tagSci-Fi & Fantasy'Tis the Season

'Tis the Season


It was near 4 pm on December 24th when Kathleen Leary pulled her car into the parking lot of Harrison Hall, one of the larger dormitories on the campus of Burling College. It was easy finding a spot. Most of the students had already gone home for the holidays. So Kathleen pulled into the nearest open spot and exited the vehicle. It was a cold winter and the campus of the small college, idyllic though it might look, had gotten a bit of snow. The 44 year old woman jumped down from the driver's side.

"Want me to come with?" This was the voice from the passenger seat. It was her husband Roy who, despite the offer, didn't look up from the Blackberry he was furiously typing into. Roy looked like he'd never really settled on whether he wanted to look like the record-store clerk he was when the two had met 22 years ago or the middle-aged divorce lawyer that he'd become. His greying hair was still somewhat unruly and he still had his black-rimmed glasses and Kathleen knew that there was probably some old, awful concert T-shirt underneath his suit. Kathleen smiled warmly at her goofy dork of a husband as she straightened her coat and checked her make-up in the side mirror.

"No dear," Kathleen shivered as the cold ran through her. "Vanessa said she'd be waiting in the lobby ready to go so hopefully I'll be in and out."

"One of the Leary women on time to go when she says she will be?" Roy asked with a wry smile, despite not averting his attention from his messaging for a second. "You did pack emergency supplies in the glove box, right?"

"Such a shame," Kathleen said sweetly as she looked back into the car "That they make you men handsome or funny. Never both."

That remark did make Roy look up for a second.

"So, wait, am I not funny but I'm handsome or was that funny and I'm ugly?"

"Something to think about while you wait, I suppose" Kathleen laughed as she closed the door on him, watching as snow fell from the door frame onto the paved lot. Kathleen bundled her coat to her as she quickly made her way into the large dormitory and, upon discovering that her daughter wasn't actually waiting for her, approached the reception desk. There was a young man behind the sparsely decorated counter, leafing through a comic book.

"Hi, Kathleen Leary" She said to the shaggy looking receptionist.

"Sorry, we don't have a Kathleen Leary here. You could try Davis Hall, cross-campus" the young man put down his buck and smiled at her warmly. Kathleen could see that his eyes were quite red, and the unmistakable smell of freshly smoked pot hit her. Kathleen would have shook her head in disapproval but, well, she'd married someone vaguely like this young man. Still she wasn't entirely pleased that her daughter's safety was partly in the hands of a guy who would be working while high.

"No, I am Kathleen Leary. I'm here for Vanessa Leary. She's in 7C." Kathleen explained slowly to the stoned gentleman. He nodded his understanding and reached over to a nearby microphone. He pressed a button and Kathleen heard his voice come on over the intercom.

"Cool. Cool. I'm Jean-Sebastien Duchamps. Most people just call me French though. Cause of the name, I suspect. Or because my folks are French. Or a mix of both, maybe? Vanessa doesn't though, she's cool." The young man rambled for a while before realizing what he was doing. "Anyways. I'll call 'Nessa down for you though and you can wait for her in the lounge."

Kathleen removed her hat and coat as she walked from the desk, sighing as she realized she was going to be waiting for her Daughter after all. Not the time, exactly, so much as it meant that Roy had been right. Kathleen was a striking woman, though, so she didn't mind making Roy occasionally wait for her. She had long blonde hair and a figure that remained curved and toned in all of the places she wanted it to. Dressed in a fairly tight sweater and jeans, Kathleen took some delight in noticing a head or two turn among the handful of male students still milling about the lounge area.

She sat on a couch opposite two boys in jackets that indicated they played some sort of sport at the school and gave them a small smile. She reached into her purse for her own phone when the crackling of the intercom rang out

"Vanessa Leary in 7C" Came French's unmistakble drawl "I think, like, your sister is here to pick you up."

Kathleen smiled broadly to herself. Sister. He'd assumed she was Vanessa's sister. She knew she shouldn't care and that it was horribly vain and that she looked good for any age but...

"Fuck me, Vanessa Leary?" Exclaimed one of the young men sitting opposite her. Kathleen looked up.

"Dude, I know, she's so fucking smoking." The other one replied

"She's totally fucking cold though. Shot me down, like, a million times."

Kathleen smiled a little at that news.

"Yeah, I think she's got someone back home. Shot down everyone as far as I know."

Kathleen smiled more

"Still, you have no idea how many times I've thought about grabbing two handfuls of those huge...."

"Guys!" Kathleen finally spoke up, not having any interest in hearing the end of that sentence. The two guys looked up and to her, one of them looking a little sheepish.

Kathleen leaned towards them.

"Here's the thing boys." Kathleen looked at them cold and hard, "That's my baby girl you're talking about."

Now they both looked embarrassed.

"Jeez, sorry Ma'am."

"Don't be sorry." Kathleen continued "Just know something simple. If either you ever, ever say anything or even think anything disrespectful about my daughter again, you should know that my father was a Marine sharpshooter. And I was a Daddy's girl. And I'm so good with his old M40A1 that I could take your little pricks off without you even hearing the shot."

Kathleen stood up and excused herself from the lounge and the two terrified boys but not before adding the cap to her threat.

"And I know where you both live."

Kathleen returned to the reception desk and waited, looking up at the bank of elevators in the hope that any of them were on 7 or descending. One was coming down from the 16th floor.

"Any idea when she'll be down?" the impatient Mother asked the receptionist

"Nope." French shrugged. "I could call her again if you like. Or if you're bored I'd totally make out with you for a bit."

Kathleen smiled. His come on was cute and clumsy, not sleazy. She just laughed and turned back to the elevators.

"Oh Frenchy, dear, I would eat you alive." Kathleen said to no one in particular as the descending elevator finally opened. A few students shuffled out before the familiar sight of her daughter also came out. Vanessa was, as the obnoxious jocks had so crudely said, a radiant beauty of a girl. Shoulder length brown hair framed a rounded, tanned face that was at once impressively, classically beautiful and yet invitingly warm and friendly that were highlight by two of the biggest, brightest green eyes anyone could remember seeing. Her lips often curled into a smile that seemed to be joyful, funny, sweet and a little mischievous. She was shorter than her mother but with even more dangerous curves, large, full breasts, narrow waist, flaring out to womanly hips. She was holding her coat and a large suitcase in her hands as she came from the elevator.

"Mom?" Vanessa smiled as she saw her mother leaning against the reception desk.

"Hey baby girl" Kathleen smiled broadly at her daughter and embraced her warmly. The two hugged briefly before Kathleen broke the hug to look at her daughter.

"God, you're getting so skinny! Are you eating at all?" Kathleen said with disapproval. It was somewhat true. Vanessa had lost any last vestiges of baby-fat and looked far more adult than she had only a few months prior when she'd left.

"I eat lots mom." Vanessa nodded

"Because I bagged a gorgeous 8 point white tail a couple weeks ago and the freezer is just full of game, so I am going to not stop feeding you for a month."

"Break's only two weeks, Mom" Vanessa laughed as she buttoned her coat up over her sweater and made her way over to the reception desk. She had a warm smile when she did. "Thanks for calling me down, Jean-Sebastien."

"No probs, Ness." French smiled. "Enjoy your break."

"C'mon Kiddo," Kathleen also fastened her coat. "We should go rescue your father from the car before he thinks of too many Star Wars references germane to being cold or being stuck somewhere. Bye Frenchy."

Kathleen gave the young man a playful wave and a smile.

"Mrs. Leary, I don't know if you hear this enough but I don't think hearing it too much is possible; But you are just breathtakingly, achingly beautiful."

Kathleen gave a little giggle and could actually feel herself blush a little.

"God, " She said teasingly at her flatterer "Can I take you home and leave Vanessa here?"

Vanessa was now at the door, waiting on her Mother impatiently.

"I wonder what life is like for the people with normal parents?" She asked to nobody in particular


"Took you two long enough. I feel like I'm frozen in Carbonite for the journey home." Roy muttered when Vanessa and Kathleen eventually got back to the car.

"Hi daddy." Vanessa said, climbing into the back seat and leaning forward to give her father a kiss.

"Hi Pumpkin." Roy said with a smile before returning to his blackberry. "All ready to go?"

"I am." Vanessa said, pulling the seatbelt shut around her waist as her mother got back behind the wheel.

"Oh Roy you should have seen it. There was this tremendous stoned boy there. First he thought I was Vanessa's sister, then he called me beautiful. I swear I think he was halfway through making a mix-tape for me." Kathleen teasingly said as the engine roared to life.

"I bet it would have been awful." Roy said, nonplussed about the news and with only a hint of a smile at a shared pride in how beautiful his wife was. "Started it off with something obvious like Mrs. Robinson."

"Oh shush." Kathleen said as she pulled the car out of the lot, navigating through the snow and sleet. "I swear Vanessa, I wish you'd stayed home and gone to the University. We haven't had a bit of snow this year."

"And majored in football studies?" Vanessa joked "Burling's got the best music department for miles."

"It better for what it costs." Roy chimed in

"I could have gotten you the faculty discount, we could eat lunch together and you could even audit one or two my classes when you were bored." Kathleen continued, ignoring the two of them.

"And how is Cheerleader's Intro to Women's Studies this semester" Vanessa asked mockingly

" After a few tries they worked out that if you give them a G, O, T, E, A and M, it spells Go Team!" Roy added

"I knew I should have hit you more when you were younger." Kathleen exhaled before adding the kicker "You too Vanessa."

"I do admit, Pumpkin. It would be nicer to see you a little more." Roy said, squinting at the snow covered road in front of them "And a 3 hour drive back on Christmas Eve is not exactly fun."

"Well, it ain't my fault my last exam was on the 23rd." Vanessa shrugged before brightening her voice considerably "Besides, if a certain couple of parents would think about maybe, possibly purchasing their bright, talented, 4.0 GPA keeping daughter a car then...."

"Know any one with a daughter like that honey?" Kathleen turned to her husband

"Then they wouldn't have to drive me anywhere on Christmas Eve. I could drive myself."

"Tell you what, sweetie" Roy turned back to his Daughter with a cheery grin "You drop out of school and we can blow the 6 figures I'm going to be spending on your tuition on one hell of a car. Heck, a couple. We could even race 'em, whattya think?"

"I think I'm going to be investing in a bus pass next semester." Vanessa sighed as she slumped back in her seat, settling in for a long ride home.


The SUV pulled onto familiar Cherry Rd. in Vanessa's hometown at around 8:30. The family had stopped to eat at a favourite restaurant of theirs and were now on the last leg of what had been a very long drive home. Roy was asleep in the backseat now, Vanessa and Kathleen upfront.

"Any boys we should know about?" Kathleen asked, mining the bottom of the barrel for subjects she knew her daughter would be willing to discuss.

"Um, yeah, no." Vanessa shook her head to cut off the discussion, as opposed to answering.

"You should date that French boy. He was great."

"He's a sweetheart but, I mean, ewww. Why don't I just date Dad?" Vanessa laughed at the thought of dating someone that much like her father.

"Girls then? College can be an experimental time and you know I would have no objections if you started dating a...."

"Oh sweet lord, Mom, I'm now openly praying for you to swerve into oncoming traffic."

"Right, right. Your love life is not a topic of discussion. I forgot. Just saying you could talk about it if you wanted and we'd approve of whatever"

Kathleen shook her head as she pulled into the short driveway in front of their quiet, college town 3 bedroom colonial. Roy was roused from his sleep and the family all made their way inside. Vanessa immediately felt good to be home. Away from her cramped little dorm-room and her crazy roommate. Her mom and dad had clearly gone out of their way to decorate. There was already a fully ornamented tree in the living room, next to the fireplace like it always was and there was tinsel and wreaths everywhere. Vanessa knew her parents were neither religious nor particularly crazy about the holidays but Vanessa was. She loved all of it and always had. All of the little traditions, all of the little rituals. It was even singing Christmas Carols that had made her discover her love of music and the talent of her voice. She loved the specials on TV and the giving presents and egg nog and, well, she loved the season. Loved the day. And being home brought that all back.

"God honey, I am just wiped out." Kathleen yawned as the family removed their heavy winter clothing in the foyer.

"Me too." Roy nodded at his wife before turning to his daughter "You ok to get yourself to bed, gorgeous?"


"I baked some absolutely phenomenal shortbread today, babe. They will change your perspective on the human experience." Her father continued. "They're in the jar in the kitchen if you want."

"I think I know my way around the place." Vanessa nodded with a smile as her parents smiled and kissed her and made their way up the stairs to their bed room. Vanessa bolted up to her room, eager to start on some of her own little Christmas rituals. She needed to watch The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 42nd Street and various others. She went into the kitchen to grab a handful of the cookies and a glass of milk to make it complete. She knew it was silly, insisting on having the same Christmas over and over that she had when she was 7 but, well, Vanessa didn't care. Continuity, tradition, those things mattered to her.

When she returned to her room, Vanessa quickly discarded her heavy clothes, she peeled the tight knit sweater from her large, heavy breasts and removed her bra as well, finally getting to exhale after keeping her heavy boobs tightly confined for the day. A ratty old tank top was quickly pulled over them while her jeans were kicked to the corner of her room as well. Black boishort panties were on underneath and would remain in place.

It was in bed, her movies playing on her TV, that Vanessa finally acknowledged something that had been driving her batty for months. She was eager. Horny. Climbing the walls with sexual frustration. However you wanted to describe it, Vanessa had it. School had been so overwhelming that she hadn't even thought about boys(or girls, although it was nice to know that was an acceptable option in her mother's eyes) and while ordinarily that would just mean she'd have broken out a vibrator she had a roommate. Vanessa would never in a million years have done it in front of the girl and found that when she was alone, her thought process kept being derailed by the thought of her roommate returning while she was in the midst of it. It killed the mood and her buzz. The showers were semi-private as well, making that just as mortifying for her. It had been months since she'd even given herself a good time.

And so it was such that she felt her hands roaming down her chest, letting one of her breasts fill her hand and giving a gentle squeeze before travelling further downwards, over her smooth, flat stomach, into the waistband of her panties and....

"ROY! Do you want anything from the kitchen?" Her mother's voice boomed through the house, breaking Vanessa's thoughts of anything even vaguely sexual. Her father answered in the negative and her mother returned to their room. Vanessa exhaled loudly. Any thoughts of doing anything to herself would have to wait. The problem was now that Vanessa felt her frustration keeping her from sleep. Even after all of the movies ended, and usually she didn't make it past one, she found herself tossing and turning in her bed. The clock on her nightstand telling her it was near 2 in the morning was her sign to get up and try another approach. Some more cookies maybe. Warm milk.

And so it was that Vanessa got out of her bed, tied a little pink robe she'd had for years around her relative state of undress, and crept from her bedroom.

As soon as she got down the stairs, Vanessa heard something from the living room and,wrapping her robe tightly around her chest, took a few steps to investigate. It was a man, in a red wool suit with white trim, taking gifts from a heavy bag and putting them under the tree in the corner of the room. At first Vanessa was shocked but,only seeing the man from behind, she quickly assumed she'd simply stumbled onto some weird gag.

"Jeez Dad, I'm 19. Dressing up as Santa is a bit much, don't you think" She exclaimed with a bit of exasperation in her voice. Still, Vanessa couldn't help but smile a little. It was a nice gesture even if it was a age-inappropriate one. Not to mention that as much as they indulged her love of Christmas, her parents had never gone to these lengths.

"Good heavens!" Exclaimed the man who Vanessa instantly realized wasn't her father as he reacted to her voice. He was near a foot taller than Roy, barrel chested and heavy and with red cheeks and piercing blue eyes. To complete the image he did indeed have the thick white beard and the bi-focals. Vanessa shrieked and grabbed the nearest thing that could be used as a weapon, a nearby fireplace poker.

"Who the fuck are you!" Vanessa shouted, terrified at the thought of some lunatic in her house.

The man looked puzzled before bursting out with laughter

"Ho, ho, ho!" His laughter was loud and joyful "Why I'm Santa Claus of course!"

Vanessa looked at him skeptically. She knew it was crazy but there was something about him that had her doubting her doubt. His movements, despite his massive size were light and nimble and there was something about the way he looked, she couldn't define it, it was something magical. Like he looked brighter than someone ordinarily did. Still, she held onto her healthy skepticism outwardly

"Bullshit you are"

"Vanessa, look at you, all grown up" He straightened his glasses as he looked over her before returning to his present-leaving "But such language you're using."

"How do you know my name?" Vanessa inquired as she took a few more steps towards the man. She couldn't help but smiling. Ever since she'd walked into the room, Vanessa had felt....warmer? Happier? She didn't know how to explain it but it was wonderful.

"How do I know your name? You used to write me every year!" He chuckled again before giving her a look that expressed some sorrow "I'm sorry about not getting you that pony by the way"

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