tagInterracial LoveTina Just Got A Job Ch. 2

Tina Just Got A Job Ch. 2


Tina thought for a second before she decided not to took off the bikini top in the changing room. It was a bit too troublesome, she turned her back to that black giant and started to untie the string. Then she felt her pussy a bit itchy, she thought the black cameraman behind her wouldn't notice it and she surprised herself by rubbing the clad pussy a split second, but she didn't realise a wet spot showing up in front of that tiny nylon triangle. "Gee" it was not that itchy feeling she used to know in a hot summer day.

Bill didn't miss that split second Tina playing her own pussy, he knew the little blue pill was affecting that big tits white bitch like other stupid sluts coming to his studio.

Tina didn't know her face was getting red when she turned back to face the black giant with her hands crossing over to cover the tips of her big boobs. "Now what should i do now?" It was not an illusion anymore this time, she saw that giant tent in front of his trouser. "What..." but she didn't dare to ask and the itchy feel deep in her secret hole was only getting bigger all the time.

"Nice, very nice Tina you got a killer body" Bill pressed the shutter a few times, the whole room just seemed a lot hotter. Tina could see sweat coming out all over the giant black's face, chest and ... the tent was ever getting bigger. "Do you mind I take off my T shirt Tina the air conditioner in this building is fucking old"

Tina was shocked by his language, Bill took off his shirt without waiting for the white bitch's answer.

Even in his mid forties, Bill was in a good shape still doing weight train everyday. Drinking too much beer only got his belly gaining ten pounds. Not like Tina's white couch potato husband, this black giant got a muscular hairy chest, the thick curly hair grew all the way down to.. Tina shook her head "what happens to me..I am a married woman and he is a black!"

It took age long before Bill finished this roll of film, Tina's hands were so tired she forgot to cover her nipples in half of the pictures made her effective topless. Bill's hidden camera took a lot more from behind, even captured a few times the white bitch rubbing her itchy pussy when Bill turned his back to stroke his big cock.

"I see you have a big chance to get though to my big customers, you may want to try this on before they ask for that" Bill handed a rolled piece of lacy garment to Tina.

Tina decided to put that on in the changing room. Her itchy feel was getting out of hand, she in fact running topless back to the room and locked the door and took off her bikini thong and started to rub her clit with a finger with two fingers from the other hand to spread out the pussy lips. It was taking a bit too long to get herself off until Bill knocked at the door from outside.

"Are you ok?"

"Does that fit you Tina"

"O O OK.., I am about.."

"That is fine, take your time then"

Frustrated from the height of sensation from her clit, Tina wandered what was happening to her. She finally took a look of the lacy stuff the black man gave to her a few minutes ago, it was a set of matched lingerie. She put the bra and the thong on only to find that the bra was almost cupless showing off her 40" tits and the thong got a big hole at her pussy. "Oh well" Tina only saw that kind of bra and thong set once on the body of a porno girl in a video. The red fishnet stocking and garter completed the look. When Tina looked at the mirror before unlocking the door, she felt deep in her pussy getting itchy again. Suddenly flashing in her mind, she was confused herself was going to be the porn star.

"Hey girl you look great in that f.. fancy lingerie" Bill already watched that white bitch playing her cunt from another hidden camera in the changing room. That got his huge cock so fucking hard, he got to release himself from the trouser and now only in his boxer brief. Tina didn't say a word when she noticed the black giant was wearing less and less like her. She was wandering what was inside the giant's boxer brief, wasn't aware that her nipples were popping out hard and cunt lips were still open.

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