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Tiny Tina


AUTHORS NOTE: This is the beginning of a story line I have planned out in my head, this chapter includes necessary background information, sorry if it might be a little boring, but leave me comments if you like/dislike my idea so far and I will continues writing in the meantime and post if all goes to plan :)


Tossing and turning in a bedroom like any other, was the body of a young girl. Her long brown hair splayed out on the pillow beneath her head and a few stray strands were sticking to her face which, no matter how many times she seemed to brush them away, kept coming back. It was coming into summer and Tina was finding it harder and harder to sleep with each passing night, she had gone to bed one, no, TWO hours ago now and she hadn't slept a wink. Even though it was dark, her bright green eyes were clearly visible in the soft moonlight coming through the open curtain of her window, I should close that, she thought to herself, but she didn't. Sleep would not come very often for Tina any more, her scared little eyes would wander around the room lazily, but every time she closed her eyes just for a second she would hear a noise and be wide awake again. She lay there on her bed in the new night dress that her uncle had bought her as a gift a few weeks ago, reminiscing upon the reasons why sleep would not find her anymore.

At first Tina had thought it would be cool to have her Uncle Matt move in with her and her dad when he suggested moving closer to his brother and his favourite niece. He had always been loud and cheerful and he made up funny stories that made Tina laugh even now when she thought of them; but something had changed in her Uncle Matt when he moved in with Tina and Brian. It all started when Tina came home early from school one afternoon, Matt's car was in the garage so she hadn't seen it when she came in through the side door near the kitchen. Some strange noises were coming from the living room and she hadn't thought anyone was home so she followed the noises, sneaking quietly on her tip-toes so as not to draw any attention to herself from potential burglars but who she saw was not a burglar, but was her Uncle Matt sitting in her dad's favourite armchair with only a pair of boxer shorts on. That of course, was not the surprising thing, the surprising part was that he had the button undone and he was touching himself. His attention seemed to be directed towards where the TV was but the back of the chair was in the way, I wonder what he's watching, if only I could see, she took a step forward and walked ever so softly, leaning against the wall trying her hardest to see what was playing on the television whilst keeping out of site.

What she saw shocked her even more than seeing her uncle touching himself, it was her. She was running around in the sand at their summer beach house with only a tiny little white bikini on, which happened to be going see-through from the water. Tina remembered that day all too well, it was her eighteenth birthday last summer. Uncle Matt had gotten her the bikini as a gift and insisted that they go to the beach and she was to wear it. She had jumped into the waves and the strings on her top came loose, she had quickly pulled it back up and Matt, who had come running in after her, quickly tied the strings back up, smiling whilst saying to her "They're done up in a triple knot now sweetie, you won't be flashing your little boobies to the beach anymore". At the time Tina hadn't thought anything of it and she definitely hadn't remembered that they had been filming it. But sure enough, there on the television was her top falling down and her small breasts being revealed; of course they had grown a bit since then.

Being almost summer time again, she now had lovely budding breasts; the 34C's really emphasized her petite body. Tina wasn't a big girl at all; she was a mere 5"3 tall and was as light as a feather weighing in at only 117lbs, it was no wonder she acquired the nickname "Tiny" from her close friends and family. She re-concentrated her attention to the television set and saw her uncle run to her rescue doing the knots up on the back of her bikini, but not before stopping to catch a good eyeful. Tina hadn't realised that her top had been down for so long, nor had she realised that her uncle, cousins and even her DAD had a good old look at what was on display.

Tina took a step back from the chair where her uncle was sitting, touching himself over the home video of herself being played on the TV. The coffee table next to the armchair that her leg had been leaning against dropped slightly with the sudden relief of pressure and the legs gave a dull thud as they dropped back onto the floor. Realising the noise the table had just made, her doing cartwheels along the sandy beach on the TV and her uncle's hand pausing all at the same time, Tina fled for the staircase leading to her room as quick as she could, her school shoes smacking against the polished wooden steps as she ran. Matt had turned around at the sudden sound and caught a glimpse of Tina's short school skirt as it disappeared around the corner. Had she seen him jerking off? Had she seen the video on the TV? Would she tell Brian? Fuck she's hot! All these thoughts were running through Matt's mind at once as he stood up and tucked himself back into his boxer shorts, "Tina? TINA? Was that you just now coming inside? Tiny honey, are you home?"

Tina ran into her room, slammed the door closed and flung herself onto her bed, all in one swift movement. Why was he touching himself like that? Why was he watching me on that video? Where is Dad? He should be home by now! She could hear her him calling her from downstairs, I wonder if he saw me. Tina curled up in a ball on her bed and wished for sleep, she wished for her Daddy, even her bitch of a Mother, then she cursed herself for thinking like that, but she knew it were true. Tina's mother had abandoned her and her Dad when she was only 14, leaving him to raise the young beauty into teenage hood on his own, right up until recently when Matt had come to live with them. Her mother had screamed a lot at her Dad when she left; she called him an "immoral son of a bitch" and said something about him "playing musical beds with half of the fucking practise" though Tina didn't understand what it meant, it sounded mean and she didn't like her Mother.

Brian Burke was a doctor of all trades; he ran his own practise in the middle of their small home town of Laidley, population 3632 thanks to the new-born Raymond twins stirring up a fuss in the west side of town. Brian had bought the only practise in town off old Mr. Lindale and kept his name in the process - Burke & Lindale's Surgery". This all happened when Tina was only 4 years old, her parents had wanted the quiet life for her and enrolled her in the town's only primary school to start early the next year. Tina's mother left shortly after she started school at the newly built Catholic College, which was where Tina had come home from only a mere half an hour earlier, and no matter how much she hated the school she wanted to be anywhere but here in this house where sleep would not come.

She must have drifted off to sleep because Tina awoke with a jump as her Dad shook her shoulder gently and gave her a kiss on the forehead, "Dinner's ready Tiny, come fill yourself up before you waste away". Thank god your home Dad, Tina thought to herself;

"Daddy I have something to..." Tina started,

"Tina can it wait please I only just got home and Matt has cooked us something really nice for dinner, now come on we'll talk later" Brian interrupted. Tina sighed to herself and reluctantly straightened her skirt and followed her father downstairs to where Matt had cooked some nice thick sausages to go in the casserole.

"Good evening Tina did you have a nice nap? I cooked you your favourite dish, you've been quiet up there and I only just saw you when you came past me this afternoon when I was watching the movie, you didn't even say hi..." Matt greeted her with a smile that looked slightly sly. Tina was shocked at his abruptness and the way he was making the situation sound so innocent in front of her father,

"Yer, I had a pretty tiring day, I..."

"Tina! I never want to hear that you've been that rude again, do you understand me? No buts Tina. Now you eat up some of this casserole, your uncle has cooked this especially for you; I won't have this in my house!" Brian demanded. Tina was dumbfounded at the way this had blown up in her face, SHE hadn't done anything wrong! She gave a submissive

"Yes Sir" she replied, quietly and submissive. The conversation leaving a heavy atmosphere over the table, they all ate in silence. The sight of the sausages started to make Tina feel sick to her stomach thinking back on the afternoon's earlier events, seeing her Uncle stroking his in his hand and she asked if she could be excused. Matt gave her a knowing smile.

"I'm going to go to bed, you can help Matt with the dishes..." her father told her curtly before being cut off,

"And then you can watch one of those movies in there with me, ay Tiny? Spend some time with me, as I said, I hardly see you anymore" Matt butted in with a smirk.

"Great idea, well goodnight you two, don't stay up too late we have a big day tomorrow driving to the beach house." Brian told them as he put his plate in the sink and went upstairs to bed. They sat in silence for a few minutes until Matt asked her,

"Do you still have that bikini Tiny? I sure would LOVE for you to wear it tomorrow under one of your summer dresses" Tina froze, her face was burning and she forced herself to stand up and collect their dirty dishes and carry them to the sink. Tina started washing the dishes and Matt started drying them, again he broke the silence saying matter-of-factly as he rubbed her smooth bare thigh were her skirt ended, "Is that school skirt getting shorter and shorter or is it just me?". Tina was once again frozen in shock with her uncles abruptness, he hung the tea towel over her shoulder while leaning down to her ear, "Quickly finish up and come in here with me, we have some movies to watch" he whispered, he gave her a wink and left her standing there. Alone. A feeling she was going to get accustomed to.

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