tagIncest/TabooTio Juan and Marissa

Tio Juan and Marissa


Marissa woke from her dream. She was sweating, her heart pounding, mouth was dry. Her breathing came in hard labored intervals. It was like she had been running a marathon. Yet the tingling between her legs was the most apparent sensation. In her dreams she was reliving yesterday's events. Mr. Smith, her English teacher, had bent her over and violated her in his class afterschool. Marissa was remembering how good it felt having him deep inside her. It hurt so good and she wanted more. But, she was a good girl, daddy's angel. NO! She screamed in her head, but looking at the mirror in her room she realized she was just in her little panties. Her big dark brown naked nipples were long and hard, enjoying the sensation of being bare in the cool night's breeze and emphasizing the fact she was a naughty girl. She loved being take and used. Raquel loved every moment when Mr. Smith bent her over, made her spread her legs, spanked her and ravished her tiny little Latina pussy like she was a little slut. Her pussy now aches for that feeling. She wants another man inside her velvet pussy lips, someone bigger and thicker, someone who will last longer and take her harder, and someone who will treat her nasty. Marissa wants more. Closing her eyes she fell back on her bed and let the memories wash over her. It was her secret and she would enjoy every memory.

Seeing her lay back down, he let out a small sigh of relief. "Good she didn't see me. More importantly, she doesn't even know I was watching her sleep. She never felt me take off her shirt. Wow, she is a deep sleeper." He had cum watching her sitting up on the bed while she looked in the mirror, absent mindedly playing with her long nipples.

Marissa looked more closely in the mirror. She was really looking at her body for the first time in her young life. Looking over her slender delicate body, she noticed she did not look anything like a little boy. She was a grown woman, a fact that had eluded her until this moment. At this precise instant she noticed how well developed she had become. Her perky 28ds were firm full and round. They looked huge on her tiny frame. As she turned she noticed her firm round little Latina bubble butt that looked bigger because of her slender body. Her raven hair, long and silky, reached her posterior but instead of hiding it added its enticing attraction. And her firm long smooth naturally tanned legs made her a heavenly sight to behold. The sight of her voluptuous body and the sudden realization that she was a woman began to excite Marissa once again.

Yet, there was something that kept the picture from becoming complete or perfect. All these years of caring for her family made her neglect her feminine side. She decided that would end. Slowly, as if remembering a part in a play, Raquel began to groom herself, shaving areas she never acknowledges and putting lotion in areas she had never given a second thought. Within the hour those minor details added to the radiant of this diamond in the rough.

The three gown men in her family looked up, as if on cue, when Marissa entered the kitchen. She had done this a thousand times and everyone had always over looked her. She still wore her plain Jane clothes, she hadn't put on a lot of makeup, she had her same hair style, yet all eyes were on her. All this attention made her nervous, but she tried to act as if nothing was out of the ordinary. This was her family after all; they would never look at her like that. This was a lie she kept telling herself throughout the morning.

But, being the center of attention excited her beyond her wildest dreams. She felt her body begin to respond. Her face flushed a little, her knees became weak and unsteady, and her heart racing at full speed, yet all she could focus on was her nipples that felt like they would poke right through her shirt. A fact that none of the men in the room missed. Marissa tried to keep the morning routine as normal as possible but the fact that all eyes were on her made it virtually impossible. Every turn, every move was taken in by her audience. When she bend over to get items from the refrigerated it was hard for her to straighten up. When she brushed up against someone in the tiny kitchen, the touch was amplified a thousand fold. Everyone of them, at one point or another, brushed up against her nice firm booty or on her firm perky tits. Marissa thought she would die because of the excitement. This morning's hugs and kisses were not the ones she remembered giving yesterday. She was held tighter, held longer, and caressed more. Their hands were on the small of her back or lower depending who was watching nor not watching. Every man felt her breasts on his chest and some even felt the nipples struggling to poke through. It was going to be a very long and hard day for them all.

Everyone filed out of the tiny home and was either on their way to work or school. A few blocks up the street Marissa realized in all the excitement she had forgotten her lunch. Telling her sibling to go on and not be late, she hurried home. Marissa bolted into the home and ran straight for the kitchen. She was startled by Tio Juan. Tio Juan had been lucky enough to find a job working with the city collecting garbage. His day begins late at night and he is done as everyone is leaving the house. She smiled. How silly she forgot he would be home. She walked over to the little table they had designated for the lunch area and bent over to get her lunch.

That's when she heard, "Ay mija what did you do to yourself. You look and smell wonderful."

Marissa couldn't move, couldn't think. "Nada Tio. I just took a shower and did my hair."

She felt him as much as heard him behind her taking in her sent. "Que bien, that is very nice of you. Women should always be nice for their man," he stated.

"No. No. Tio you know my mom don't let me date," she answered.

"That's a shame. But give Tio a big hug," come his reply. Marissa felt her uncle's around wrap around from behind gently crushing her tiny body in his huge manly frame. Juan was the oldest of the brothers on her dad's side of the family and her favorite uncle. He always had kind word and encouraged her to excel. That was not on her mind at the moment. All she felt was his huge arms around her as she smelt the musk of his morning workout. Moreover, she was fixated on the throbbing member she felt through his pants and her flimsily old skirt. It was right between her cheeks like a hot dog in a bun as it got harder and harder by the second. She held her breath for what seemed like hours but in reality it was mere seconds. Closing her eyes her mind focused on the thick hard member that was pushing into her. God it was big and kept growing to monster size.

"Do you like my hug mijita?" asked Tio Juan.

"Si Tio, "she answered softly.

Tio Juan pushed his man cock into his little niece's firm bubble butt. Her dress moved letting it push in a little. The fabric of her dress, her panties met their limit and could not move any more. So Tio Juan did a little grind. "You're so pretty Marissa. Did anybody ever tell you that?" he asked.

"No Tio" replied softly again. Tio Juan dropped his hands from around Marissa and placed them firmly on her hips. Pulling her to his body and trying to push his cock through everything that stood between him and his niece.

"Si mijita, very pretty y bien Buena," he grunted.

"Ay Tio Juan," was all Marissa could say as she dropped everything in her hands. She felt her hands sting a little when she slammed them on the table. Once again she was bent over with a man behind her. Looking over her shoulder, Marissa asked, "Tio Juan, what are you gonna do to me? Please Tio."

Moving his hands from her hips to her ass, Tio Juan started to caress, grab and kneed Raquel. Spreading her ass and pushing his cock in trying to get pass all the clothing. "What do you want me to do mijita?" he said with a sly grin.

"Ay dios Tio. Please," was all she could answer as she dropped from her hand to her elbow on the table spreading her legs more arching her back slightly. "I'm your niece. I'm just 18. Please Tio, oh please," she moaned

"Yes you are mijita. And Tio knows what you want," Tio Juan stated. He felt her body drop a little when she spread her legs more. As she pushed back into him he just let out a little sigh. His hand began pulling up her long dress exposing her firm legs until the dress was over her cute little girl panties. Cotton white panties with tiny little pink flowers covering the most incredible ass he had ever seen. Tio Juan took some time admire his niece's full round ass as he slowly began to undo his pants. Raquel kept looking over her shoulder at her uncle gently biting her lower lip. Her ass was in the air, she was bent over and he was taking off his pants. Her anticipation was killing her, yet she the image of sweetness and innocence. Marissa let out a huge gasp when Tio Juan's burst from his pants. God if she thought Mr. Smith was huge, Tio Juan made it look like a tooth pick.

"Te gusta mijita?" asked Tio Juan as he spanked her ass with that monster dick.

Marissa couldn't reply. Her eyes were locked on that fat bulbous mushroom head. "That will not fit in anything I got," she thought. "Where would it fit?"

Tio Juan keep looking at his little niece lick her lips as she looked over his cock. One of his hands stayed on his cock while the other one went back to teasing and fondling Marissa's amble posterior. She left him pulling her panties down and did nothing to resist. She wanted to see what Tio Juan was going to do with his cock. Tio Juan made her close her legs until her panties dropped to her ankles. She stepped out of them with one leg and went back to her position.

"Does your mom and dad know you shave your pussy?" asked Tio Juan.

"No Tio. I never did it until today." She answered honestly.

"MMMMM que rico," he muttered.

Marissa saw and felt Tio Juan place his huge hand on her ass and roughly moved down to her pussy while his middle finger invaded her ass crack and her pussy lips. It was her turn to moan and sigh. "Do you like it mijita?" he asked.

"Si Tio," she whimpered.

"So tell me mijita, what do you want Tio to do?" he said with a smug smile.

"No Tio. I'm your niece. Please Tio," she answered but she could not even convince herself.

"Cum on tell big ol' Tio Juan mijita," he continued as he spread Marissa's tiny little bald pink pussy with his fat eager fingers. Tio Juan moved that massive head right to her hole n just rubbed it up n down so gently yet so firm. Feeling the head on her velvet lips Marissa moan and close her eyes briefly.

"Ay Tio Juan fuck me," she begged. "Fuck me Tio, fuck me hard please," she pleaded. Tio Juan could not wait any longer. Putting both his strong arms on his niece's hips he shoved his cock with all his might. Grunting, pushing, shoving, Tio Juan buried his huge monster cock into his little tight niece. "AY DIOS TIO!!" she screams. Tears filled her eyes and she felt her uncle violating her tiny pussy. Marissa's hands dug into the table beneath her as she tried to move forward to stop this intrusion. She was pinned in and he was too strong. Marissa felt pain race throughout her body from her pussy to her nipples. Each nipple was hard as a rock and wanted to pop out of her tiny blouse. Her face was now on the table where she could feel the table's smooth surface so cool and smooth. Raquel felt every inch of her uncle's dick penetrating her tiny pussy. Every inch hurt so bad but yet felt so good. Then he stopped. Tio Juan was letting Raquel get used to his size. He was in heaven. Marissa's tiny soft moist little lips were so tight around his cock. Tio Juan wanted to cum, but he wanted the sensation to last. He had to wait a little to let her get used to his fat dick and to stop from exploding. Even looking down at his massive member in Marissa's tiny body was enough to make him cum. She looked so hot bend over, her firm round ass staring back at him and his cock bury deep in her tiny hole. Tio Juan went back to fondling her ass as he waited for Marissa. Her tiny whimpers kept sending jolts to his mind every time he heard Marissa; her soft voice bringing him to the edge of ecstasy. Then he started fucking. Slowly, nice slow little strokes, going in and out of her pussy. He set a steady rhythm that was firm, strong but slow. Every time he shoved it in she whimpered.

"Ay mijita your pussy is so good and tight. I never had pussy this good mijita. Fuck I haven't had pussy since I left your Tia and cousins in Mexico to come and work here. That's been like 4 years. Ay dios mio. Your pussy is from heaven." Tio Juan started to pick up the pace. The faster he went the harder he thrust it in. The more he pushed the louder Marissa moaned. The more Marissa moaned the hotter Tio Juan got so he pushed harder. In no time, Marissa was squealing like a banish with the top of her head knocking on the wall and her thighs the table. Marissa felt every inch in her. Her tiny Latina pussy stretched to its limits. Her uncle cock so deep in her she could almost feel it in her throat. Marissa felt she would be split in two at any moment but she didn't want him to stop. She left him spank her butt. A feeling that made her feel so naughty because she had been spanked by all her uncles, her dad and grandfather but never like this.

"You're a naughty little girl and Tio Juan is gonna punish you mijita," he laughed. She then felt him grab her hair and jerking her back bringing her head next to his. "Te gusta mi verga verdad," he said with his face next to hers.

Marissa just shook her head yes, biting her lower lips with her hands on the table. She loved how rough and hard her Tio Juan was fucking her. Every inch of her body was on fire. She didn't want him to stop. Her hands went up to her breast and she started to play with her long nipples. Marissa doesn't remember how her top came off but all she was wearing was her skirt and sandals when she felt her Tio Juan grabbing a nipple and pulling on it. He groped her tits and played with them. Nobody had seen her tits much less played with them. But Tio Juan's expert hands did the trick. Tio Juan felt Marissa tense up.

"Ay dios mio, she's gonna cum!" he thought. The very idea pushed him over the edge. He immediately pulled out of her pussy, pushed her on her knees and exploded all over Marissa's pretty Latina face. Tio Juan sprayed his cum, drenching Marissa in man juice. It covered her face, her hair, her tits and her stomach. He shot buckets of cum all over his niece. When he opened his eyes he was looking down at Marissa with a face full of cum and a huge smile on her face. It's the prettiest he had ever seen her. He could not resist. He shoved his cock in her mouth and commanded her to lick it clean. She did it with a passion.

Marissa took the cock by instinct. She was a natural born cock sucker. Even though she never sucked a cock, she knew what to do. From the first drop of cum Marissa tasted she became addicted. The texture of the cock it's soft rigidness and the size made her cum harder. Marissa was on the verge of exploding when her uncle unexpectedly pulled out. But as soon as the cum hit her face and the cock was pushed down her mouth she started to cum. Marissa cleaned every inch of Tio Juan's cock. When she was done Tio Juan slapped it across her face.

"Where did you learn that?" he asked.

"I never did it before, I just did what I liked and that was it," she responded.

"No you suck too good for it to be your first time. Did your dad teach you that?" he joked.

Marissa was in shocked. From everything that happen that day. This one question embarrassed her. "No," she pouted.

Tio Juan saw he had hit a nerve. He smiled, "Don't worry mijita. If that's how you learn, he did a great job."

"Oh my god Tio, I would never do that I'm a good gir. . ." She did not have time to finish her sentence when Tio Juan shoved his cock in her mouth again.

"Si mijita," he said as she continued to suck his cock like a hungry slut, "You are a good girl. I bet you love your dad's cock more than you love mine. Just because he's bigger than me don't mean he has to be better than your Tio Juan." Marissa eyes were big as saucer as she looked up into Tio Juan's eyes. All she heard was that her dad was bigger. How could that be? No, it's insane. For a split second, she pictured her dad standing before her gagging her with his huge cock. In that instant, Tio Juan shot again. His hands on her head holding her as he fucked her mouth. He pushed by those precious full Latina lips. He pushed forward gagging her and shooting his hot cum down her throat. Tio Juan knew that he got to Marissa . He knew that she just thought about sucking her dad's dick. That image burned into Tio Juan's mind and he loved it.

Marissa almost chocked on the sudden burst of cum from her uncle. She did not expect it. Her mind was still reeling from the image she conjured up. Her daddy with his huge cock in her mouth fucking her like a wild man was looking down at his princess. How could she even think it? No it's wrong. It's her dad. Yet she could not lose that image of her dad with a huge cock forcing her to swallow all of it. The sweet taste of her uncle's cum brought her back to reality.

Two days straight she'd been fucked like a slut and she loved it. Her favorite uncle looking down on her with his cock in her mouth made her feels so naughty and dirty and slutty and she would do anything to taste his hot cum again. He was talking again but she was not hearing him. She was in her own world. Yet she knew he was being a dirty old man and she loved it.

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Is it Marissa or Raquel? Hot story.

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