tagSci-Fi & FantasyTiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 03

Tiptoeing - A Genetic Mutation Ch. 03


Harry arrived early at the research center hoping to see Tiffany and pick up where they left off from the night before. He had been concerned all the scientific investigations around his abnormality would consist of prodding, poking and giving samples of blood, but his afternoon session with Tiffany was very different from anything he expected. Unfortunately he wasn't scheduled to see Tiffany so he was directed to wait in the main lobby until the investigators were ready for him.

Finding a comfortable looking chair, Harry sat down and grabbed one of the many magazines spread out on the table in front of him. By the time he turned through several pages he had already caught himself nodding off several times so he simply tossed the magazine back onto the table, rested his head on his hand and closed his eyes. Listening to the music piped into the lobby he drifted to sleep listening to Tracy Chapman singings "Cold Feet." The lyrics, "When he'd go to sleep he'd sleep alone with his cold feet, cold cold cold cold feet," seemed so fitting for him.

Suddenly he found himself in a restaurant sitting across from his ex-girlfriend Connie surrounded by tables of only couples. They all had food on the table, but none of the couples were eating. Harry looked over at a couple at a nearby table and since none of the glass tables had table cloths he could see everything that was happening under the table. The woman in a short skirt had her legs spread wide open and her lover, sitting across from her, had his foot resting on her chair with his foot tucked up between her legs.

Harry watched as the man moved his leg back and forth and the woman responded by moving her hips in unison. She had a firm grip on the table and Harry could see her arm muscles flexing as she was obviously about to have an orgasm. Her face was contorting with pleasure and suddenly she closed her eyes, moaned loudly and pushed herself forward in the chair. The woman suddenly relaxed, gasping for breath, while her lover then moaned and straightened his leg, pushing his foot further under her dress.

In a few moments Harry noticed the man pull his foot from under her skirt. The big toe glistened in wetness and had a tiny bit of white fluid dripping from a hole in the end of it. Looking to another table he noticed something similar as a woman moaned loudly, pumping her hips back and forth in her chair. Glancing from table to table he saw all the couples were doing it, the women, all apparently without panties were being fucked by their lover's big toes.

Excited by all the sex happening around him, Harry pulled off his shoe and then slowly worked his right foot, with a fully erect big toe, up between Connie's legs. He felt the soft skin of her thighs as he moved closer and closer to her pussy. His toe finally reached her and happily she wasn't wearing any panties. Slowly working his toe back and forth he worked his way until he for feel her wetness as she opened to him.

"What are you doing you pervert," she screamed, standing up at the table. "Harry Topher," she screamed, "Harry Topher..."

"Harry Topher?" he heard and he shook his head, wondering what was happening. "Harry Topher? I'm sorry to wake you, but the researchers are ready to see you now."

"Oh, okay. Can you give me a few moments?" he asked.

"Certainly, just let the receptionist know when you are ready."

Harry sat up in the chair and waited until the throbbing tightness in his shoe subsided. He relaxed a moment listening to an old Monkees song. Wondering which song it was, the lyrics quickly answered his question, "I'll be back upon my feet..." Humming the song, he stood up and walked over to the receptionist. "I'm ready I guess."

The receptionist smiled and said, "Just go through that first door there, it's locked but I'll buzz you through."

Harry walked to the door and then glanced back to the receptionist. He heard a buzzing and then noticed her nodding her head so he turned the knob and opened the door. Immediately blinded by a bright light, he lifted his hand to shade his eyes and then stepped into the entirely white room.

It took a few moments for his eyes to adjust to the bright light, but when he could see again he walked over to the first desk and said, "I'm Harry Topher, I'm here for some testing."

"Yes, Mr. Topher, please step into that room over there, take off your clothes and put on one of the gowns, they tie in the back."

Nodding, Harry stepped into the room, quickly undressed and then pulled on the gown, carefully tying it in the back. Noticing some lockers with a sign saying: Patient's Clothing, he opened the door and hung up his clothes. He then locked the door and pulled out the key, which had a long strap attached to it. Slipping the strap over his head he let the key dangle to his chest. Then he stepped through the door and returned to the lady at the desk.

"You ready? Well, just follow me."

Harry nodded and then followed the woman, ignoring the cool breeze he felt behind him as he walked. She opened a door and he stepped into a large laboratory.

"Just sit down on that table there, they will get started shortly."

"How long should all this take?" he asked.

"A few hours at the most, I think," she replied.

Harry hopped up on the table and felt the cold shoot through him. Reaching behind himself he realized that, although he had tied the gown, there was a wide gap in the fabric leaving his back and ass exposed.

"Good morning Mr. Topher," he heard crackling from a nearby speaker. "If you would simply lie back on the table we can get started."

What followed was no less than six hours of prodding, poking, stroking, zapping, flapping and whatever else they could do to a body. At times the things they did caused excruciating pain, at other times it felt quite good. When they finally advised him they were finished he was exhausted. Apparently understanding his condition he was instructed to remain on the table until someone came to get him.

He might have drifted off to sleep, but the next thing he noticed was a warm, wet feeling sliding along the length of his big toe. Looking down, he saw Tiffany there running her tongue over it, coaxing it to become erect. Holding his head up with his hands, Harry watched her hungrily take his toe into her mouth. Her cheeks pulled inward with the suction as she bobbed her head up and down the long length of his toe.

In a few moments he felt her fingers gently caressing the balls of his feet as the waves of pleasure rolled over the head of his big toe. Harry could hear the loud slurping sounds as she worked her mouth over him first sucking just the head and then diving down and taking nearly his entire throbbing toe into her mouth. Oh he wanted to savor this feeling slowly but the sensations were simply too intense.

He moaned loudly, lifted his leg and pushed his toe deep into her mouth and came, spurting his hot cum into her mouth again and again. She swallowed several times and then pulled her head away, letting a tiny bit of cum dribble down her chin and onto his other toes. As he closed his eyes, he felt her lick his other toes, cleaning the cum off of them.

Harry then felt her climb up on the table and straddle his other foot. She immediately began grinding her pussy against her toes, moaning loudly. It took her just a few moments before she came, flooding his toes with her wetness. She then climbed off the table and asked, "Well, how did you like the toe job?"

"Oh it was incredible, but what was that at the end?"

"Just my own personal variation, I hope you didn't mind."

"Oh no, it was great," Harry replied.

Harry felt her gently take hold of his, now flaccid toe as she asked, "Well you able to walk okay with this guy?"

"Not if you keep playing with it, it will get hard again."

"Well, that might be nice, but you've got another big day tomorrow and you need to get some rest. Here, let me help you up."

Harry spun and sat up on the table and then hopped down onto the floor. Feeling a bit unsteady he grabbed the table and paused.

"Let me take your arm and help you," Tiffany said, taking his arm and pulling him toward the door. She led him out of the lab and back to where his clothes were. As he slipped through the door she whispered, "You know I simply adore your big toe, but you have a nice ass too."

Not sure exactly what she was talking about he looked at her strangely until she moved her hand and slapped his naked ass. "Oh my, I guess I need to tie this a bit tighter next time."

"Oh I don't know, I think the ladies here might have enjoyed your fashion show. Are you okay to get dressed?"

"Yes, I should be fine now," he said, stepping into the dressing room and closing the door behind him.

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