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TMA: Agent 99 and Agent Crystal


'The Man Who Collected Time'

Hello and welcome to my readers. Thanks for your votes and comments on my previous stories. For those of you unfamiliar with the adventures of the Temporal Management Agency's time traveling agents, all are listed in the Chain Story category under TMA. A new 99/Crystal adventure will be appearing soon. Enjoy.


Rhada Nuveen stopped her Segway at Agent 99's door. She normally sent an encrypted message detailing an agent's new assignment to their living quarters, but this one she wanted to deliver herself. When she pressed the autolock button, the door swung open.

Derek and Crystal lay naked on the bed. Her legs wrapped around his waist. A sheen of sweat on their bodies and the aroma of mingled fluids indicated they had just made love. Rhada stared for a moment, transfixed by the erotic tableau as her own desires stirred within her. How long had it been since ...?

"Good morning Madam Director," said Crystal, seeing her standing in the doorway.

"Good morning Rhada," Derek added. "To what do we owe the pleasure of your company?"

Crystal spread her legs as Derek lifted from her body and lay beside her. Rhada swallowed hard, her pussy moistening as her eyes traveled over the bodies of her most effective agents. Derek's thick cock was still hard and Crystal's pussy glistened, her nipples erect on her jutting breasts.

Crystal saw the look of desire on Rhada's face and the flush creeping over her cheeks.

"Would you care to join us Rhada?" she purred seductively, stroking Derek's cock.

"Always room for one more," he added.

Rhada's mind whirled. Being the TMA's Director, she maintained a necessary air of aloofness to insulate her from any relationships with her agents. The death of her lover Agent 27 five years ago had compelled her to resist any further involvements; but in spite of that, she had her needs as any other woman.

She closed the door and walked to the bed, removing her clothes as she went. Derek and Crystal moved apart and she crawled between them, sighing as their hands caressed her olive skin and their mouths found her stiff nipples. Derek's lips covered hers in a passionate kiss as Crystal continued sucking and licking her trembling body. Rhada moaned as fingers entered her wet pussy followed by a wiggling tongue. Derek's velvet cock head brushed her lips and she sucked him in eagerly, the intoxicating taste of cum and pussy juices filling her mouth.

Hips rising, she thrust her pussy against Crystal's devouring mouth as Derek's cock fucked down her throat. In a flurry of movement they changed positions. Derek's cock filled her pussy and Crystal straddled her face, lowering her dripping slit to Rhada's mouth.

Rhada sucked eagerly on Crystal's labial lips, tasting her tangy juices as Derek's hands gripped her ass cheeks, his thrusts sinking his thick meat deep in her pussy. Ohhh...so good...fuck me...cum in my mouth...Ahhhhh...yesss!

Crystal gripped the headboard and ground her pussy on Rhada's face, the lips and tongue of her new lover driving her wild. She squealed in pleasure as Rhada worked a slippery finger into her puckered hole, pumping hard.

Derek pounded Rhada's gripping pussy, her velvet walls engulfing his cock. Sweat beaded on his face as he strained to hold back until she achieved release. He felt her body stiffen and he knew she was close.

Rhada licked and sucked furiously on Crystal's sopping pussy, gasping moans telling her that her lover's orgasm was imminent. Derek's cock head pushed against Rhada's cervix and she came explosively, her shrieks of joy muffled as Crystal came in her mouth, howling in pleasure. Derek moaned as he shot thick jets of cum into Rhada's spasming pussy.

He lay back and watched the women move easily into a 69, Rhada on top, licking and fingering each other into a second orgasm. His cock stiff again, he moved behind Rhada, gripped her hips and entered her with a single thrust, making her gasp. Crystal continued to lick Rhada's pussy and Derek's cock, as Rhada's tongue wiggled in her gooey slit.

The room resounded with the sounds of flesh slapping together, slurps, moans and little shrieks as they worked each other into a frenzy of lust.

One by one they erupted in mind-numbing climaxes; Derek's cock filling Rhada's pussy with cum as the women mouths overflowed with the others sweet juices.

Sighing and panting they sank in an exhausted heap of satiated flesh, Rhada lying between Derek and Crystal as they savored the post-orgasmic glow and exchanged soft kisses.

"I must begin delivering more assignments in person," Rhada sighed as the agents caressed her. "That was glorious, thank you both."

"Visit us anytime," Crystal replied, stroking Rhada's pert breast. "You have a delightful body."

"Perfect for loving," Derek added, nuzzling Rhada's neck.

"Before you two take me again," Rhada said with a smile, "We need to discuss your new assignment. The Time Tech's have encountered what they describe as surrogate anomalies in the timeline. Historical events through the ages are being replaced with intricate 3-D holograms virtually indistinguishable from the actual occurrence. The technology is such that only the Rectifier's can be responsible. As it is so often the case, their motives are a mystery; however these thefts must be stopped before the fabric of the time skeins are weakened."

"Where are these time segments now?" Crystal asked.

"The techs have followed secondary angstroms from the stasis fields to their nexus in the mid 20th Century; an island in the Hawaiian chain called Oahu and a place called Pearl Harbor. The year is 1941, the date December 4th. You must move quickly, as the nexus moves erratically within the time stream and how long it will be there no one knows."

"Furthermore, this Pearl Harbor will be attacked by an enemy utilizing battle tactics and weapons of the period within a three day time span."

"You must complete your mission before the nexus moves and the attack begins. Are there any questions?"

"May we take our own weapons?" 99 asked, "Or utilize weapons of the period?"

"Your micro disruptors will be activated, plus you may take whatever weapons you choose that are molecularly reduced."

"Battle Axe," said Crystal.

"Saber," 99 added.

"You will be HypnoBriefed and garbed in period clothing," Rhada continued. "Transfer at 0900 hours tomorrow."

"Now" she purred, "are we ready for another round of loving?"

Derek slid between Crystal's thighs and entered her with a single thrust. Rhada straddled Crystals head and lowered her pussy to her lover's eager mouth. Moaning and sighing they pleasured each other for hours, and then fell into an exhausted sleep.


99 and Crystal emerged from a time portal into an aircraft hangar redolent with the smells of disuse and decay. Several ancient aircraft covered with dust stood about on the hangar floor, their fabric covered wings and fuselages in tatters.

99 wore the uniform of a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Engineers, Crystal the uniform of a Major in the Army Nursing Corps. These uniforms had been selected by the Looking Glass Chamber Techs as the least conspicuous, yet elevated enough in rank not to be challenged by most of the personnel at the base.

Finding a door, they emerged into a lush paradise. Exotic flowers and plants grew in verdant splendor under a cloudless, azure sky. They were in a seldom used area of Wheeler Field, a US Army base for pursuit planes intended for the protection of Pearl Harbor. A few minutes of walking put them in the heart of the army installation, returning salutes and occasionally giving them.

After asking directions, they entered the Officers Mess, drew mugs of coffee and sat at a table near a wall so they could observe the room.

"I've activated the tracking sensors, but there's not a trace of stasis field signatures within a thirty mile radius," Crystal muttered. "Could the techs have put us in the wrong place?"

"I've never known them to miss a target by that great a distance," 99 replied. "Wherever their location, the Rectifiers have equipped it with maximum shielding. We'll need to determine where it may be by more conventional means."

"Meaning what exactly?"

"Examining printed matter; maps, blueprints, diagrams, that sort of information; let's go find it."


"There's Base Headquarters building," Crystal said. "It's my guess what we want is in there."

99 nodded in assent and they walked inside. Finding an office with the words 'Records and Documents' stenciled on the door glass, they entered and a man seated behind a desk wearing Corporal's stripes snapped to attention.

"At ease Corporal," 99 said amiably. "I'll need to see the blueprints and maps of the field's installations. We're constructing concrete revetments for the new P-40's."

"I'll need to see your security clearance sir," the soldier replied. "That information is classified."

Crystal's brow furrowed and the man resumed his seat at his desk, staring forward with a bemused smile on his face.

"He'll be out for an hour at least. See what you can find, I'll keep watch."

99 grinned, blew her a kiss and disappeared into the storage rooms. Close to an hour had passed and Crystal saw the soldier begin to emerge from his hypnotic state. She was about to put him under again when 99 emerged, rolls of blueprints under his arm.

"Found what we're looking for. Let's find someplace private and study these."

As the office door closed the corporal jerked awake, remembering nothing of his visitors.


Secure in a room in the Visiting Officers Quarters, 99 and Crystal pored over the drawings of the airbase, finding nothing that appeared to be a potential location for the Rectifiers hideaway. Then Crystal saw something odd on a diagram of the runways and hangars.

"Derek, what's the Forward Echelon? There's a notation on this diagram and an arrow pointing northeast, nothing else."

"I don't recall seeing any references to that in any of these blueprints...wait a minute...here it is." He studied the drawing for a moment. "I think this may be it. A man-made cavern cut into the base of Aliamanu Crater intended to be a command post in the event of an invasion. It's below fifteen feet of rock and is fairly deep. That has to be where they are."

Crystal stretched luxuriantly and began removing her uniform, followed by her bra and panties. She turned down the bedclothes and stretched out, her whitish blond hair spilling over the pillow like a cloud.

"All that walking made my feet hurt; will you rub them for me my love?"

99 grinned and undressed quickly. Crystal was the only TMA agent to have ever bested him in training pentathlons; her feet were as toned as the rest of her sensuous body. It was one of the many love games they played, teasing and exciting each other until they could take it no longer and had white hot sex.

She sighed and spread her legs as he rubbed one foot, then the other, licking her instep and sucking her toes. He began kissing and licking along her calves, then along the creamy skin of her inner thighs. Crystal writhed and gasped as his lips and tongue drove her wild. He licked up to and around her bare pussy, flicking her labial lips then moving tantalizingly away while she moaned in passionate frustration.

He continued to deny her the pleasure she craved until her body shook with need, then sucked her pussy and drove his tongue deep into the satiny folds as she screamed in delight. He captured her swollen clit in his teeth, lashing it with his tongue as his fingers entered her, seeking her g-spot.

Crystal gripped handfuls of the sheets as she ground her soaked pussy against 99's devouring mouth, her moans as loud as shouts. He gripped her ass and sucked her labial lips in his mouth, tonguing her out, filling his mouth with her gushing fluids. Her body jerked spasmodically and he knew she was about to orgasm. He wormed two fingers into her puckered asshole and she exploded, jetting warm fluids into his mouth, shrieking with joy and release.

He continued to pleasure her until she had a second violent orgasm and lay gasping, eyes staring sightlessly at the ceiling. He cradled her in his arms, kissing her forehead as her breathing returned to normal. Her blue eyes fluttered open and she smiled.

"That was wonderful Derek, you always make me cum so hard. I love you."

"I love you too Crystal. Each time we make love is like the first time, and it keeps getting better."

"Now it's my turn handsome," she replied, flipping him on his back and sucking his cock deep in her mouth. He lay back and sighed as her tongue swirled around the velvet head and the pillar of flesh.

Her throat muscles contracted tightly on him and he cried out in pleasure, her head bobbing rapidly as she wordlessly urged him to fuck her in the mouth. He gripped her head, lifting his hips to her mouth and filling it with his thick meat. She took it all, never stopping licking and sucking him, gripping his ass cheeks as he rammed her mouth.

An agonized moan told her he was about to cum, so she sucked harder and thrust a finger in his asshole to stimulate his prostate gland. He howled and erupted in her mouth, blasting ropes of sticky cum down her throat that she eagerly swallowed. After a final spurt he fell back on the bed, panting.

Crystal snuggled up to him and they kissed, tasting each other on their lips and faces. In moments they were asleep, snoring softly.


"What a lovely way to wake up," Crystal laughed, bouncing happily on

99's cock. She dangled her breasts in his face as he sucked her nipples twisting her clit against his wiry pubic hair, her vaginal muscles clasping him like a velvet fist. They thrust harder against each other, pelvic bones slamming together as they neared and then achieved mutual climax, their cries of passion muffled by a grinding soul kiss.

After hugging and enjoying the afterglow, they showered together with much tickling and teasing then donned their uniforms and went to breakfast. Finishing their meal, they lingered over coffee and discussed their attack plans.

Obtaining a jeep from the motor pool, they followed a series of increasingly rough roads covered with broken seashells until they reached the Forward Echelon. There were no guards or fencing, only a pair of massive steel doors with smaller doors at their base. 99 parked the jeep in a clump of trees overgrown with vines and they went to examine the door.

"A simple but strong tumbler lock," 99 muttered, his micro disruptor disintegrating the inner workings leaving the outer plate intact. A twist of the levered handle, a squeal of unused hinges and they were inside. A flick of a switch and lights in the high ceiling flared into life, illuminating a tunnel cut deeply into the living rock.

"Detector's going off the scale," Crystal said excitedly. "We're right on top of some powerful stasis field generators. They must be huge to encapsulate whole historical events. There's secondary radiation too. Their reactor must have a flaw in it's shielding. Not enough to be harmful for a short period though."

"Let's see where this tunnel leads," 99 replied. "It may be a decoy and the real access point's somewhere else."

They walked cautiously down the tunnel, electronically heightened senses attuned for the slightest sound or movement. Numerous rooms were cut into the tunnel walls, the steel doors open revealing rows of tables and desks, map boards, telephones, chairs and other equipment; all coated with a thick layer of dust.

"I don't think anyone's been in here in years..." Crystal began, and then they saw a second pair of steel doors blocking their path. 99 tried the handle on the smaller access door and it opened easily. They moved through warily, but only encountered more of the tunnel.

"There's something odd here," 99 said. "Given the depth of this tunnel we should be inside the crater wall by now, but we're only going deeper and yet we're still level..."

"Very perceptive of you Agent 99," a voice boomed out of nowhere. "You are in fact no longer in the tunnel; rather you are in an encapsulated skein of time and in my domain."

Instantly, they were surrounded by a squad of Rectifier cyborgs leveling blast rifles, their synthoflesh skins gleaming in the lights.

"If you two would care to partake of my hospitality," the voice said with a chuckle, "I would like to show you my collection. Bring them here!"

Prodded by a blast rifle, Crystal spun about in a fury and kicked it from the cyborgs hands. 99 kicked at a cyborgs leg, knocking it down. They dove for the floor as the ones remaining fired mindlessly and, since they were in a circle, destroyed each other.

99 grabbed two rifles, tossed one to Crystal and they ran back to the door where they entered. Finding it locked, they ran further down the tunnel seeking a place to hide. Seeing an open door, they rushed through it into a dome shaped room with multicolored walls constantly shifting into different shapes.

"Welcome to my playroom," the voice said. "Excuse my manners, I must greet you personally." One wall irised open and a cadaverous man with a bald head emerged sitting in a floating chair. "Allow me to introduce myself," he said as he neared where they were standing. "I am O'Neill Jorgenson."

99 snarled an oath and fired from the hip, Crystal fired a split second later. The man laughed as the energy bolts were absorbed by the chairs force field.

"How rude Derek and Crystal, I offer you my hospitality and you attack me. Those rifles and your internal weapons are now useless." Two cyborgs appeared behind them carrying chairs. "Please be seated. We have much to discuss."

"Jorgenson?" 99 said throwing down his weapon, Crystal following suit. "You can't be him. He's dead. He was killed along with six Time Techs when the third experimental Time Portal imploded in 1996."

Jorgenson laughed again, "So that's the story now? How I heroically died in the early experiments? Far from it I assure you. The portal did implode and the techs did die, but I did not. I was kept alive until I fully recovered, then I set about my work once more."

"Then why are you listed as dead?" Crystal asked.

"After the accident, I suddenly realized that many events in human history were misdirected and did nothing to advance the perfectibility of humankind, therefore I proposed to my colleagues that we return to those events and alter them. Naturally they refused. Jasper and Turgenyev are deluded fools.

I became increasingly annoyed that they could not see things that I felt needed to be done, so I assembled all the existing information on time travel technology and simply disappeared into the time stream.

Finding like-minded persons elsewhere in time, I organized a concerted effort to right the wrongs of history and thus the Rectifiers were born."

"I suppose you are the Ultimate Overlord of the Rectifiers mentioned in captured information?" 99 said.

"At your service," Jorgenson replied. "A pretentious title I will admit, but I do have my little conceits." He frowned, "Now what shall I do with you?"

"Engage us in fair combat?" Crystal said wryly.

"Alas my age and infirmities preclude that option," Jorgensen chuckled. "Were I but younger...but never mind. I could modify you two into cyborgs, place irradiation bombs inside your bodies and have you detonate in TMA's headquarters...but that is so crude and it would destroy valuable equipment.

No, I have something more interesting in mind for you. You will be placed in Sensory Deprivation Tanks and driven slowly insane, then I shall use your shattered minds and intact bodies as I see fit."

"We've both experienced the Tanks," Crystal sneered.

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