tagIncest/TabooTire Town

Tire Town

byMy desyre©

"Oh, this is just great!" She exclaimed as she stared at the screw sticking out of her tire. "I just want to go home. Is that so much to ask?" Work had been rough and all Mary wanted to do was go home, get her clothes off and relax in the tub. She had visions of it all day. Her kids and husband would not be home tonight and she just knew it would be the perfect time to try out the new toy she bought herself. Because she was thinking about it, just about all day; she could feel the moistness between her legs. Now this. Now she had to drive to 'Tire Town' to see if it could be fixed. Oh well, her plan would just have to wait. As she climbed into her car she made a quick wish that she could make it all the way there without the tire going flat. With that she was off.

The drive there was a quiet one. She listened the entire time for bumping sounds. As she pulled in she breathed a quick sigh of relief. It could go flat all it wanted now. She got out and grabbed her purse heading into the shop.

Now, Trey, the man who ran 'Tire Town' got an eye full when he looked up to see the customer walking in. She was tall, especially with the three inch black pumps that graced her feet and accented her shapely calves and what he could see of her thighs. The black skirt was by no means short, but the slit over her left thigh left just enough to the imagination. The tank top she wore was blood red and hugged tight to very large, firm breasts. He could not help but notice that her nipples were straining against the fabric. "She must not be wearing a bra" he thought. Trey could not help but stare. The color of her lips matched her shirt to a tee. Both deep crimson, and as she fumbled through her purse he caught a glimpse of long deep red fingernails. His eyes moved up her face and caught these intense eyes that seemed to never end, and spoke directly to him that she wanted to be taken in the worst way. Maybe it was just his imagination. Her hair was pulled back into a messy bun and tendrils fell all around her face. Her hair looked dark auburn with blonde mixed in it. She was a sight, and as he glanced back through the window into the actual shop he saw all of his guys had noticed too. They had all stopped what they were doing and were watching her sway across the floor to the counter.

"Hello." She said as she set her purse up on the counter and looked at Trey's face. It took him a moment but he smiled at her and somehow found the composure to do his job. "What can I help you with today?" She looked back at the car.

"I've picked up a screw in my front left tire." She said turning back to him. Mary was not oblivious to her looks in anyway and it made her smile as she looked through the window into the garage to see all eyes on her. She smiled a sweet smile and turned her attention back to Trey. He pulled out some paperwork and took the necessary information then took the keys from her outstretched hand. The red nails had to be at least two inches in length, and added something to her hands that he could not quite put his finger on. He took the keys and headed out to the car, pulling into the shop. As he got out, he was bombarded with questions and comments.

"Did you see those tits? Damn." This from Johnny one of the tire specialists. "I'd love to get my hands on those."

"Is she married? Did she have a ring on?" This question came from Tony. He was a large African American man who had transferred to 'Tire Town' from a sister garage. He was the hopeless romantic, which the other guys made fun of. Last but not least there was Stephen, the youngest of the crew who had just started there a few weeks ago. The guys called him spoiled, because it was more then obvious that he came from money and did not need this job. He was however, a good worker and seemed to know his way around under the hood. Stephen said nothing, only stood there gaping wide-eyed.

"Get your tongue in your mouth, she is way too old for you." Trey smiled and slapped Stephen's shoulder. "Now I know that she is pretty but we need to get her tire fixed too." He motioned to the car. "There's a screw in the front left tire. Johnny, you shall have the honor." He nodded and with one more glimpse at the woman he set to work. As Trey moved back into the reception area he smiled at Mary and said,

"It should not be too long. We'll patch it up and have it ready in about fifteen minutes." Mary smiled and leaned over the counter a bit as if she were going to whisper something to him.

"Next time you are all going to talk about a woman's tits, make sure the door is all the way closed." She smiled devilishly and winked at him turning to take a seat. Trey's face turned about three shades of red, and then he made himself busy with paperwork on the desk.

Mary did not expect to have the reaction she did. She saw all those men looking at her, and it excited something low in her body. She was more then used to having eyes on her, but today was different. Today she could almost taste the lust in their eyes. It made her horny, and she started to think about possibilities. Things that she could do. She began to wonder if she aroused them. Then the thought of four hard cocks made her temperature rise. As she was sitting there mindlessly watching some news show she could feel the line of her thong rubbing against her pussy lips. Her hard nipples were also rubbing against the soft fabric of her shirt. God she was hot. She blushed and picked up a magazine to fan herself a bit with. Her eyes turned from the T.V. set to the men working in the garage. Watching their muscles strain under their shirts, and the way their pants tightened when they bent over. She cleared her throat and crossed her legs dragging her eyes back to the T.V. This went on for the next twenty minutes or so. Her eyes would move to the men, then she would drag them back to the television set. Finally she could take no more. She walked up to Trey, and smiled.

"Is it almost ready?" She said, not trying to keep the low purr out of her voice. He looked back through the window and nodded.

"Yeah, come on back and I'll show you what we did."

She followed him through the door and was met with those same hungry eyes that she had been watching from her seat. They walked to her car and she took a moment to make eye contact with everyone of them. She paid special attention to a tall young man in the corner who could not have hidden his erection if he tried. He had dark black hair and a long, strong frame. His dark eyes watched every move she made. It made the insides of her pussy clench. Trey popped the hood and she looked a little confused.

"Your spark plugs were getting kind of old so we replaced them. No charge of course." She looked at him and furrowed her eyebrows a bit. He smiled and leaned in a little closer to her.

" It was the least we could do after our earlier 'running of the mouth'." She smiled and took the opportunity to bend mover and lean her elbows onto the frame of her car. To the two guys behind her, she gave a hell of a show. The skirt hiked up in the back, and Tony and Johnny could both see the inward curve of her thigh and how the material formed to her tight little ass. Johnny smacked Tony and pointed.

"Damn" He whispered. "I want to touch..." Tony smiled and shook his head.

"Only in your wildest dreams." Tony spoke and moved ahead slowly to put away some of the tools he had in his hands. Tony stood about 6'4" and weighed about three hundred pounds. Not and ounce of it was fat. He was an imposing sight as he moved forward, but as Mary looked back at him all she could think was "I wonder if that cock is as big as the rest of him." She turned slowly as Trey was still talking about something and focused her attention on Johnny. He was the shortest of all of them, but had a very athletic build. She could see just by looking at him that he could have amazing stamina. Just what she needed.

"There is no charge for any of this." Trey's words brought her back to his face. He was taller then her but not by much and had dark red hair and a goatee to match. He was thinner then the rest of them, but there was strength under his button down blue dress shirt.

"No charge?" Mary spoke out a little louder then necessary. "Well I simply cannot leave here without giving you guys something. Her hand moved along the hem of her shirt. She pulled it up just a bit to expose a bit of creamy flesh. "Certainly there must be something I can do." She pulled it up just a bit more, and watched every man's eyes on her hand. Not a single man moved. It was as if they were frozen in the spot where they stood.

"We're not afraid of little ole me, are you boys?" Still they stood like a deer caught in headlights. Her eyes moved to Trey and slid down his body. His cock was hard and pressing into his khaki pants. Her hand slowly slid out and down and, grasping hold of him through his pants, she ran her fingers down the length of his shaft. Damn he was wide. Her eyes moved up to his as she stepped into him.

"Mmmm" She moaned gently, "Just like I like it. Hard and thick." Her eyes then moved to Johnny by the large door. He was adjusting his own cock in his pants. "Come here and let me do that." She purred in his direction. He smiled that smile that men get when their egos are stroked. He moved forward and soon both of her hands were stroking two hard cocks as their owners moaned in pleasure.

" You can touch me too you know." She moved her hands away from them just a moment and lifted her shirt up over her tits. They fell out and jiggled softly with the motion. They were large and firm, the nipples were dark pink and so very hard. They stuck out over the dark brown of her areola. Johnny could not help himself. Both hands moved and gingerly stroked her tits. His grimy hands squeezed and pushed them together. She moaned gently and took a quick breath when his finger and thumb pinched down on her nipples. She looked at him, and smiled. He twisted them hard and fast and she moaned, her knees growing weak.

"Ah, she likes a little pain with her pleasure." Trey spoke, his voice a little lower. He did not need any urging. He had wanted to touch her since she stepped out of the car. Trey's hand moved slowly to the slit in her skirt and touched her thigh softly. His hand moved upward sliding up the slit in her skirt higher and higher. His hand then met with the line of her thong.

"Mmmmm silky." He whispered as he slid his fingertips up along the line of it. They slid under and Mary's head tossed back quickly as his hands touched her sensitive pelvis.

"Oh and you're all shaved just ready to be licked and fucked aren't you?" He whispered so softly into her ear she wondered if the other man had heard it. He must have because his right hand moved from her tit to hike up her skirt around her waist. Trey's hand moved as Johnny's hands slid up her skirt. Mary moaned and placed both hands back on the frame of her car.

"Let's just see this shaved little pussy shall we?" He grabbed the two strings of the sides of her thong and pulled them down hard and fast. They were at her ankles and she stepped out of them. Trey's hands moved ever so gently and pulled her away from the car. He put down the hood and leaned against it between her and the car. He held out his arms and pulled her back to him. His hands slid over her waist and up her sides, then to her big tits. Mary loved the feel of his hands on her tits with the front of his body was pressed into her back. She could feel the hard shaft of his cock pressing into her ass cheeks. She moaned and her breathing increased as his hands moved over her tits. He rubbed his palms against her nipples then pinched at them rolling them between his thumb and forefinger. Johnny's fingers were prodding her pussy lips. He opened them wide and closed them tight. Her eyes moved to him just as his lips moved her pussy. His tongue lashed at her, slashing between her lips and finding her swollen clit. She screamed out and widened her legs for him. He lashed at her with his tongue bring her more and more pleasure. Trey's hands tightened on her tits with her moans and his cock pressed even tighter against her ass. He was rubbing it against her. His fingers were assaulting her nipples and Johnny's tongue and lips were licking and sucking at her pussy. Her moaning grew louder and louder and just as she was about to cum, he stopped. He stood and growled at her.

"Not just yet. I want my dick shoved in that pussy when you cum. I want to feel it run all over me." He looked to the man behind her, and nodded a bit.

"Think she has ever been sandwiched?" Trey laughed a low masculine laugh into her ear.

"What about it baby? Ever had a cock in your ass and a cock in your pussy." Truth be told, she had almost done it once but she chickened out. Right now she did not care. She wanted as many dicks inside her as she could fit.

"No." She whispered "But I'm up for just about anything. "

It seemed like in seconds they were both undressed and Trey had lain back onto the hood of her Jeep. She had lost the skirt but kept the heels for leverage. Her pussy was dripping with her juices as she climbed up on top of Trey. She turned to face Johnny and lowered herself onto Trey's cock, just like Johnny had said to do. As his cock slid into her pussy her eyes closed and she moaned as his thick cock moved inside her. She got him nice and wet, then slid off and with the help of Trey's hands guiding her, she slid down onto his dick with her ass. She yelped in pain, and then moaned like a whore as he slid all the way home. She leaned her hands back onto the hood of the car, and placed her legs on the outside of Trey's thighs. Johnny stood up on the bumper, and Trey moved them both down to meet him. The head of Johnny's cock bumped her lips, then he grabbed her hips and thrust forward, he was surprisingly gentle as he slid his long cock deep inside her. Mary moaned and squirmed trying to adjust to the feel, and as she was squirming they both began to pump her soft and slow. She was being rubbed in places she had only dreamed about. She moaned and groaned as they both found a rhythm and began to fuck her slow and deep. Trey's hands slid up and found her tits, she relaxed a bit back into him. His hands moved over her nipples pinching them and stretching them out as far as they would go, then dropping them. His hands would also moved to her hips and hold onto her as his cock went deeper and deeper into her ass. Johnny picked up the pace a bit in her pussy, and she could feel herself building all over again.

"Please don't stop. Please. It feels so good, and I want to cum all over you. Please fuck me just like that till I cum." Johnny strained and grabbed her hips. His cock was pushing into her and pulling out faster and faster. He was getting close. She smiled and licked her lips.

"Ohh yeah, just like that. Fuck my hot little pussy. I want to feel you shoot all over the inside of it." She moaned and clenched her pussy around his cock. As the first scream left his lips she released and let his big fat dick pump her harder and harder. As his cum was spraying inside her, she came harshly on him, her pussy tightening more and more with each scream and wave of climax. Johnny finished and pulled himself from her, almost falling off of the bumper. His legs were just a little weak. He laughed,

"I wasn't ready to cum yet. I didn't think you would be so dirty. Damn." All of that was enough to send Trey over the edge. He grabbed Mary's ass cheeks and lifted her off of him setting back down with his cock buried deep into the warmth of her pussy.

"Bounce on me. Please, I'm so close." His voice was strained. Mary found her footing and bounced hard up and down on his cock. She laid her hands on his thighs.

"Like this? Is this good?" Her hips lifted then slammed back down on him. She moaned loudly, her breathing matching it as she bounced on his cock.

"Oh yeah, baby. Just like that. Mmmm yeah I'm so close." Her eyes moved to Tony who was standing off to the side. She eyed the large piece of meat in his hands. His big long cock was just waiting for its turn. He stroked himself while he watched and he seemed to be enjoying the show. Her eyes then sought out the other man; the young one who had been in the corner. He had moved closer as well to the other side. He also had his hard cock out stroking it. His eyes were fixated on her bouncing tits. He made eye contact and smiled sheepishly. Trey grabbed her hips and forced himself within her. His screams and groans echoed in the garage walls much like Johnny's did. He fucked up into her, spraying his load deep inside her. She could not help but cum again. She was fucking a stranger while two other strangers watched. She screamed again, her pussy releasing all over Trey's cock. Trey relaxed back against the car and slapped her ass as she moved to stand up.

"Damn babe. I mean DAMN!" She stood pulling her pussy off of him and looked back at him smiling her most innocent smile. He laughed as he sat up.

"You can't fool me now. Sweet and innocent, my ass." She slowly made her way down to the floor. She tested her legs and they held up surprisingly well. She lifted her head and her eyes met with Tony and lust filled her all over again. Her eyes then moved to the other one; Steve. He; she knew very well. He shared the same house with her for over nineteen years. Now she was about to show him just how much of a slut his Mommy could be.

This is but part one of two...

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