tagLoving WivesTina's Tricks Ch. 01

Tina's Tricks Ch. 01


This story is a complete fiction and all of the characters portrayed are over the age of 18 (typically upper twenties to low forties for main characters).

This first part is a Tricked Wife Seduction and Voyeur/Video/Film Aphrodisiac Fantasy story. Yes, it doesn't really fit into one category, but I tried to make it sexually hot for people to enjoy.

Please note: If you do not like reading stories that involve any of the following, please do NOT read this story?

- Tricked into Adultery

- Wife Seduction

- Intimate Massage

- Nude Photography, Pictures, Potential Exploitation from Media

- Naïve Sexy Wife screwing Huge Models

- Anal Sex (Some mentioned, only partially explicit)

- Fictional Aphrodisiac Drugs or Massage Oils (Used without consent)

It is not my intent to anger or surprise any readers. I just want to spread some fantasy erotica into the minds of those like me who live in a sometimes mundane world.

This story has a long lead up (mood setter?) to some fairly heavy sex. This first part ends with a mild cliff hanger, where one sex act ends but the repercussions aren't announced or realized. I hope to have additional parts posted soon to continue the story from where it leaves off.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Tina Daniels had always been a popular girl. One of the early bloomers, the attention she began receiving in the eighth grade followed her through high school, college, and now, for several years, her career. She had become a master manipulator of the male ego, knowing just when to stroke it and, more importantly most times, when it needed to be cooled.

Unfortunately, having a new boyfriend every couple of months throughout her adult life had given her a reputation as well as an untouchable inner-self. She was the woman that every man in the office wanted in bed. The good-looking ones knew that they could have her again with just a nice dinner and maybe some dancing. The not so good-looking ones were politely discouraged, and the downright ugly ones were completely disappointed.

All of her college girlfriends were married now, with some even starting families. At first Tina was in the majority laughing at the one friend who suddenly got serious with a man: Katrina.

The girl had always been Tina's closest rival for male attention, but also one of her very closest friends. They were the divas that shared everything with each other and ruled over most any man they came up against. They flaunted their success so publically that every hot girl that even tried to sway one of their targets lost, and just hated them for it. Kate was the perfect friend and rival, right up until she found her man and actually got married.

Then, one-by-one, others followed over just a few short years. Finally, at the last wedding, Tina realized she and a few older women in their forties and fifties were the only ones in the group to catch the bouquet. All of her closest friends were married.

So, Tina set out to find her own man. She tried speed dating, but it fit into her existing one-night-stand lifestyle too well. She realized after sleeping with her fifth date within two weeks that she needed to try something else. Online dating wasn't any better because she just couldn't open up her heart, and spreading her legs over the internet just didn't work.

She recognized that the problem wasn't the guys, it was her. There was a detached physical response to her encounters, but never an attached emotional response. She knew she needed help.

Her first therapist was an older man who diagnosed her as a sex addict. She felt in her heart it wasn't true. She knew it wasn't the sex. At least, it wasn't just the sex.

Her second therapist was a much younger man, who was charming and professional. By the end of her first session with him, she was trying to seduce him. Her short skirt just didn't seem to want to stay down as she sat facing him and squirming in her seat. And her blouse was just too tight not to occasionally open a button until it was nearly to her naval. As a happily, and extremely devoted married man, he pushed her out of his office while recommending several other therapists.

Her last therapist was a woman, and that seemed to do the trick. They discussed everything about her life, her career, her successes and failures. They examined everything Tina admired about her friends and their marriages, and everything she envied. They talked about her willingness to jump into bed with any good looking man, married or not.

"Well, Tina," Dr. Antonia Bennett offered at their third session. "You aren't a typical sex addict, that's for sure. You're too picky, although I suppose with your good looks and body you could be pretty damned picky if you wanted. Your most memorable sexual encounters are not those of someone with a sex addiction."

"I don't think I'm a sex addict," Tina responded.

"Neither do I," Antonia agreed. "I almost envy how uninhibited you are, Tina. But I cannot see that you are having sex to fill some need or craving. I think it is strictly that you are seeking intimacy on a level to which you are unwilling to devote yourself."

Tina plucked at the hem of her skirt, staring at her fingers as they pretended to tug a loose thread. Her delicate brown eyebrows were curved in a frown of thought as she lifted her dark blue eyes to look at the therapist.

"But I really want to be intimate," she said softly. She cleared her throat, "So, how do I fix myself?"

Antonia was smiling. "You don't do it overnight, Tina. You've spent years building up a wall between how you want to appear and how you really feel. You are like two different people, the outside shell that manipulates men like a master puppeteer, and the inside girl that rebels against that and craves a partner."

Tina felt the tear slide down her cheek, but refused to wipe it away.

"Tina, it will take time. So, let's give you some homework until our next session. Do you remember talking about your friends and their marriages?" She waited for Tina to nod before she continued. "You mentioned how happy Katrina, Kate, is and how quickly she was able to devote herself completely to him. You also talked about how nicely her husband Mike treated her and how you envied that trust they share. Take some time this next week and focus on what it is that makes their relationship work. Why are they so devoted to each other? What traits does Mike have that you would want in your partner? What traits does Katrina have that you have difficulty recognizing within yourself? Spend about fifteen minutes each morning and write down your thoughts."

Over the next three weeks, Dr. Bennett noticed significant changes in her patient Tina Daniels. She was dressing more conservatively and seemed more confident or determined. When she shared the writings of her inner thoughts during their weekly sessions, she seemed to be seriously examining her feelings.

The greatest change was that Tina claimed she was celibate. For a girl of twenty-eight years who had three to four weekly liaisons with men, often different partners, to go three weeks without sex completely was an event. However, Antonia wasn't sure if it was a beneficial change. She seemed to be improving, but there was always suspicion with such drastic lifestyle changes.

By the sixth week, Antonia's suspicions were telling her there was something wrong. It was like Tina had gradually become someone else. When questioned closely, Tina immediately ended her therapy sessions.

Antonia tried contacting Tina repeatedly for a few weeks, but the woman never returned her calls. Hating to lose any patient without really understanding the reason, she decided to wait until Tina was ready. Sometimes it just took another event or realization to bring the patient back. The goal was always normalcy, but normal for one individual never ever matched up with any other person's perception of the same. She knew the young woman had a long way to go.


Tina was happy for the first time in months. Most of it was anticipation, and a lot of it was fantasizing about the outcome of the events she had triggered. Little hints and honest praise had paid off.

Kate finally took the bait, and it looked like it was on her own initiative. Even her husband was encouraging her.

Now, it just took a little pressure in the right place on the owners. She knew them already. Heck, she'd slept with everyone that worked there, and a lot of the people that hadn't. But, she was careful even when she didn't have a plan. She might be into free-love and fun with most any class of hot people, but if there was one thing she wasn't, it was stupid. And, as everyone discovered fairly early in their relationship with her... Tina was never stupid.


The studio hours said 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM on the door, so she was a little surprised that her appointment was at 3:30 PM. She checked the card Tina had given her one last time. It clearly read 3:30 PM just under the logo on the studio's business card. It was the same flashing camera logo that was stenciled on the glass door. She pulled the door open and stepped inside.

"Katrina Thomas?" asked the cute redheaded girl seated behind the counter. A brass nameplate on the front of the counter had 'Hot Receptionist!' engraved on its surface. She had to smile when she read it.

"Kate, please," she replied.

"You're just a little early, which is perfect. I have a quick couple of forms we need to fill out for your file, and then we can get you back for make-up and hair."

Kate nodded. "Okay."

"You look nervous," the redhead observed. She shook her head and glanced to the closed door quickly before leaning forward. "You shouldn't be," she said quietly. "Terry called you to set up this appointment, right?"

Another nod.

"Kate, I've seen a lot of girls coming in here that don't even come close to what you have for looks. And, it's really rare for one of the owners to actually contact a model for their first session. Models are usually only considered if they check back in after sending in their portfolio. And even then, most of them are turned down."

"Uh, their portfolio?" Kate was confused because she and Tina had only sent in a few photos of her from a couple of weeks ago. Mike had played at being romantic one afternoon with a backyard picnic. She had a couple of glasses of wine and he took a few candid shots of her in her dress and then later in one of her more modest bikinis by their hot-tub. It was just corny fun... Sexy enough to send in, but fun.

"You know... The collection of your previous modeling and experience? Your modeling resume?"

Kate shrugged her shoulders in confusion. "We only sent in a couple of photos my husband took."

"You didn't send in anything but a couple of pictures?"

Kate nodded.

"Well now. That's really unusual! But, Terry and Vance know what they're doing, so it must have been enough since you're here. Let's get these forms filled out so you can start."

Kate leaned against the counter and watched while the receptionist pulled out a few forms and straightened them on her desk.

"Let's see. Name is Kate Thomas, hair is blonde, eyes are..." she glanced up quickly to the smiling woman and continued. "Green. Height?"

"I'm five-eight," Kate replied.


"Um, one-twenty."


"Uh, twenty-eight? Just turned."

"Measurements and cup size?"

"It's been a while since I was measured. When I got married six years ago I was 36-26-34, but my boobs have slimmed down a bit from working out. Waist may be a little smaller too. I can still fit into my wedding dress, but it would be a little loose up top. Um, I wear a C-cup now, D in a couple of brands, but used to wear a DD-cup... DD were pretty tight back then but I'd never wear an E. That's part of why I started working out." She realized she was rambling with her nervousness and stopped.

The redhead was nodding with a smile, and scribbled down a few things. She glanced up, looking at Kate's chest.

"They're real?"

Kate glanced down at her breasts with a blush. "Yes. My Mom's are much bigger, probably F's. But, she's really let herself go the last dozen years or so."

The rest of the questions were pretty straight forward with address, phones, current employers of both her and her husband, and availability scheduling. When finished, she set the form aside and picked up the next.

"This form is the standard cost per session pricing for a portfolio shoot if you want one." She slipped the paper over the counter for Kate to pick up. "Honestly, you don't need one, but I'm supposed to sell them. Since you're already doing a session based on the photos you've provided, you're two steps ahead of the game."

Kate looked at the total at the bottom. It cost $1,800 for a twenty photo portfolio from the studio?

The redhead was sliding another form over the counter. "This is a standard agency release form that states that all photos taken today are owned by the studio and may be leased to other companies for advertisement. You, of course, will receive a percentage of the lease money each time your pictures are used."

"Percentage?" Kate questioned.

"It's the standard 80-20, 80% to the model, 20% to the agency. Really, the model is supposed to pay the agency, but since the agency is acting as the lesser, we pay you the 80%."

The confusion on Kate's face was obvious.

The redhead shook her head. The new model was just gorgeous, but didn't seem to be that bright. "Here," she said, flipping to the third page. "Just sign it here at the bottom."

Kate was a little concerned with signing something without having Mike read it first, but picked the pen off the counter and signed.

"Done, and done," the redhead announced as she stacked the two forms she kept and slipped them into a folder. "Let's get you back there for make-up."

"Don't you close at four?" Kate asked.

"Only for drop-ins and appointments... Typically, they schedule one or two photo sessions each evening. Come on," she said as she walked behind the counter to the closed door and held it open for Kate.


Tina watched Kate as she left the front lobby. She rotated the dial to two and watched as Kate followed receptionist down the hall to the make-up and staging room. The closed-circuit security cameras were black and white, but were high definition. Unlike the studio cameras, she couldn't adjust them remotely.

As the two women entered make-up, she rotated the dial to three. The vivid high-definition color that showed them walking to the make-up station was much better. She twisted the little joystick to zoom in on Kate's back and then pushed forward to pan down to her bottom as she came drew up beside the chair and then sad facing the mirror. Kate panned to center her reflection.

She adjusted the volume until the receptionist's voice was clear.

"You really are beautiful, Kate," the receptionist was saying. "Anna will be in shortly to start your make-up and wardrobe. I have to go close up... Got a hot dinner date with my man tonight..."

Tina heard the door behind her open, and felt someone enter the private viewing booth behind her.

"Is that her," Terry asked as she felt his warm hand fall upon her shoulder.

"Yeah. She really is pretty, right?"

"You weren't kidding, Babe. Definitely hot! You sure you want to do this?"

"It's the only way," Tina said absently, shrugging his hand off when he started to rub her neck. "How many cameras do you have in the studio?"

"Six hidden video and four audio," he responded watching the woman on the monitor. "You know, just looking at her, I know we'll actually make a ton with the normal photos, even if the first sale will be for book covers." He sighed. "Tina, you know we could easily sell any of the other photos for twenty to forty times that amount, and any of the videos that come out of this could rake in much, much more if everything goes well. She's as hot as any porno queen I've ever seen."

Tina spun in her chair to glare at him. "I told you no way. She's not a porn star, Terry. I keep all the videos and all un-doctored photos, and you keep only the clean copies and Photoshop's." Her voice was cold and firm. She didn't have to threaten.

Terry shrugged, shaking his head. "Yeah, yeah... I know. I'm just saying..."

Tina shook her head, turning back to the monitor. She knew Terry was well aware that she had enough information on him to send him to prison. The drug dealing and pornography he did out of the studio was only part of it. In his case, there was family involved, and a few other things.


"Are you Katrina?" asked the little brunette as she skipped into the room from the studio door. Her hair was straight and full, with the tips frosted. She was cute, tan with just a hint of smile lines at her mouth. Kate placed her at around her same age, but she was so charged with energy that she seemed much younger. Her chest bounced to a stop under her tank-top a fraction of a second after her heels finally touched the floor.

"Kate is fine," she replied with a smile.

"Hi, Kate! I'm Anna. I'll be doing your make-up this afternoon and I'll be helping you with wardrobe." She held out her hand. "Let's get you changed into a robe first," she said as she tugged Kate out of the chair. "Can't have any marks on your skin from your clothes. You sure are gorgeous! Do you model a lot? I've not seen you here before. I mean, duh! I just introduced myself to you. Do you have a lot of boyfriends? I've got two right now, but they don't know it. I keep trying to decide which one I want to get serious with, but they're both just so sweet!"

Kate was grinning as she followed the spirited woman to a small changing room. Anna opened the door and held it for her to step inside. It was a simple dressing room, like most department stores, with a bench beside the door, a full wall mirror opposite the bench, and three wall hooks opposite the door. On the center hook was a white satin robe with a waist tie.

"Go ahead and put the robe on and meet me back out at the make-up table. I have the perfect colors for your skin tone! It's a good thing you have such a nice tan... Really helps to have that kind of foundation to start with. You tan nude? I do, not that I model or anything." She paused.

Kate waited, until she realized that Anna had asked her a question. "Um, no," Kate said. "Just a thong bikini at home."

"A really small one? Tan lines are sort of hard to cover up, especially with off the shoulder clothes or dresses that show a lot of cleavage. These babies always seem to show a lot of cleavage in dresses," she added, looking down at her full chest before looking up. "Looks like yours would too." She paused again.

"Um, yeah. Small enough I'd never wear it around anyone but my husband," Kate offered.

"You're married? Wow, you're so lucky! With your looks and all the guys that must hit on you, having someone stable at home would be like the perfect life. I'm trying to find the same kind of thing for me, but I can't decide. Did I tell you I have two boyfriends? They don't know, though. Oh, I did already tell you that, duh! Okay, I'll be over at the make-up station when you're changed."

She pulled the door closed as she departed, and Kate reached over and slid the bolt to lock it.

A little nervous, Kate fumbled open the buttons on her navy blue blouse and threw it onto the bench. Her pleated pants followed, quickly folded and then placed on top of her blouse.

She looked at her reflection in the wall mirror, turning away and looking over her shoulder to check out her backside. The high-cut black French style panties were pulled up over one cheek and she tugged them straight with her thumbs. She adjusted her matching bra, making sure neither breast bulged out the side of the sheer cups. Satisfied, she lifted the white robe from the hook and slipped it on. The satin was cool and smooth on her skin and she quickly tied the sash in a bow at her waist. It was mid thigh, and maybe a size too small, but it was attractive. Turning once more to check out her view from behind, she swallowed hard and undid the bolt.

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