Tina's Hard Lesson


We lay for quite some time until I finally stumbled back and slumped into my chair. Finally she pushed herself up on her hands, stood shakily and with a smile leaned over to kiss me.

"Thank you, that was amazing"

"It was wasn't it?"

"Did I earn your help?"

"Let us discuss that. There are a few other conditions. But first, let's get dressed. It makes me a little nervous to be naked here in my office"

We dressed slowly. She asked for her panties and I told her they were my souvenir. She blushed and smiled at that.

When she was finally dressed, except for the pantyhose, a little too painful for her punished ass. I motioned for her to sit on my lap.

"I can't sit right now, my ass is too sore"

"Sit now"

She eased on to my lap, grimacing as she settled her weight on her tortured ass.

"I'm going to help"

"Oh thank you"

She ignored the pain in her ass and wrapped her arms around my neck.

'Not so fast..."

I removed her arms. She looked at me quizzically.

"These are the rules and they are not negotiable. You will shave your pussy and keep it shaved. You are to wear stockings and a garter belt or garterless stockings, no panties without my express permission. Heels and skirts or dresses at all times. Your pussy, mouth and soon your ass will be available to me at any time. We will be discreet at work, but plan on spending every Thursday night with me. And any other times I choose. We will set up a schedule for repayment of the money. And the punishment you received tonight is a sample of what you will receive any time I feel you deserve it, or if it pleases me. Are those conditions acceptable?"

"Yes, and thank you, I am going to work very hard to make sure you don't regret this."

She kissed me.

"Well tomorrow is Tuesday but you can start convincing me then. I want you at my house tomorrow evening. Tonight was a little appetizer. I want a full evening. You can make me dinner."

"Yes sir"

Dinner was another story entirely.

To Be Continued...

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