'Tis the Season


Vanessa remembered. She'd asked for one when she was 10 and cried about not getting it. A little moment from her childhood that filled her with a little embarrassment and that nobody knew of except for her.

"That's alright." She shook her head, acknowledging that it'd have been a ridiculous gift for a girl who lived in the heart of the city. "Wouldn't have really fit here anyway."

"No, no it wouldn't. But so many girls ask for one. Breaks my heart I can only give them to silly rich girls." He sighed. Vanessa crept a little closer, sitting down on the couch opposite the tree

"Still, I did alright by you over the years." He continued as he pulled what looked to be the last gift from his bag "That computer, the bike, that year you were into ballet and needed those silly shoes"

"Wait," Vanessa interjected as she remembered the presents he was listing off "Those were from my parents...weren't they?"

The look on the Old Man's face crinkled for a second before giving a patient smile.

"Sort of." He shrugged "They did come from my workshop but your parents did buy them technically...I'm the spirit of the season you see and I....let's just chalk it up to metaphysical mumbo-jumbo that even I barely understand after hundreds of years."

Vanessa nodded. Like everything else the timber and tone of his voice was enchanting, rich and full of bass. Just listening to it made Vanessa feel as though she was sipping a mug of cocoa.

"So you're really Santa Claus?" Vanessa asked, a mix of awe and wonder in her voice, all traces of doubt gone.

"That is what they call me these days." He nodded as he got up from his knees, brushing pine needles from his legs as he straightened up to his impressive height "But Father Christmas, Odin, it all works."

Vanessa stood up as well, still staring up at him. She couldn't deny it, there was something intoxicating about his presence.

"So...can I get you anything?" She asked, realizing midway through her question that she was twirling a strand of her hair around her finger, like some drunk sorority girl, and stopping it quickly.

"You did used to leave me some pretty good milk and cookies if I recall correctly." Santa laughed. Vanessa did too, remembering baking all day on Christmas Eve's.

"I think I drank the last of the milk but...."

"Thank god" Santa exhaled, clearly relieved "I think I've eaten about 50 million cookies tonight and drank a million gallons of milk. I appreciate the gesture and everything but I really wish Madison Avenue would remember us spirits have many appetites. A nice steak, a stiff drink, a big cigar. Please, Vanessa, spread the word that Santa enjoys variety."

"Well, Santa," Vanessa felt silly about actually calling the stranger Santa but, well, her doubt was fading fast. "I don't think there are any cigars or steaks around unfortunately but I can definitely pour you a whiskey."

Vanessa laughed as she walked towards the liquor cabinet. Santa nodded appreciatively as he sat back onto the couch. Not knowing much about it alcohol, Vanessa simply grabbed the bottle of scotch that looked the priciest along with a glass and poured it nearly to the brim. She returned to the couch and put the glass into Santa's massive hand. He gave her an appreciative nod and took a large sip.

"Ahhhh" He said after a quick swallow "That hits the spot."

"So....anything else? Like I said, no steak but if you're hungry..."

"Now that you mention it Vanessa, a blowjob would be phenomenal." Santa said as his thick fingers undid the latch on the black leather belt. Whatever spellbound state his presence had put Vanessa in, his request snapped her out of it.

"What?!" Vanessa couldn't believe it. There couldn't have been any more incongruity between his appearance and what he'd asked for. He looked like a kindly old grandfather.

"Oh dear, is that not right anymore?" Santa gave another look of exasperation "I can never keep up with what you folk call it. It used to be 'The French Way' or I believe the Romans called it Irrumare. Are any of those back in fashion?"

"I know what it is!" Vanessa snapped "But...I mean...you're Santa."

"Indeed I am." He replied, his voice as rich and affectionate as ever "Which is why I'm seizing this opportunity. Do you know how rare it is for me to happen upon a woman of appropriate age who can see me and who isn't simple-minded?"

"No..." Vanessa couldn't help it, his voice still made her feel warm and happy and she was losing herself in it again.

"70 years since the last one. And she was both homely and devoutly religious so that didn't go anywhere, I can tell you." He scratched his beard as he recounted the encounter, another laugh when he was done. "And then the rest of the year it's up at the pole with Mrs. Claus who, darling to me though she is, certainly isn't up for those things anymore. She's always telling me to get one of the female Elves to do it but while that may be a growing fad on your internet it certainly isn't an interest of mine, not to mention that I'm technically their employer so it'd be somewhat untowards and...."

"But, I mean..." Vanessa was still in a daze although, she had to admit, his story was resonating with her. She looked him over. He was very much what the pictures and drawings would have you believe. Sure he had a bit of a stomach but, well, he was simply large. And strong. And oddly commanding. Vanessa felt a little flush as the idea of actually doing it began washing over her.

"We spirits and faerie folk are lusty things after all and, I have to say, you are as lovely a creature as I've ever seen. I'm not very subtle, I'm afraid." He continued with a smile and tone just as genuine as he'd been the whole night "But there's no pressure Vanessa dear. If you don't want to I certainly would never impose..."

As he said this he began to buckle his belt again, an action that, to both his and Vanessa's surprise was stopped by her own hand. `Vanessa didn`t understand it completely herself even as she completely undid the belt. Part of it was his intoxicating presence, maybe, but for the most part his story had moved her. Here was a man/spirit/whatever who brought joy to untold billions and could never really get laid? That was terrible Besides, she thought as she began tugging at his red pants, I've certainly given head for dumber reasons.

"This is definitely going to get me put on the naughty list, isn't it?" She said with a twinkle in her eye as she looked up at ol' Kris Kringle, her hands continuing to remove his garments.

"Ho, ho, ho. I'll be sure to put in a good word for you with the fellow who draws that up." He chuckled as her hands finally tugged got his pants over his hips, his enormous cock emerging, almost striking Vanessa in the face.

"Oh my." Vanessa said with both amazement and anticipation, a wide grin on her face. She'd expected...well, she didn't know what she'd expected. Something old man-like. But there was nothing old or soft about the enormous prick she was now face to face with. At least ten inches long with a girth that both thrilled and scared her to think about, large veins crossed the shaft before it flared into a big mushroom head.

Vanessa leaned down and let her tongue dart out to run over the head that was already leaking some thin liquid. Vanessa was encouraged by it. He didn't taste sweaty or what you might assume from a large man in a wool suit. He didn't taste like anything she could associate with what she was doing. He tasted....good? Light? Vaguely minty? She couldn't describe it but the taste was so surprisingly good that before she knew it she was eagerly running her tongue along the underside of his shaft, lifting the cock and stroking it with her right hand.

"Goodness Vanessa, you're certainly accomplished" Santa said warmly as he took another sip "The balls too, if you wouldn't mind."

Vanessa eagerly traveled further down along his cock and licked around the large, heavy sack she found, rolling each of the egg sized balls around her warm, wet tongue before sucking them into her mouth, both of her slender hands now jacking the monstrous cock off as she did so. She went from his balls back up the shaft, licking and sucking around the head for what seemed like ages before finally stretching her mouth wide to envelop the head of his cock. She began sucking, bobbing her head up and down with an eager ferocity. Coating the gigantic tube of rock hard meat in every drop of spit she had. Vanessa let her large brown eyes roam up, to see how Santa was reacting to his treat and he gave her back a look of sheer contentment.

"You are an absolutely fantastic cock-sucker." He expressed warmly, in a manner that made her want to please him more. Taking her hands from him, she began just bobbing her head down near the entire length of him, her ministrations now helped along by Santa's tight grip on her hair. Having guys grab her hair during head was something she usually found distracting but he certainly seemed to know what he was doing, guiding her mouth up and down every little ridge and vein on his impressive cock.

"Good girl, heavens, I'm going to get there...." He nearly groaned as he began thrusting upwards into Vanessa's mouth, his thighs bucking even more of his cock into the reaches of the college student's throat. Vanessa thought for a second that she might gag but, somehow, she felt her throat relaxing to accommodate even this invasion. Aside from her mouth being stretched wide, there was almost no discomfort in the old man forcefully pounding her mouth with nearly every inch of his cock.

"Yes, yes, oh goodness, yes" Exclaimed Santa as he gave his final with draw of his cock from the confines of her throat so that only his head was inside her oven hot mouth.The head of his cock roaring to life, expanding some and bursting forth in Vanessa's mouth. Powerful volley after powerful volley of thick semen bursting onto her tongue. Vanesssa at first recoiled from it, not being all that big a fan of swallowing the salty goo that boys tended to produce, but the second that first drop hit her tongue she knew that Santa was very different in this respect as well.

First was the amount, just a constant, thick stream. As she felt it hit the back of her throat she had vague memories of her first college party, where a friend had gotten her to try a beer bong. Vanessa was briefly grateful for the experience as she swallowed his offering. As impressive as the size of his load though, it was still secondary to the taste. The taste was...

She couldn't really describe the taste. Like Creme de Menthe mixed with some herbal liqueur only with no trace of alcohol and thickened with whipped cream. As Vanessa tried to figure out the taste in her mind, she was near oblivious to the fact that she had clamped her lips down fiercely on the end of his still firing weapon and was voraciously drinking it. It was near twenty seconds into his spurting, during which the old Spirit had simply bucked and moaned in delight, that it stopped and, to Vanessa's surprise she felt tragically disappointed. Despite the impressive volume, she'd wanted more. She even reached out to give his balls a gentle coaxing squeeze in desperation as the roar in her mouth quieted to a dribble.

"By the stars, you delicious Vixen" Santa laughed as he began coming down from his orgasm "That not enough for you?"

"It's just, mmmm," Vanessa responded as she took her head from his cock, pushing the few drops of his discharge that'd leaked onto her chin back into her mouth. "The best thing I've ever tasted. Like some minty, herbal....thing."

The jolly old Elf reached to his side and grabbed the still half-full glass of whiskey she'd poured for him, finishing it in one final swallow.

"I'm glad you enjoyed, dear." He chuckled as his hands reached down to his pants, "I really can't thank you enough for that. Highlight of my century."

Vanessa looked at him buckling up and became distressed. She couldn't help but notice that she was feeling unbearably hot. Even scantily clad on a cold winter's night. Being in the presence of Santa had made her feel warmer, like being in a room with a crackling fire. Now whatever it was in her stomach made her feel as though the crackling fire had taken up residence alongside it. She could feel her own arousal, as fierce and pronounced as she'd ever felt it.

"You're leaving?" She asked, half in shock and half in desperation, the heat causing her to discard her robe, leaving her just in her skimpy shorts and tanktop, her small nipples feeling hard as diamonds and poking through the thin material. The question looked as though it caught him by surprise.

"Well, I don't have to, certainly." He relaxed back in his seat "I'd certainly be willing to return the favour...."

"I need you to fuck me" Vanessa blurted out. Something she'd never thought she'd say, either because of the coarseness of the statement or it's directness. But that's what she needed. His cock. Inside her. At this very second.

"Love to, you saucy minx" Santa let his pants drop back down and his still stiff cock bobbed up invitingly. The sight of it practically caused Vanessa's mouth to water and for a second she thought about dropping to her knees and servicing it again. "Your bedroom perhaps? Or the guest room downstairs? Or...."

But his sentence didn't finish. Vanessa had practically leaped on him, straddling his thighs and rubbing herself against his massive length. She seemed in such a frenzy that she hadn't even undressed, so lust crazed and cock hungry that she'd forgotten about the obstacles that her undergarments caused. Santa was of a slightly cooler head however and knew what needed to be done, his large thick fingers managed to slip under the waistband of her shorts at her hips and, with one swift motion of seemingly inhuman strength, tore them from her. Vanessa was in such a state of heightened arousal that even the brief rush of cool air hitting her sex made her groan. Still, she was focused on her task and she quickly had the shaft of his cock in her hand, pointing the spear right at the opening to her dripping pussy.

"Thank fucking christ!" Vanessa loudly exclaimed as she sank down on him, the huge head of his cock spreading her wide on entry, causing a sense of friction and fullness that brought the exclamation from her. Santa groaned along with her. As good as her mouth had felt this was something else altogether. Wetter than a rainstorm, hotter than an oven and tighter than new leather, Vanessa's pussy felt like pure heaven to him.

Vanessa wasted no time in using her own strength to sink down on him and then bring herself up, her hips rotating with speed and strength as she worked the length inside her. The girth of Santa's cock was unlike any sexual experience she'd had, each little vein on his shaft felt as though it had to find and rub against a part of her that had never been touched before while the head's thickness provided exquisite sensation on her clit with every plunge. She'd said that she needed him to fuck her but there was no doubt about who the driving force was as this odd pairing coupled with such intensity. Vanessa was slam-fucking herself, stuffing her blazing insides with the hot, hard shaft with little to no help from him.

Santa,meanwhile, was enjoying something that he'd wanted to do ever since he'd first caught glimpse of Vanessa an hour or so before. He'd pulled her small tank top of hers just up and over her breasts and while he'd at first been simply happy with watching how Vanessa's ministrations made her large, full breasts bounce he knew he wanted more. They really were quite exquisite. A perfect teardrop shape of impressive size for a woman of her smaller frame and stature but with all of the firmness and perk that her youth would allow. Capped with small nipples only a shade or two lighter than the same tan colour of her skin they were, Santa had to admit, as fine a pair as he'd seen in his long time on this Earth. He certainly wouldn't pass up on opportunity like this, always being a fan of women's breasts, and so he pushed them together as he brought his head down to her chest, his tongue licking each areola before sucking one of her nipples into her mouth.

Vanessa gasped. She was so focused on her constant bouncing that she hadn't even noticed what he was doing until she felt her nipples sucked into his warm mouth. She'd never been with a man with a beard before and the feeling was odd, although certainly not unpleasant. His hair was smooth as silk and when it passed over her it was almost like being tickled. It was a delirious sensation for the girl who'd always liked having her breasts played with during sex. A little tickle, then the suck, then maybe a lick, then a bite. She never knew what would be coming next.

It was an odd scene, to be sure, if someone had come round the Thomas house that morning and looked into the window they'd have seen a beautiful, slim, teenage brunette frantically fucking herself on the massive cock of the heavy-set, silver maned avuncular grandfather looking fellow who was hungrily feasting on the girl's prodigious breasts. Not much by way of dialog to explain the odd pairing either. The girl was groaning, occasionally muttering an obscenity, punctuated by louder groans and faster riding of his cock while her hand was in her own hair a look of utter, unspeakable delight on her face. The man sucking and licking, occasionally reaching down to squeeze at her firm ass or give it a playful slap.

Imaginary onlookers be damned, Vanessa was lost in her pleasure. His thick shaft kept rubbing her clit with every thrust, stretching her wide and plunging so unimaginably deep, his mouth was expertly administering to her tits, his occasional little slaps to her ass, and the deliciously naughty thrill coming from fucking an older man in her parent's house, and it being Santa no less, were some of the cavalcade of thrills and pleasures she was getting. It was no wonder that when her orgasm hit her, she couldn't even tell where it was coming from. Her clit or deep inside her cunt or her brain or all at once, she didn't know.

"Oh fuck, fuck, FUCK!" Vanessa yelled as it seemed like her whole body exploded. Like the furnace inside her simply exploded, setting fire to her every nerve ending from her fingers to her toes. She contracted, spasmed, felt her surge of cum gush from her and simply whimpered. She tried riding it out but it was as though her brain was no longer listening to her, Santa's small bucking of his hips the only movement inside her. She buried her head in his shoulder and continued whimpering as her rush subsided.

"Well that, certainly, was the best house I've visited tonight." Santa laughed as he kept giving little thrusts into the whimpering, moaning girl. Vanessa simply sat there amazed. That she'd just had what felt like an A-bomb of an orgasm, sure, but also that she knew, that she could already feel, that the burning she'd felt hadn't gone away. Still there. Sated a bit, maybe, but still there. She'd have started bucking on him again if it didn't feel as though someone had replaced her legs with jello. She simply took her head from his shoulder and looked up at his smiling, rosy face pleadingly and said one word


Santa bellowed again in appreciative laughter.

"Ho, ho, ho" He chuckled as he withdrew himself from her. He was more than amenable to the request and even understood her situation. Vanessa gave a slight pouting noise when she felt him slide from her but it soon turned to an appreciative coo as he positioned her as he wanted her. Her hands bracing her weight on one of the couch's armrests, her back arched so as to offer herself to him as he spread her legs and positioned himself between them. Vanessa greatly enjoyed being taken from behind.

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