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Tiny Red Swim Shorts


My best friend and her parents went away for 5 days and they tasked me with house sitting the farm. I am to feed chickens, cats, and relax in their hot tub. I was so excited when they asked. Living at home and saving money is great and all... but sharing a room with my sister and a fridge with my family, not so much. I was so looking forward to walking around in my bikini, doing face masks, playing the piano, and cooking by myself!

I locked up quickly after work, got in my car and turned up the radio; my giant bag of clothes in the back seat so I didn't have to stop at home before driving out there. It's going to be so nice! I pull into their driveway and see a little red car parked beside the house.

"Great." But no, it's fine. I'm sure whoever it is won't be here long. I've got the whole night and 4 days to myself. It's probably Sarah's brother. He's a life guard at the beach near here and stops by sometimes. So I walk in cautiously and yell "HIIIII." Hoping at least if he's brought a girl over they'll be warned and can get dressed or just tell me leave. "HEEEYY..."nothing.

I walk in and see someone outside on the deck. Sarah's brother Eric comes in holding barbeque tongs wearing nothing but a pair of tiny red swim trunks. Tall, blonde, sun kissed he stands there playfully swinging the tongs.

"Oh hey" he says. I usually avoid attention at all times but I'd definitely fake drowning and having everyone stare at me if it meant I got to touch those washboard abs and have his giant arms around me. I'm just stand/leaning there staring like an idiot in my work clothes without makeup on, buckling under the weight of my gym bag. PERFECT.

Before I can say anything his friend Mark comes in and introduces himself. We had met before but it was at least a year or two ago. I guess I'm not that memorable. I interrupted their romantic dinner of corn on the cob and burgers.

"Did you want any? I made some extra." Eric said as he leaned against the railing, glistening in the sun swinging the tongs.

I lied and said "Thanks, I just ate. I didn't mean to interrupt."

"Interrupt what?" Mark chimed in laughing. It's not like we're having a romantic date here! Wait... are we?" Eric gives him a glare and then starts making kissy lips at him. Mark flips his hair dramatically and starts batting his eye lashes. They both burst out laughing and mark continues "Eric wasn't able to score a hot date tonight. I'm his second choice." He grins over at me and winks.

"Are you two love birds staying over tonight?" I asked them.

"No we just thought we'd have dinner here and hot tub for a bit. You?" Eric said.

"Yes I am. I was actually going to go to the beach for a bit. I just wanted to drop my stuff off and change first." I told him. He nods and wanders back over to the grill.

With his gaze finally off me I gather myself and walk back inside and drop my bag on the loveseat in the kitchen. Mark comes in and grabs some salad and toppings for his burger. "You want some arugula? It's all the rage right now. I love me some arugula." I shake my head no. "Look, why don't you just stay and have some burgers with us." Mark looks at me eyes wide and glancing towards deck.

"Because I just ate..."

He rolls his eyes and sighs "I'm probably not supposed to say anything but Eric's had a rough go of things. We had someone drown earlier this week and he's still really broken up about that last girl he dated. I think he wanted to hang out at home and be around his family but of course they're away. I've been keeping him occupied but I have to spend time with my family too before I go back to school. Ask him to stay tonight?"

I look at him blankly. "I don't know him Mark. Sure I've seen him a couple times during the holidays but as far as I know we have nothing in common and he's barely said a few words to me." From what Sarah's told me he's this super smart med student that barely ever visits and works as a lifeguard during the summer. I just imagined him as being this stuck up smart ass.

Mark winks and me, raises his hands and shrugs. "I'm just saying, and you're more than welcome to hang around. He could use the distraction."

Mark takes his plate and walks back outside letting out a large belch. Ughh boys. I rush over to the bathroom with my bag of stuff and shut the door. Jeeze. Not exactly how I planned my night. It's fine. I'm off to the beach. I find my bathing suit and change into that, putting on a lace cover up and some jean shorts. I pull my long blonde hair out of the ponytail and brush it out, put a little mascara on. Which was probably a bad idea considering I'm going to the beach and in the hot tub later; too late now!

I'm driving back from the beach with a full belly of poutine and soda. It's gotten darker and as I pull into the laneway there's no sign of Eric's car. I walk up to the door and punch in the code. Lights off and a locked door means they must've left for the night. Satisfied, I lock up and turn on the lights. I change into my PJ shorts, my workout bra, and put my hair back up into a ponytail. I'm too full now but I figure maybe later I'll work out a bit and get rid of some of those carbs I just inhaled. I sprawl out on the couch and start flipping through Netflix.

I wake up restless and warm about an hour later. It's only been a few hours and I'm already bored. My mind starts wandering to earlier today. Seeing Eric in his tiny swim trunks playfully swinging the tongs around makes me throb. He's so cute, and quiet it makes him seem mysterious. I also wonder what he's thinking about. I remove my PJ shorts getting warmer by the second. Nobody is home. This is what I'm here for anyway; alone time. I can't walk around in my thong at home. I put on some cop show and sprawl out on the couch propping my head up on one of the pillows. It's gotten dark out. I watch as moths buzz around the solar lights on the deck as I dose off...

I'm back at the beach lying in the warm afternoon sun wearing my cute little black bikini. It's pretty quiet except for a few joggers and a group of guys with a Frisbee. Most people have gone back to their cottages or are sitting on the beach patio eating. Starting to feel my back burn I sit up and take a drink of my water bottle. Next thing I know I'm lying there with a pounding headache. I slowly open my eyes to find Eric kneeling over me with a concerned look on his face.

As soon as we make eye contact a huge smile spreads across his face. "You okay? You were out for a minute there. Careful! You might have a concussion." He helps me sit up slowly and I touch the very tender goose egg forming on the back of my head. "You got hit with the Frisbee." Well of course I did, those idiots.

"Can't you like arrest them or something? You're a lifeguard." I said to him while rolling my eyes and touching what will likely be a large goose egg later.

"No but I can get you an ice pack. They're long gone anyway. But if they come back I'll beat the shit out of them." he chuckled. Eric reaches around me, grabbing my waist and lifting me up like I weigh nothing. "Can you stand" He asks.

"Yes" I reply as I start to see spots. Eric grabs on a little tighter as I start to lean.

"Okay ya big baby. I'll carry you to the main building but after that you're on your own."

"Hey is she okay?" Another one of the lifeguards yells over. "She will be. She hit her head and is a bit dizzy."

"No those idiots hit me." I interrupt.

"Right" He says and then yells back "I'm taking her to the main building."

"Okay, I'll be there in a bit." the other lifeguard says with a wave and runs back toward his station. Eric grabs my bag and my towel and swings it over his shoulder.

"It suits you" I say grinning up at him.

"Shut up or I'm leaving it here." He replies.

He puts one hand behind my back and the other swoops down and grabs my legs, swinging me up into his arms in one smooth, effortless motion. It's starting to get a bit cooler and I lean into him more, putting my head on his broad shoulder. He's so warm. He keeps glancing down at me. I can tell he's worried. He looks down at me through long lashes and gives a little smirk. "Stop staring at me" he says.

We're in the lifeguard's lunch room and he lays me on the couch tenderly. "Thanks" I say. He wanders over to the fridge and grabs an ice pack. "Here" he says as he throws the ice pack in my direction. It lands on the floor just in front of the couch. "Good catch" he chuckles. I bend over to grab the ice pack and feel my head spin. I feel his strong hand on my shoulder pushing me back up onto the couch. His eyes wide with worry, he holds the ice pack to my head, lifting my chin with his hands and looking intensely into my eyes. "I'll take you to the hospital."

"I'm really fine" I reply. "Between being in the sun all day and getting struck by a Frisbee I just have a headache. I'm good. I promise."

"You probably need to drink something." He walks over to his lunch bag and pulls a cold water bottle out for me. He sits down beside me on the couch, twists off the lid and hands in to me. I take a sip.

"Thanks. Can I take this with me?" I ask holding up the water bottle.

"Of course you can, but you're not leaving yet. You need to drink more of that."

"So you're holding me hostage now? I should get going- I have to drive back to town."

We hear the squeal of the door opening and turn to look. The other life guard's returned with a bunch life preservers and a red tote bin. He sets it down gingerly in the corner and flashes us a big smile. "How's your patient doing?" he asks as he walks over to the fridge and grabs a beer.

"I'm fine, thanks" I reply and take a sip of water. Eric smiles down at me.

"Eric's a great lifeguard. I'm heading over to the bar to meet up with everyone else. Join us when you're done?" he asks as he walks toward the door.

"I'm going to drive her home actually. She's got quite the goose egg."

"Alrighty then! See you tomorrow and I hope you feel better miss." He winked at us as he shut the door.

"Nice guy" I said to Eric. He laughed. He sat down on the couch next to me and took the melting ice pack out of my hand and placed it ever so gently back to my head. "I'm really fine" I told him. He leans in closer and with his other hand pushes back my hair and cradles my face.

"That you are" he said. I burst out laughing. "What?" he retreats and looks at me in awe.

"Come on that was soooooo cheesy!" I laugh. He leans back and put his arm up on the back of the couch putting his hand to his mouth as red started spreading across his cheeks. "Are you blushing?!" I said as I leapt forward and tried to move his hand.

He caught it there and looking longingly into my eyes said "It's been awhile" his lips lifting into a smirk he grabbed my waist and before I knew it I was laying on the couch under him catching my breath. I could feel the warmth of his big strong body pinning me down and his hand still wrapped around wrist pressing it against the couch above my head. The other hand wandered from my neck down to my collar bone down my arm and back up. We stayed there a minute staring each other down. I waited for him to make his move but he didn't.

He got up and held his hand out to help me off the couch. I slowly collected myself and took his hand. Now I was blushing. We stood there awkwardly a minute and I turned back to the couch to grab the water bottle and start packing it up. I can feel him directly behind me now. I stand up straight and goosebumps spread over my arms. His hands are on my bare shoulders now. His hot breath on my neck is making me crazy. He pulls at the strings on my bikini and it falls. I stand my ground. He moves in closer, and wraps a hand under my arm and cups one of my breasts. I can feel his cock, big and hard against my back. He's so close, kissing my neck and nibbling my ear, both hands are frantically feeling my breasts, my shoulders, my sides, its dizzying. His hands like fire burning over my skin making me warm and wet and out of breath. My legs feel like jelly; if he wasn't holding me so tightly I'd be on the ground. With his right hand across my breasts and his mouth on my neck he slides his left hand down under the black fabric of my bathing suit and feels my wetness. I gasp and he lets out a groan. His hand goes further...

I wake up with my hand resting between my thighs. I slide my middle finger over my very wet lips. It's quite dark now. I'll finish myself off later. I still wanted to soak in the hot tub for a bit after a workout. I stand up and slide out of my now damp lace black thong and put my shorts back on. Leaving them on the floor I grab a water bottle and head to the basement to work some of this tension off.

I walk down the stairs and throw my water bottle and towel on the couch and then cross the room to the radio. Music blasting I start with some cardio on the treadmill. My heart racing I step off the treadmill and turn up the music. I can't get my mind off of him. His brown shaggy hair highlighted by the sun, big green eyes looking down at me through thick lashes, saying "Oh hey". My breath catches. The sun gleamed off his massive shoulders while he swung those tongs around. I turn up the music and go back to lifting. After doing some lunges and deadlifts I go over to the bench to do chest press. My arms are so weak. I'm about to do rep 4 when suddenly I hear a huge clang like a weight being dropped right behind me. It startles me and the bar drops, clanging down onto the safety rods.

"Hey! Just me, forgot my work keys" he says as he jingles them over my face, the tiny red float bouncing off his knuckle.

"Eric!" I gasp as I pick the bar back up and put it on the stand. "You scared the crap out of me!"

"I know. It was pretty funny." He smiles as he picks up the weight he dropped behind my head and sits over on the couch with it. He starts doing some bicep curls.

I rolled my eyes and walked over to the weight rack, leaning over to pick up two 10 pound dumbbells. I can feel him staring at me. I pause there a few seconds longer and arch my back a little as I stand back up. I usually do the 5 pounds but I don't want to look weak. I'm pretty much done working out anyway. I face back towards the mirrors and start doing shoulder presses, lifting the weights in each hand up above my head, back down, back uuuuu... jeeze that's heavy.

"Okay slugger, take it easy. You're going to hurt yourself." He jogs over to the weight rack and picks up a pair of 5's tossing one up and catching it mockingly. I set the 10's on the floor and he hands me the 5's. I roll my eyes and turn back to the mirror raising them above my shoulders, ready to start. Standing behind me now he puts his hand under my arms. "Keep these straight" he says as he leans in. I can feel him behind me, he's close. His breath on my neck giving me chills reminding me of the dream I had earlier. I do a couple reps, his rough hands lightly under my arms keeping my form. As I move them above my head he slides his hands down under my arms to my sides holding me where my bra sits as if he was about to lift me up. My arms start to shake bringing the weights back down. That's enough. I start to turn around and he backs off suddenly. His face flushed.

"Thanks" I say and walk back over to put the weights away.

"Sure" he replies. As I'm bending over the rack I glance back at him. His one arm is folded across his chest with his chin resting on his hand. His big green eyes meet mine and a flash of pink darts across his cheeks. He turns away and mutters "You have got to stop doing that." He starts backing towards the stair case.

"Excuse me?" I say as I walk towards him. He's visibly uncomfortable shifting his weight back and forth and ringing his hands together in front of his body. Oh. That's why. He's trying to hide the large bulge growing in his pants. He notices me staring and tries to turn to the side which only makes it worse. There's no hiding that. He's big. I bite my lip as our eyes meet and suddenly my face is flushed too. I'm so wet. I want him.

"Uhh I better get go..." I cut him off lunging forward, grabbing his shirt collar in my hands and pressing my chest and lips against his. He stumbles back in shock and into the back of the couch but doesn't pull away. I've got him cornered. Our bodies still crushed together against the couch I can feel the warmth of his chest and his huge cock poking into my side. His lips soften and he kisses me back. Our tongues meet and I feel his hands start to explore my body. I take that as an invitation and do the same running my hand down his chest, over his abs, grabbing the waistband of his shorts I pull them down just enough so his dick springs out. His lips still pressed to mine, he groans. His hand ventures down and squeezes my cheek. Grabbing his penis with my left hand I start rubbing it up and down.

I reach up and put my right hand into his hair, pulling him closer. We're both breathing heavily now. He touches my breasts over my workout bra and then brings both hands up to my neck and starts tucking pieces of my hair behind my ear. We make eye contact and he lets out a breath, pulls me in and kisses me harder. Frantically he runs his hand over my chest, under my arm and up the back of my shirt. The other hand holding a fistful of my hair behind my head keeping our lips locked together. He pulls away letting out a frustrated sigh when he realizes that no this bra doesn't undo at the back.

Still holding me close he says breathily "Take this off." I take a step back and slowly peel my shirt off letting it drop to the ground then squishing my tits together I unclasp the bra from the front. As soon as it's undone he rushes forward and by the strap on the right pulls it clean off. His hands and face are on my tits sucking and pinching, cupping. Keeping his hands on my breasts he leaves a trail of kisses going down. My fingers tangled in his hair I push him lower. His nose is at the waistband of my shorts. I'm so wet. His hands slide down my body and pull the waistband down towards the floor. He's kneeling in front of me now, his hands on my ass. I can feel his breath on my pussy. I'm so warm and wet its killing me. What is he waiting for?!

I let out a groan as he squeezes my cheeks and dives in, his hot wet tongue darting in and circling my clit. I let out a groan and lean into him. He loves it. He doesn't let up. I look down and see his left hand beating fast, jerking himself as his right slides up my thigh, feeling my slit and finally into me. I'm getting tighter and tighter and suddenly his tongue is replaced by his thumb and a few of his fingers are inside me. I squirm under his touch. He lets his fingers slide out, picks me up and throws me down on the couch so that I'm on my back and my ass is up on the arm. I'm gazing up at him as he spreads my legs slowly at my knees and slides his hands up my thighs. He grabs me by the hips, pulling me closer and thrusts deeply into me. Leaning over slightly he grabs at my tits, his other hand digging into my waist, keeping me in place so he can thrust deeper and deeper.

I cry out. "Don't stop!" He thrusts faster and harder and this heat spreads through me. My body tenses up. I'm cumming. He groans as he feels me getting tight. He keeps thrusting, both hands on my hips now holding me in place, pulling me towards him. I'm coming back down from my orgasm and he pulls out, pumps with his right hand 3 times leans over and ejaculates all over my tits and stomach. It feels good all hot and wet. I drag my fingers through it and it leans over and kisses me.

"Good workout?" he says breathlessly.

I woke up at 8:15 alone. Eric had stayed long enough to shower with me and then tuck me in. I was asleep in seconds. I wandered down to the main floor hoping to find him making breakfast or sleeping on the couch but he wasn't there. Maybe it was just a 'one time' thing? I walked over to make some coffee and there was a note.

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