tagLesbian SexTis the Season Act 1

Tis the Season Act 1


Toy Town was the biggest toy store in the state; it rivaled the other one with the big giraffe. I was a seasonal employee, a decent job to have during the winter break from college. Like most twenty-something girls, I had and affinity for kids and it showed in my work. I helped kids pick out toys on their Christmas list, and help parents find those toys. The pay sucked, but the job was fun. Hectic, but fun.

Another perk was the employee discount. I have several nieces and nephews that are all toy-buying age and I planned to pay cash for their presents this year, so that discount would help.

It was a Saturday before Christmas and the store was busting at the seams with customers trying to find a last minute gift. The managers had gone home and left Jenna in charge, which meant it was chaos on the floor.

Most employees tended to blow off their duties when the higher-ups were gone. I've even been known to do so once or twice. Okay, more often than that, but at that time, I was the only one working.

Somehow, amidst all the confusion, I find The Toy. The hot item that everybody wants this year, including my youngest niece. I grab it and head for the back where we keep the overstock and hide it. I'll get it after we close and no one will know, or they will but not care.

Two hours later and the store is still a mad house. People everywhere, kids everywhere. It was crazy. Then came the question:

"Do you have 'The Toy?'" a soft voice from behind me said. It was almost a joke and I turned around to face her.

She was tiny. A small woman that was my age in the way she carried herself, but a young girl in how she looked. Just barely over five feet and her waist was so small. She wore a low-slung light brown shirt that matched her eyes. Her hair was light brown with a hint of blonde and she wore it in ponytails, the kind that sit on top of the head and point backwards. The only thing big about her was her breasts; a modest C cup but they looked much larger. Her midriff was exposed and she had a flat stomach and a belly-button ring sparkled in the middle.

"I'm sorry?" I said quickly, trying not to let on that I was staring at this beautiful woman. She smiled as if she knew.

"The Toy. You know, this thing," she turned around and pointed to the in-store display. I stole a quick glance at her ass and her super-tight pants revealed a thong. She was perfect.

"Oh," I said, almost stuttering. "That! No, I'm sorry, but we're all sold out." I remembered the one I had in the back. Tough, it was mine.

"Really?" she said a twinkle in her eye. "I know all of you employees have one stashed somewhere. Tell the truth…"

I smiled and apologized again.

"I'll make it worth it," she offered.

I thought of the empty training room, newly remodeled and furnished and I raised an eyebrow. Last time I was with a girl was in school and that had been some drunken fun, but this was too much.

"How's that?" I said, playing along. I already felt a spark in my own thong.

She whispered in my ear: "I saw you looking at my ass. I know you want to see this package unwrapped."

The training room was a little used room that the higher-ups had conferences in. Nobody was ever trained there. Right now, the door was obscured with six pallets of boxes that stood six feet high. so most people wouldn't even know it was there. It was perfect. We got in and closed the door, locking the dead bolt.

"I'm Helena," she said and pulled me to her. She kissed my ear and down my neck.

"I'm Amy," I gasped, kissing her back. She smiled and kissed me forcefully as she unbuttoned my pants.

"I know," she pulled down the top of my pants and I felt her hand cross my thin strip of carefully trimmed pubic hair. It lingered on my clit and slipped inside my pussy. I moaned softly.

"How do you now my name?" I gasped and pulled her blouse up. She wore no bra and her breasts were real. I kissed and licked all over them, careful to give adequate attention to the nipples.

"Name tag," she said and pulled my top off. She undid my bra and shoved me towards the couch. I tried to sit down, but she made me kneel on the seat and lean across the back of it. She pulled my pants down and off. It was a little awkward, but I soon found out what she was doing: she left the thong on.

She kissed my ass and the back of my thighs. Slowly and longingly. I felt her tongue get ever closer to my crack and my pussy, but then dart away. I thought I would die from the suspense and then I felt the thong get pulled to the side. I kept my asshole shaved and as she licked down and around it I now knew why.

Around and around she went, almost in my ass, almost in my pussy. I quivered and reached for my clit and she would slap my hand. She was in it for the long haul. With out warning, her tongue stabbed in to my asshole and I squealed.

In and out, fast like she was fucking me. I felt her fingers in my pussy and on my clit at the same time. I felt her tongue in my pussy. She was everywhere and I screamed into the couch cushions.

"MMMMMMMM!" I grunted. "Oh, yes!"

I felt a finger in my ass, then two. I had never been there before and I like it. Loved it!

"Fuck!" she said angrily and grabbed my panties and tore them off. It hurt as the waistband pulled against my stomach, but it also felt good. She pumped with her hand and jabbed with her tongue.

I couldn't take it any more and I rolled over. I grabbed her twin ponytails and pulled her up to me, kissing her deeply tasting my own pussy on her tongue. She moaned into my mouth and I quickly pulled her pants off with my feet.

She went down on me and I pulled those ponytails, riding her face like a bronco. I could see her nose buried in my strip of pubes and her eyes twinkled at me. Her fingers found my asshole again as I lifted my ass up to encourage her. Then she pushed me over on to my back so that I was lying on the couch.

I saw her pussy for the first time as she lower it onto my face, a small-lipped, glistening joy that wasn't obscured by a trace of hair. She kept her mouth on my own pussy and her finger thrusting into my ass as she reached back and pulled my hair, hard, as if to return the favor tenfold.

I moaned and let her have it. I licked her pussy long and deep, giving short thrusts her and there. Although it was as clean-shaven as the rest of her, I was hesitant to go near her asshole. I licked around it and barely rubbed my finger across it when she reached back and pulled my hair up and forced my face into it. I figured she had done it for me…

I jabbed my tongue in and she went wild. She bucked my face and I held on. We sucked and licked and I had four fingers pumping into her asshole when she came. Her cries were muffled my pussy. Without warning, I came during the middle of hers. My head fell to the couch and I screamed.

We were both spent. A fine sheet of sweat covered our naked bodies and pussy filled out mouths.

"That was awesome," Helena said breathlessly as she rolled off of me. "You've done this before."

"Never with someone's asshole," I made a point to like my fingers for her.

"Ooo, you're my kind of girl," she approached me and slid a finger into my pussy. 'When do you get off?"

"I just did," I said impishly.

"I meant, when do you leave work?"

"Right now, for good," a voice behind us said. It was Jenna.

To be continued...

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