tammy to drive, especially since I now planned on moving the three of us out to a farm and we would have half hour commutes. I was hoping that Tina would be able to transfer to the local store of the chain she was working for. That is until the babies were born when I figured that they would both be home anyway.

By the time we had the dishes cleaned up Tina had calmed down and began to mellow out. We started out the evening with some television. The girls were each sitting next to me on the couch, Tina with her head on my lap and Tammy leaning against my shoulder. I was absently stroking Tina's hair and shoulder while Tammy was content to sit there and stroke my arm. I was still keyed up about the farm and nearly bursting with imaginings. I slowly enlarged the area I was paying attention to and allowed my hand to move from Tina's head and shoulder to her arm and then down her flank. Within minutes she was purring contentedly.

I glanced at Tammy and saw she was watching me stroke her sister. She leaned up and kissed me on the cheek and smiled and returned her head to my shoulder. A sign she knew I was paying attention to her sister and she approved. My hand continued to move down her side stroking her and moving down onto her thigh and leg then returning to her flank. A few minutes of this and she shifted to lay more on her back. It was her way of inviting me to pay attention to other areas, and I did. My strokes moved from her side to her belly and tits.

I ran my hand over her tits and let my palms draw circles on her nipples before moving back down to her belly and gently brushing her mound. With each pass I paid more attention to her tits and her pubic area until finally as I moved to her tits once again she lifted her T-shirt out of the way to give me unencumbered access to her chest.

Then as I grasped her nipples between my fingers and rolled them, first one then the other she pushed her sweat pants down onto her thighs and then off of her legs all-together. Exposing her nakedness to us. I moved my hand down to her bare pussy and let my finger slide up and down her slit, brushing past her bud. She was wet and waiting for me to move on and the look in her eyes as she met my gaze was a fuck me please look. But I wasn't in a hurry. I wanted to pay attention to her and allow her to build up and enjoy the release when it came.

I slowly slid a finger into her and worked it back and forth while my thumb worked her clit with small circles. Her eyes closed and she lay there accepting my ministrations of pleasure. I felt Tammy shift on my other side and I glanced over to see that she had sat up and was removing her own T-shirt and shorts. She moved over onto the floor, kneeling next to her sister. She leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on Tina's lips and them whispered to her. "I love you Sis" just before she leaned down and began to tongue Tina's left nipple, swirling her tongue around it and dancing it around her nipple and areola before sucking it into her mouth and taking it between her teeth.

Tina gasped as the pain / pleasure ran through her body. As I felt her tense I drove a second finger into her and ran my thumb over her clit. She moaned and began to wither as Tammy and I saw to her pleasures. It took only a minute or so more of this before she began to cum. Her pussy clamped down on my fingers like a vice and her hand grabbed the back of Tammy's head forcing it harder onto her tit. Then we felt the waves of a small but satisfying orgasm pass over her. We let her come down and revel in the afterglow as she curled up against me, holding her sister to her. After a few minutes she looked up at me "Thanks, I needed that. I love you both. I am so happy to be marrying you and sharing you with my sister."

"Why don't we move to the bedroom it's been a long day for all of us." Tammy suggested.

We all rose, turned off the lights and TV and moved into our bed. I started on Tina again first eating her delectable pussy, I knelt between her legs and ran my tongue up and down her slit flicking it quickly across her clit and then back through her slit until I stopped and slowly licked her entrance. My tongue moved inside her and licked the walls of her cunt and then flicked back out to tease her clit. It took no time at all for her to begin to shudder with her orgasm, she came and her juice ran into my waiting mouth. I took all I could get and shared it with Tammy, kissing her deeply and letting her take her sister's juice from me.

Now as her orgasm subsided I brought my meat up to her slit and pulled her legs up over my shoulders and plunged deep into her, fucking her hard, ramming my pole deep into her as she called out "Harder, Harder." I slammed her harder and harder just as she asked and soon I felt her pussy tighten on my cock and try to milk it for my sperm. But I wasn't ready I just let her have her orgasm and held off mine as I had another sister to take care of yet.

I did not neglect Tammy that night. I pulled out of Tina and moved over to where Tammy lay watching me fuck her sister. I pushed my head between her thighs and began to eat her out, my tongue lashing her cunt for all I could get, I ate her pussy through two orgasms and fucked her into a third before I finally withdrew my cock from her dripping pussy.

All this sex and I still hadn't cum yet so I lay between the girls, kissing one then the other. Tina began to kiss her way down my chest and across my stomach until she sucked me into her mouth. I lie there and let this beautiful girl run her lips up and down my shaft, sucking me and swirling her tongue around the head and the base working me into the sort of frenzy I had done to her. After a while she took pity on me and jacked me with her hand and mouth until I blew my load into her mouth. My cum ran out the corners of her mouth, she let it, she was teasing Tammy inviting her to share and Tammy did. She crawled down and licked the leaking cum from her sister's mouth before kissing her in a deep passionate tongue swap to share my sperm. I watched the exchange and again it struck me as to how lucky I was to have these two sisters in my bed and that they were going to be there with me for a long time.

The next morning was Saturday. Tina had to go into work but Tammy and I were both off. I got up early and made coffee for Tina and I. I heard her get up and start the shower then a few minutes later she joined me in the kitchen. I knew I needed to go out and get a car for Tammy to drive and I was a little worried that Tina would feel slighted, as she had already had a car when we met so there was no need to buy her one. I didn't want her to think Tammy was getting something she wasn't.

I started to stumble along through an opening to the conversation. It took her a minute or two of listening before she said, "Just spit it out. You always get like this when you're afraid I'm going to get mad about something or when you thinking of doing something that I may get jealous over. Just tell me what's on your mind." She took the sting out of the rebuke with a tender smile. The one women use when they are humoring you, allowing you to do something that they think is foolish but letting you do it anyway.

"I think we need another car, so that you and I aren't always running for Tammy all the time and I don't want you to get jealous because I'm not buying you one."

She looked at me for a minute and then laughed. "I won't get jealous and I appreciate you doing that because sometimes it is a pain in the ass dropping her off and picking her up from work. But can you afford it, I mean with the babies coming we should be watching our spending."

"I can afford it, I've got enough in the bank to cover it and take care of the babies. I'm not worried about that at all. I just want us all to be happy and nobody get mad."

"Well I won't get mad unless you get her a nicer car than I have." She laughed. "No new Cadillac's or Mercedes'. Do that and I'll begin to wonder if she gives better head than I do."

Now I laughed. "Don't worry nothing expensive just something to get around with. You don't have to worry about who gives better head. I love you both the same."

"I know you do and I love you more for it. Now I have to go to work and if I don't leave soon I'm going to end up jumping your bones and I'll be late." With that she kissed me and headed out the door.

I finished my coffee and started checking the car ads in the local paper. I located a couple of likely prospects before Tammy stumbled bleary eyed into the kitchen. She was still naked and came to me sleepily standing next to me. "Good Morning sleepy head." I said

She gave me a slight smile before draping her naked body across my lap. "Good morning." She finally answered as she nuzzled against me. "I'm still tired but I was lonely in the bed by myself. Will you come in and lay down with me for a little while."

I knew she had no intention of sleeping she wanted to get fucked again. She was horny and wet I could feel her sopping pussy leaking onto my leg. But what the hell, with that kind of invitation who could say no to this nymph? Certainly not I!

"OK" I answered, but just for a little while we have things to do today." She smiled as I stood up taking her in my arms and carrying her back to bed. I was right she had no intention of sleeping. We were barely in bed before she was pushing my shorts down and climbing on top of me with no fore play at all. She didn't need it she was dripping wet and I slid right in. She rode me harder and harder without letting up and I knew that her goal was to make me cum and cum I did. I blew a load deep inside her. The sensation of my cum slamming into her womb and splashing around in her, the puddle of warmth spreading through her was enough to set off her orgasm. She shook and came on my dick. I could feel her juices run out of her and across my balls as we lay there.

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