tagFetishTinkle Bell Ch. 13

Tinkle Bell Ch. 13

byMany Feathers©

It was like waiting for the other shoe to fall, which never did. I was expecting Bella to at some point pull another stunt like she had before. But to my surprise that never happened. Not yet anyway. She seemed honestly intrigued by most of the classes she attended with me. At times taking notes for whatever reason, and even asking related questions from time to time. Once again revealing to me facts I hadn't realized about her. The woman was damn smart proving to me she was a lot more than just a gorgeous horny human being.

By noon I had excused myself in order to use the restroom, though taking that opportunity to secretly text DeeDee. We had no classes together except for the one Science class. And as prearranged I reminded her that I (we) would meet her in the commons area adjacent to the parking lot after the end of our classes. That was when I also informed her that Bella was with me and had come along in order to get a better layout of the campus. When she didn't respond immediately back, I knew it was because of my telling her about Bella, and not anything else. I got her response back sometime later, feeling the vibration of a waiting message alerting me to that fact. I read it when I again was otherwise occupied away from curious eyes.

"Fine. See you at 4:00 then in the commons."

She didn't need to say anything further, I knew she wasn't thrilled at having to share a ride home with Bella and I, but at least she was still coming, so that was something. Even then I wasn't sure this was the smartest thing I had ever done, and honestly wondered why I had after thinking about it further.

Precisely at four, we stood waiting for her in the commons when I saw her approaching us walking up the sidewalk in our direction. Admittedly she looked hot, purposely having changed into something that was no doubt designed to titillate and intrigue me outside of what she normally wore to school. She was wearing a fairly short skirt, far shorter than I'd normally seen her wear even when she'd worn one before. And the tight silky-looking blouse that complimented her dark skirt gave hint at her other attributes where she had in the past quite purposely tried to undermine her rather large bust size.

Shortly after we'd been assigned to work together on our project, and gotten to know one another better in doing so, DeeDee had eventually confided in me that she'd been tagged with the nickname "Double Dee" in high school. An interesting play on words that everyone knew...or rather thought they knew, was directed at her obvious double D breast size. She was obviously a bit fuller in the chest than even Bella was, but not by much. And I found myself wondering what the two of them would look like standing side by side.

"Fat chance of that happening!" I told myself watching her draw closer, though again reminded of the silly-assed bet I had made with Bella earlier. This one being one that I felt a hundred percent certain I would win.

When she hugged me hello, though it was totally unexpected when she did, I knew that indeed the game was on. Especially as she semi-glanced towards Bella, not yet being formally introduced yet, giving her an interesting smile that informed me the same thing. Bella smiled back in a similar way.

"Hi, I'm Bella," she said extending her hand in greeting. "I'm staying with David and his parents on foreign exchange," she added unnecessarily.

"I know, David told me," DeeDee responded accepting her hand. And then let it go at that. Though I did then introduce her to Bella, though calling her "Dee" when I did, something she preferred going by in more formal situations and settings.

"So...is it Dee? Or DeeDee then?" Bella asked curiously. "And is there a story behind the name?"

DeeDee glanced at me with the question in her eyes. I merely shook my head "no" as briefly as I could get away with, trying to let her know I had said nothing to Bella about the nickname.

"My friends call me DeeDee, she started...everyone else..."

"In that case, Hi DeeDee, am very pleased to meet you, and hopefully we will indeed become very good friends after tonight."

"Game on..." I thought once again seeing the surprised, displeased look on DeeDee's face having heard that. But what I said was, "Well, shall we head to the car then?" I suggested rather than stand here as awkwardly as it seemed to be getting especially with the looks that were now suddenly being tossed back and forth here.

The drive back to my place one that I wasn't looking all that forward to. Surprisingly, Bella immediately jumped in the back, giving DeeDee the passenger seat without another word, though she did try making small talk with DeeDee most of the way home. Asking her pertinent questions about our work, genuinely taking interest, and once again proving to DeeDee and I both that she even had a basic knowledge and understanding of what we were working on. Something that I knew caught DeeDee a bit off guard when she did.

I was still thankful when we got home pulling into the drive that nothing had happened to set off either woman, though the evening was far from being over with yet. Even mom gave me a questioning look after having heard from Irene later that afternoon that I was bringing another guest home...a woman. With Bella up in her room no doubt changing into god knows what for dinner, and DeeDee likewise "freshening up," mom turned to me.

"You do enjoy playing with fire don't you son?" She asked with a bit of a smirk on her face. "Or is this some other science project you're working on that I don't know anything about," she giggled to herself.

"Well hopefully I won't be putting out any fires," I assured her. "It's just dinner, and perhaps a swim later," I said having told DeeDee earlier to bring along a bathing suit, just in case she did want to go for a swim later after dinner. Something I had purposely failed to mention to Bella, though I figured she'd find out soon enough anyway. Not to mention the so-called bet we had made, though even that I was now wishing I hadn't made with her. Not that I thought I would lose it...not this time anyway, but I wasn't so sure how comfortable things would be when the real fire...the bonfire erupted later on that evening. Or fireworks as mom had eluded, which was just as likely to happen if not more so. Which I was now pretty sure would happen, though hopefully long after my parents had themselves retired for the evening. My only relief came in that Bella had already assured me she wouldn't approach DeeDee about anything until the time was right for one. And only then after we were both pretty well assured we wouldn't be interrupted by anyone either. I did ask mom to see what she might be willing to do in the way of keeping dad occupied with something else however, just in case he wanted to stay up and sort of keep an eye on things. Or in this case, two sets of things...though I doubted either one of us would actually get a chance to see that.

"I think I can manage that," mom grinned. "Especially after last night," she added telling me more than I really needed to know. "It seems lately that we've both been a bit more amorous than usual, so a little hint as to a continuation of what we enjoyed together last night should do the trick."

I smiled, grateful for that until she added.

"Though I don't mind admitting, seeing the fireworks tonight might be worth missing an orgasm or two."


She just laughed, ruffled my hair, and then shooed me off to go get washed up, and call the girls down for dinner. Truth was, I wasn't very hungry. More nervous and anxious than anything. And as it turned out, with good reason.


Dinner was painfully quiet...and long. Almost too long. And though there was a bit of small talk between courses, in which Irene would come out and serve, eyebrows raised, looking back and forth between the two women, and then at me. It was however her not quite silent chuckle to herself, and then her head shake as she returned to the kitchen that made me the most uncomfortable. That and knowing Bella, wondering what was going on inside that head of hers. Aside from one or two minor related comments, she seemed to be behaving herself. Though I chalked that up to her scouting out her prey.

After dinner we retired outside to the patio area, as was our want. Though dad seemed perplexed when mom suddenly pulled him aside. He was obviously hoping to sit outside for a bit, enjoy his drink and perhaps get even more of an eyeful of girl candy. Bella had indeed changed earlier into something that though modest and appropriate for dinner, could just as easily be shrugged off in a heartbeat. I knew damn well she wasn't wearing anything beneath the dress, modest in appearance as it was. I caught the unexpected movement of mom' hand as she placed it between dad's legs giving him a gentle little cop and feel, and then likewise whispering something to him after she had done that. He grinned like a little boy, turning towards us.

"Well, we'll leave the three of you to your own entertainments for this evening," he told us all. "You're mom's decided she needs some of her own entertaining...upstairs!"

"Harold!" Mom spat, but she was smiling, and then turned winking at me, blowing me a kiss as she did that. She soon after left, tugging dad behind her though he followed her quite willingly.

We sat watching them go, sipping on our after dinner drinks, though Bella then spoke up the moment they had disappeared. "Well, how about a dip in the pool then?" She suggested.

"Oh...I'm sorry, but I forgot my suit," DeeDee said smugly. Which I knew was a lie as she'd brought a rather large bag with her to the car, which I felt held more than just her day wear in it. We had after all discussed it, though this was before I'd informed her about Bella being with me. "And besides...I thought that perhaps David and I..."

"Oh you don't need a suit," Bella said interrupting her before she could finish her thought. "We never wear any, do we David?" She said, suddenly standing. "So come on...shall we?" She asked looking directly at me now, her eyes no longer focused on DeeDee. I knew what she was doing, and why. And I figured we might as well get this over with as quickly as possible. When DeeDee refused to do so, I figured the bet was in, and she'd have to accept defeat, simple and easy as that.

"No...we don't, but it's entirely up to you," I said turning back towards Dee. "I certainly don't expect you to do anything that would make you uncomfortable," I assured her.

"And why would she feel uncomfortable?" Bella questioned, "Unless she's worried about not measuring up or something, but I doubt that. By the looks of it, she has a very sexy body on her...no reason to be jealous, or ashamed of the way she looks...are you?" She then pointedly asked. "And besides, we're just being friendly here, going for a swim, enjoying the evening together...aren't we?"

For the first time I saw determination on both of their faces as the girls looked back and forth at one another for a few seconds more, until Bella almost magically shimmied out of the outfit she was wearing. Like I said...she didn't have anything on underneath it.

"Grab us some towels David?" Bella asked, and then turned walking bare-assed naked, and so very slowly towards the pool.

I turned heading back inside the house to grab some, figuring one of two things here. DeeDee would either follow me back inside, thus putting an end to that...or. I turned looking behind me after stepping through the sliding glass doors, just in time to see DeeDee slip out of her blouse and skirt.

She hadn't been wearing anything beneath her clothing either.


When I came back outside with the towels a few minutes later, it was like watching two fighters circling around one another in the ring, each one waiting to strike the first blow, looking for an opening. The swam, or rather tippy-toed in a circle, just eyeing one another, without speaking as I approached setting the towels aside, only then beginning to undress myself...albeit nervously. Neither girl looking at me as I did.

"So..." Bella said smiling now.

"So..." DeeDee responded smiling back. Though it wasn't the kind of smile I'd appreciate being given.

"You really are a very attractive looking woman, and you have very nice looking boobs too. No wonder David finally got around to asking you out, I sure would have!"

That comment surprised Dee of course, Bella having essentially jabbed scoring the first blow. "Thank you," she stammered defensively, obviously off balance for a moment. "Yeah, I ah...was wondering when he might, if he would..." she added a bit weakly.

"Well one thing I've certainly learned about him, he truly is a tit man, certainly played with these enough to know that," Bella said cupping her breasts, effectively lifting them up and out of the water, showing them off. What was weird of course was me standing there, totally naked now, the two of them talking about me as though I wasn't even there. Or rather sparing, though Bella had once again landed a quick combination.

"You have nice breasts too," DeeDee began looking at them. "Almost as big as mine are," she now said hefting her own rather large breasts up and out of the water, the first time I had seen them of course as I stood there on the bank looking down at the two of them, neither one of them still acknowledging my presence as I stood enjoying my ring side seat. "So if he is indeed a breast man, he'll have to accept the fact, and be content with just these, and nobody else's!"

I was surprised when she said that, obviously going for the knockout here with one wild swinging blow, though Bella had easily ducked it.

"That's too bad," Bella shot back. "I was always taught to share my things, and haven't minded doing so with David. In fact, I have really enjoyed seeing him, watching him pleasuring another woman, and he seeing me," she added with an inquisitive look, which is also when she first acknowledged my presence. "Don't you David?" She asked.

I could almost hear the bell at the end of round one.

"Did you bring our drinks with you as well?" She then asked, reminding me that I hadn't, causing me to turn almost immediately heading back across the lawn for them, almost grateful for it. By the look on DeeDee's face, I was actually glad she was in the pool. I half expected her to self-combust into a ball of flame by the look in her eyes.

And as I headed back for the drinks, I found I was asking myself. "What the hell was I thinking of anyway?" True...I did like Dee, she was attractive yes, and a great partner to work with. But the fact I hadn't actually seriously considered asking her out before said something. And the fact that I also now knew, accepted, and realized that I really did have feelings for Bella made me realize this was perhaps a really stupid mistake on my part. And I saw no way around it now either. Not only had I seriously jeopardized my relationship with each, I also knew it would make working on our very important project together all the more difficult as well. Especially if this didn't turn out right, which it looked like, it wasn't going to. Not ending well for anyone.

"Doesn't he have a nice looking ass?" Bella then quipped seconds later. "I so love biting it," she added.

Once again I swear I could hear the bell starting round number two.


By the time I'd returned with the drinks the girls had gotten up and out of the pool, now sitting on either side of the small little table. They may have been sitting, but the fight was still on, though going on silently at present. To my own amazement, Dee made no effort to cover up, or hide herself in anyway. If anything, putting herself on even more open display purposely...especially as this really was the first time I had ever seen her in all her glory as she more or less stretched out there in the lounge chair she was laying in as I handed her her towel. She took it, though set it aside not even bothering to dry herself off with it. The night was still warm of course, so it wasn't being cold, more like enjoying the look she had, wet...naked and quite sensual looking. She knew it too. She'd come out swinging right off the bat at the beginning of this round.

And it was hard to really gage it by the look of things as to who really did have the nicer looking breasts. Though indeed slightly larger, Dee's nipples were considerably smaller, a very light pink in fact, almost disappearing altogether into the same surrounding skin tone. And though her nipples were indeed hard, they too were much smaller than Bella's thicker, darker, equally stiff and aroused nipples. Yeah, maybe I was a tit man, but score points there for Bella's side. One or two anyway.

But I was intrigued by the fine little patch of fluff between Dee's legs. She truly was a natural blonde. And though she wore her hair fairly short, she did so with just enough length in the back, and enough bangs in front to keep her from looking too butch. Not that anyone would have considered her being so, looking the way she did. But she was indeed almost the exact opposite from Bella in that department. Score equal points for the intrigue as I finally tore my eyes away from looking between her legs. Though I also noticed in doing so, Dee actually parted her legs...just a little, giving me a not too innocent peak at her when she did.

"Well David, Dee's just informed me that if she's to let you play with her gorgeous looking titties, that you can't play with mine any more. So I was wondering, if she'd be up to a challenge of sorts before you have to decide that, perhaps make things easier on you!"

I realized I hadn't spoken a single word since I'd gone inside for the towels. Nor was I aroused either, sitting there nervously worried, so much so, that even the sight of two delicious looking women hadn't caused that to happen as yet.

"What sort of a challenge?" Dee and I both said at once, only then looking at one another, our facial expressions both very curious.

"What do you have in mind...Bella?" Dee asked emphasizing her curiosity, speaking slowly and deliberately, especially when speaking Bella's name. Bella smiled. God...I knew that smile. The faint, the punch coming. I could almost see it when it did.

"How about I finger-fuck you for him?" She said as though discussing the weather instead of what she'd just asked. Thank god the glasses were made of heavy duty plastic. I never felt it as it slipped out of my hand, landing on the patio concrete, nor bouncing, spilling the contents of it as it did. I was too shocked at the moment to do anything but sit there. As was Dee. Talk about a hard punch to the gut!

"Excuse me?"

Bella laughed. "Just what I said. Here's the challenge," she continued before Dee could gather her wits about herself, or before I could. Still holding my hand up as though it still held a glass in it for a moment longer, before realizing I had actually dropped it. "Simple rules...only two in fact. One...we stand and finger one another, first one to come loses. Second rule...throughout the contest, there has to be constant contact. Should either one of us break that contact in anyway, we also lose. So see? Simple."

"You must be joking!" Dee said seriously. "If you think..."

"What? You worried I actually might make you come before you can make me come?" Bella once again shot back hurriedly, throwing Dee off balance again.

She stammered, "I'm ah...I'm not even into women," she finally managed.

"Well then, you have the distinct advantage here. If it's such a turn off for you, then it'll be hard for me making you come then won't it? I on the other hand enjoy a nice, nasty, hot little finger-fuck, don't I David? And I come pretty easily too if it's done right. So there again...your advantage there too. Make me come, and I promise to leave David alone...for good, or for as long as you two are dating anyway. I win however...then things stay just the way they are. Which for you means, you can still have him too, if that's something you both want. Either way...it's a win-win situation for you if you think about it. So...what do you say Dee? Want to give it a go? Or aren't you up for anything like that?"

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