tagLesbian SexTingles Ch. 03

Tingles Ch. 03


Chapter 3, Later That Day

My name is Alison and for the past three months I have been enjoying some incredible experiences. There is a power living in me, nesting in me, which needs to be satisfied. Sometimes it's in control and I don't have full free-will. Sometimes it just gives me direction, and when that happens, its will takes precedence over my own. And sometimes there are things that need to be done. But overall, my life has changed completely, and changed for the better. It began on one totally ordinary Monday morning as I was going to work. I made contact - was touched - by a perfect stranger and for a while lost all power of control and reason. I would be lying to say it was unpleasant; in fact it was a wonderfully pleasurable experience. It took me to a local hotel room where I was met by a woman named Kala who began to introduce me to my new life. Probably the most exciting part of that first day was learning just what I could do with my new found abilities ...


Alison opened her eyes in a mild panic as she heard the knock on the door. She turned as Kala leaned out of the corner from the bathroom, brushing her long blonde hair. "Ahhh, I had forgotten, I think this will be our maid looking to make up the room. Shall we let her in?" she said. She slipped into the hotel bathrobe and walked across the room to the door. Alison looked very nervous and tried to cover herself moving deeper under the sheets.

Kala opened the door a crack, "Yes, can I help you," she said.

Alison heard the maid apologize and offer to return later. Kala ignored the apology quickly interjecting, "No problem my dear, please come in. We don't mind, do we Alison?" and with that she stepped back and opened the door wider. The maid stepped in to the room and Alison looked at her. The girl had an Asian look to her. She was short, about five three, trim looking, probably around 120 pounds. She looked to be in her early twenties, with nice looking lean muscular arms and with short black hair. There was an innocent clean-cut look to her face. She was wearing the standard issue hotel uniform, a white blouse buttoned down the front, neat uniform skirt finishing knee-length with what looked like dark tights and sensible flat shoes. Before this morning Alison had never been with a woman before but after spending the morning with Kala she felt that her tastes had broadened. She looked at the maid her eyes flickering over the girl's breasts wondering what she would look like naked without that blouse.

"Oh, I am sorry," the girl said, "I should come back later," and she turned to leave.

"No, no, no," Kala repeated and reached out her left hand to touch the girl's arm. It was a gentle very unthreatening touch but as Alison knew from her own experiences, it would be enough. The maid stopped in her tracks and paused. Alison watched her from the bed and waited. The girl turned to Kala and opened her mouth to start to speak, then stopped. She looked giddy, like she was about to stumble, and Alison watched her twitch, and then try to subtly squeeze her legs together. Both women noticed the movement. Smiling knowingly Kala asked, "Are you OK my dear?" The maid looked around - confused - and Kala saw her name badge, "Zoe, let me help you, you look unwell," and she touched her cheek, watching the girl's reaction. Zoe's eyes closed as she felt Kala's touch and the maid sighed. "Come here Alison," Kala said, "I think it's time you met Zoe."

Alison slipped out from beneath the sheets and slowly moved across the room. She was still naked from earlier with Kala and felt a little self-conscious in front of the two women. "Don't be embarrassed Alison, Zoe won't mind your state of undress," said Kala smiling. The maid turned, looking at Alison, her expression a little unfocussed. She looked breathless, like she was having trouble concentrating. Kala looked at Alison over the girl's shoulder, "It's time to flex your new found abilities my love. Look at Zoe in front of you and think about her lovely she is. Think about how she'd look without those clothes on, and what you both could do. Think about it. Let it build inside you slowly. Concentrate those thoughts." Kala watched Alison think about the words and she noticed her looking at Zoe, her eyes moving slowly down the girl's body, the curve of her breasts under the blouse, her tight stomach, and her legs under the plain skirt. "Now reach out and take Zoe's hand. She won't mind. Take her hand and try and push those thoughts into her."

Alison did what Kala said. She reached forward and held the girl's hand. Zoe did not resist, she just watched Alison take her hand. A few seconds later Kala saw Alison squeeze that hand gently and the girl take a deep breath. Kala smiled to herself.

"Not bad Alison, a very good first try. But try again. Think about what Zoe would look like naked, how you could play together, how Zoe would taste. Think about it, concentrate it in your finger tips and squeeze her hand again."

Alison looked at the young Asian girl in front of her. She looked at the name tag clipped over her right breast and watched it moving as the girl breathed in and out. The blouse fitted neatly hugging her breasts and as the girl breathed she watched the fabric move. Her exposed neck looked tanned, the skin smooth and brown. The girl did look delicious. Alison squeezed her hand again. This time Zoe gasped and her hand jerked away from Alison's. She held her head in both her hands and staggered slightly; Kala stepped forward supporting the girl; holding her from behind, Zoe leaning back into Kala's arms. Kala was still wearing her bathrobe and the soft white fabric seemed to enclose Zoe who looked disoriented and a little dazed.

"My god, have I hurt her?" said Alison.

Kala shook her head, "No, you have just stung her - my love, just like I did to you earlier. You flexed your thoughts and desires and projected them into her. You can do that to anyone now, all you need to do is to collect your thoughts and touch any part of their bare skin. The effects of the sting are only temporary. You can never hurt anyone. Stinging can do many things but it can't injure anyone. Zoe is open to suggestions from you now and will be unusually playful. She will do anything you want her to now. Afterwards she'll remember it as a hazy dream. She'll feel no guilt about it, and ...," Kala hesitated wondering how to explain this last part.

"If, when you play with her, you do something together that she has never done before, afterwards Zoe will be changed, slightly. She will accept that new experience as something pleasurable and as a normal part of her. From that hazy dream she'll have learnt something new about herself. She'll accept it, and as I said, feel no guilt." Alison nodded, understanding, thinking about her experiences since she met the stranger on the bus. In all these years of marriage she had never been unfaithful and she had never looked at a woman that way. Yet here she was, standing totally naked in front of Kala, with a semi-conscious girl in her arms. It felt good, and as Kala had said, she felt no guilt about what they were about to do.

Alison looked at the girl resting in Kala's arms. Zoe's eyes looked glazed and she was leaning her head against Kala's shoulder. Whilst Kala was speaking, her hands had fallen to her side and Alison noticed she was holding herself stroking her thighs through her skirt. Alison leaned slowly towards the girl and with 1 finger turned the girl's face so it was looking at her own, "Have you ever been with a woman before?" she asked quietly. The girl slowly shook her head. Alison licked her lower lip savouring the moment, realizing she was about to seduce this girl, and she was excited by it.

"May I kiss you then Zoe? I think you will like it," she asked.

The girl nodded, slowly, uncertainly. Alison moved her lips closer watching the girl. Zoe breathed in, like she was frightened, but she watched Alison, wanting the kiss. Their lips touched, and Alison sent a sting through the girl's lips. This time she wasn't sending images like before, it was just the bare raw emotional excitement of how it felt to seduce and control the innocent young Asian girl. Zoe cried out and suddenly moved her arms around Alison's naked body pulling her closer, her hands moved downwards feeling Alison's naked ass as the two women pulled each other close together. Alison felt the girl's tongue push into her mouth and Zoe moaned into her mouth. Alison leaned down kissing the girl and embraced the young Asian girl relishing the feel of her breasts through her blouse. She pulled Zoe's blouse up behind so she could feel the girl's bare flesh. Zoe's skin felt smooth and hot to Alison. Loving the feel of the young maid in her arms, Alison closed her eyes as she felt the girl start to tremble in her arms. She deepened her kiss feeling the girl's ecstatic moans inside her mouth.

Kala moved in closer behind Zoe and stroked Alison's hair, whispering, "Slow down my love, you will exhaust our new playmate if you're not careful." Alison looked up. She had forgotten Kala was so close. She was actually standing right behind Zoe, in fact the two women were sandwiching the helpless young girl. Kala moved her arms around Zoe so they could stroke Alison's shoulders, "It seems you are enjoying your new ability," she said.

Alison slowed her kiss and turning her head kissed Kala gently on the lips, "Yes my love," she purred, "This is wonderful." Both women watched Zoe nestling between them. The girl was dishevelled but amazingly still fully dressed. Kala too was still dressed in the warm bathrobe. Alison stood there naked. Kala stared down at the girl looking at her tight white blouse. The girl was breathing heavily now and Kala could make out the curve of her breasts inside the clothes. It was an enticing view. She watched as Zoe drew breath and counted 4 buttons.

"Let's take it in turns stinging her," she said with a naughty smile on her face watching Alison out of the corner of her eye. Zoe didn't react; she still looked dazed, resting between the women like a cute little animal waiting to be consumed. 'Waiting to be fucked actually,' thought Kala.

Unable to resist the temptation anymore Kala slid a finger down onto Zoe's neck and twitched her muscles. The girl let out a long moan: "Ohhh god," Zoe whimpered spasming and wriggling in Kala's arms. Kala flicked one of the buttons free exposing a few inches of Zoe's chest. Alison watched, fascinated, seeing one of Zoe's hands dropping to her crotch. Zoe seemed to hesitate but then pressed her hand against her sex as she squeezed her legs together. Alison moved closer staring at Zoe kissing her ears and then her lovely neck whilst moving her hand down to caress the girl's breast. Lightly stroking the blouse she teased Zoe's nipple, stroking it then gently pinching it. After the initial moan, it is quiet now, with just the sound of the three women breathing.

Kala looked at Alison, "Your turn my love," she said. Alison reached her hand inside Zoe's blouse feeling for the girls' bare shoulder. She squeezed the flesh gently and Zoe tensed as the shocks hit her, licking her lips and sighing. Kala watched as Alison's hand moved lower underneath Zoe's blouse towards her breast. The girl did not resist, in fact on the contrary she seemed to arch her back pressing herself against Alison's hand. Alison felt the encouragement and she deepened her kiss, openly French-kissing the maid. With her other hand she undid the second button.

Kala pulled the blouse off Zoe's right shoulder. Alison's hand was now underneath Zoe's bra cupping her breast. Kala could see Alison's hand moving and playing with the maid's nipple. Lower down she could see that both Zoe's hands were inside her panties now and she was frantically stroking herself. Kala reached around Zoe's waist tugging the blouse out from her skirt at the front so she could feel the girl's bare stomach. Kala moved her hand in small circles feeling Zoe's soft tissue caressing her stomach loving the feel of the tight smooth skin. Suddenly she tensed shocking the girl. Feeling the tingling start from her midriff was a new sensation to Zoe; she gasped out opening her eyes and wavered a little – this time Alison catching her and supporting her in her arms. As she did this, Kala reached around with her other arm and casually undid the third button on her blouse.

Alison watched the penultimate button come undone. She slipped Zoe's right bra strap off her shoulder so both women could see the girl's bare breast. Alison's hand was very busy now, moving over the girl's nipple as she kissed her. Zoe seemed to be concentrating very hard, pushing back against her, wriggling and whimpering as the shocks moved across her body. She looked in turns like she was in ecstasy yet at the same time only semi-conscious. She felt like a responsive doll in Alison's arms, a delicious erotic play-thing. Unable to wait any longer Alison undid the last button and let the blouse fall to the floor. Then she moved her hand to join Zoe's underneath her skirt feeling the girl's thigh. Zoe's legs felt firm and supple. Zoe did not stop stoking but Alison did see her eyes focus and the two women looked into each other's eyes as they kissed. Alison felt Zoe's tongue push deeper into her mouth with renewed energy and the girl seemed to be waiting – inviting her – now. She felt Zoe's legs move apart slightly. Alison moved to stroke the insides of Zoe's thighs and then she slowly flexed her thoughts, sending the sting into the girl's legs, so near her sex. In response, Zoe writhed in her arms pressing her almost naked top into Alison: the two women's skin sliding against each others. This time Zoe did not break eye contact with Alison during the shock; as the quake rolled through her she kissed Alison moaning into her mouth. As this happened, Alison almost missed Kala unzipping the girl's skirt from behind but she noticed it when she felt the fabric fall to the floor around her feet.

Kala looked down in surprise, underneath her plain hotel skirt the girl was wearing thigh highs. Her stockings, bra and panties were black and they matched. Kala looked at herself, still wearing the hotel bathrobe and shrugging, she slipped it off - the robe falling to the floor. Now Kala and Alison both stood there naked surrounding Zoe in her underwear. The Asian maid looked around feeling Kala's breasts pressing against her bare back. Kala looked at the girl and asked her with a roguish smile, "Are you enjoying making up our room my dear?" There was a long pause as the girl seemed to collect her thoughts and find the words but finally she gave a simple answer. When the words came her voice sounded deeper like she was dragging the sounds from deep inside her.

"Yes. I never knew how ... My skin, it's alive, I've never done anything, wanted something this bad – this much ..."

Kala winked at Alison with a mischievous look on her face. She stroked Zoe's upper arms feeling the girl trembling in her arms. Her breasts pressed against the young girl's back. "Then I think you should thank Alison for what she has shown you this afternoon don't you?" she said quietly to the maid. "That would only be fair, wouldn't it?" Both women watched Zoe nod slowly and Kala subtly gestured to Alison to move to the bed. "How do you think you should thank Alison?" asked Kala. They both watched the young girl swallow hard and start to blush.

"I think I should get on my knees and lick her pussy. Would that be good?" she said. Alison pushed the sheets aside and sat down on the bed leaning back resting on her elbows. Her legs were slightly apart: she had not broken eye contact with Zoe who was watching her.

"Yes Zoe, that would be most acceptable, thank you." Alison said looking at the girl with lust in her eyes.

Zoe looked to be breathing very hard, and Alison watched her as she moved towards the bed. As she stepped away from Kala, the older woman undid her bra letting it slip to the floor. Zoe didn't seem to notice - as she came closer she slipped her shoes off and smoothly moved to her knees never looking away from the woman on the bed. Alison felt Zoe push her legs apart and watched as the innocent young Asian girl's face moved closer to her cunt. It felt dreamy; Zoe moving very slowly like she was savouring every moment. Alison felt the girl's breath on her bare thighs first, and opened her legs wider, inviting the girl to touch her. Her pussy was slick with moisture and she held her breath in expectation.

Then suddenly it happened: Zoe's tongue darted out touching her pussy. Alison leaned back against the bed and cried out as she felt the girl start to lick her. She looked up at the ceiling as Zoe started to build a rhythm; she felt the girl's hands on her thighs stroking her legs in rhythm with the delicious movement of her tongue across her clitoris. Alison's excitement grew and she started to turn her head from side to side in ecstasy. Suddenly she became aware Kala was on the bed beside her and she looked down to see Kala squeezing her right breast tweaking the nipple. She reached behind Kala's head pulling her closer French kissing the woman.

Zoe increased her pace and Alison began to shake as the two women worked in rhythm: Kala playing with her breasts and tonguing her whilst Zoe tortured and teased her clit between her legs. Alison could feel the orgasm approaching and the desire to just scream out were almost irresistible. Zoe moved her left hand between Alison's legs and touched her ass and that was enough, Alison lost control. She cried out, the sounds muffled inside Kala's mouth their tongues twisting, "OH GOD ~ YES, I'm Cumming ...." She bucked, arching her back and sparks flew before her eyes. She felt her legs clench trapping Zoe between her legs as she felt the girl push a finger into her ass. For a few seconds Alison was lost, the two women playing with her naked body.

As the shocks slowed, she looked down at Zoe. The girl looked soaked – she was covered with sweat and with the juices from between Alison's legs. Alison touched her head, and Zoe looked up questioningly, "Please stop Zoe, I need to rest now," she said to the young girl.

"Yes girl," said Kala, "Come join us up here." She moved aside patting the sheets, indicating a spot between herself and Alison.

Zoe paused and slowly stood up. She hesitated - getting her balance she started to crawl up the bed between the two women. She looked like a little animal in heat, looking at the two women licking her lips with lust in her eyes. She lay down between Kala and Alison who turned resting on their elbows looking at the girl. "Our playmate is certainly full of enthusiasm, isn't she Alison?" said Kala.

Alison nodded back her eyes moving over the young girl. Only 30 minutes ago the girl had been at work in the hotel, a normal day. Now here she was: transformed into this lust crazed plaything. Alison shook her head to clear her thoughts.

As she watched, Kala whispered something to Zoe who arched her back. Kala reached down and helped Zoe wriggle out of her little black panties. Now Zoe was clad only in her very fetching thigh high stockings. Alison looked at the discarded panties, they looked soaked and the smell of sex was in the air. Zoe's exposed cunt begged for attention and as Alison watched she saw Zoe's fingers move between her own legs. Zoe looked like she was playing with her clitoris, first stroking, then her fingers disappearing deeper into her pussy. Zoe was openly writhing, gasping as she felt her own fingers delighting her. Across from her Kala had moved her head down and was sucking the girls nipple; Alison matched her, the two women head to head squeezing and gently biting Zoe's pert breasts. Lower down the two women entwined their legs around Zoe's pressing their sex against the girl's thighs, sliding up and down against the Asian girl. Alison slid a hand down to help Zoe pleasure herself and realized Kala was there first. Now there were three hands between Zoe's legs. Taking it in turns they rubbed Zoe's smooth soaked clitoris, then finger fucking her pussy and stroking between her legs now reaching for her anus.

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