tagLoving WivesTing Ch. 04

Ting Ch. 04


Ting sat high in the saddle, her pussy tight against Wendy's mouth. Occasionally she would lean forward, allowing Bill's cock to pump a few more rivulets from her tight little cunt once more. Wendy was getting the benefit of both her husband's and my wife's juices, rubbing her tits as I watched.

It had already been one heck of a night! I had fucked Wendy until I couldn't screw any longer, despite her marvelous lips being wrapped tightly around my schlong. Bill had done the same for Ting, but he lasted longer. Our neighbors had just recently returned from a vacation in Jamaica that Bill told me had been one of the most erotic they had ever enjoyed.

"And you'll never guess who we met," he had told me before we started partying. "Do you know Miriam and Park?" he asked. I responded I knew them vaguely, but not as well as I would have liked. Park was a gentle Korean who owned and occasionally operated the local convenience story, assisted by his wife, Miriam.

Park was a gentleman in every sense of the word. He never failed to smile and compliment his female customers, and kid their husbands about having gotten the best end of the deal in their marriage. Miriam played along with it, often teasing the male customers with a display of her trim figure as she rang up their purchases. It was the kind of store where everyone felt comfortable and shopped regardless of the fact that other stores had lower prices. The convenience and conviviality more than made the difference.

"That guy is built like a horse," Bill had told me. "I was in the fresh water shower, getting rid of the salt, when he came in. He dropped his suit and I swear he has a cock that's half again as long as mine when it's soft. It's not very thick, or at least it wasn't when I saw it but, man! What a dick! I told Wendy about it and she just had to see for her self. To make a long story short, we swapped that night and what a ride he gave her. And that Miriam…" he shook his head as if in disbelief, "I thought our gals had great figures, but this gal makes your tongue hard when she takes of her clothes. She shaves that little muff of hers and it just makes you sit up and beg to get it in your mouth."

"And, did you?" I asked.

"You better believe it. All it took was the sight of Wendy eating her pussy like it was cream from a saucer before I knew I had to have it too. She gave it up as soon as I had rocked her boat a few times and I thought it was about the tastiest treat I've had in years, until I tasted it mixed with Park's cum. That really made it special!"

"And how about Wendy? Did she like the way he fucked her?"

"I'll say she did," Bill exclaimed. "She says he had his dick in her so deep it made her cum just feeling him sliding it in. She told me that the head of it was just like the dasher in a cream churn. She couldn't turn it loose!"

"Sounds like someone I'd like to see working Ting over."

"You won't regret it, man. He'll have her on cloud nine for the entire night."

With all that interesting conversation going through my head, I fucked Wendy to a stand still that night. We were still in bed, relaxing with a cigarette when I asked her opinion.

"Ting will love it," she acknowledged. "He's not as heavy as you two guys are, and he lasts at least as long. But something else is how Miriam reacts. She goes bananas when she sees her husband fucking. All the time he was screwing me and even when Bill had his dick up her cunt, she had her mouth on my pussy. I think she likes girls as much as he does."

Another interesting facet. Since we had found our way into this lifestyle, I had been amazed at how hard it made me to watch my lovely wife muff diving. All the gals liked her ministrations and several had even come over to the house during the day for some girl/girl fun. I had to admit that it turned me on too. Maybe not as much as watching one of the guys screw her, but it was still something that made me fuck her even harder when she was finished with her female partner. I remembered how she had told me when we first got together that she had learned to eat pussy and suck cocks to prevent pregnancy before she was married. She had certainly refined her talents since then and still loved it as a prelude or finale to some thrilling evenings. Knowing that Miriam too went both ways was a sure-fire way to get to know her better.

That night was great but already, on the way home, I was thinking about how we could entice Park and Miriam to join us in our newly organized group. I knew Bill and Wendy would tell them of our interest, just as both had said, but I wondered how Ting would react to an Asian man fucking her. She had always told me that they were considerably smaller on the average than most Caucasians, but I wasn't so sure that it wasn't some kind of cultural bias, just as our most recent experience with blacks had been. Ting assumed that all black men were built as well as Art until she had her next experience with a gentleman whose six inch length felt better in her ass than in her pussy. Fortunately Art had been there to fill her pussy while his friend explored her ass. She loved the double penetration, but admitted that she would have preferred that Art screw her anytime over most black couples we had met since then. That suited the heck out of me, because Candy was a marvelous fuck and never failed to give me a thrill anytime Ting was out with Art, getting her black education.

Still, due to our conflicting schedules, it wasn't until a couple of weeks later that Park and Miriam could accept our invitation to have dinner with us.

I had insisted that we have the dinner catered, realizing that having Ting prepare and serve it as was our custom, that it would take away too much of her time from the meeting with Park and Miriam.

It turned out to be the perfect solution. Ting was dressed in one of her loveliest cheong sams, the black frog closures closing over her breasts in a caress, while the long, diaphanous undergarment disclosed the shape of her lovely legs. In short, she looked marvelous!

Our conversation over the glass-topped dinner table was equally fascinating. I learned that Miriam had been a dancer when Park met her. We chuckled as we discussed how long each of us mere males had been held off before our wives caught us. I could see why Park had been captivated by Miriam. With her long, beautifully sculpted dancer's legs, flashing dark eyes, there was still little to give away her Mediterranean heritage. She admitted that she still taught dancing when she had time and it showed in her curvaceous body. Full breasts were barely contained in a dress with a neckline that met only at her waist. Her upper works tapered to a small waistline, and then swelled once again to hips that had my mouth watering already, wanting desperately to be between those strong thighs. She obviously knew that her body was a symphony in motion and had dressed accordingly tonight, in a powder blue dress and skirt that was slit to mid-thigh, the view was breathtaking.

I would normally have insisted that we take our after dinner wine into our living room, but I didn't want to give up the view I had of thighs that no longer were hidden thanks to the provocative slits. Our conversation was now much more open and flirtatious since the caterers had left. Park was telling Ting how much he had enjoyed their vacation in Jamaica with our friends Wendy and Bill. Ting teased Park by insinuating she had heard about their nights together until finally Park admitted that they were swingers in a small group. Miriam and I were following the conversation generally until that point, talking softly between us. I couldn't help but notice that the exposure of her legs was becoming increasingly more pronounced. She caught me looking and as though encouraged by her husband's admission, Miriam raised herself slightly and lifted her skirt higher on her thighs until I saw the top of her stockings. Her smile asked me if I approved. As my interest was becoming very obvious, judging from the swollen condition of my cock, my eyes (and the bulge at my thigh) must have given my thoughts away and l was treated to a view of the unobstructed juncture of her thighs. Bill had been right. Miriam was totally shaved. She sat across from me, her tongue barely caught between her teeth, smiling at me. We were both staring at each other through the glass table with unobstructed views and obvious interest. I barely heard what Ting said the first time, until she repeated it.

"Park said he would like a tour of the house, if you'll excuse us." I could barely nod. Looking only at Miriam, I felt my throat go dry as though this had never happened to me before. I was barely conscious of Park standing and moving over to stand beside Ting. She took his hand, stood up, put it around her waist, and led him out of the dining room. I noticed he too had a prominent bulge at the thigh of his trousers.

"Do I get a tour too?" Miriam asked as I stood up and walked around the table to stand next to her. I was almost embarrassed at the tenting of my trousers and how she was obviously staring at it. She took my hand and stood up, as though answering her own question. She looked into my eyes, moistened her lips and tilted her head up as though expecting a kiss.

I certainly wasn't going to miss that opportunity. My lips met hers, opening as I felt the tip of her tongue against them. Her tongue was as hot as my fevered brow. Our tongues dueled for supremacy until I felt her hand moving slowly over my still engorged cock. I couldn't resist. I answered her prompting with my right hand, covering her full breast, then sliding into the neckline of her dress and over that warm tit. Her nipple was hard and hardened even more as her hand gripped me harder.

"Let's go see the bedroom," she said softly. I looked around, but there was no sign of Park or Ting. I wondered about them as I led her back through the long hallway to the master bedroom. That's where I found Park and Ting. She was on top of Park, sitting bolt upright on his swollen cock, one hand into her top, squeezing her breast as she rose and fell on Park's endowment. She saw us at once, but only groaned as Park's thumb stroked her clit, already covered with their juices.

"Oh, honey," she gasped, "he's fucking me and it feels so good!" That was pretty obvious. Ting's bare legs were straddling her lover, with her top spread wide so either of them could get to her breasts. Both stood high and proud, nipples reddened by what must have been hard sucking. The bottom of her costume was on the floor, along with Park's dark suit, white shirt, oxfords, and necktie. As I watched, spellbound, my wife leaned forward and kissed Park as both his hands clutched her breasts tightly and pulled them as though milking her.

"Fuck her, Park," I heard Miriam say, "Remember what Wendy told you. She likes a long hard dick pumping her pussy."

Park only nodded at first, but as he recovered his rhythm of matching Ting's posting motions on his cock, he smiled and said, "and she's got just the pussy to pump. Have you fucked Earl yet?"

"Not yet, he's a little slow, but I think he's ready."

And, boy, was I! The sight of Ting's beautiful body being stroked, fondled, sucked and treated the way I would hope every man treats his wife was enough to have me almost cumming in my pants. It didn't help that I felt more than saw Miriam drop to her knees in front of me and pull my zipper down. My attention was divided instantly. The sight of Ting being superbly fucked and the sensation of that cool little hand of Miriam's trying to pull my now rock hard boner out of my drawers was almost too much! What definitely got my attention though was the feeling of Miriam's hot lips encircling my cock head, then sliding forward until her nose was buried in my fly. The sensory overload was just too much and I blasted my load into her mouth in a series of hot, hard jets to match those I could see Ting was absorbing at the same time. I couldn't stop a groan from expressing the pleasures I was seeing as well as feeling.

Miriam had gulped down my load as though she did it every day (and I hope she did). Busily cleaning any remnants off my slowly deflating cock, she had both hands busy unbuckling my belt and undoing the button that held the waistband together. She was finished even before my last shot had settled in her stomach.

"I like to get the first one out of the way before we get serious," she told me, standing up and then kissing me with those soft lips and hot tongue which gave me the taste of my own cum. Her fingers were unbuttoning my shirt as I ripped my tie off and kicked away my shoes. She pulled the waistband of my shorts down to my knees and I was able to step out of them as they hit the floor.

Now it was my turn. She stood silently, with only a mocking smile on her face as I unbuttoned the back of her dress. She shrugged her shoulders and let it slide to the floor, leaving me a vision of her full breasts with rosy, hard pointed nipples and only thigh high hosiery. I took both those lovely tits in my hands and squeezed them just hard enough to make her nipples swell before I took the left one in my mouth and began sucking it. My own left hand was still curled around the other delight, covering a nipple that I could feel swelling as she pulled my head closer to the one in my mouth.

I pressed her backward until the side of the bed caught her behind her knees. I let her body slide until she was on the bed from her gorgeous rear end to her head, perpendicular to Ting and Park who were still enjoying the sexual delights each was giving the other.

I knew I couldn't resist eating this lovely woman's cunt. The pink lips were slightly reddened, puffy with desire and barely open, giving me just the slightest hint of the fragrant juices that lay in that temple of love.

She saw my intent and smiled as I went down on my knees, spreading her thighs. She helped me by using one hand to spread the swollen lips while squeezing her breast with the other. I heard her gasp as my mouth closed over that beautiful cunt. My tongue slid deep inside her while she used the hand that had held herself open for my appreciation to pull my head tightly to that lovely trough.

Her juices were barely started before I felt her legs cross behind my head. The sensual feeling of her nylon clad thighs was almost more than I could take and I felt my cock rising fast, already forgetting the load it had left in her belly just moments before.

"Oh, yes, eat me," she gasped. She wriggled slightly higher on the wide axis of the bed and pulled a discarded pillow beneath her head so she could watch and direct my efforts. With the first touch of my tongue on her clit, she bucked hard against my face, driving my tongue harder against her joy button. Her hips bucked again and again as I traced the origins of her juices, first down one side, then the other, then stretching my tongue to go to its maximum length in that velvet closet.

"Oh, damn, that feels so good," she groaned, rolling her hips from side to side as though directing where she wanted it next, but never relinquishing any of the length inside her. "I knew as soon as I saw you the first time that I wanted your tongue in my pussy, and that you'd be the one to satisfy me where no other could reach. Park told me he wanted to see you fuck me and how badly he wanted to get his dick into Ting. Don't they make a lovely pair?"

I was only able to look up momentarily from my repast before Miriam pulled my head back into what was becoming a delicious source of her juices. It was just long enough to see Park on his knees behind my wife, driving his thick, long shaft again and again into my darling's cum-leaking cunt. Ting was panting with her own efforts as she met each of his thrusts with her own, driving him deep inside her with each effort. Her breasts moved in short jerks, their motion halted as his crotch met her ass. Despite their smaller size, they hung sufficiently that he had caught them and was using them like reigns on a high-spirited mare.

Miriam must have been watching her husband's balls bouncing off Ting's swollen pussy lips and hanging so low that they caught her clit. The almost explosive sound of his cumming into Ting's receptive cunt sent Miriam into the frantic jerking motion of her first orgasm of the night, almost drowning me in the sweet slippery juices I had been so anxious to taste. I couldn't hold her as her orgasm continued until finally, after what was a lengthy flushing of her organs into my mouth, she began to slow her frantic hip motions that had already bruised my lips.

"That was delightful," she crooned, "but there's one thing I've wanted almost as much and this is the perfect time for me to get it." Using her elbows for leverage, Miriam put her head between Parks widely spread knees. I knew that the vision of loveliness above her was what she must have wanted as much as I. Even as I watched, I saw her arms lift, thrusting her breasts upward, then curling around Ting's thighs, urging her down to meet Miriam's mouth. Ting's next thrust back against Park's cock, shining with her juices was just what Miriam needed to get her wish. Miriam's tongue traced it's way over the exposed portion of Park's cock as he pulled back for the next stroke into my wife, then curled over Ting's equally swollen pussy lips. I saw Ting lower her hips just enough to accept Miriam's offering, watching as her tongue dipped between the velvet lining of my wife's pussy.

I almost didn't hear Park's whispered "Fuck her," as he gestured toward his wife's lower body. I certainly didn't intend to miss that opportunity though and lifted Miriam's legs over my elbows as I pressed my dick head into that hot, needy, and very juicy pussy. Miriam was all that I had expected. Even as Park rose from his kneeling position behind my wife, Miriam scooted higher for better access to Ting's golden sleeve. Ting's hips lowered slightly more and I saw Miriam's tongue penetrate her. Park was now crawling higher on the bed. In moments he was lifting Ting's upper body and sliding beneath her head, obviously intent on feeding his cum-covered cock into her mouth.

Ting didn't delay. I heard her moan of pleasure as her lips encircled Park's cock head that appeared to swell even as he pulled her head down tighter. I doubt that she could see it, but I heard Miriam mumble into my wife's cunt, "That's it, suck his dick. Get him good and hard again so he can fuck me just like your husband is doing." I felt Miriam's body shaking as her second orgasm of the evening coincided with Ting's, leaving both in that shuddering, jerking series of involuntary movements that characterized a fully satisfied woman. That was too much for me. I felt the boiling river of cum shooting up my cock until it was filling Miriam's tunnel of love.

"Now that was truly what I wanted to find out," Miriam said. Both her hands were twisted in my wife's hair as she pulled her even deeper into Miriam's cum-filled cunt. "Somehow I knew that both of you would be good at eating pussy, and I love watching another woman eat my cunt." Her comment ended in a series of grunts and thrusts of her hips upward as Ting brought her to orgasm once again. I thought she might be finished, but instead she caught Ting's head between her firm thighs and rolled over until she was sitting on Ting's semen-covered face. Ting didn't appear to object at all, taking a moment to shift Miriam's body only slightly before pulling her hips down hard and closing her mouth over Miriam's outer lips. Her throat muscles showed how she was straining to get her tongue even deeper into that hot pussy.

Park and I had been watching this beautiful meeting of our wives for almost a half hour now. Our cocks were beginning to swell with our need to give our wives another form of sexual pleasure, but we knew better than to interrupt this first sexual encounter between our ladies. Still, even they couldn't last much longer and only another half-hour elapsed before both were lying on their backs, breathing hard, and obviously tired.

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