tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTire Changing Fun

Tire Changing Fun


It had been an incredibly long day at work and I climbed in my car to drive home thinking that there really was nothing that could make this day any better. But to really understand how great my day was about to get, you need to know a little about how shitty this day really was before my "fun". My boss had kept piling paper work on my desk and there was absolutely no way that I could possibly make any headway when the stack just seemed to get larger and larger. I'd pull one file down, enter the data and somehow, four more files would appear to fill that space. Finally, after an eight hour day of entering the most tedious and, well, excuse the language, fucking boring as shit, numbers into that god-for-saken computer, I was free.

I loosened my tie and headed downstairs to my car just to find a parking ticket on it. Ripping it open, I screamed FUCK! at the top of my lungs and throw it in the window, that for some reason, was open and it had rained today. "What the fuck?" I exclaimed as I finally decided to get in the car and attempt to drive home but not just yet, it couldn't be that easy, could it? When I looked into the center console and noticed that both my cell phone and iPod had been stolen, again. This day couldn't get any fucking worse, I thought, but again, I was fucking wrong. My co-worker backed into my car as I just got into my car and slammed my head into the dashboard. Bleeding, I finally said fuck it, and backed my car out and just tried to drive home. That's when things got a lot better, quick.

I got on the freeway and was just minding my own business when I noticed something interesting on the side of the road. Three cars were pulled over, one behind the other and I figured that someone had blown a tire and people were actually being nice, for a change, and trying to help the woman to change it. And that's when I noticed her.

Holy god was she hot. Sitting there on the guard wear wearing nothing but a smile and a dildo in her pussy and I was floored. I immediately pulled over and thought, I need to get a closer look at the pussy, now. My cock was already stiffening when I thought, Isn't this just a little odd? On the worst day that I could possibly have, I've been sent this goddess, masturbating for me (ok, a crowd was there watching too), which is just about my favorite thing in the world to watch? I got out and walked over to her slowly, intently. My cock poking what felt like a hole in my pants, I started to rub her feet while she pumped that large, black dildo into her pussy like it was meant to be there.

As I watched this forty-something woman pumping her pussy hard with that cock I couldn't help but think what that thing tasted like so, being the horny little college boy that I am, I pulled the cock out of her and went down on her right there. As my tongue caressed her slit slowly, carefully my fingers started pumping into her juicy pussy making her start to buck and scream. I look up and can see her grabbing on her supple 32C tits and she locks eyes with me, her top lip starting to curl as she cums wildly on my tongue. Without saying a word, I get up, unzip my pants and plunge balls deep into her soaking wet pussy. I push her back violently as I grab her tits and start to fuck her so deep that she can feel my cock pushing on her stomach as her tits slap her face. I motion to the other motorists to come over and get a hot piece of this ass.

As the other three guys came over, she eagerly moved on top of me as she rode to give another guy enough room for her ass to get filled and John, a 6'5, 225 pound monster with an 8 inch shaft entered her ass. She screamed that she was going to cum but I looked up at her, locking eyes and said, you cum and we stop fucking you. And through her grunts, she finally got out, oh, oh, oh, oh ok. Mike came around to her front and shoved a cock in her moaning mouth and I could hear her starting to choke on it as she swallowed it whole. He grabbed the back of her head and started fucking her hot face, her hair flying around almost as much as she was. She was pumping up and down on my cock, choking on Mike, and nearly getting impailed by John while Bill sat to the side, stroking his cock, waiting to get in on it. John started getting to the point of no return and with three long, hard thrusts he filled her ass with a huge amount of cum which also made Mike want to cum too and he shot his load deep down her throat. I was getting close to cumming myself but I couldn't just yet, she needed my cum spewed all over her. Bill saw an opening as I pulled her off my cock and shoved himself into her pussy hard and fast and started fucking that pussy so hard that even I was hurting as I started to jack off all over her face. Finally, my cock spewed hard and fast, covering her face, back, and ass in my beautiful, white cum. I was fucking spent but I needed some more of her and I moved around to her ass and inserted myself into the cum from the previous man that had been there. Finally, I whispered to her, cum for me baby and just as I said that, she came so hard that she couldn't move afterwards. I pulled out of her ass and Bill out of her cunt and we left her there, dripping wet, wanting more and wondering if that tire ever got changed.

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