tagIncest/TabooTina's Obsession Ch. 03

Tina's Obsession Ch. 03


Tina gingerly opened her brother's door and noticed that he was still awake and listening quietly to their local FM station.

"Hey kid, I see you made it," Ted said softly. " Now c'mere Tina," he said, crooking his finger to her and indicating that he wanted her near.

Tina approached his bed and he reached out, grasping the bottom hem of her shirt and lifting it up, noticing her panties.

"OK, just wanted to make sure you had it covered up. You know we got way too close the last time. Go ahead and lay down here," he indicated to her. "What's on your mind," he questioned.

Her brother had rolled to his right side and Tina laid down on her left, facing him. She reached up and placed her hand on his bicep.

"It's so good Teddy, just to lay here and talk," Tina said, " seems like I don't get to do much talking to adults these days. They began what Tina regarded as a really nice conversation with Ted being particularly interested in how it felt to be out of high school and anticipating junior college. All this time, while carrying on the conversation, Tina was preoccupied with figuring how she was going to get more intimate with her brother. She knew she had to get started somehow. Tina dropped her hand from Ted's upper arm to the front of his boxers. His cock was partially erect.

"Hey what the!" he half shouted," I told you, conversation only!"

"Teddy," Tina whined, " I just want to cuddle and play a little. I know you're not going to lay there and let me jump up and take my panties off."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Ted said, " but what do you hope to accomplish with this?"

"Nothing Teddy, I just enjoy getting you hard. Do you want me to put my mouth on it, and give you a blow job?, she asked.

"HELL N O," Ted exclaimed, " you know better than that. I told you we're not doing that kind of stuff."

Tina began to cry, or so she made her brother think.

"Oh god Ted, I never have any male companionship. I just like to have some adult talk and maybe a little bit of intimacy. I mean I haven't even kissed a guy until you the other night. I just feel so lonely Ted, sometimes I just want to give up."

"Shhhh, take it easy honey, " Ted whispered, "just relax and we can cuddle if that's what you want to call it."

Tina leaned toward him and placed her lips softly on his. She slowly raised her right leg up over her brother and rolled on top of him. She hugged him and laid her head on the pillow, not moving her lower body, trying to make sure that her brother had no idea what she had in mind.

"I love you Teddy," Tina whispered into his ear," I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have you. You mean so much to me."

"I love you too sweetheart," Ted replied, " you're my very favorite sister."

Pffft, " Tina reacted, as she raised up," I'm your ONLY sister."

As she said this she sat up with her pussy on top of his now totally erect cock. She began to move, making certain that she was rubbing her mons on the tip of his cock so that he wasn't aware of her "special" panties. "Just rubbin a little Teddy, just a little.

"OK baby," Ted replied," whatever makes you feel good."

"Well, this is what really makes me feel good," Tina said with determination.

With that she sat straight up, grabbed his cock, placed it at the entrance to her pussy and sat quickly down.

"What the, oh shit, " Ted said as he realized that he was buried completely in his little sister' s nearly virgin pussy. " Oh damn baby you shouldn't have done that. Tina, we can't do this, we just can't."

"Oh my sweet baby," Tina said breathlessly," yes we can, we are doing it. It's so damn good, oh

Teddy I love your cock in me. It feels so big in my pussy, so good. Oh fuck, I'm so full of cock I can't believe it. What a dick to start with."

"What! Tina, " her brother said sternly" are you a virgin? Is this your first time?"

"Oh yes my adorable brother with the giant cock," Tina replied, "it is my first cock and I was determined that it would be yours. I've wanted you so bad and for so long," Tina said, continuing to pump herself on top of her brother's cock" oh baby I love it," she said,"I knew I would, I just love it."

"Why Tina, why me?" Ted asked.

"I've already answered that Ted," she said, "at least partially. I said I've wanted you for so long but the main reason Ted is because I love you big brother, and I mean BIG brother. I don't love you like a sister loves a brother, I'm hopelessly and , unghh, helplessly in love with you. Have been for a long, long time," she said, stopping her movements, looking longingly in Ted's eyes.

"I'm gong to love you forever Ted, I don't care where we are or what we are doing, if I don't see you for 20 years I will still be completely in love with you. I mean total, passionate, consuming and absolute love."

"Then I think it's time you got properly fucked," Ted said, rolling her over so that he was on top. He grabbed her legs behind her knees lifting her ass and jamming his cock deep into her pussy.

"Oh yes," she shouted, " fuck it Teddy, fuck that virgin pussy."

"Shhhh," Ted said, "you're gonna get us discovered if you don't keep quiet.

Ted leaned down and kissed his sister lightly on the cheek. "I'm gonna fuck you so you don't forget this night, " he said.

"My god Teddy, you don't think I'd ever forget this night do you?" Tina said.

Ted quietly began to do some serious fucking. He was not moving fast, just gently fucking her, making certain that he got fully into her with each thrust. He changed his angle occasionally, at one time putting pressure on her g-spot then making sure he was raking across her clitoris.

"Oh Teddy, It's so good, Tina said, "I love your cock, Teddy, love it!"

Ted picked up the pace. Tina was juicing so much it was running down over her ass, dripping on the sheets. She was so tight he had no difficulty believing that she had been a virgin. He was now actually enjoying the deflowering of his sister. He began to pick up the pace, jabbing her with ferocity, watching her tits wobble rapidly with his thrusts.

Ted was pumping her hard and could feel his pubic bone bumping against her mons, putting at least some pressure on her clitoris.

Tina could hardly talk, "unhh fuck unhh me, oh unnhh fuck me Teddy unh, fuck it, fuck it, fuck it. Oh Teddy if you keep it up I'm gonna cum. Oh yes, yes, unhhhh, YES, YES, here it comes Teddy, oh hell yes."

Tina was bucking up against him hard, his balls smacking against her ass, feeling the faint urging of his balls, reminding him that he was rapidly heading toward an ejaculation. Tina had wrapped her legs around him pulling him in as deep as he could go, her pussy taking absolute possession of his cock. He felt it coming, like a freight train, roaring up the length of his shaft and now, with his penis spurting wildly into his sister's pussy, washing the walls of it with his seed. It was damn late to think about it but he hoped she was on some type of birth control.

"Oh yes Teddy," Tina whispered, " fill me up baby, fill me with your beautiful cum. Oh Teddy, this was the most wonderful, most romantic thing that's ever happened in my life. Oh Ted, I love you so much.

Ted eased off of her, pulling his now flaccid cock from her vagina. He eased down beside her, facing her, and planted a gentle kiss on her lips.

"I love you too kiddo," Ted said gently. "I'm sorry that I took your virginity baby, I'm not sure that we should have done what we just did but I can't honestly say that I'm sorry. I do have to say though that you are a very cagey customer. Crotchless panties indeed. You don't play fair," Ted said with a laugh.

"Well, I had to do something," Tina said, " I decided that I was going to do whatever it took to fuck my big brother and I did it."

They both laughed and kissed sensuously, embracing each other as they did so.

"Sis," Ted said, " I know it's a little late to ask but you are on some kind of birth control aren't you?"

Tina didn't answer at first, then slowly she turned to him and smiled,"well," Tina said with a pause,

"not exactly but it will be OK."

"Not exactly," Ted said with alarm, "exactly what is it then?"

"Well," Tina said, "I don't use any kind of birth control, OK?"

"OK hell! Are you saying that you could be pregnant, with your own brother's baby right now?"

"No,no, I'm sure that I'm not. I'm pretty sure that I'm not in my fertile period," Tina said.

"You're pretty sure, hell that's like saying you're only a little bit pregnant," Ted said angrily.

"I-I'm sorry," with that Tina started to cry, "I'm really sorry I came in here and did that to you, oh god I wish I was dead."

Ted quickly put his arm around her. " Hold it sweetie," Ted said quietly," I participated in this too you know. This isn't just your responsibility. If I said I enjoyed making love to you it would be an understatement. Don't forget baby doll , we made love with each other, we didn't just fuck each other."

Tina smiled at him with tears in her eyes, " thank you Teddy, I just want to tell you something Ted, I love you, desperately. I would be content to spend the rest of my life with you. To go away somewhere and live as husband and wife. Then have your babies and live happily ever after."

Ted was on his back, staring at the ceiling, he still had his arm around his sister's shoulder. He squeezed

her, pulling her to him, " Tina, this has happened so fast that I don't know what to say. To say that I love you is not enough. It never has been. I've always had special feelings for you and yes, I might as well admit it, I have always found you very attractive physically. I don't know about you but if you really are pregnant I don't want you to get an abortion."

Tina smiled warmly at him, " oh Ted, I was hoping that you would feel that way. I can't even imagine us doing anything to an unborn child that is part of me and part of my wonderful brother."

"Um, by the way Teddy," Tina said, " we're not going to stop doing this I hope."

Ted grinned at her, " well I don't suppose so but I will tell you this young lady, there will be protection worn by yours truly the next time."

"Ugh," Tina scowled, " I hate those things. But do you have any with you now?"

"No, of course not," Ted replied.

"Well," Tina said as she scooted up against him, laying her head on his shoulder, "if I wanted to do something right now what would you say?"

"No dear," answered Ted, " I don't think so."

"Well I think maybe yes," Tina smiled as she started moving away from him. She stopped and placed her head down onto the bed. She spread her legs wide with her ass high in the air. She reached back making sure the slit in her panties was wide open then began to finger her pussy. She could look back between her legs and see her brother. His cock was stiff as a board. His eyes had almost a glazed look. He was focused totally on her pink pussy. As she rubbed she was surprised at how quickly she felt a stirring in her loins. She was actually getting hot despite just being fucked by Ted. She felt movement on the bed and looked quickly enough to see Ted walking on his knees, edging closer and closer to her backside. All she heard her brother say, just before he penetrated her was, "damn Jezebel."

Ted pushed rapidly into her, enjoying the warm, wet velvet like grip of her pussy. He could still feel the remnants of his previous ejaculation. There was still some semblance of guilt in his mind about the fact that she was his sister but there is an old saying that," how can anything that feels so good be bad."

"Oh honey, " Tina gasped , " your cock feels so good in me. It's just like I want to swallow you up, to get you in deeper and deeper."

"Tip your ass up a little more baby girl and I'll see what I can do," Ted replied.

Tina moved slightly and Ted shoved into her farther than he had yet been.

"Oomph," Tina reacted, " oh god yes, that's it Teddy. You feel like you're clear up into my belly. Oh, fuck it baby, fuck it."

Ted was slamming into her now. Even from the back he could see her big tits flying all over her chest. She was humping back into him with gusto, forcing him as deep as he could physically go. He reached forward, grabbing the front of her hips and pulling back into him in cadence with his thrusts.

"Oh yes Teddy, it's so good baby, so damn good," Tina said breathlessly.

Tina reached under herself and found her clitoris. She was on fire. She had to cum, she wanted to cum so bad. She began to rapidly play with her clitoris, feeling the tingling throughout her body.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Tina began to chant as her brother pounded his cock into Tina's pussy.

Ted felt the stirrings of his impending orgasm. He had no reservations whatsoever and for this reason

he thought that this one was going to be really good.

"Oh Ted, I'm really getting close honey," Tina said.

Tina was panting hard, gulping air as fast as she could.

"Here it comes Teddy, here it comes!" Tina gasped.

Ted could feel her pussy begin to contract in a rhythmic manner around his cock. This only served to speed up his eventual ejaculation. Just then Tina let out a muffled scream announcing that her orgasm had arrived. Ted reached quickly to cover her mouth.

"Shhhh," Ted whispered, " we gotta be quiet."

Ted could not stop thrusting though. He was just seconds away. He could feel the stirrings of his coming orgasm.

"Oh god, oh god," Tina was muttering, " so good, oh so good Teddy."

Ted leaned over placing his chest lightly on her back and whispered in her ear, " I love you so much baby, I can't get enough of that beautiful pussy of yours."

At that point his cock convulsed, spitting his sperm deeply inside his sister.

Groaning Ted said, " I'm coming baby, I'm shooting into your pussy and I love it. I love you too Tina,

more than you will ever know."

"Ted, I love you too sweetheart. I want to stay like this forever. I don't ever want to let you go away from me," Tina said.

"Sounds like a plan," Ted mumbled, trying to get his breath back.

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