tagLoving WivesTing Ch. 03

Ting Ch. 03


Ting 3:

Tommy and Lauren

Bill and Wendy

Art and Candy

* * *

I had never expected my idea of watching another man fuck my lovely wife, Ting, to be so exciting, or to lead us into relationships with friends as it had. Still, I certainly have enjoyed the sight of my wife on her back with a hard cock doing pushups in her pussy while I was getting some hot pussy myself. It had gone far beyond anything I expected her to do - and what was even better, she was enjoying it as much as I. It was an entirely new facet of our love for each other. Not only were both of us getting some marvelous sex from friends and now, neighbors, but also we were finding out that it made our own lovemaking more spontaneous, intense and enjoyable.

"It was your fantasy," she whispered to me one night as we made love, "and you know I'll do anything to make you happy."

She said this as she rode my cock (which certainly made me happy) after a full night of fun with Bill and Wendy. I could still feel the remnant of Bill's cum in that tight sheath that gave me so much delight. It was a pleasure I had relished ever since the first time I fucked her after Tommy had filled her with his hot cum. As any man will tell you, there are few sensations more arousing than fucking your wife through a load that another man has left in her. What's even better, Ting told me that it made the feeling of a hard dick fucking her even more intense. She loved it as much and I did.

"Frankly, I doubted that you would ever be willing to do it," I told her, thrusting upward as she ground her pussy around my cock in a circular motion. I knew that would have her cumming shortly since it excited her clit almost as much as it did my hard dick.

"Oh, I might not have if you hadn't kept telling me how much you wanted to see it happen. Tommy just happened to be around at the time when I decided I could let it happen once, just to see if it would have any effect on our marriage."

"Well, it certainly did," I said with a groan of pure pleasure. "I've never dreamed you could take me on as many times a day as we've been doing ever since that first time."

"I have to," she said, speeding up her grinding rotation. "After all, I wouldn't want you to have all those 'strange' cunts wrapped around your cock for too long. You might get used to it and decide you don't need me any more." she joked.

I lost it right then. The combined sensations of her super slick vagina, and the memories of watching her suck Bill's cock as well as seeing him fill her tight little cunt were just too much. I knew she too was close as her eyes closed, her head went back, and she began squeezing her breasts while posting up and down on my throbbing meat. Gripping Ting's tight little buns, I pulled her down hard on my cock just as the moment hit. Hot jets of thick cum were filling her pussy as she shook with her own orgasm. She was keening that beautiful sound that told me she was cumming hard too. I pulled her down and rolled her over on her back, drawing her knees up in the crooks of my elbows as I drove into her. I watched the flush of her orgasm creep over her chest and into her face as she continued thrusting her hips upward, driving me deep into her pussy. Her cunt was gripping my cock in a series of milking sensations. I knew my hard couldn't last much longer, but I wanted every drop of my cum in her cunt. When finally Ting shuddered and relaxed her own vice grip around my back, I rolled her over on her side and we held each other close, showing our mutual appreciation with a long, slow kiss.

Ting knew what I would want next and, as we broke our embrace, she rolled once more onto her back and spread her legs wide.

"Want it?" she asked with that devilish grin of hers.

"Is a hog's rear end pork?" I responded with a wide smile of my own. Ting's legs circled behind my back as my face neared her crotch. The puffy lips of her pussy were still open enough I could see a portion of the heavy load I had shot into her and I attacked it with my tongue, closing my lips over that equally swollen clit as well as the rest of her labia. Her hips jerked upward as she felt my tongue enter her.

"Yes, yes," she hissed as her hands found the back of my head and pulled me tightly to her hot crotch. The scent and taste of our lovemaking was a heady, intoxicating mixture of sensual pleasure "Eat me, honey," she groaned, "I'm going to cum again!"

She was right. Even as my tongue scooped the last of my deposit into my mouth and I swallowed the mixture of our juices, Ting pulled me so hard into her crotch I felt I was drowning. Her juices were flowing copiously, so much so that I pulled her over me and let gravity feed me the rest as her body shook in the throes of her orgasm.

Art and Candy had been our neighbors since the first day we moved into this newly developed neighborhood. Both were black although it seemed to make no difference to them or the rest of the neighborhood. In fact, since we had moved in, we had seen the neighborhood become much more mixed, racially and ethnically, than we had expected. Yet there seemed to be no resentment among those here first. We liked that, and we also liked our neighbors.

Since our arrival, we had learned it was traditional to rotate the 'required' Fourth of July barbecue among those on our block, first at one house then the next. For some newcomers it was the first time they had celebrated this American holiday, but the familiarity with each other blossomed even as our taste buds learned to savor more than hot dogs, hamburgers and a cold beer or soft drink.

Art and Candy were the beer, hot dog and hamburger types, just as we were. It didn't take the Fourth to get us together. Any weekend when the heat was bearable and the pool water warm was enough to make a foursome or moresome. The mix of cultures had really been an eye opener to Ting. Soon she too was wearing bathing suits that would have shocked her in the early years of our marriage. What really turned me on more than anything though was the fact that skinny-dipping had become the rule of the day among our friends for many of those late night dips. A high privacy fence protected our privacy and had become so popular that every house on our block had one. It left the sides of the properties open, but precluded anyone on the street from a view of what was happening. No one thought anything about stripping to the buff any longer as the moon rose higher in the sky. And what a delightful view it could bring!

At first it had been just with Tommy and Lauren, then Bill and Wendy joined us in these late night frolics that more often than not led to even more fun in our bedrooms. Art had not gotten into those antics at first, but I noticed he was becoming more used to the display of the feminine form and would no longer disappear into their own home with Candy. He admitted to me that the sight of all those divine feminine forms had made it necessary for him to take Candy inside and fuck her senseless. The first time that it got to the buff state though was with just the four of us. I hadn't missed the effect it had on him before and expected him to desert Ting and I at any moment. But tonight was somehow different. He was sporting a thick, and slightly longer boner in his Speedo's than my own, yet he still hadn't abandoned us when both Ting and Candy had doffed their suits as the sun disappeared. I couldn't help but be aroused by the sight of Candy's bare D cup delights. Neither could Ting, but she appeared much more interested in the hard-on Art was now sporting. Still he had a hard time admitting it, even to herself. I saw her blush and look away quickly when Art's suit came off the first time.

Candy noticed it too and laughed as she saw Ting's embarrassment at being seen staring.

"Don't worry, honey," she laughed, "he doesn't bite. At least not too hard."

Ting was mortified. Art laughed as he realized that Ting had been staring at his gift and Candy had caught her at it.

"Show her, honey." She told her husband.

Now Art had been enjoying the view of Ting's shape ever since that first day, and even more so now that the bathing suits no longer hid any part of it. He seemed fascinated by her almost hairless crotch and armpits, just as I was in the reverse as I mentally fondled his wife.

Candy is a lovely, five foot eight bundle of delights with the same open, candid approach to life that our "closest" friends have. She knew she had a beautiful body and didn't mind displaying it when circumstances permitted. Many times in our earlier visits in their home and ours, she had worn some item of upper garments that fit tightly across her 38-inch bust line. But what I liked even more was when she wore one of the loose smocks that allowed an even better view of those twin lovelies when she leaned forward. Candy never wore a bra, I learned later, and yet they were as firm and high standing as Ting's. I had been caught more than once ogling them at some opportune moment, earning only a smile from her, and a chuckle from Art.

Ting looked away when Art approached her at his wife's suggestion. She looked at me first, but wouldn't look at him until he took her hand from the arm of the deck chair and put it on his now engorged cock. It was only then that she turned and eyed that heavy piece of beef.

"M-m-m, that feels good," Art cooed as Ting's hand slowly began to curl around it. "Would you like a taste of my chocolate lollypop little girl?" he teased. I think it surprised him when my lovely wife opened her mouth wide and slowly slid her lips over the bulging head of his now cum-leaking cock head. I was surprised too, but not so much because she was doing something I knew she liked, but also because Candy, sitting on the picnic table only a few feet away, beckoned me over.

"The house rule," she purred, "is if daddy gets some, so does mommy."

I wouldn't have minded if Candy only mimicked Ting's obvious interest, but I wanted more. That luscious black bush between her thighs already sparkled with dewy droplets, and that offered much more enticement to me. She didn't object when instead of offering my cock for her oral pleasure, I pushed her back slightly and moved between her warm thighs.

Laying back on the table, her upper body inclined on her elbows, she smiled at me. "Ah, that's what I was hoping for," she said softly as I began rubbing the head of my dick over lips that were opening slowly. She sighed, locking her calves behind me as the first inch of swollen head slid into her warm depths. I kept it right there, letting her get used to it as my hands found those marvelous tits of hers. "And a chocolate milk lover too," she crooned as my head lowered to breasts with high standing nipples that fit perfectly in my mouth. I began slowly moving my hips back and forth letting my now freely flowing juices coat her velvety smooth core while I sucked those luscious tits. She lay back horizontally as I tried to inhale as much of that sweet meat as I could, letting my tongue dance over the nipple while she held my head in place.

"Harder," she hissed, "bite them."

I did as I was told, taking little nips at those engorged nipples as I went from one to the other without losing my opportunity to work my cock deeper into her. I realized I should have been watching to see how Ting was doing, but Candy was taking up all my endeavors at the moment. I found out immediately that she loved to fuck and could handle anything I could give her without concern over what Art was doing to Ting.

"I've been wondering how long it would take to get this," she murmured. "Art has been telling me to fuck you for weeks, but I wanted him to get to Ting first. If he's busy with her, he won't be worried about me, and we can go inside and get comfortable. He likes to shoot his load first, then he'll take her inside and spend the rest of the evening fucking her."

As busy as I was, I heard the screen door slam and looked up just fast enough to see Art carry Ting inside their house.

"That was fast," Candy laughed. "She must be really good to get him off that soon."

"She's wonderful," I agreed, "but Art just gave me a great idea."

"What's that?"

"Let me show you," I said, reluctantly letting my mouth slide off her tits. I embraced her and lifted her from the tabletop without losing my penile grip on her cunt, then turned toward our house. "If he's as hot after her as I am after you, he's going to want to fuck her at least a few hours, and you and I can become better acquainted." She opened our rear door for us as I maneuvered her inside and down the hall to our bedroom. She sighed as I lay her on the bed and followed her without breaking our connection.

"You're right, this is better. Now, fuck me."

I did, first in the missionary position, then with her on all fours and my cock buried to the hilt in her pussy, squeezing her tits with one hand while the other strummed her clit until she had her second orgasm. Her body jerked and bucked against me as she felt those hot jets of cum blast deep into her cunt.

That wasn't the end of it by far. Before we both reached the point we had to stop from mutual exhaustion, I had climaxed twice and I knew that she had at least a half dozen hard orgasms. But it wasn't until she had straddled my face and slid that cum-filled pussy of hers back and forth while I tried to lap it all out of her, leading to a mind blowing orgasm, that we both finally had enough. Her raven-haired bush was soggy, and my face was a mask of glistening combined juices when we called a truce.

"Somehow I just knew you would be a great pussy eater," she sighed as we lay together in a tight clench that pressed those world class boobs of hers against my chest. "You had me cumming at just the thought of your eating me."

"And I knew you'd have a beaver that just begged to be eaten. I love it when you pull me in deep and I can get my tongue so far inside you. You're delicious!"

"Does Ting like having her pussy eaten?"

"She loves it," I admitted. "It's our favorite way of coming down from a good fuck."

"Well, I suspect she's getting that. I just hope that Art doesn't disappoint her in the pussy-eating department. He's good, but not close to your talents."

"If he leaves as much cum in her as I expect, there will be plenty for me to enjoy when he's finished with her."

"That won't be for quite some time yet," Candy giggled. "He's been wanting to fuck her ever since you guys moved in." Candy grew pensive for a moment then asked something I'm sure had been going through her mind for a while.

"Do you eat her after other men have fucked her?"

"Of course," I told her. "That's the beauty of this lifestyle. I want to see her get as much pleasure out of our relationships as I do, and that means I get to fuck and eat her when her partner has done his best. I like feeling that hot wad of cum around my cock as I fuck her, and I know it really turns her on to have me screw her then. She's at her best when she has so much cum in her that it's leaking out when she gets over my face."

"I'd like to see that," Candy said thoughtfully.

"Then why don't we go over to your house and you'll get your chance."

"Oh, that would be the naughtiest," Candy giggled. "watching him screw her while you eat my cunt."

"Then what are we waiting for?" I asked, reluctantly releasing her and backing off the bed. "I'd love to see him stuffing her face with that big sausage of his."

"Me too," Candy giggled once more. "Not many women can take it all, but she sure looked like she wanted to."

Candy followed me off the bed and we ran naked over to their house, both of us laughing at the thought of our neighbors who might be admiring the fun we were having. It was so late very few lights were on in the neighborhood, but we both knew that more than one set of eyes were probably watching. Bill and Wendy, just on the other side of our house, would almost certainly be still up. I knew that both would want a full report of our shenanigans tomorrow if they saw us. They had been eyeing Candy and Art as long as we, and Bill had admitted the thought of burying his bone in Candy's snatch was occupying much of his time even when he was on board Wendy. He had admitted as much to Ting after the last fuck they shared. Now I could tell him that it was just as good as he had hoped.

It was quiet when we entered the house. Candy put a finger to her lips, suggesting quiet as we got closer to the master bedroom. Just as we got to the open door, I heard a groan and looked in. Ting was on her knees giving Art one of her fantastic blowjobs. Both were so engrossed that I had time enough to watch Art put both hands behind Ting's head and pull her tighter to his cock just as he blew such a huge load in her mouth that it overflowed over her swollen tits.

"Damn, that was good!" Art said, as his wife and I entered their bedroom. He saw us now, and motioned Ting to look. Ting sat up on her heels and smiled at us, even as she swallowed the remainder of Art's cum.

"It's delicious," she managed to say as the two of us sat on the edge of their bed. I could only smile, knowing that I had just seen my wife taking the largest cock she had ever sucked easily.

"Can you get him up again?" Candy asked.

"She certainly can," Art replied for her, taking her arm and pulling her back down to face an almost unfazed cock. Art was still semi-rigid and appeared to be quite happy about having his dick covered with my wife's saliva. Ting's hand had never left his shaft and it was still moving slowly up and down. He obviously was enjoying Ting's talent as much as I do.

"Good," Candy replied, "because I'd like to watch her husband fuck her as she sucks your dick."

Ting said nothing, only smiling as once again her mouth covered that bloated helmet. This time she took only the head of it inside, but from the movement of her throat, I could tell her tongue was bringing the still engorged sausage back to life. It brought me back too, and I knelt behind her as she leaned forward, driving my cock between the red, swollen lips of her pussy.

"Oh, yeah!" Candy murmured as she closed her hand over one of Ting's breasts and began squeezing it in time with my wife's bobbing head. "I've been wanting to get a feel of these. They look so good." Despite the mouthful of man meat in her mouth I could tell Ting didn't mind a bit, even using her other hand over Candy's to encourage her.

It was my turn to groan with the pleasure Ting's tight sheath gave me as I felt the muscles massaging Art's cum around my cock. Candy was now stretching out perpendicular to the three of us, her head on her husband's leg, sucking my wife's tit. I couldn't resist the sight and covered her still sodden muff with one hand as I fucked Ting. My fingers found their way into Candy and soon I was stroking in and out of her with one hand as I fucked my wife.

* * *

There's more to come as other neighbors learn of our interests. Stay tuned to read about our adventures.

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