tagSci-Fi & FantasyTiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 02

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 02


Harry made the call and signed up for the research project. What else could he do? He'd lost his girlfriend and was basically afraid to begin another relationship because of his abnormality. When he read about his problem first in a scientific magazine and then later in a newspaper he knew he had to get involved, if just to get someone to listen to how he feels.

His initial call was a bit odd, with the woman on the phone interviewing him asking such intimate questions and then actually responding to them as if she was masturbating as they talked. Harry could have sworn he heard her come while they talked, but she did get the necessary information from him and when he did visit the center they got right down to business.

After he filled out some papers, signed a handful of releases and reviewed the different research options he was whisked into a complete physical. It was there he confirmed for the doctors that while he did continue to use his penis for urination, it no longer responded to any sexual stimuli. The physical lasted a bit over two hours and then he was told to relax in a small room.

Harry sat down on a chair that was quite comfortable, there was a television in the room but not much else. He looked around for the remote control but couldn't find it anywhere. After a while he got bored enough to see if he could get the TV on without the remote. Just as he was standing to check out the TV an attractive woman stepped in.


"Yes," he replied, sitting back down in the chair.

"I'm Tiffany, I talked to you on the phone when you first called."

"You are the one who first interviewed me?"

She nodded.

"It was an odd interview," Harry replied.

"The questions I have to ask are pretty personal, and considering what is happening here it does get a little intense sometimes."

"It did seem that way, tell me, did you..."

"Shhh, let's just keep that our little secret."

Harry felt a familiar tingling in his toe and suddenly his shoe felt very tight. "Do you mind if I take off my shoe?"

"Okay, but I'm not just here to meet you, there's something else."

"What's that?" he asked, pulling off his shoe and sock.

Tiffany seemed to gasp as his sock slipped off his fully erect toe. She took a couple of breaths and then said, "Well, I need to see if all sexual arousal has transferred to your toe."

"How do you do that?"

"Hmmm, tell me, do you enjoy blowjobs?"

"Yeah, I always did," Harry replied, feeling a throbbing in his toe.

"Okay, but I need you to keep your foot away from me when..."

"Oh you mean you want to suck my penis?"

"Penis is so clinical, let's call it a cock, okay?"

Harry nodded and then opened his legs as Tiffany settled down in front of him. She reached up, unbuckled his pants and gently slipped the flaccid cock out. Pushing her face tight in between his legs, she sucked the full length of him into her mouth. Sucking hard, she moved her head up and down, but no matter how hard she worked, she simply couldn't get his cock to respond. Finally, giving up she let his cock slip out of her mouth and looked him directly in the eyes.


Harry shook his head, "No."

"Okay, I'll need to go write up a report, but..." her fingers slipped down his right leg and gently wrapped around his erect big toe. She slowly began stroking it, moving her hand in a circular motion while sliding it up and down his toe.

It had been some time since his girlfriend left, so Harry was already feeling the pressure building in the ball of his foot. He leaned back in the chair moving his foot up and down in unison with her hand. Oddly, as Harry was responding to the intense pleasure shooting up his toe, he noticed that while Tiffany stroked him with one hand, her other hand was tucked under her skirt and inside her panties.

Harry felt her stroking him faster as he watched her begin to pump her hips up and down as she diddled her own clit. Seeing all this and feeling her hand moving up and down his toe, Harry couldn't hold out any longer. He pressed his leg out straight, moaned loudly and came as his cum suddenly spurted out of his toe!

Tiffany leaned her face forward, letting the white, sticky cum splash on her as she lifted her hips and apparently came. Harry wasn't entirely sure, but the way her body suddenly relaxed with a gasp, it looked like she had an orgasm.

"Oh fuck Harry, that was so fucking sexy you coming all over my face," she exclaimed, still holding his toe.

"Damn, I've never come like that before."

"What do you mean?"

"Before, since all this with my toe, when I was with my girlfriend, she always came, but I never did. And I never ejaculated from my toe before, not like that," he said.

"Well Harry, we weren't really supposed to test that out yet, but now that we did I think we can continue with the tests. You need to go home tonight and get plenty of rest, tomorrow we'll take another step."

"And what is that?"

"Harry, have you ever had a proper toejob?"

"A toejob?"

"Yes Harry, it's just like it sounds, not a blowjob, a toejob."

"You mean..."

"Yes Harry I mean. Now get your shoes back on and get on home."

Harry quickly pulled his socks and shoes back on, then zipped up his pants and fastened his belt as Tiffany watched. He stood up and held out his hand to shake but Tiffany leaned forward and kissed him on the lips. She then pulled away and said, "I'll see you tomorrow."

They walked out of the room and down a long corridor to the main entrance without speaking a word, Harry nodded to Tiffany and then opened the door. As he was passing through he heard Tiffany say, "Oh Harry, keep in mind, I always swallow."

Harry felt an immediate tingling in his toe and then he felt the pain as his shoe suddenly felt tight. He worked his way out to his car and looked back. She was smiling, obviously enjoying how he had limped out to the car. He gave her a quick wave and then climbed inside. Harry had to wait for several minutes before he dared to try to drive the car.

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