Tina Ch. 08


Author's note:

Tina is a very sweet, giggly, athletic girl whom I had the privilege to chat to online a while ago. She is 19, 5'10 tall, with brown curly hair and brown eyes. She has c cup breasts and gets turned on by dirty talk and very rough sex. This series documents my various encounters with Tina and the sexy adventures we had when chatting. As this story starts, Tina has returned to uni after being home for the weekend. She was celebrating her birthday. Now the celebrations are all over and she has homework to do, she's found me online and is feeling horny. She's looking so cute and tempting dressed in just her strappy yellow sundress and pink panties. Once I've made sure it won't harm her schoolwork, my will begins to weaken.


TINA: hi

PHIL: hey! ... Umm... no baby? Have you got married over the weekend?

TINA: yes I did heheh. No no not really

PHIL: phew

TINA: hehe

PHIL: how was the birthday weekend then?

TINA: ya it was great I had a blast

PHIL: haha. So is that it now finally for your birthday? Two weeks of solid celebrations over/

TINA: I think so

PHIL: you must be exhausted. Nice to have you back

TINA: ya thx, how was your weekend

PHIL: I was out last night. Stayed up quite late but yeh... just watching x factor now.... going to have a spot of dinner in a minute

TINA: hehe you and your British words hehe

PHIL: that made you giggle. I knew it would

TINA: hehe so you manipulated me to make me giggle...

PHIL: you got it

TINA: I'm not going to giggle anymore then

PHIL: but you love it. Come on. Just a spot of giggling. For me?

TINA: nope not going to. And you can't say spot that's cheating!

PHIL: hehe hmmmm

TINA: nope

PHIL: one more... for me... hmmmm lovely giggling lips

TINA: no I'm trying so hard

PHIL: just write it come on. I know you really want to. My cute giggling Tina

TINA: aww fine. Hehe you're too cute anyways

PHIL: hmmm that's it lovely

TINA: you're being ornery

PHIL: sorry I'll stop. Ooooh that's a good cup of tea. Nice and warm and I'm bloody thirsty

TINA: mmm will you share or are you going to b mean hehe

PHIL: well. It depends... am I being ornery?

TINA: ya slightly

PHIL: you can go and make your own tea then

TINA: grrr please can I have a sip

PHIL: but if I give you a sip I know what you'll do... you're cheeky today so you'll drink the whole lot!

TINA: hehe maybe

PHIL: then no way. I won't take that chance

TINA: please Phil

PHIL: puh using my name now in that accent? Think that's gonna make me give in?

TINA: hehe please Phil

PHIL: grrrr give me a kiss instead

TINA: can I have a sip first please Phil. Pretty please

PHIL: kiss. Then sip

TINA: I want a sip first you won't let me have one if I kiss you first please Phil

PHIL: haha I will. Kiss me and try. Just see what happens

TINA: fine I'll give you just a peck

PHIL: a nice kiss

TINA: no just a peck first hehe. Can I have a sip now please?

PHIL: big kiss... then a little sip

TINA: that's not fair. Please Phil

PHIL: you're not fair... when you steal all my tea

TINA: fine one good kiss and then I get some tea

PHIL: yes, if it's a good kiss. Hmmmmmmmm

TINA: mmmmmm yummy can I have a sip now Phil

PHIL: well... ok. There isn't that much left so go on... have a sip. And I mean a sip or you're in big trouble

TINA: mmm I may have finished it hehe

PHIL: hey! There's none left! You're really starting to piss me off now. Think I'm made of tea?

TINA: hehe Phil

PHIL: no! No giggling and saying my name

TINA: hehe Phil

PHIL: I said no. You've done it now

TINA: hehe Phil hehe

PHIL: grrrrr

TINA: Phil

PHIL: what

TINA: don't be angry with me Phil hehe

PHIL: too late. You should've thought about that before being mean with your kissing and then stealing my tea

TINA: please Phil. I'm sorry

PHIL: puh, "sorry". Doesn't mean much does it

TINA: grr baby please. I'll give you a kiss

PHIL: forget it Tina. No way. You're too ornery and rude

TINA: please

PHIL: why should I?

TINA: because you know you can't deny me please

PHIL: you're still sexy. But I'm pissed off with you today

TINA: grr I'm sorry baby please let me make it up to you

PHIL: how will you make it up to me? By drinking even more of my tea?

TINA: no whatever you want Phil please

PHIL: humph

TINA: please Phil I don't like it when you are angry with me

PHIL: you going to show me you're sorry with kisses?

TINA: if that's what you want kisses all over you baby. Nibbling softly on your ear

PHIL: just some loving ones on my lips to show you feel bad for being soooo cheeky

TINA: mmm k just some very soft kisses on your lips

PHIL: and look cute... and coo sweetly

TINA: mmm k baby I always look cute though sexy. Mmmm your lips taste so good. Can I sit in your lap and kiss you

PHIL: please do. Snuggle up to me

TINA: lightly kiss your neck

PHIL: hmmmm yes

TINA: running my fingers through your hair

PHIL: ooh you do look especially hot today Tina

TINA: mm thank you. Am I making you less angry yet?

PHIL: A bit, still not very pleased with you though

TINA: aww baby please. What if I go make you some tea right now? Would that help?

PHIL: well yes that might be nicer

TINA: mmm I'll go make you some and bring it back to you. I won't drink any of it Phil

PHIL: thank you. If you're good you might be allowed a sip

TINA: hehe I'm always good Phil

PHIL: this is more like it

TINA: hehe Phil

PHIL: yes?

TINA: are you happy with me now?

PHIL: hmm a little. This tea is nice.... nice to have a cup to myself for once

TINA: hehe it smells delicious

PHIL: thirsty Tina?

TINA: maybe hehe

PHIL: come here. Sit on my lap again and you can have some nice warm tea kisses

TINA: mmmmm

PHIL: and what are you wearing to please me now?

TINA: hehe my sundress, it was a beautiful day today

PHIL: I love nice light sundresses.... what else?

TINA: well I'm not wearing a bra and I'm working my lime green panties with a little bow on the front and ribbon holding them together at the hips

PHIL: hmm is that all? Describe your dress for me

TINA: it reaches just above my knees, plain yellow and strapless

PHIL: ooh gorgeous. And that's it? No socks?

TINA: nope I was wearing my white flip-flops with them, my toenails are painted like watermelons hehe

PHIL: like watermelons???? How so?

TINA: they are painted with a base coat of pink and the tips are painted green and there are black spots (seeds) on the pink

PHIL: hmmmm wow I love that

TINA: hehe

PHIL: hmm so will you keep your flip-flops on as you sit on my lap?

TINA: yes hehe

PHIL: why no bra? Don't you need one in your dress?

TINA: I probably should wear one

PHIL: well you look fine from where I'm sitting (hug)

TINA: hehe

PHIL: do you always look after all your nails so much baby?

TINA: the girl across the hall loves to paint them so I let her do it almost every week. I think I'm keeping the watermelon ones though for a bit longer

PHIL: haha wow... very lucky then to get all that done just because she likes it

TINA: ya it also helps that she likes me so hehe

PHIL: I'd do it for you every week... but I'm not sure about my artistic capabilities with that ha

TINA: haha that's... nice of you hehe

PHIL: let me stroke your legs... going briefly under your yellow dress. Hmm it's warm there...

TINA: hehe

PHIL: I think I'm beginning to forget your cheekiness

TINA: hehe that's good Phil

PHIL: you're far too cute today

TINA: you started all of this Phil just to let you know hehe

PHIL: just by enjoying my tea????

TINA: hehe you were ornery first

PHIL: no no never

TINA: can I have another sip please

PHIL: you had better be good.... here....a little one

TINA: well I made it, so that means I get more tea

PHIL: only a little more. You said you didn't want me pissed off with you did you

TINA: no even though you are kind of cute

PHIL: oh yes?

TINA: yes hehe

PHIL: hmmmm not as cute as you when you're not pissed off. I liked having you begging to please me

TINA: hehe

PHIL: ooh and you're giggling. Honestly.. If I could bottle that and have it whenever I wanted it

TINA: hehe

PHIL: I just want to shower you in kisses whenever you do it

TINA: hehe

PHIL: grr

TINA: what Phil?

PHIL: you know what. Giggling at me with that cute mouth every time

TINA: hehe

PHIL: oh

TINA: what Phil?

PHIL: aww not my name

TINA: Phil what's wrong hehe

PHIL: you being unbelievably sexy that's all

TINA: I'm not doing anything hehe

PHIL: you're just being you

TINA: hehe that's what I try to do

PHIL: you manage it. Especially in your dress today I told you

TINA: I love sitting on your lap kissing you hehe

PHIL: hmm looking up at you.... still stroking your soft legs and thighs

TINA: mmm hehe Phil it tickles

PHIL: so I notice... only when I swirl my fingertips around on your soft skin

TINA: hehe

PHIL: I love how your hair falls over your shoulders... naked except those yellow straps babe

TINA: hehe mmmm

PHIL: why keep saying my name between kisses sexy?

TINA: hehe I have no idea

PHIL: just to draw me to you even more maybe?

TINA: hehe maybe, I never thought of that

PHIL: ooh you have that in your mind I'm sure

TINA: hehe I'm an innocent little girl hehe

PHIL: haha... oh yeh. You forget baby... I've seen this "innocent" girl do and say the naughtiest things

TINA: hehe (blush). Me... Never hehe

PHIL: ooh definitely. Those pictures are engraved in my memory baby

TINA: hehe I don't know what you are talking about

PHIL: last Friday in my shower? Last Thursday in your bed??? Do any of those ring a bell?

TINA: I think you're crazy. I would never do anything like that hehe

PHIL: so you do know what I'm talking about????

TINA: hehe Phil I'm just an innocent girl

PHIL: the way you were telling me to keep doing what I was doing with you last week certainly wasn't innocent

TINA: hehe yes it was

PHIL: haha with those words? An "innocent" girl would have a quick cuddle with me then go to work. But not you

TINA: I do do that. I'm still innocent hehe

PHIL: hmm I like to think so too

TINA: mmm you taste so good Phil

PHIL: just my lips? Or does this innocent girl mean she's like to taste my dick?

TINA: hehe what do you think Phil

PHIL: sorry did that shock your innocent little ears?

TINA: maybe a little hehe

PHIL: me manipulating you again... wanting to make you blush a little

TINA: you're so mean sometimes hehe

PHIL: how?

TINA: you just are hehe

PHIL: awwwww sorry sexy. So is this girl even too "innocent" for me to keep stroking her thighs closer and closer to her warm panties?

TINA: mmm idk I think that's ok hehe

PHIL: I don't want you getting too scared if you've never had someone touch you there innocent Tina

TINA: hehe I might not b scared you'll just have to try and find out hehe

PHIL: I'd love to watch your face as my fingers approach your hot treasure

TINA: mmm hehe

PHIL: feel you subtly open your legs a bit as my hand reaches you

TINA: hehe mmmm Phil

PHIL: to see if you're a bit damp there already, warm and moist

TINA: Phil mmmm

PHIL: you can lay back on my couch if you like... your legs over mine and feel me explore you there if you want

TINA: mmm Phil god

PHIL: will you let me? And flip your dress over a little bit to see better what I'm doing?

TINA: mmm yes

PHIL: but Tina... I thought you had homework today? And it's already quite late????

TINA: what homework? Hehe it's almost done

PHIL: kk good. Move back a little bit from my lap and prop yourself up on my cushions... so I can duck my head down and trace my tongue along the inside of your legs

TINA: mmmm running my hands in your hair

PHIL: does this innocent girl mind me slipping her panties off to lick her sweet pussy?

TINA: not at all hehe

PHIL: you might be innocent but I think you'd like it wouldn't you. Even assisting me with pulling your panties down and off and offering me your pussy to delve into

TINA: yes mmm'' please

PHIL: I put out my finger and tap your clit with it. Push it like a button to see if it makes you tingle

TINA: mmm phi

PHIL: yes Tina? God I love how wet you get just by kissing on my lap

TINA: mmmm god baby

PHIL: I love the first contact between my tongue and your tight pussy lips

TINA: mmm you're so good

PHIL: does it feel good having me taste your wetness baby?

TINA: yes does it taste good down there

PHIL: yes. So sweet.... hmm I love licking deeper and deeper getting as much juice as I can. Is this still innocent Tina? Pulling your knickers down and grinding your pussy in my face?

TINA: yes so innocent mmmm

PHIL: haha just making sure. Well it's the sort of innocence I like

TINA: mmm I love this

PHIL: hmm I love having my little Tina in her cute yellow sundress... over my lap and my tongue exploring her pink folds

TINA: mmmmm please fuck me with your tongue

PHIL: god you're horny. Feel my rough warm tongue sliding around your petals... diving in and out

TINA: mmmm baby. You make me so wet

PHIL: I know and I fucking love it, making your pussy dripping wet aren't I

TINA: yes Phil mmmm

PHIL: I've missed having you for the past two days... missed tasting your sweetness baby

TINA: mmmm I've missed you all over me

PHIL: I could lick your pussy for hours and make you cum over and over my mouth

TINA: mmmm you love it don't you. Grrrr pulling your hair

PHIL: I do love it. I do love being between your spread thighs Tina and licking you deep

TINA: mmmm god... fuck

PHIL: let me slide two fingers deep inside your hole as I suck on your sensitive clit

TINA: mmm please fuck my pussy

PHIL: feel me bury those two probing digits inside your tight fuckhole Tina

TINA: mm hear me moan your name

PHIL: I love how breathy your voice is when you say it. Purring it like a gorgeous American kitten

TINA: mmm Phil

PHIL: I'll raise my fingers to your mouth and let you suck on them... taste your sweetness baby... taste exactly what I can at the same time

TINA: mmmm sucking your fingers hard

PHIL: feeling your teeth bite into them subtly

TINA: nipping them softly

PHIL: feel me twist them in your mouth to make sure you can lick them clean

TINA: mmm sucking them one by one. Licking all the juices off

PHIL: before I take them out leaving you panting... bringing them back to your dripping entrance

TINA: mmm Phil

PHIL: I love gripping your clit between my teeth and driving the tip of my tongue hard against to lick it

TINA: mmm god yes

PHIL: you like surrendering to me when I treat your pussy so well don't you babe

TINA: yes mmmm I'm all yours baby mmmm

PHIL: stopping licking you just to clean my fingers off this time... coming up to kiss you again. Can't stay away from your beaming sweet face

TINA: your tongue tastes so sweet

PHIL: let yours swirl with it baby in our mouths

TINA: mmmmm nipping at it softly, moaning in your mouth

TINA: you've been so good to me what do you want sexy?

PHIL: I want you to slowly lower your yellow straps and very gradually reveal your breasts to me... hmm unveil them for me so I can see them in all their beautiful glory

TINA: lowering one shoulder at a time, then standing there for just a few seconds

PHIL: god. Holding my breath waiting

TINA: watching the hunger in your eyes. Then finally letting it drop to the ground and slowly stepping out of it

PHIL: oh fuck...... All is forgiven about my tea

TINA: mmm good baby

PHIL: scanning you from your soft hair to your watermelons and back again

TINA: hehe (blush)

PHIL: you are so... fucking gorgeous Tina... sorry

TINA: it's ok Phil hehe

PHIL: awww and when you giggle and your breasts shake a little... fuck...... god... I want you to stand there but I need you here

TINA: hehe what do you want Phil

PHIL: I need you on my sofa next to me so I can touch you and stroke your soft body

TINA: mmm crawl in next to you. Or do you want me in your lap

PHIL: ah wow yes. Come and sit in my lap... your legs dangling and your head tilted flirtatiously

TINA: running my hands over your chest, giggling

PHIL: you're amazing when you're naked Tina. Innocent and so hot

TINA: hehe mmmmmm

PHIL: your cute little face... gorgeous firm breast.... aww just everything baby, nimble fingers touching me

TINA: mmmm moving my wet pussy just enough you can feel it through your jeans. Slipping my fingers in your mouth letting you suck them

PHIL: they are so tiny and pretty

TINA: leaning down and moaning in your ear telling you I can feel how hard you are in your jeans

PHIL: I know you can... squeezing the bump there... god I'm feeling a bit overdressed. Help me take some of this off baby... I want to feel your skin against mine

TINA: mmm sliding down your body and then slowly unbuttoning your jeans. Then working them off even slower, watching as your bulge grows in your boxers

PHIL: can you see it? I look at your eyes watching it

TINA: mmmm it looks so good in your boxers. I'll lick it through the material

PHIL: ooh your tongue feels warm through them

TINA: mmmm using my hand as I ask you if you want me to take your boxers off

PHIL: god... looking up at me, that sultry voice. Yes baby. Come on, don't tease me now

TINA: mmm slowly taking your boxers off with my teeth and looking at your hard cock mmmmm. Then taking it in my mouth all at once mmmm

PHIL: wow fuck, making me nearly jump with doing that. God you shocked me then baby

TINA: sucking the tip next, harder and faster

PHIL: your teeth scraping my tip... that's good baby

TINA: mmm letting my teeth test how hard you are, using my hand at the base. Then running my tongue around the head

PHIL: ah yes, directing it with your hand... ahhh Tina... Tina... rolling my fingers in your hair... leaning back and losing myself in the feelings

TINA: looking up at you and moaning your name before letting your dick fuck my mouth, moving faster and faster. Then stopping when it's all in my mouth and just holding it, looking up at you moaning

PHIL: aahhh... god. Your eyes... your cute lips with my cock stuffed between them. You're a dream baby. Just a fucking dream. Come on

TINA: mmmm

PHIL: keep sucking

TINA: slowly working my way back up flicking my tongue while my mouth goes up. Then going up and down faster and faster\, moaning and letting the vibrations travel up and down your hard cock

PHIL: hmmmm yes. Moaning right back at you as I feel the amazing sensations, hearing the noise of my cock hitting your throat

TINA: mmmm tasting your dick makes me so hot. Looking innocent as I suck your dick

PHIL: aahh Tina yeh. Is this still innocent??? Innocently kneeling naked before me stuffing my dick in your pretty little mouth?

TINA: mmmm yes baby. I love the way you fuck my mouth hard, making me moan louder and louder

PHIL: holding your hair in my fists now... holding your head still so I can gently rock my hips up into your mouth

TINA: letting me feel how hard you can pound the back of my throat. Making me cough from the force mmmm god

PHIL: choking around my dick and just pushing faster

TINA: mmmm

PHIL: my dick covered with your saliva... sliding in and out. I love watching where my wet dick meets the circle of your lips wrapped right around me

TINA: mmmm watching as I look up at you moaning, running my hands up your chest

PHIL: ooh you're such a talented cock sucker Tina. Such a talented little innocent cock sucker

TINA: scratching you as your cock slides in and out of my mouth, teasing me with air as I breathe harder and harder on your dick

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