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I'm not sure one would really consider this a how-to article, but from the categories offered, it seems the closest one that matches the intent of this effort. I have not written this to deprecate or put down any author's writings, but to offer small suggestions that might help improve future writings. I mean no offense and if any is taken, I apologize in advance.


I) Regarding cock sucking and deep-throating a large cock:

I have read with misgivings when authors write about that moment when a man or woman sucks down a larger than normal-sized cock, one that can reach the greater depths of a person's throat, how the cock passes through the person's mouth.

They usually write at that point that it has touched the back of their throat. Now, I don't mean to be nit-picking here, but my problem with this is one of visualization, or perhaps conceptualization. What I mean to say is, at this point, hasn't the cock really only reached the back of the mouth and now just begun to enter the front of the throat?

It seems to me that it doesn't really reach the back of the person's throat until the cock has been completely swallowed and fully deep-throated, don't you think? I mean, the back of the throat, I would think, would be where the stomach begins or esophagus ends, no?

Take for example, this sentence:

"His cock slid precariously between my teeth until the head of his rod was just at the back of my throat."

My aforementioned thoughts on the matter would then cause this sentence to read as follows:

"His cock slid precariously between my teeth until the head of his rod hit the tonsils at the back of my mouth, and I knew he was about to force its massive girth down my throat."

I'm not sure if this is better, or more descriptive, but it does seem to me to more accurately state the step-by-step description of just how a cock travels as a person takes it from lips to esophagus.

A picture in my head, so to speak, looks like this: The cock, traveling from lips to pallet to pharynx to throat and finally to gullet, or rather, esophagus, that is, the back of the throat.

If you agree or disagree, I would love feedback regarding this concept.


II) Regarding grammatically incorrect statements:

I keep seeing lines like these in stories I read, and again, please don't take offense, it is not just here in Literotica, but everywhere in today's English grammar.

Hell, I even saw one like it in a Bible verse. It was a modern translation, so it was most likely the translator who was at fault. Therefore, no one is perfect. The lines go like this:

My wife is an innocent exhibitionist from long back that enjoys going braless to tease and fluster...

She talked to some of the men that had seen her virtually naked in the pool today, as well as the ones that spied on her having sex last night.

"He's just a dirty old man that likes young tits just like yours. "

"Why Mom, you look beautiful, there is no other woman that could compare with you"

Each line seems okay and probably reads fine to most people, but it is just that each line uses the word "that" to refer to the subject of the sentence.

All of us know that my wife is not a "that", but rather, a "who", as are the men "who" had seen her virtually naked. And the dirty old man is really a person "who" likes young tits.

Finally, there can be no other woman "who", rather than "that", can compare with Mom. It is a simple matter of remembering just who or what you are talking about in your sentences.

If it is a person, then it is "who". A thing, then it is "that".


III) Regarding incorrectly used words:

I have seen the following words used consistently enough that I thought I should comment. They are not words I necessarily consider misspelled, but rather misused.

I would rather not get into misspelled words here because that would be entirely too nitpicking, and everyone has issues with that problem, including me.

The words I am about to list here are words I've seen used on this site simply because authors have mixed up the spelling of one word for another. I thought I would try to help out some. starring vs. staring:

starring- when an actor plays a part, he is starring in that role. staring -- when a person glares at another without stopping, he is staring at him/her.

shuttered vs. shuddered

shuttered -- he locked the doors and shuttered the windows in preparation for the upcoming storm. shuddered -- he shuddered at the thought of being alone in the creepy, old house.

surreal vs. unreal -

My reasons for including these two words is purely subjective. I have seen and heard the word "surreal" used here on this site and in movies and on television so often in recent years, that I am about to go out of my mind.

For some reason, surreal has become the catch-phrase of the 21st century, so much so that I wish it would just go away! There is nothing special about the word, and it holds no particularly novel meaning.

I have just been seeing it pop up in so many stories and movies lately. I was sort of hoping I could ask people if they might start using the old-fashioned word "unreal" again, and maybe start a trend back to originality.

There are other words as well. Words like imaginary, fanciful, fantastic, illusory, delusory, deceptive, phantasmal, phantasmagorical, imagined, all in the mind, and incorporeal, to name a few.

For example, the sentence:

"Lisa had never been in such a surreal situation." could be rewritten as "Lisa could never have imagined herself to have been caught up in such a fantastic situation. The whole thing boggles the mind."

Yes, it would take some effort on our parts to be more creative than to just jot down any thought that comes to mind and then not do a creative rewrite, and yes, I also know this is only a sex site, but hey, nothing says that we can't try to attain some sort of literary heights here, eh?

I'm just saying, if you happen to find yourself writing a story here and you feel yourself using a line including that word, see if you maybe can't find some more creative way to express your intent. Anyway, again, just a thought.


IV) Panties and Garter Belts

And finally, for those of you writing scenes where you find yourself dressing up fine ladies, or in my case, transvestites, in nylons, garter belts and panties, the panties go on last.

Throughout history, this has always been the case because dire emergencies seem always to arise which require the swift removal of the panties .

Because of this, the panties need to be able to be removed first, without having to worry about undoing the bothersome stays and clips of the garter straps.

Such emergencies include times when the wearer, in cases of urinary distress, needs to find it easy to quickly lower the briefs in order to relieve herself once finally in the restroom, after having waited 7-10 hours to finally find a privy.

And then, during any seduction scene, the guy or girl molesting our lady or drag queen really doesn't want to feel he or she need rip off every single item of clothing just to get to her nether hole for that quick janitor closet fuck during school hours.

All he or she need do is lift the dress and slip the panties down (or move them to the side) and slide either a cock, finger or dildo in.

Being able to remove the panties from a properly dressed lady or transvestite wearing garters and stockings and keeping them as a trophy, leaving her completely naked beneath her dress, is quite a humiliating and yet exciting experience for most transvestites, and another thrilling literary treat for the rest of us


That is all, for the moment. I hope I have helped some and not offended too many others as I meant no umbrage.

I have been experiencing a bit of a writers block with my stories. I have come up with some outlines and some material to use to help guide me in the direction I want to take the stories, but I am still having difficulty writing them out.

Putting out this how-to article hopefully will not only assist others but will also help get me a step closer to writing more on my stories.

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