tagErotic CouplingsTina and Her Volleyball Team

Tina and Her Volleyball Team


It was at the first game that he first thought that he might be in trouble. The fact that he knew nothing about volleyball wasn't the issue. The girls had proven they could coach themselves well enough. It was at the precise point in time where the girls all shed their track pants and tops and started jumping about the court in those tiny, tight shorts and skin tight tops. He simply didn't know where to look.


Greg had only been at the school a couple of weeks and as a young male teacher at an all girls school, knew that some of the students were watching him a little more closely than they did some of the crustier members of the staff.

He'd been lucky to even get the job. During his interviews, the principal quizzed him about his ability at 26 years of age to separate his private life from his professional one and in particular about how he'd go about ensuring that his relationship with the students didn't cross any moral or legal boundaries. He'd briefly considered declaring himself gay, but decided that would only end in trouble. Instead, he'd reassured the principal that he'd survived his years of student teaching when he was much closer in age to the students and had never had a problem during his first couple of stints as a professional teacher. It had been enough, along with references to get him the job.

Part of that job, it turned out, was to volunteer as a coach, mentor or chaperone for one of the girls' extra-curricular activities. He wanted the soccer program, as he played the game himself and knew what he was about, but that program was very successful at the school and well staffed. He'd been working his way down through the lists of activities but was struggling to find something that interested him when he was finally approached by a couple of girls seeking help with the volleyball team. They pleaded with him saying that they would have to disband the team if they couldn't find a teacher to help. He didn't want to admit that their looks had influenced his decision to agree and was very conscious of his raging libido and keeping it at arms length from the students. Greg didn't know much if anything about volleyball but thought he could learn soon enough and was pleased that some of the other staff had come to him thanked him for helping out so that the girls could continue to play.

Tina looked across to where their 'coach' sat watching them warm up and smiled at him. He grinned back and she waved him over. She laughed to herself at his initial hesitancy.

"Girls," Tina said as he approached, "I think you'll find that Fiona and I have excelled in securing us a coach for the season, so for those of you who haven't met him, our new coach is Mr Danes."

"Hi girls," Greg said, blushing as the 10 or so girls all clapped and thanked him for saving their team.

"Right, I want to be honest with you up front. I know nothing about volleyball, but Tina and Fiona assured me that they would be happy to take on the actual coaching. I'm just here to make sure that you could all play. I'll learn what I can as we go along."

The girls laughed and cheered and then Tina got them back to finish warming up. Greg sat back down to watch. The sight of 10 athletic girls jumping around wasn't exactly a chore to endure so he took his time checking them over. One of the benefits of teaching at an all girl school was that there was plenty of beauty to appreciate. It seemed also now that the volleyball team had more than its fair share of lovely girls. Most of the team were headed toward 6 foot in height, meaning that even standing, Greg felt somewhat intimidated, being only around 5 - 8 himself, and they were all very slim. One of the setters, Heather (he picked the term up through that training) must have been the only girl on the entire team to have a bra bigger than a B cup. He mused on this at one point as he watched her land, her chest taking a moment after the rest of her stopped to come to rest. The other setter, Susan, though taller than Heather by a couple of inches was shorter than the rest, but fit the slender, small breasted mold better than Heather did. Greg thought she was perhaps the most attractive girl in the team, with the advantage he reasoned of being at least the same height as he was. He caught himself perving on and mentally comparing the girls and wondered inwardly how quickly his professional defences seemed to be crumbling.

"God Tina, he's hot, how come we haven't seen him before?" Heather asked as the girls grouped in a huddle to 'talk tactics'.

"He's only been here a week," Tina answered, "and he teaches in the middle school. I don't think he teaches any senior classes at all. It was just lucky, I was in talking to the Head about whether we could still play without a teacher and he was listing off all the teachers and what they were doing. Mr Danes' resume was on the desk and on my way out I heard Crusty pick up the phone and tell him he had the job. I've been waiting ever since for him to start so I might get to him first. I couldn't believe it when he showed up and was hot too!"

"God I'd do him," Susan said with a smile, causing the rest of the team to laugh and turn to inspect him.

"We're lucky we get to play, so let's not do anything to fuck it up hey?" Tina prompted the team and they agreed with varying degrees of reluctance and went back to training.


Greg tried to focus on what was happening as the girls played their way through their first game, thinking at least he might be able to start to help with the coaching. He'd been reading up on the rules and tactics, but it was something else to see it in action. It wasn't made any easier when the girls all started bouncing up and down high fiving and hugging each other in their skimpy outfits. He found it difficult to concentrate as he was repeatedly presented with close up views of incredibly hot bums in their skin tight lycra shorts as the girls went into ready positions to receive the opponent's serve.

The girls had narrowly lost the game and the best that he could offer was to tell them that he'd been impressed and that they'd been unlucky not to win. He was treated to some tight but disappointed smiles; clearly they'd expected to win.

"Tina, I know you want to get going but have you got a moment or two to try and explain some things to me?" he asked as she sat on the floor pulling her track pants on. He tried very hard not to look at the crotch of her shorts, but he couldn't help himself.

"Sure Mr Danes, I don't have to be anywhere," Tina agreed, not sure but thinking she'd caught him looking at her crotch.

The other girls departed, throwing a few sly comments her way and Greg even blushed when Heather called out that she'd be happy to join in if they needed help with special group moves. Tina spent the best part of an hour telling her new coach about what had transpired; the rules, the team's weaknesses and strengths. Greg was amazed at just how mature her approach to the game was. Tina confided that she hoped to play professionally and then one day coach when she was finished playing. Volleyball was her life.

"Wow!" he said, clearly impressed, "Well thanks for the update, that's a lot more than I expected," Greg laughed, "are you right to get home? It's later than I realized."

"Yeah, thanks Mr Danes, my car is outside."

"Oh, I keep forgetting that you're all over 18, I'm too used to middle school," Greg laughed. Tina said goodbye and left Greg to lock up the gym before he headed home.


"Mr Danes can you help me with this stretch please?" Tina asked after their next training session. She eye off their coach as he came over in response to her request.

"What do you want me to do?" Greg asked, standing over the tall girl as she sat upon the hard wooden floor of the gym.

"My hamstring is really tight, can you stretch it out for me?"

With that, Tina lay flat on her back and lifted her right leg, leaving the left flat on the floor. Greg swallowed as he placed a hand against her elevated heel and began pushing her leg forward. His line of sight travelled straight down the smooth curve of her long thin leg, all the way to the point just before her crotch where it disappeared into her tight little shorts. The further he pushed her leg back, the tighter her pants pressed against her pussy. Greg tried desperately to think of something other than how remarkably flexible she was as he dragged his gaze away.

Tina closed her eyes and groaned as she felt her leg stretched and urged Greg to push it further. He was now standing beside her waist as her leg travelled back toward her chest. Tina opened her eyes slightly and glanced at his crotch, her insides tingling and nipples tightening as she thought about reaching her hand up the leg of his shorts.

"Can you stretch the other one too please?" Tina asked, her face a picture of innocence.

Greg had no choice but to continue stretching her, his eyes flicking swiftly about the gym and over her body in rapid succession, too nervous to look anywhere for long. Everywhere he glanced his team of athletic girls were stretching out, their tight volleyball outfits clinging to their curves. Heather was stretching just beyond them and as he glanced her way, she was on her knees in a yoga pose, hands reaching way out in front on the floor, resulting in her butt being presented to him, the shiny shorts clinging to her anatomy in a way that left nothing to his imagination. He gulped as he glanced back down, to see Tina smiling up at him.

"Good now?" he asked.

"Yep, thanks," Tina responded, lowering her leg, her hands sliding along her muscles as if testing them out.


"Ok Tina, there's something that I need to tell you and I'm not all that sure that you're going to be happy about it," Greg said to the team captain at the end of a training session a couple of weeks later.

"You're not quitting are you?" Tina demanded, her face starting to distort with impending anger.

Greg held his hands up in front of him, "God no! No, I just, well I entered you in a tournament is all," he replied quickly, trying to forestall the young girl's wrath.

"Oh thank God! Wait, which tournament?" she asked.

"The Hastenbury one," he replied.

"Oh shit, but like that's where all the top teams compete," Tina said catching herself as she heard her voice starting to whine.

"I know, I know. I think that it's important that you have something to aim for to help the rest of the team come together and really work toward something."

"Well, if you've entered us, I guess that's where we're going," she said, smiling.

"Excellent!" he said greatly relieved, "I'll let you break the news to the team."

"Huh, thanks very much," she said. "And I guess thanks for having confidence in us too."

"Look, it's a stretch, but I don't think you'll embarrass yourselves," Greg told her before sending her on her way, automatically lowering his eyes to watch her tight arse in her volleyball shorts. Tina turned to look back at him as she left and he blushed at being caught perving.


"Ok girls the trip is two weeks away." Greg reminded them a couple of days later. "I've secured a bus and I'm right to drive it, have any of you managed to come up with a chaperone to come with us on the trip?"

"My Mum has said that she'll come," Alice admitted almost grudgingly, "but hey, that's like only if none of you guys have a better option!" The girls laughed, each of them knowing how much they'd hate for it to be their mother on the trip with them.

"Mine has too," sighed Jessica.

"Excellent, then all there is left to do is train those tight little butts off!" Greg announced clapping his hands, sending the girls off to warm up as he prowled around, pretending not to enjoy the wall to wall display of lycra clad bums.


"Mr Danes, I'd like you to meet my mother Anna," Jessica said as Anna reached out to offer her hand to Greg.

"Nice to meet you Anna," Greg said smiling warmly and taking her hand, careful not to let his eyes roam up and down the tall woman in front of him.

"Very nice to meet you Greg," Anna replied coolly.

"And this is my Mum Barbara," Jessica told him. Barbara smiled and didn't hesitate with letting her eyes take in the sight of the young, athletic teacher.

"No wonder the girls talk about you so much," Barbara said causing Greg to blush.

"Er, thanks, nice to meet you," he replied, firmly on the back foot. "So, thanks very much for chaperoning, as you know the school doesn't allow this sort of trip to happen otherwise. I really think the girls are going to surprise themselves with how they've been playing lately."

"Well we'd like to thank you for seeing that the team actually managed to stay together and has a chance to play," Anna said, smiling a full lipped, happy smile that revealed gleaming straight white teeth.

"Right girls, see if you can stuff this monstrous amount of luggage in the trailer and we'll be off!" Greg announced. Girls went everywhere and more luggage than he could imagine was squeezed into the little moving trailer.

"Three hours, so make yourselves comfortable. You get one stop on the way, so when we do, make sure you pee!" Greg declared laughing as they got underway. The girls all cried with outrage, promising him that when it came to stopping, there was no way he'd be able to hold out against them all.

Anna and Barbara kept Greg company at the front of the bus, whilst the girls were left to their own devices in the back. Greg remembered to glance in the mirror occasionally, but in the main, it was just a bunch of girls chatting and laughing and paying each other out. Once he glanced up and thought that he saw Heather and Tina end a kiss. He kept stealing glances back, wondering if he'd really seen it, but there was no repeat and they eventually arrived at the hotel with Greg surmising that he'd obviously been seeing things that weren't there.

"Right, let's get checked in then get yourselves settled in your rooms. Please take some time to familarise yourselves with the hotel rules and we'll meet for dinner in an hour and have our team meeting whilst we eat," Greg directed as the girls man-handled their luggage into the hotel foyer. Once it was cleared he parked the bus and then returned to join them all at the registration desk, helping Anna and Barbara to sort out the bookings and room allocations. Once the last of the girls were checked in Greg and the two chaperones did likewise.

"Would you ladies like some help with your luggage?" Greg offered as he picked up his own small case and glanced across at the larger bags the mums had brought with them.

"Why that would be fabulous," Anna said, allowing Greg to take her bag. He dropped his on top as he extracted the handle and then grabbed Barbara's as well, letting them lead the way to where they were staying.

"So, I've got it set out so that you're at this end, I'm at the other end and all the girls' rooms are between us," Greg advised. "Hopefully that way, if they start carrying on too much, one of us will hear it and be able to deal with it."

"I'm sure we'll keep them under control," Barbara laughed, "though if I can make a suggestion, try not to be too much of a dictator. Let them have some fun, let them think they're getting away with a bit and they'll knuckle down when it comes to the important stuff."

"Sounds like good advice to me," Greg smiled.

"Yes, just a pity that your room is so far away," Barbara winked as Anna started dragging their bags into their shared room.

"Look, if you two want separate rooms, the budget will allow it," Greg said as he realised that they only had a single room between them.

"Oh don't be silly," Anna said, "It'll be just like one of our old school trips ... only we don't have to worry about a chaperone stopping our pillow fights!" She slapped Barbara on the butt as she finished, winking at Greg, who shook his head and laughed.

"Ok then, just make sure that I don't have to come down here and be that chaperone! I think that lot will keep me busy enough," he added.

"Are you sure you can cope with being in that big lonely room all alone?" Barbara asked. "I'm sure we could bunk one more in here with us if you're scared of the dark."

"Oh you're bad!" Anna said to her, but Greg jokingly reassured her he'd brought a night light to keep the monsters away before heading off to settle in to his own room.

He dropped his gear into the room and decided to shower after the long trip. He dropped his clothes on the floor and enjoyed the warm flow of water.


"So who's got that room?" Heather asked Tina, pointing to the door that connected the room next door.

"Dunno, why don't we find out?" Tina suggested.

Heather was going to go out of the room and knock on the door, but Tina just walked over to the door that could be opened to turn the room into a suite of adjoining rooms and turned the handle. The door opened only to reveal another door. "Damn," she said as she saw it, but tried the handle to the next door and found it open. "Whoops," she grinned at Heather who moved to join her. "I don't think that's supposed to happen."

The two girls opened the door and peeked inside. They could hear the shower running and a quick glance about the room told them that it wasn't any of their friends. There was a distinct lack of luggage! Tina was about to close the door and wait to find out later, but Heather quietly pushed past her and snuck into the room, tip-toeing her way across the carpet toward the bathroom, where the door had been left open. When she was in a position where she could see, she covered her mouth with shock and urgently signaled to Tina that she should come and look too. Tina nervously joined her, to see what Heather was so excited about. She looked into the bathroom and saw for herself the silhouette of a man in the shower. The frosted glass kept them from getting a full eyeful, but they both found it exciting to be perving on some guy in the shower. Tina had to drag Heather away before they were noticed.

Heather reluctantly allowed herself to be hauled back into their own room where they shut, but didn't lock the door on the guy's side of the join. They locked their own.

"Was that Mr Danes?" Heather gasped excitedly as she collapsed on her bed.

"Could have been," Tina replied. "Looked about the right size, but that glass didn't show well enough to be sure."

"Fuck, I wish it had, then I could have seen his cock!" Heather groaned, a hand drifting between her legs to rub her track pants against her crotch.

"You are so bad! I told you, no distractions and no getting the coach fired! We're here to win a tournament."

"God, you and winning!" Heather lamented. "Just because you're able to go forever with out sex doesn't mean I can. If you won't let me try and pick up boys or fuck my teacher, you're going to have to satisfy me yourself instead."

"Oh really and just how do you think I'm going to do that?" Tina demanded with a twinkle in her eye.

"By getting over here and putting that snarky tongue of yours in my hot little pussy!" Heather responded, rubbing her crotch with her hand. Tina advanced across the room until she stood right in front of Heather, looking down on her, seeing Heather's large breasts thrust out against her tight t-shirt.

"Seems like you're a little short for me," Tina teased.

"Then maybe I should get you down to my size!"

Heather grabbed her friend and whirled her round so that she fell onto the bed. "Seems like its true what my brother says ... girls are all the same height when they're lying down!" The two girls descended into a fit of giggles that was only stifled when Heather held Tina down on the bed and kissed her hard, thrusting her tongue into her friend's mouth. Tina's protests subsided into moans and soon Heather was wiggling her way out of the leggings that she'd been wearing, dragging her thong with them so that she could straddle Tina's face, lowering her bald pussy right onto her mouth.

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