tagLesbian SexTis the Season Act 2

Tis the Season Act 2


So there we were, standing naked in front of Jenna, our bodies shiny with an earned sweat and the room filled with the smell of lusty enthusiasm. Jenna kicked the door shut behind her as she twirled her key chain on her finger. She was smiling triumphantly.

She eyed Helena's naked body. "Nice," she said. "It's even better in person than on video." She pointed to the security cameras that lurked overhead. Neither one of us had seen it.

"Now you," she poked me in the chest with her finger, a smug look on her face, "are mine. No more back talk or insubordination when the managers aren't here, got it? Or I'll show them what you were doing on company time. Don't worry, the tape is safe in my locker."

I sighed dejectedly, knowing I was in deep trouble. I had often resisted any kind of supervision from Jenna and I was an unruly employee, at least when she was concerned. I wasn't mean, I just didn't like her. She had me over a barrel now.

"So what am I supposed to do?" I crossed my arms defensively, just realizing that I was still naked. Helena was still naked, too, but looked very unconcerned about the whole thing, comfortable with her nudity in front of strangers. Of course, she didn't have a job to lose, either.

Jenna smiled. "You're going to be Santa's little helper."

What? Santa's little helper? The worst possible job in the Christmas season, herding battalions of wolverine-like children to and from some whiskey-swilling fat man dressed as Santa? Sure, I like kids a lot, but not kids that are trying to see Santa. This was the worst, the absolute worst assignment that she could have given me.

"Forget it," I said. "I'm not doing it. I don't care if you fire me."

"Then I'll show the tape to the other employees."

I cursed silently to myself, knowing full well the humiliation that would follow if they found out. "Fine, you win," I said. "But just this once."

"Okay by me," Jenna said, "but you have to wear this." She held up a skimpy red outfit with white fur trim. It looked like what Mrs. Clause would wear if she were a stripper. Jenna's other hand held a pair of matching go-go boots and a hat. She slammed the door on the way out.

I turned to Helena who was smiling at my misfortune. "Forget it," I said. "I'm not wearing that! Do you know how much crap I'd have to put up with? I'll be humiliated."

Helena kissed my forehead. "Just do it this once, then it's over. After work you can come over and forget all about it. What is it, six hours away?"


"Whatever. Try on the suit."

I groaned and tried it on. The fit was about as stripper-esque as you could get. The boots had a tall heel on them and rode up almost to my knees. The white fur tickled a little bit and the skirt was more like a wide belt than a skirt and it hung a few inches below my ass, barely covering me. I could tell from the look on Helena's face that my breasts were being presented in an equally unclad manner, pushed up and squished together to show cleavage. I put on the hat and looked in the mirror. I groaned..

"Very nice," Helena said, smiling fiendishly, "but you forgot one thing." She dropped to her knees and poked her head under my skirt, kissing me right on the clit, showing me that I had forgotten to put my panties on, then I remembered that she had torn them off in frustration.

"What am I going to do?" I asked, suddenly realizing that Jenna had already thought of this. She'd probably seen us live as she recorded it.

"Don't bend over."

* * *

Santa sat atop giant a chair, which in turn sat atop a white fluffy mound. The foamy stuff was supposed to represent snow, but failed miserably. There was a short walkway decorated with reindeer, candy canes, and even a series of little houses where employees act like little elves. I had the fortune to have a relatively unimportant job and could stand off to the side, but anybody with half-way decent vision could tell that I was dressed a bit too scandalously for Santa's little helper. Only four more hours to go.

Then I got an unexpected surprise.

Helena waved at me from across the crowded store. She had apparently gone home and showered because now she wore a pair of black patent boots that went up to her knees. The long black skirt she wore had a slit running up each side that showed off the boots and most of her gorgeous legs. The skirt hung low on her hips, the kind that seems to be only an inch away from the pubic area. Her shirt hung several inches above this, both showing off her flat stomach and her round breasts. Her hair now hung straight and unadorned; no ponytails this time.

I walked over quickly, slightly pissed that just looking at her was making me horny again and I still had four hours to go. Damn.

"Hi," I said, trying to contain my excitement. "You're back."

"I've got good news," she said. "Follow me."

We went back to the training room which was still obscured by the pallets full of boxes. After climbing around them (Helena following to get a good look at my exposed ass) we entered the room. Surprisingly enough, Helena had a key.

"Where'd you get that?" I asked.

A wicked smile. "Jenna."

"What?" I asked, both happy and concerned. "How?"

Another wicked smile as she held up a videotape.

"How'd you get the tape?" I asked, fighting against a flash of jealousy that tugged at my belly.

"Not yours," she grinned, "Jenna's. Apparently she didn't think her plan all the way through. After a brief conversation with Eddie, the other section leader, he let me in to the security booth where I put in a new tape, turned the camera back on and…"

She put the videotape in the VCR that is used for training and hit play. A moment of black screen then, "Viola!"

And I almost laughed. There was Jenna, leaning back in a big desk chair, her feet up on the desk and watching the videotape of Helena and me going at it on the couch. The funny part was that Jenna was completely naked and masturbating frantically.

One foot was on the desk slightly higher than the other, giving her access to her pussy by reaching around backwards with one hand, while the other administers to her clit. Her attention was focused intensely on the screen, in a trance, almost catatonic. She would stop rubbing her pussy and slip a finger in her asshole while she rubbed her nipples, then she would start all over again. Her grunts were not quite screams, but not quite moans.

On the videotape I saw Helena enter and I felt that jealousy again. She stood behind Jenna for a minute, obviously enjoying the view of Jenna's firm body and perfectly manicured pubic hair, the ebony triangle matched the long tresses that fell from her head and across the back of the chair. I had always thought that she was striking, but a bitch nonetheless.

After a few moments undetected, Helena calmly picked up Jenna's clothes and left behind a plain brown package.

Jenna came loudly on the videotape, with four fingers ramming in her two holes while her other hand rubbed furiously. I was even hornier now, having witnessed a private moment of my new nemesis.

"How?" I asked, turning to face Helena.

"She left the keys in the door."

"But, how did you know she'd be in here? Masturbating?"

Helena smiled her wicked smile, her perfect teeth shining. "I saw her looking at you and I knew she was primed. Hell, I don't blame her. After seeing that video of us, I'm ready to throw you on the couch again."

There was a knock at the door. Helena moved to open it and it was Jenna, dressed in an identical outfit as mine and she didn't look happy. Helena lifted up the front of her skirt and there was the perfect black triangle pointing to her lovely lips..

"Feels a little different now, doesn't it?" Helena said.

* * *

We stood on the other side of the store, just close enough to see the pain on Jenna's face as she walked up to man her post by Santa. She took little baby steps, trying to keep the skirt from showing off her ass. Then she turned and shot us a smile that seemed to say "I won." She ejected the junior staff member from the largest elf house and entered, cheerily taking the position by the window where she could only be seen from the waist up. Our plan had failed.

"Now, phase two," Helena said, not bothered by this turn of events. "Follow me."

Jenna was busy greeting guests from her little window and she never saw us enter from the side door. Helena put a finger to her lips, motioning for silence and she locked the door. Jenna saw us out of the corner of her eye, but her face didn't show it. Helena leaned in and kissed me. I let out a tiny squeak of excitement.

"Mmm," she said, drawing her tongue out and running it down my neck. I gasped. I noticed that Helena was looking at Jenna, who was looking at us, eagerly if not openly. I realized that the customers couldn't see us, but Jenna could, and we were making her uncomfortable.

Helena kissed me again, this time running her hand under my shirt and cupping my breast. She pulled my shirt up and licked my nipple, slowly going around, getting it rock hard. Then she pinched it as she moved on to the other one. I could still hear Jenna greeting customers and there was a trace of anger in her voice. She shifted her weight from foot to foot impatiently. Helena noticed this and pulled my skirt up.

I moaned as she kissed her way down, licking across my stomach and down the inside of my thighs. She didn't go straight to my pussy; she licked around it, teasing me, lifting my leg up and throwing it over her shoulder so she could lick way back and around. I rubbed my own nipples, taunting Jenna as I pushed a finger into Helena's mouth and she sucked it.

I saw Jenna's hand disappear beneath her skirt, she caught herself and quickly pulled it out. Helena caught it, too. She pulled me down and tore off her shirt, exposing her perfect breasts once again. She sat astride my face and leaned back, perfectly positioned so that Jenna could have full view of my licking deep into Helena's perfectly shaved pussy, sucking her clit. Helena bit her lower lip and grabbed my hair, pulling me forward into her pussy. My nose touched her clit as she forced my tongue in her deeper.

"Suck!" she whispered urgently, just loud enough for Jenna to hear. Jenna gasped and her hand disappeared beneath the skirt again. Helena stopped abruptly.

"Phase three," she whispered and crawled over to where Jenna stood. It was dark in the little house and bright outside, assure us that we couldn't be seen easily. Most customers just passed by without really looking anyway. We were about to change that.

Helena peeled off her skirt and threw it into the corner. I followed suit, taking a moment to slide a few fingers in Helena's pussy before we started. Like a flash, I had figured it out and now that I knew, I was all for it.

Helena slid up silently behind Jenna, who also knew what we were up to, although she could scarcely believe it (or do anything about it,) at least until Helena unzipped the back of Jenna's skirt and slid it down her sleek legs. Her ass was sweet. Round and shaped like she worked out. She was groomed in back as well as in front, perfectly waxed and clean. Helena smiled wickedly, running her tongue across her teeth, and began.

I watched as she licked softly along Jenna's cheeks, daring ever closer to the line where they meet.. In, out, ever gently. She risked a lick at the top, that funny flat space that's just barely part of the ass. Then she licked down.


Jenna quivered as Helena's tongue parted her cheeks; she even managed to say hello to a guest. I could see her still smiling, but her breath was labored. Helena licked deeper and spread Jenna's ass as she licked right around her hole. I fingered my pussy and Helena motioned for me to start on the other side. I began slowly.

I licked up, slowly like Helena did to me, softly up the inside of the thigh, then gently around the outer lips, teasing them open with my tongue and teeth. She was wet. The kind of wet that sticks to your chin and makes the little bridge on your nose as you pull away. I licked long and wide, using my whole tongue and not just the tip. I dug deep, opening my mouth wide to get in as far as possible, then pulled out. I thrust in again, feeling her shudder. I felt fingers in my pussy and there was Helena, tongue busily licking Jenna's posterior, hands busy rubbing mine.

I felt Jenna push her pelvis into my face and I pushed back, tongue penetrating further. I liked the feel of her pubes on my nose. I licked up and took them in my mouth, pulling on them playfully with my teeth. I licked my way back down and underneath. Helena and I met at that little section that separates the asshole from the pussy. Our tongues licked each other and Jenna. Together we explored her pussy more. It was awkward at first with Helena going deep into Jenna's hole and me sucking on her clit. I joined Helena in fingering Jenna's ass and as the third finger slipped in, she lost it.

"Fuck this!" she said, slamming the shuttered window closed. She wrenched away from us, only to throw herself on her back, pulling me down by my hair with her. She arched her hips up to my face, grinding her pubic bone into my chin as I continued my tongue-work. Helena crawled beside me, eager to please this horny bitch.

We were a team, licking and sucking like a single mouth that could cover twice the ground. I nibbled, Helena licked. I sucked, she drover her tongue in deep. Jenna grunted and moaned, biting her knuckles trying to contain the wail of pleasure that her trembling body was feeling. We went hard and fast, trying to not just push her over the edge, but make her fly off.

Then she lost it.

A wail that resounded like a foghorn on a silent night, ripping through her hands as she tried to stifle it, the "Oh, God!" leaving no doubt as to the intensity of the orgasm that had just occurred. We continued, causing her body to spasm, and those spasms making her giggle. She begged for us to stop in quiet whispers and eventually curled herself into a ball.

After Jenna caught her breath and we were sure no one was coming to find the source of the blood-quickening scream, we continued. Helena threw Jenna onto her back and I crawled on top, easing my pussy onto her tongue like Helena had to mine. I leaned back, giving her full access to both holes, gently pulling her where I wanted her to go.

Helena straddled her, one leg thrown over Jenna's body, rubbing Jenna's pussy against her own. Helena was kind of crouched, the muscles in her legs bunching as she gyrated against Jenna wet pussy. Helena had an ass cheek in both hands, supporting most of Jenna's weight as she fucked her, grinding hard against her.

Jenna moaned softly into my pussy, her head pulling away by her own pleasure. I pulled her head more firmly and adjusted my position, bringing myself up to my hands and feet. Jenna jabbed her tongue deep, sucking as she went. She alternated between my ass and my pussy, never stopping.

Helena was about to come, I could hear it in the way she was breathing. She risked letting go of Jenna's ass and pulled my hair, jerking me back to her. We kissed, deep and violently. I felt her teeth pressing against my lips and the force of her grip on my hair and Jenna's tongue licking deep inside my pussy while she sucked and slid her finger in and out of my ass.

I came hard, moaning into Helena's mouth, trying to breath around her aggressive kiss. She was coming, too. I felt her shudder and then that shudder transfer through Jenna. I threw myself off to the side, sweating and exhausted. Helena had her maniacal grin again, and she wasn't stopping.

She spun around and dropped her pussy right on top of Jenna's mouth, fucking her face while licking the other girls pussy. Deep. Hard. Fast. They came together while I watched. I wished I had the energy to join them, but I was spent, already enjoying the afterglow.

By the time they had caught their breath, I was already dressed, sitting on the floor, waiting, wishing for a cigarette.

"I guess I should give you the tape now, huh?" Jenna said quietly between breaths, wearily trying to climb back into her clothes.

"Keep it," I replied. "I'm pretty sure we'll have a good working relationship from now on."

"I don't suppose we could hire your friend, could we?" Jenna asked, rubbing her hand across Helena's perfect nipple. We laughed and sneaked out of the little house, surrounded by a store full of Christmas shoppers that were unaware of what sinful pleasures transpired under the mistletoe.

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