tagExhibitionist & Voyeur'Tis Better to Give AND Receive

'Tis Better to Give AND Receive


I finished setting up dinner in the living room with candles, pillows and soft music. I stretched out on my couch to await Al, who I had been going out with for several weeks. Al had the ability to make every part of me feel so incredibly and insatiably sexy and irresistible. The way he looked at me, touched me and kissed me drove me totally wild for him. I had so much fun with him. I loved it when I could get him so heated up that he couldn't help but lose all control with me. I remembered when I had finally gotten him to tell me his hottest fantasy: to come across a hot girl on the beach and fuck her right there on the spot. I loved getting him to tell me more of his desires and lusts when we touched and played together.

I hoped that what I had planned for him would exceed his wildest dreams. I wanted it to be his hottest night ever. My outfit was a sheer, light blue, low-cut, blouse and a sheer, pearl white, knee length skirt. No bra or panties. And barefoot. I wanted him to be completely overcome with raw, burning, male lust for me the moment he walked through my door.

I couldn't help but become more and more aroused from anticipation as I laid on my couch. I imagined him atop me as I caressed my pantiless mound and watched my nipples harden with desire through my blouse. I could almost feel his thrusting weight above me.

Then he knocked. I jumped up and straightened myself. My heart all but leaped from me. I opened the door and there he was. His eyes popped as he saw me. He wrapped his arms around me and we kissed. Our mouths conformed passionately and hungrily. His hands slowly slid down my back and squeezed my softly veiled buns, pulling my hips firmly against his as we kissed. I loved it.

He stepped back to look at me. "Do you know what you do to me?" he asked. "I have an idea," I answered beaming as I kissed him again and reached down and lightly squeezed his pants.

I escorted him to our dinner. We sat on the floor on pillows against the front of the couch, with the coffee table set before us. But we hadn't kissed enough. Our mouths met again and roamed sensuously as our hands slowly caressed, rediscovering each other. He squeezed my aroused breasts as his kisses covered my face and neck and shoulders. I lightly thumbed the length of his trapped, stiff cock as we necked. I knew it would be difficult for us to make it through dinner.

Breaking from our kissing I served us and we ate. I lasted about two-thirds through dinner before I couldn't wait any longer. I touched my mouth to his as my hand slid up his thigh and slowly unzipped him. I freed his marvelous flesh.

"Don't let me disturb your dinner," I said coyly as I tucked my cheek against his shoulder. My eyes devoured his full, long, cock hardened for me. I slid my fingers down his shaft adoringly, coating it with his slippery precum. I wanted it in me right then. I desired its distinct rim, and loved how it felt in my hand. My cunt literally felt it pounding into me already. I went down and took him in my mouth for a nice long taste, and ending with a playful kiss to its tip.

He snuggled up to me and buried his face into my neck. He brushed a hand across an aroused nipple on its way to my legs. With his palm sliding up between my legs he felt my intense, wet desire for him. He slowly laid me back as I opened my legs further.

"Just what's on your mind, Al?" I asked as I undid his belt and played with his balls and cock.

"Giving a girl what she wants," he said as he pulled my blouse up over my head, fully exposing my breasts for him.

I wrapped my arms around him and combed my fingers through his slightly curly hair as he laid over me. I inhaled as his tip penetrated me and stroked the length of my burning channel. I slid my hands up under his shirt and caressed his hairy chest as he pleasured me. I lifted his shirt up over his able shoulders, then slid my hands down his back and under his pants and squeezed his tight, thrusting buns.

"You like it like this, don't you?" he said, stroking me.

"Uh, huh," I uttered, biting my lower lip. "I love it when you don't ask."

"I might just take you more often," he said.

"Talk is cheep," I taunted, puckering a kiss.

I held his shoulders and arms firmly and pushed them over to my side, letting him slip out of me. I laid him on his back and climbed atop him. With an open lipped, teasing smile I watched his face as I slowly slid my wet pussy down his firm tummy. I let my cunt take its time finding his tip. I stroked the underside of his cock with my heat a few times teasingly, then gave his tip a few pussy kisses as he squirmed hungrily. With a determined expression I slid down his shaft hard, watching his expression change from tortured to pleasured. I picked up the pace and ground him hard. I loved the intensity of his expression when I ground him. He cupped and played with his girl's aroused, nipples. I leaned forward so he could suck as I rode. His hands slid up and down my sides in time with my motion as he licked my tits.

"You like 'em, don't you?" I asked proudly.

"I'd suck them anywhere," he responded.

"I'm gonna go around braless, then."

"You'll have to suck me off constantly," he moaned, writhing from my cunt.

"I see us in a store," I said dreamily as I stroked him. "You look at me the way you do that makes me moisten. Then we dash to an empty aisle where you lift my blouse and suck. Oh, man. But then we'd wanna fuck. Where would we?"

"We'd run to the stockroom," he said. "I'd bend you over and shoot a hard quickie into your slutty pussy."

"As long as you drove me right home and fucked me right," I said smiling.

He smiled and brushed his thumbs across my nipples, making me do him all the faster and harder. After a few more strokes I pulled off him and slid down for some nice tasting treats. I bobbed up and down his length as his body squirmed and writhed beneath me.

"Ever wanna fuck two girls at once?" I asked between sucks.

"You're such a naughty girl tonight."

"You make me naughty," I said with some long, slutty licks curling around him.

"Come," I asked, kneeling upright and extending my hands. "Come to the kitchen for dessert."

"But—" he moaned with a horribly tortured expression.

"Before we get too hungry."

"Girl, you're lucky I don't throw you to the floor and fuck you right here."

"I know," I said smiling. "I love it!" I said kneeling before him with my hands extended. He finally stood up before me. I helped him off with his pants and socks as I kissed the side and tip of his stick playfully. He turned me around and unbuttoned my skirt and slipped it off me. I lead him by the hand to my kitchen.

"You're incredible," he said as I opened the refrigerator. He stood behind me and held me tightly, squeezing my breasts and pressing his slippery cock into my back. I retrieved the sliced peaches and ice cream from the fridge and served us.

"I can't believe how hard you make me. Such firm ass and tits. So hot, so ready, so tight, such a tease."

I smiled back and puckered a kiss for him. "And I'm having a blast, just so you know. Follow me."

I carried the bowls to my bedroom. He followed, cupping my buns before him as we went. I placed the bowls on the bed and lay onto my tummy and elbows. I opened my legs and took a bite of ice cream. He kneeled between my knees and licked my ass and bung for a few luscious minutes. Then he rubbed his tip up and down my ass until it worked through my bung. He stroked his full length into me. He moaned as he rammed steadily and firmly over and over. It's incredible how deep it felt in me.

"Show me what your naughtiest girls get," I slutted.

The bed rocked with each pounding thrust. Finally his able, magnificent dick turned to that rock-hard state just before a guy releases. He held is breath for a second then groaned and jerked as he shot hard and deep into my deserving ass. He pumped and pumped, filling me with his hot, slippery, pulsing cream. He reached forward and gripped my breasts as he squirted, clamping his entire body around me as he came deep in me. Finally he relaxed and pumped slowly again, letting me feel his pleasing rim stroke me. He collapsed atop me. The heat of his body felt good on my back and ass. "Thank you, I liked that very much," I said smiling as I took another bite.

"Wanna get your strength back?" I asked as I passed his dessert to him. He ate a few bites with his hot stick still in me. He finally rolled off me as I turned and kissed his cool, cream-coated lips. I petted his dick as he ate.

"I feel like I've been too greedy tonight," I said, pretending to feel badly. "I think after all this you deserve to have some real fun tonight."

"Real fun?!" he exclaimed. "Do you have any idea how hot your ass—"

"It's a warm, clear night," I said, interrupting him. "Let's go to the beach."


"Sure, but not to swim," I said with a sly grin.

"Really?" he asked eagerly.

I whispered into his ear, "Wanna fuck a girl on the beach tonight?"

He responded by setting aside his bowl and rolling me onto my back. He crawled down between my legs and scooped his cooled tongue deep into my pussy, taking my breath away. "The thought of you getting fucked on the beach makes me hornier than ever," he said.

I tried to sit up but he pushed me back down and drove his face deeper into my frisky muff. My body arched and my knees lifted as he continued relentlessly to pleasure me. My hands gripped the sheets and my entire body tightened in pleasure. My breathing quickened. He alternated between hard and soft licks and sucks until he took me over that pleasurable, exciting edge and gave me a glorious, moaning, writhing, hot orgasm.

"Now you can sit up," he whispered proudly, licking his lips.

I sat up and French kissed him in appreciation. "Thank you," I said. Our mouths again kissed passionately.

"But what shall I wear?" he asked.

"What you wore tonight, minus your shoes." I got up and opened my second dresser drawer. "I'll just wear this."

Al looked incredulous. The Yankees t-shirt half covered my drenched muff. "What else does a girl need on the beach?" I asked. He smiled and leaned back and held out his hard dick for me to suck—which I did happily.

My mouth popped off of him before he came, and with another 'she's incredible expression' on his face we held hands to the living room where he put on his polo shirt and slacks. I grabbed a blanket from my closet. I also grabbed an extra little special item for our pleasure which I hid in the blanket. Then out to his car we went.

As he drove off he grinned at my nipples poking through my t-shirt. "I dare you to take that off," he taunted. Without hesitation I slipped it off and tossed it in the back seat proudly.

"There," he said as he opened my legs as he drove. "That's just the way every hot girl should ride." I leaned back the seat a bit. "You're gonna make me cum just by looking at you there like that," he said.

"Well, drive then. Don't look at me. Or, pull over and fuck," I said playfully as I reached over and felt his nice desire for me. I knew he wanted to see me nude out in public. When his pants got well-wet I unzipped him and kept his precum nicely licked up for him.

Al turned off the highway and drove as I directed down the frontage road past our Long Island Jones Beach and on to Robert Moses Park, a clothing optional beach. I had him park close to a large rock outcropping.

Al walked around the car and opened my door as I reached back and grabbed the blanket. A bare, smooth, female form emerged from the car. "You're just gonna strip and fuck me anyway," I said. Al smiled as he took my hand and we walked to the sand. We walked around the rocky outcropping to a nice sandy spot where I spread out the blanket. We seemed to have the area to ourselves.

The air was warm and fresh. The sand felt good under our feet. We sat down on the blanket. I leaned back against my arms, with my legs straight out in front of me. I felt like the sexiest woman in the world. Al kneeled down beside me. I helped him off with his shirt and pants. I played and kissed at every opportunity.

We made out passionately. We touched and aroused and played together in so many positions. I especially loved it when we played our little game where how ever he licked and sucked my cunt, I licked and sucked his cock, and vice versa. We had so much fun.

He finally kneeled between my legs and licked my slit like never before. I couldn't contain my moans. My hips rocked against his hot tongue. I gripped the blanket and arched my back as my entire body filled with hot pleasure. I could hardly breathe as his mouth sucked my clit and lips and vagina and ass and thighs relentlessly. I moaned in time with him. I knew that soon I'd experience the hottest climax I'd had in a long time. It kept building and building. I couldn't believe it. I begged him not to stop. He worked my cunt harder and faster until it finally came. My pussy poured into his slurping mouth. I cried out for him to fuck me. He climbed atop me and plunged deep into my slutty muff and fucked his girl hard and fast, pumping with all his might, keeping my climax hot and burning with his intense thrusts. His balls slapped me as he fucked the object of his desire. He took no time at all to cum, as if he wanted to cum with me. He stiffened and squirted hard as I thrashed beneath him. We both gasped as our raptures carried us away. He gradually slowed his thrusts. What a wondrous gift for a girl. Oh, man. I melted beneath him as he continued to stroke me slowly.

We laid back and enjoyed the stars and the sounds of the night beach. It was sweet to just lie with him, caressing as we pleased.

"Al, would you do something for me right now?" I asked.

"I would do anything for you," he vowed.

"It's kinky."

"You?" he laughed.

"And don't ask why. Just do it for me." I pulled out the handkerchief from under the blanket behind me. "Where did you get THAT from?" he exclaimed.

"All hot girls are magic. Didn't you know that?" I asked. "Here, it's a blindfold," I perked as I tied it behind his head. "I want you do anything you wish to me: caress, taste, lick—just tell me what your lips and tongue and fingers and cheeks and arms and legs 'see' and feel. Let me 'see me' through touch and taste of me."

"This is so erotic," he said.

"Every girl has fantasized of this moment. Tonight it will come true for me because of you. Thank you."

He laid me back on my back. He spread out my arms and legs. "Now," he said, "if my eyes must be closed then yours must be also, got that?"

I closed them.

What he described exceeded my every dream. He softly kissed my right temple. As he then licked and sucked and kissed and touched down my body he said something like the following:

"Your temples, smooth, innocent, warm to my lips begging to be softly kissed. White, pure, like the skin of young virgins. Your ears, smooth, curved. Warm to nibble on. So soft, so tasty to lick. Behind your ears a secret place for my lips to play. Your hair, sweet, straight. Shinny brown, sexy, smart, just long enough to grace your soft shoulders. Combed back to highlight your sensuous ears, making your neck inviting to a man's lips, directing me to your nipples.

"Your neck. Sweet, soft, warm, conforming, inviting. My mouth can't stop kissing and sucking from your ears to your shoulders. Each part smoothly flowing to the next, each begging that my lips and tongue continue. Below your chin. So erotic, leading down to your breasts.

"The silkiness of your skin from your chin to your neck. The soft, conforming skin between your breasts. How warm it is. How my face sinks between them. How my dick lusts to fuck there. A play area for my hands and mouth.

"Your breasts. Full, firm, smooth, warm sculptures to lick and suck. The softness of your breasts compared to the hardness of their tips. Your nipples raise high when they are sucked. Round, pointed. My tongue loves to flick them when I suck in your tits. My lips cannot resist sucking them. The smooth, soft sides of your breasts suckable as well. My fingers feel the drenched wetness of the trail from my mouth covering your tits as they cup them, alternating between my mouth and hands. Hands and mouth and dick squirting up under your chin wanting both breasts at once. It is impossible to satisfy all of me as I devour your mounds that can never be consumed. My mind sees them before me day and night, ready for licking and sucking. I long to walk with you topless so all can see what a fuckable woman I have.

"Your sides, curving in towards your waist. Your arms, straight, firm. Giving way to what my body wants. Allowing me to fuck you as I wish, whenever I wish, however I wish. Your wrists so small, so thin, so fragile, incapable of stopping my lust anytime I wish to shoot into you. Your body to be fucked without asking, day or night, anywhere, and whenever I get hard or just wish to satisfy myself.

"Your fingers so fun to lick. Your fingers that caress my body and stroke my cock. Even when I'm spent into your ass or pussy they stroke me until I'm so hard I fuck you again. Your fingers that play with my balls as my tongue laps your nipples.

"Your hips so curved, your buns so firm, so lickable, so slapable, so suckable, so fuckable. Your buns to be exposed when I stand behind you and pull down your pants or skirt to see what I'm about to fuck. Your buns I see when I bend you over and lick or fuck or both…until my lust is spent."

He rolled me over onto my back.

"Your tummy that my cock loves to slide up and down upon, just to tease while you beg me to fuck your muff. Your mound, trimmed with just some hair above your clit. Dark hair, tasty. I love to tongue it around to drive you crazy while you crave my tongue into your cunt. I open your legs and lick beside your cunt. I move your vulva, your clitoris, the arousing parts of you that I love to gum and please and pleasure and taste and suck. Your pussy that gives me so much to drink. The more I suck, the more it gives me. Its flavors, its textures. How it gives way when my tongue thrusts deep, when I scoop deep to swallow more of your juice. Your cunt that grips and pulls at my cock as you fuck me. Your cunt that makes me longer and stiffer when it teases me, then lets me shoot all the harder and deeper into it for revenge. Your cunt that always welcomes my cock no matter where or when my cock wants to fuck.

"Your ass that I love to tongue when I spread your legs hard open. Your bung that's so tight, but that gives way when my tongue plays. Your buns so kissable when your on your back and your knees are pulled back against your breasts. I get to see what my dick will fuck, either your pussy or your ass…whichever I wish, whichever I desire. I take them for my pleasure and pound into you as I wish.

"Your legs so straight and long. My tongue loves to lick down them. My mouth loves to suck and leave its marks. Your thin ankles that I love to hold over your head as I ram into your tight ass.

"Your small feet that I love to suck and lick. Your feet, that when given the chance, stroke my dick so erotically.

"There is no part of you that I don't desire, that I don't wish to suck, that I don't wish to cover with my squirting cream. There is no part of you that I wish covered."

He turned me over onto my tummy again. He opened my legs and kneeled between them. He licked my ass crack and opened my cheeks hard. He thrusted his tongue into my bung and sucked my hole. He played and kissed and wetted and tongued."

"My angel of lust", he continued. "The touch of any part of you makes my cock want to shoot my lust deep in you. I cannot resist your ass." He put his tip against my bung and slid it in easily after all his licking. "You see, your ass grips my dick like nothing else…and your cavity craves to be filled with my sweet milk. I love the feel of your ass cheeks against my thighs when I fuck your ass."

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