TLC Pt. 02

byadam applebiter©

Sabine has 'kissed the rod', now she assumes the position, on her knees, head low and hips thrust back to offer him two ports of call. He loves this moment of choice – Eeny-meeny-miney-mo-Into-which-hole-will-we-go? He kneels close behind her, guiding the head of his penis to the orifice of his choice and, after a moment's pause, thrusts into her.

"Shhh." Sabine hisses through her teeth as Daniel's cock ploughs into her as far as her cervix. She revels in the feeling of her vaginal walls distending around his swollen head, her pelvic floor muscles bear down on him, gripping his shaft. Sabine feels the sense of loss as he withdraws, the delight of being filled again as he slams back into her. He's quickly into his usual rhythm, long, powerful strokes pistoning in and out as hard and fast as he can. Sabine is in a state of absolute rapture, the rest of her body might as well not be there. There is only her fotze. The limits of her world are defined by how far Daniel can stretch her. When she is empty, she has no purpose. When she is full, she is fulfilled.

Daniel grasps her hips to steady himself and steps up the pace. His cock is driving through the muscular resistance of her cunt and being dragged back out with such fury his condom tears. Unheeded, for there's no stopping him now, it's soon in tatters. His teeth are clenched as he desperately holds back his orgasm as long as he possibly can.

Sabine sobs into the pillows, delirious with ecstasy as Daniel's newfound power lifts her over the threshold of her third orgasm. Her muscles spasm wildly around his cock, gripping him even more tightly, but still his assault on her is relentless. A second climax washes through her as the first subsides. Her entire body is quivering as Daniel manages one final grunting thrust and erupts deep inside her, spurt upon spurt of lava-hot seed pouring from him, flooding every furthest recess of her cunt.

Two exhausted bodies lie in a Gordian knot of limbs, breathing in ragged, heavy gasps. Tears have moistened Sabine's cheeks but her eyes show only beatitude. She manages a smile to dispel the shadows of concern on Daniel's brow. It takes a few minutes but their breathing quietens, no longer sounding like a pair of stalkers in payphones.

" are...I do not have the English - In German we say 'der aufreisser' – When a man wants to tear a woman." She smiles contentedly again. "tear a woman apart? I can say this in English. Yah?"

"Sure. You're not torn though. Are you?" It suddenly dawns on him that he may have damaged her. He looks worried as he glances down, looking for signs of blood. Sabine laughs.

"No. I think only your condom will not be ok." She reaches for him, rolling the shredded remains of the prophylactic sheath off his rapidly diminishing manhood. "It was good to abspritzen - to... come – without it. Yah?"

"Oh yeah." It'd felt fantastic to lose the sheath and finally feel her pussy around his cock with no barrier between them.

"So you did not stop. You want my belly swollen with babies. Yah?" She teases.

"Yes. And your breasts heavy with milk." He squeezes one gently.

"I think I will not be pregnant this time but..." She pauses o think.


"But you are very bad to make such mess. See!" Sabine reaches for the bedside lamp. Candlelight may be romantic but it's no match for a 25 watt bulb when it comes to actually being able to see things. The sudden brightness dazzles them both. Daniel blinks and squints until his eyes adjust. "See!" Sabine reiterates, parting her thighs just a bit further to show Daniel his semen leaking from her fotze.

"Oops." Daniel grins sheepishly. "I suppose I'd better clean that up."

"Yah. It is your mess. You must clean it up."

Daniel didn't need asking twice. Sabine had already heard all about his fetish for the taste of his own semen – and how he developed such a habit. The night he told her, and often since, she'd shared a mouthful with him after fellatio. Now he was planning on returning the favour.

He dipped his head between her thighs, dipped his tongue between the puffy petals of her pussy and lapped at the milk and honey flowing from the promised land. Some of their juices had already trickled down over her ass. His tongue flickered along the valley of her buttocks, he licked eagerly around her anus, pressing the tip of his tongue into the tiny puckered centre momentarily before mopping up a rivulet of – what did she call it? Moesen saft – mopping up moesen saft all the way back to her recently ravaged hole. Sabine gently tensed her vaginal muscles, squeezing more of his come toward his waiting tongue. When he had a good mouthful, he moved back up the bed to share his prize.

Sabine thoroughly enjoyed her tongue bath. Daniel had proved an apt student of oral technique and right now he was bucking for a straight 'A' grade. She was too fatigued for another orgasm and was glad Daniel stayed clear of her clit. He was creating such pleasant sensations without resorting to it that she was a little disappointed when he stopped licking her insides and moved to kiss her. Semen trickled from his mouth to hers and back again. She'd always enjoyed the taste of come but most men, it seemed, didn't. Did they think it made them gay to like it? Whatever. Soon, their kiss contained only the aftertaste of sex, tangy, a little saline. Sabine would have been glad to make this a kiss goodnight but Daniel's cock was rampant again – eating her fotze generally had that effect.

Daniel ignored his hard-on. Sabine was clearly too tired to enjoy another fuck. Rolling off her, he reached for the light switch then blew out the candle, plunging them into darkness. With a bit of manoeuvring, they swapped places with the duvet, snuggling together under it. Sabine's ass was pressed against his thighs so his penis nestled between her buttocks and the slight gap at the tops of her legs. He wrapped his arms around her, cupping one conveniently located breast. She held his other hand down against her belly.

"Danke schoen, Leibling."

"You're tired. Sleep now." Daniel kissed her neck then settled his own head on the pillow and closed his eyes.

Sabine was touched by Daniel's care of her. Tomorrow. Tomorrow she would make it all up to him. With that thought uppermost in her mind she slipped into sleep.

Daniel soon joined her.

Chapter 9 – Sabine gets valet service

Daniel woke sometime near noon with the same erection, or one just like it, pressed against the back of Sabine's thighs. One of his arms was trapped under her, though as it culminated in a handful of warm breast, he was disinclined to worry about it. His other arm was more easily extricated from where she held it wrapped around her as if it could keep her warm. He managed to free it without waking her. He moved his hips back, opening a little more space between them, just enough to be able to wrap his fist around his swollen and uncharacteristically patient hard-on. Stroking it gently, enjoying the sense of touch without aiming to waste an orgasm, he let his mind wander through recollections of last night. It'd been so good to finally touch the woman he'd held so often, to be the man she wanted him to be. What condition was she going to be in this morning? He half expected her pussy to be black and blue after the beating it took last night. She hadn't asked him to stop though. He'd tried his damnedest to find out just how hard she wanted to be fucked but Sabine had taken everything he had to offer. Her cunt was insatiable. Cunt – it wasn't a word he generally used but somehow the hard Anglo-Saxon sound fitted the brutish action of fucking Sabine. Pussy was something to be licked, played with, caressed now he had hands again, but pussy was delicate and not to be treated so roughly. Fotze was Sabine's name for it. Fotze was a funny word, even more so since he'd nicknamed her Fotzy Bare, and he couldn't bring himself to fuck a muppet. No, fotze was something to watch, something Sabine teased him with, something he heard about a lot, but not something he thought about when he was inside her. Whatever he called it, his world revolved around it and right now, in his hand, he had the perfect axis for such a world to spin on.

Sabine stirs. Slowly, she becomes aware of the daylight outside her eyelids. Slowly, she surfaces from the depths of sleep. A hand is cupping her breast. Yes, Daniel has hands again. A twinge as she moves her legs. Gott in Himmel! That's tender. Oh, but it was worth it to be taken like that. So big, so hard, such power! When she should have been begging him to stop, she was praying it would never end. To treat her so vigorously, Daniel either hates her and is punishing her for the slights of all the other women, or he truly understands what fulfils her and wants her enough to master her. Sabine knows which, though Daniel never says it. She's fully awake now and it hasn't gone unnoticed.

"Good morning Leibschen." Daniel kissed the back of her ear, it being the only bit of skin he could reach with his arm still pinned down.

"I think it is not morning." This much sunlight doesn't come into the bedroom in the morning. "I am going to be late for work. Yah?" She releases his arm and turns over to get a proper good morning kiss, even if it is afternoon.

"If you hurry, you could just make it."

"I cannot hurry today. And I cannot trust you alone with this." She touched the head of his cock. It twitched obligingly. "You will watch Nikki's films and..."

"And I'd much rather spend an hour in the shower with you than an hour in the living room with my fist, much as I've missed it."

He kissed her again. She flowed up against him. She was definitely going to be late for work.

Sabine got to the bathroom first. Daniel could hear the tinkle of water on water even from the bedroom. He was always turned on by the sound of her peeing. He walked in on her with a plan. She was just reaching for paper. He stopped her.

"No Sabine. Let me." For two months she'd been his hands, today he wanted to be hers. Her eyes twinkled with mischief as she spread her knees wide to allow him to wipe her wet lips. As his hand withdrew, she leant forward. He hadn't realized she'd sat down for two reasons. He cleaned her, getting a vicarious thrill from this new intimacy. When Sabine straightened up it was clear she'd got a thrill too, her nipples had crinkled up. She stood, put down the lid, flushed then sat back down, right on the edge with legs akimbo.

"Will you shave me too?"

Daniel didn't need asking twice. He ran warm water into the basin and laid a small towel between her feet. Gently he sponged the water over her pubic mound and labia, as far as her perineum. Sabine found the warm wet sponge quite soothing: Daniel was very gentle with her. He worked the gel to a lather with his fingertips, feeling just of a trace of stubble on her delicate skin. The razor glided through the white foam, leaving in its wake only smooth, glistening pink flesh. He moved the blade slowly, carefully, testing the results with his fingertip until he was satisfied with his work. Finally he sponged away the remnants of the foam and picked up his shaving mirror to show Sabine the finished product, like a barber showing a customer the back of their own head. She laughed and ran her fingers over her pubis approvingly.

Under the steaming torrent of the shower, Sabine stood quiescent while Daniel massaged bubbly handfuls of shower gel all over her body.

"I think they are clean now. Yah?"

Daniel had been washing her breasts for at least five minutes. He took the hint and worked his way down to her belly, her hips and, as she turned, her back. Warm tingling sensations buzzed through her nervous system as heat and moisture and soap-slick finger pressure toured her erogenous zones. She hummed like a theramin at the electric touch of her lover. She steadied herself against the wall as his hands slipped between her legs, front and back, soapy fingers finding their way into every nook and cranny. When the showerhead blasted the lather away her legs nearly buckled. Hot needles delved into bruised and tender secret places, painful but exquisitely so, as the remembered loss of her hymen.

Daniel discovers there were no more condoms on the shelf. He's about to get out of the shower to find one when Sabine's hand on his arm stops him.

"Leibling. It is not necessary." She remembers him coming inside her last night and wants to feel that way again.

He thrusts her back through the cascade of water, against the tiles, pinning her there with his own body, grinding his mouth onto hers. She returns his kiss, matching his ardour, revelling in the pressure of him against her. She lifts one leg to meet his grasp under her knee, raising it up above his hip. She grips his cock, guides it toward her fotze, rises on her toes to get his head in and sinks onto his length with a whimper. She bites his shoulder to keep from crying out as Daniel takes her entire weight on his hips, rooted in her. The pressure of his pubic bone against hers is unbearable until he gets both her legs up and supports her with hands under her ass, lifting her a fraction then dropping her back, impaling her again. She cries out. She can't take it. The tender consequence of last night's ravishment is just too painful. Daniel lowers her legs, bends his knees and sets her feet down. She buries her head against his shoulder, blinking away the moisture that had welled up in her eyes. Daniel allows her a moment of rest, content to nuzzle her wet hair and stroke her back and taut buttocks.

"Turn around Leibschen." He asks.

She turns, leaning her breasts against the tiles, head turned sideways, feet on the edge of the shower tray to elevate her. She's been in this position often since that first golden shower. Daniel reaches for some lubricant. Last time he checked, the kitchen was the only room in the house that didn't have a bottle of the stuff. Squeezing some onto his palm, he slaps his hand between her legs, smearing lube all round her rosebud, slipping his index finger in past the rim first one, then two knuckles deep. A second finger stretches her further, turning, twisting, loosening and lubricating her ass. Two fingers withdraw, yielding their position to their master's rod. The plum head of his cock feels enormous but she knows she can accept it. Pressure. Resistance. Submission. He forces past her sphincter, driving a burning brand deep into her bowels.

"Yahhh!" She practically growls. "Yah. Fick meine arsch." During anal sex is pretty much the only time Sabine talks dirty. Somehow that's appropriate

Daniel unhooks the showerhead and slips it into her hands between their bodies and the wall. Sabine massages her pubic mound and puffy labia with the hot jet of water, playing it occasionally over her distended anus, Daniel's root and his heavy balls, just to spur him on. It's encouragement that does not go unheeded. Daniel pistons in and out, hands locked on her hips, drawing her back to meet each thrust. Steadily, he builds up the pace, careering toward climax.

Sensing he is near, Sabine presses the shower against her clitoris, going rigid as the hot water hits her sensitive bud. Her orgasm crashes over her like a breaking wave, she seizes her lover's cock within her, dragging him with her as the first wave recedes, carrying him along on the second wave of her climax. Daniel grits his teeth as his contracting balls send sperm boiling through his cock, erupting from his glans to hose her bowels.

Softening, he withdrew, watching the way her anus stayed open, inviting his early return. As he watched, his sperm trickled out. He took the shower from her and washed away the little white rivulet and the remaining traces of lube. Sabine washed his penis again, coaxing it back to life long enough to 'kiss the rod' but no more – She really did need to get ready for work.

They towelled each other dry. Daniel dressed in double quick time then settled on the bed to watch Sabine finish blow-drying her hair. She was still naked at the dressing table. He loved watching her getting dressed, almost as much as watching her undress. The hairdryer went silent and she stood to face him, holding a T-shirt in each hand.

"Yellow or Blue?"


She put the yellow one back in the drawer and slipped the blue one over her head. Her breasts looked fantastic when she stretched her arms up. She never wore a bra at work. She got much better tips without one. Men! So predictable.

A basic white thong, pop-socks and fetchingly tight black trousers finished her outfit. A shake of her head settled her curls into place – as into place as they ever were. Except for special occasions, she didn't bother too much about keeping her hair under control and generally had what Chris had described as that just rolled look.

They walked hand-in-hand through Soho to Covent Garden. Ernesto only smiled at Sabine's late arrival. She offered no excuses. Ernesto was a man of the world and knew damn well what had delayed her. She ended up even later starting as neither of them had breakfast so she joined Daniel for a late lunch before work. They fed each other nachos and guacamole, drank cranberry juice and played footsy under the table. When Sabine actually got around to working for a living, Daniel went for a bit of retail therapy.

Sabine knows exactly how Daniel feels about her. She can read him like a book. Actually, it's more like a porn magazine than a book. She only needs to glance at the pictures to see everything. Daniel's expression when he looks at her, the tenderness amid the roughness when he takes her, He is definitely in love. She is too. That's why she wasn't been bothered about the broken condom. She wants nothing between them ever again. If she does become pregnant, well, Daniel can be relied on to do the decent thing. Then he'll have to say it – say he loves her. For now though, it's the only shyness he has left.

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