Tina's Trouble


My sex life was shitty at mid month when the pills were gone.

Sue's shoulder:

"Why does this have to happen now? We just discovered something that made sex more enjoyable when he goes flaccid on me," I said with anger lingering in my voice.

"Baby, we'll get you through this," Sue said as she fumbled with her chopsticks after an elusive bit of chicken.

"Yeah, but how?" I asked. I used a fork and Sue always struggled with those chopsticks! I guess she prefers to master everything she does.

"Plastic, baby, with plastic," Sue said finally succeeding in capturing the little morsel.

"What do you mean," I ask genuinely puzzled by what she's talking about.

"You'll see. Come with me after work to this little store I know. We'll find you some help. Now you said you discovered something that made things better. You gotta tell me, baby, what it is," Sue asked?

"Well, I don't know if I can talk about it, even with you. I-I mean, I-I'm a little," I stuttered and paused, hesitant because of my embarrassment about talking about our intimacy.

"Hesitant, to discuss something so personally satisfying," Sue interrupted. "Baby, I wouldn't care if you liked cum up your nose, I have probably seen it all and tried it all myself between my two husbands and my years of dating after the divorce. Hell, that's one of the fun parts is just talking about it," Sue said. She had a way of dissipating my most anxious feelings leaving me just apprehensive.

"Well," I said pausing to gather my courage, "we shout at each other now when we didn't used to." I took a deep breath. There I said it.

"That's it," Sue asked?

"Yeah, that's it," I said a little bothered that she wasn't taking my fear as seriously as I felt it.

"Anything special," Sue asked with a wink and a smile.

This was the part I really felt apprehensive about. I didn't want to give the specifics. If I give specifics, then she'd know that I want to be called those wicked names.

"I call Charles a bastard and I beg him to fuck me hard with his big cock," I said hoping that would satisfy her and I wouldn't have to admit what I liked being called.

"And what does Charles say to you, darling," Sue quickly asked.

"Well," I said taking a deep, deep breath, "he calls me nasty names mostly. During sex he doesn't call me Tina, not anymore. He has those other names he uses when we have our fun," I said softly looking down ashamed to look Sue in the eye.

"What is one of the other names Charles calls you, baby," Sue asks brusquely?

I answered quickly because her tone demanded me to, "He calls me by my nasty names. He calls me many nasty things when we do wicked things. He calls me slut a lot, and a whore, and a cock-sucker. It's when I'm bad," I explained.

Sue was quiet for a few moments. 'This explained a lot,' she thought. 'Tina was exploring limits with the names she liked being called.' Sue had seen it before.

"I'll see you at five at the parking garage entrance. Don't be late," she said, but with out the usual smile.

Shopping with Sue:

Sue drove. We didn't talk while traveling the short distance to the adult sex shop. I was daydreaming about what might possibly help Charles be a better lover. I was so caught in thought that I didn't notice where we really were.

"Come with me, baby," Sue said, but without her usual smile. She took my hand in hers. We entered the store together, hand in hand.

I had never been to an adult sex shop. They have an unsavory image. Charles and I had great sex these twenty years until just recently. There was never a reason to visit this kind of store. I felt uneasy, but holding Sue's hand gave me some reassurance. She wasn't hesitant at all. Sue walked me over to a wall filled with "paper weights" shaped like cocks. Some were black, some were pink and some were a jelly feeling substance that was green and felt like a thickened Jell-O. She quickly picked through the items and removed 3 things off the wall, handing them to me to carry.

She led me to a wall that had jewelry. There were breast adornments, ankle bracelets, clit jewelry and other things. Sue picked out still more items. She was quick and quiet. She didn't explain a thing. She led me to another wall where there were leather items. She quickly picked out a few items and after handing these to me she led me to the checkout counter. It took only 15 minutes to choose all of these things. Sue knew them all very well.

"Buy these," was all that Sue said. She turned and walked to a display away from the counter.

"Will this be all," the young girl at the counter asked me.

"Yes, I think so," I sighed.

"Your total is three hundred seventy six dollars and 12 cents. How would you like to pay for this," the girl asked.

"Plastic," I responded, as I handed her my credit card remembering that Sue had told me that plastic was going to improve my love life.

The young girl was obligated to tell me about the fact that none of the items were returnable and I wasn't really listening to her. I watched each item as it was placed into a plastic sack. Some of the things I recognized, and some were a mystery.

"Let's go," Sue barked.

I followed her to the car. I got in and she drove me home.

For the next two hours we drank wine and discussed the items I purchased one by one. Sue gave me assignments to use certain ones first, others next and then others. Altogether, I had purchased a feather, a blindfold, wrist and leg restraints, three dildos of various sizes, two butt plugs, two vibrators, a strap on harness for the dildos, a neck collar, nipple clamps, a ball gag, and a bottle of silicone lube.

Sue left before Charles got home. I was a little tipsy from the wine and I wanted to explore the vibrators and the dildos. They promised to give me some satisfaction when Charles just couldn't. I loaded the vibrators with batteries and began to explore.

"What the hell are you doing, babe," Charles asked as he stood watching me bucking on our bed with a plastic cock shoved into my pussy and a vibrator on my clit?

"Get your cock over here and fuck me, your slut needs a real man, a real cock, a fucking bastard who'll ram her thirsty pussy," I moaned between pants as I continued to cum.

Charles vanished for a minute. He went for a Viagra.

My sex life improved dramatically over the course of the next couple of months. Charles became skilled in ramming my pussy with a dildo when his cock would give out. The dildo was both longer and fatter than Charles' cock is. It touched me in places that Charles never touched. I had never known that sex could be this intense! There were times that I just saw colors flashing when that firm plastic was pumped into my hungry pussy.

Sometimes, I would combine his thrusts with the plastic cock with a vibrator on my clit. I liked the vibrator to start out with very slow vibrations and then gradually build up the speed. A gentle touch works best with me. A gentle clit massage combined with the firm plastic monster cock was sure to give me multiple orgasms. I never knew sex could be this enjoyable!

I felt sorry for Charles. Here, he was a man, whose orgasm often caused pause to his party. His fun was so short lived while mine was actually lengthening. Since I enjoyed our sessions so much, I wanted more of them. It bothered Charles, because his medical condition with his tumescence denied him even the normal male response after the Viagra ran out for the month. Lately, I cried on a few occasions, just feeling sorry for him. I never stopped loving him. Always is always. I never entertained the idea of leaving him. He was my life companion. I vowed for better or worse and I meant it. I walked many miles in his shoes. I wouldn't want him to leave me if the problem were reversed.

Sometimes, another vibrator was added to my ass. Just turned on high and pressed against my asshole satisfied me. I didn't like it in my ass, just pressing gently against my little pucker. This always sent me into orbit. I would even ask for it and made sure that Charles would operate the toys for me. It meant that he was always involved.

I loved the introduction of the vibrators and dildos. I feared getting involved with the other items. Restraints and gags and nipple clamps and butt plugs and the dildo harness required I slip into a role that I was not comfortable even contemplating. I just stashed the items in a box in a corner of a closet we seldom used. Charles and I were doing fine with our new habits. I never felt the need to escalate our actions to include those other things.

Sex with Charles, and now with toys that he used on me, amounted to a really great fuck, at least for me.

In addition to the sex toys, we had our words and sexual banter. Charles was getting good at exciting me with his words. He often called me the names I liked. I would dream that Charles was fucking me hard while calling me names. It really turns me on. Just thinking about him doing me like that gets me wet between the legs and makes me want him.

Poor Charles! His erections have never gotten better. He's become dependent on the Viagra. His recovery after a climax remains long. It takes 6 to 8 hours to recharge so that he can use his cock successfully. He's only 50 years old. I really dread when menopause hits. I'm enjoying the sex much too much to give it up.

Sue helps some more:

Sue and I are equals when it comes to work related issues. We are equals in nearly all respects. There is an exception. That exception concerned any sexual matters. She is vastly more experienced and knowledgeable. Combine that with her strong personality and I always acquiesced to her on all sexual matters. I also felt good when she took control, like the day she took me shopping at the sex shop. I secretly enjoyed submitting to her directions. I felt that I could deny her nothing when it came to this part of our friendship.

It was nearly a month after purchasing the toys that Sue and I had a private talk in her workspace. "Tell me how Charles likes the toys," Sue commanded.

"He fucks me well with the dildo's," I replied.

"How do you like when he restrains you and gags you with the ball," Sue asks me?

"He hasn't tried the gag or restraints yet," I confessed purposely averting her eyes.

"Baby, does he even know you have them," Sue asks me?

"No," I say and pause, while I find my breath to continue, "He doesn't know I have them." There I finally got the words out. Why can't I look Sue in the eye when I try to say this? And why do I feel so strange when I have to admit these things?

"Baby, did you wear a bra and panties to work today," Sue asks?

"Of course I did, I always do," I answer quickly! I was puzzled with her question.

"Go the ladies room, take them off and bring them back to me here," Sue commands.

"But, I can't do that! We're at work! People will know! I can't. I-I-I just can't," I stammer looking down and feeling my heart pound so hard I think Sue may be able to hear it.

"Baby, I'm waiting," Sue reminds me without offering argument or explanation for the strange demand.

I rise up and feel dizzy from the blood pressure change. I take a step and then another and my mind goes into a loop of suspended thought. Somehow, I continue to walk down the hall. It seems that my feet are walking against my will. They move me down the hall of their own accord.

I see Kevin just ahead.

He looks at me and furrows his brow. "Are you alright Tina?" I hear his concerned voice say. I don't respond to his question. My mind is locked and frozen. I push on past him. The last thing in the world would be to make my actions and motives known to anyone. If I were correctly seen for what I was doing I would surely die of shame and embarrassment. My heart would stop and my breath would freeze.

I push and the door to the ladies room swings open. I feel relief when I determine that no one else is in the room. I move to the last stall and enter, locking the door behind me. I put the seat down and begin to undress. My fingers are shaking and the buttons are not loosening because of my fumbling. I will have to calm down. I take a large breath and exhale some tension. The first button is detached. "I can do these buttons," I tell myself. My fingers respond successfully detaching each button in turn. I finally remove my blouse and carefully lay it on the seat. I unfasten my bra with a single try. My saggy tits are suddenly free to droop. I feel that they are trying to sag to the floor. Blood begins to circulate and the cool air causes my nipples to harden. I put the bra down and pick up the blouse. It is on my shoulders and I attach the buttons. I feel safer, but the silk blouse gently teases my erect and excited nipples as it moves across their points.

I remove my skirt, my slip, my panty hose and finally my panties. Again the cool air strikes my pubic area and I shudder as the hairs on my back stand on end. Just then, I hear a noise. Someone has entered the room. I shiver with excitement and fear as I realize that I am no longer alone. I shudder again, but this time my clit demands I touch it now. I touch my finger to my clit and feel the electric wave double me over as my orgasm takes me by surprise.

A small "Ah," escapes my lips and I hear a voice ask, "Are you alright in there?"

I manage a credible, "Yes, thank you," as my orgasm begins to subside. I put my slip and skirt back on. I wad the panty hose up and when the room is empty, but for me, I discard the hose. I cling to the undergarments. I raise them to my nose and smell my excitement in them. They smell strongly of my womanly scent. I didn't have my purse with me. I can't just walk out of the ladies room carrying my undergarments wadded in my tightly clenched hand. But I do just that. The hallway is empty, but for me. I walk steadily. I'm nearly to where I left Sue.

Kevin turns a corner. He looks me over. "What cha got there Tina," Kevin asks?

"Just a rag. I spilled some water when I was watering a plant," I say. The words are a lie, but the sound of my voice displays my false confidence well.

"Fancy looking rags, if ya ask me, Tina. See ya," Kevin looked into my anxious eyes and had a smirk on his face. He suspects something or even knows! My god, I'm getting a little giddy.

"I have them here," I said as I stood looking at the floor.

"Offer them to me," Sue commanded.

My hand shot out, but my mind was wondering what was happening. Sue took the bra and panties from my hand. She carefully straightened them as if they were fresh from the dryer and folded them neatly.

"I'll keep these," she told me. "Each day, you will come to work wearing a bra and panties. Each morning, before starting the day, you will remove them and bring them to me. If I am not at my desk, you will put them on my chair like you would a document that you would want me to see. You will do this until I have all of your underwear. When you don't have any underwear left to bring me, you will come to work naked beneath your blouse and skirt. You will wear the clothes you always wear. Some dresses, some blouses, some sweaters, skirts, and even pants. Baby, do you understand me," Sue asked?

My mind was racing. I couldn't do this! This was obscene, to come and remove my undergarments at work for Sue. I couldn't possibly do this.

"Yes, but why? Why are you doing this to me," I was compelled to ask?

"To punish you for keeping the restraints a secret from Charles," Sue said with a sly smile on her face.

I had ten sets of underwear. Each day, I would undress and give my panties and bra to Sue. She had placed a box near her desk in which she would put my underwear. She wasn't being careful when she placed the clothes in the box. Sometimes, she left the lid off and I could detect a womanly odor coming from the clothes.

On a couple of occasions, C.D. or Kevin or Sarah would watch Sue put my bra and panties away in the box. They didn't come right up and watch. They did it from a distance. I am so embarrassed because I suspect they know what I am doing.

"Tina, I want you to be a model in a photo shoot I'm doing at Barbara's this weekend. Bring all of the swimsuits you might own and meet me at 9 A.M. at this address," Sue said. She handed me a card with an address printed on it. "Baby, don't be late. Oh, and bring all those things you bought at the sex shop too."

The Photo shoot:

I was on time. I wore some shorts and a tube top. Sue didn't ask for me to wear anything specific. She had all of my underwear at work. I brought all of the sex shop items.

Barbara's house is a posh 5000+ square foot home in an old rich neighborhood. I parked in the large circular driveway in front of the house. I went to the large mahogany double door and rang the bell. I waited and soon Sue answered the door.

"Baby, you look so nice, and you brought the items I asked for," Sue said smiling. "Now come on in and we'll get started. First, take off all of your clothes and put them in the bag, and then come put this swimsuit on that I have picked out for you."

I felt very odd and was deeply apprehensive. What if someone should come in while I was naked in the foyer, I wondered, so I asked Sue, "I feel so self-conscious. Must I take my clothes off here?"

"Yes Tina, take all of your clothes off here. There is no one here but you and I, at least for awhile," Sue explained.

I quickly removed my tube top, shorts, and even sandals.

"Baby, you look so very, very good. Let's get started. Come with me to the pool area. Barbara is just your size and has lots of swimsuits you can pose in," Sue said as she led me to the pool changing area.

I wandered around the pool putting a toe in to test the water temperature and looking at the automatic pool cleaner make its' way around the pool. I was surprised that it was so noisy. In fact, it was so noisy that I didn't even know that the pool man was present to check on the pool until he asked, "Lady is it ok if I maintain the pool now?"

I shrieked and ran from him into the changing room where Sue was inspecting Barbara's stock of fashionable bathing suits.

"Baby, what's wrong dear," Sue asked looking at me with great concern.

"I was startled by the pool man, he was, I'm naked, he saw me after he asked, I ran, I'm so ashamed, "I was speaking gibberish and panting together.

"Baby, that's just Raul. He's Barbara's pool man. You said he saw you naked, dear," Sue asked?

"Yes, yes, he saw me, I didn't see him," I spoke quickly.

"Well it is about time you met him," Sue said as she gently took my hand and began to lead me out of the changing room.

I was in shock.

"I can't do this. I'm naked. He'll see me, again. Sue, please, I can't do this. Sue, please," I whispered as Sue and I approached Raul who was bent over the pool dipping a tube in the water for a water sample.

Raul looked up and smiled when he saw us. "Miss Sue, it is a pleasure to see you again," he said.

This stranger, Raul, stared at me. I could feel his eyes roaming from my face to my breasts, then below, and finally back up.

"Do you like what you see, Raul," Sue asked?

"Si. Very, very much. She es muy bonito, Miss Sue. She es what you say beautiful. She es get me hart," Raul spoke in a broken dialect. He stared at me as he spoke his words and he licked his lips.

I could not look at him. I would sneak a peek occasionally, but I mostly looked down. I know I turned scarlet. I wanted to run away, but I was frozen in place by Sue's hand in mine. My mind was frozen as well. My heart was beating rapidly and seemed so loud that everyone must have heard it. I noticed that my nipples were hard and distended on my saggy breasts. I thought about my wide hips and the fat that was there. I wondered if my moles and bruises and other imperfections would disgust him. Sue and Raul were talking and I could barely hear them because my heartbeat was so loud. I felt heat in my face. It must have been a blush. I noticed the cool water on the bottom of my bare feet and thought that I could use some on my face. I wanted to roll up in a ball and hide. I stood tentatively feeling that my rubbery legs would collapse and save me from his penetrating stare. I would fall into the pool and the water would distort his view of me enough that he would release his stare.

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