tagGroup SexTo Bask in Breastford Ch. 05

To Bask in Breastford Ch. 05


It was a beautiful day in Breastford as Paula Swanson showed Coach Steven Blue around the town of Breastford. Everywhere he looked Coach Blue saw nothing but busty, well-endowed women; none of them out of shape. Driving, walking, exercising (he really enjoyed seeing them exercise), they seemed to be all around him. Indeed, he seemed to be swimming in an ocean filled with big, luscious melons.

He had a hard-on throughout the entire day; although, this was a trend he was quickly becoming accustomed to. Coach Blue was like a dog, panting and tongue hanging out as he pressed his face into the window of Paula's SUV. Miss Swanson merely giggled and grinned as she watched the anxious coach from the driver's seat.

"I've arranged for you to meet the school principal tomorrow." she said.

"Alright." Coach Blue said, only half paying attention. He hadn't even turned his head to face Paula when he spoke, but he was almost breaking his neck trying to look at every big breasted woman that passed; especially those wearing tight jeans, booty shorts, or short skirts.

Paula finally pulled into a grocery store parking lot. As they got off to enter the store, Coach Blue noticed a lot of women glancing at him and pointing him out to their friends.

Inside the store Paula was busy gathering ingredients for tonight's dinner, Coach Blue seemed to be being dragged wherever the tent in his pants was pointing. His penis gave a particular throb when he saw two women heading his direction. One was wearing a bright yellow v-neck and tight jeans, the other a pink button up blouse and black skirt.

As the two women approached his eyes were glued to their huge chests. They were by far the biggest he'd seen in Breastford, and in his life (although he had thought the same thing when he saw Natalie Knockers and her busty daughter Nina).

They were deep in conversation and barely noticed he was there. He could hear them talking and giggling, but he was unsure of what they were saying. They were within 10 feet of him when he noticed the pink top on the ladder woman beginning to tighten. She had only the top button undone; but the others looked like they were struggling.

As the woman passed her breasts bulged against her tight pink top, and forced two of her buttons to snap right off; one of which hit Coach Blue in the cheek.

He heard her whisper to her friend something along the lines of "oh crap...do you have...damn buttons..." as they passed.

"Ready to go?"

Coach Blue turned around to find Paula standing behind him, her shopping basket halfway full.

"Yeah. Sure thing." he responded.

Paula reached up to his face. Coach Blue thought that maybe she was preparing to kiss him, or show some other sign of affection, but instead she pulled something off his cheek. It was the button.

"You got a little something." she said.

Coach Blue looked at her. She gave a small giggle.

"Oh!" He said. "Thanks."

* * * * * * *

Once the shopping was finished they made their way to the Knockers' house. Natalie greeted them with open arms.

"Paula! Steven!" she said, wrapping her arms around each of them. Her left boob collided with Paula's right, and her right boob pressed into Coach Blue's chest.

"So good of you to show up." she said, stepping back from them.

She was dressed in an outfit similar to Paula's, a white button-up blouse and matching skirt. Unlike Paula, however, her skirt was gray and significantly longer. She also wore no jacket or pantyhose. They were similar, though, in the fact that each of them had managed to stuff their big boobs into their tops (although Coach Blue thought that he could be looking at a repeat of what occurred at the grocery store).

"Nina! Our guests are here!" Natalie called.

Nina Knockers soon appeared from the dark hallway and entered the living room, where everyone had gathered. She was wearing the same white tank top and black skirt from before. Coach Blue took note of this and decided that there was no chance of her big melons popping out tonight.

Gretchen also made an appearance, she was following at Nina's heels. Coach Blue guessed she must have gotten out of work early.

"Coach, why don't you have a seat with the girls while Paula and I get dinner started?"

Coach Blue did as she suggested and sat down in the living room on the couch. Gretchen sat next to him, while Nina took a seat in an easy chair at the corner of the couch.

For a while it was really awkward. No one said a thing. Coach Blue noticed that Nina had that stern teenage look on her face again. He was still somewhat resentful towards her, but there was no way he could stay mad at those tits.

Nina noticed the coach's staring. She had got what she wanted from him, but she couldn't help but feel like it was a bittersweet victory. The man had not even blown his load when she threatened to lift up her top! Who did he think he was? Didn't he know that men spent themselves just by being in her presence? And what was with that hard on he had?

She seemed to have his attention, the bulge in his pants indicated that. But how could it just stay like that? Hard. That's what was puzzling her. Was she losing her touch? What would the other girls think? What if he showed up to coach the team and blew jizz all over the place from watching the other girls? She'd be a laughing stock! Poor little Nina. She has to find...other...means of getting what she wants.

She looked down at her breasts. They were ginormous! It had to be him. She brought her hand to one of her big boobs and began to knead it softly, squeezing it in her palm. She took her finger and swirled it all around her massive melon in circles. Her nipples began to harden under her white bra and tank top.

She had Coach Blue's undivided attention. He was staring at her intently; watching her every move. She could make him cum if she wanted. Right?

Gretchen noticed the coach staring. She stared down at her own pair of breasts, the same breasts the coach had cum on this morning. They were big, but they paled in comparison to Nina's big knockers. She watched as Coach Blue slowly fell victim to Nina's game.

"Quit it!" she said.

Nina stopped to look at Gretchen.

"Jealous much?"

"No." Gretchen replied. "I just think that it's...not right to use men like that."

Nina's raised her eyebrows at Gretchen.

"What town are you living in?" she asked, sarcastically.

"NINA!" Natalie called. "I need your help please!"

"Coming, Mom!" Nina yelled back.

Satisfied, she got up from her seat and went to the kitchen.

Gretchen snapped her fingers in front of the coach's face.

"Coach?" she said.

Coach Blue shook his head as if he were waking up.

"Sorry." he apologized. "I must have spaced out."

"It's alright." she said. "I think dinner's almost ready."

It turned out Gretchen was right. It had been half an hour, and they were sitting down for the appetizers and first course. Coach Blue sat at the head. Nina sat to his right; Natalie to his left. The Swansons, not being guests of honor, sat beside the Knockers.

"So Coach." Natalie said, after digging into a salad. "I think you made a fine choice in putting my Nina on the team. If she wants something, she'll find a way to get it by any means necessary. She's very determined. She'll be the one to put points up on the board."

"Mom, stop..." Nina pleaded.

"That might be true." Paula interrupted. "But Gretchen can push it to the limit. If you need two, I guarantee you she'll be the one to give them to you."

"Mother!" Gretchen scolded.

"Oh come now, Paula." Natalie pushed. "If you need two then my Nina can give them to you bigger and better, and everyone knows that it's the big ones that count. Am I right, Coach?"

She gave Coach Blue a small wink.

Nina gave a slight cough and then cleared her throat. She hung her head, looking down at her chest. She casually took her arms from above the table and folded them across her chest at table height. She then slumped down in her chair a bit.

"I disagree." Paula countered. "I think it's all about effort. Make no mistake, by the end of the night Gretchen will be sore, panting, and wet; but she'll still be ready to go the next day."

Gretchen threw her fork down.

"That's it." she said. "I'm outta here. I'll be at home."

Paula and Natalie looked at her blankly.

Nina got up from her chair.

"I'll...uh..I'll go with her!" she declared.

The two busty teens hurried out to the living room, and then headed out the front door covering their faces as if trying to shield them from embarrassment.

"Goodness." Paula said. "I wonder what's gotten into those two?"

"Never you mind." Natalie said, putting down the glass she was drinking from. "Now that they're gone we can talk about more...grown up things."

She threw her hair back and put her elbow on the table. She then leaned her head into her hand and smiled at Coach Blue.

Paula stood up.

"Nat? Can I see you in the kitchen, please?"

"Sure." she said. "This will just take a minute." she told Coach Blue.

"What are you doing?" Paula asked her friend as soon as they were out of earshot.

"What?" Natalie said.

"You're flirting!" Paula accused.

"I am not." Natalie replied. "But look. Let's say I was...I mean, we've got to keep him busy until tomorrow anyway, right?"

"Well...yeah...but not like that!"

"Why not?" Natalie said.

"Because it's just not...not...me!" Paula stated.

"You're not doing it for you. We're doing this for our daughters." Natalie said.

"I...I don't know." Paula replied.

"Look." Natalie said. "How do you know when the drug's worn off?"

Paula paused for a bit.

"Well." she said. "The patient will exhibit an abnormally large amount of semen, at which point the pheromones will set in and-"

"Blah blah blah." Natalie interrupted. "Look. The point is, it could wear off and we wouldn't even know it!"

"I told you." Paula reiterated. "It should wear off by Monday."

"But what if it doesn't?" Natalie asked of her. "What if Monday rolls around and that thing is still in his system? We can't have a horny bastard of a man like that running free without any control. And with our daughters no less! And it's not just our daughters, either. Every girl on the basketball team. Do you think he's gonna have the will power to not succumb to temptation when there are twenty big-breasted teenage girls bouncing around just for him?"

"You're being melodramatic." Paula said. "You said yourself and I quote 'He'll be in such a hurry to take his pants off, and even more of a hurry to spend himself.'"

"Okay." Natalie responded. "Maybe I did say that. But you were the one stressing how vital this is. And maybe it's just me...but I really feel like if we don't do this...he can upset this community."

"Oh my gosh!" Paula said, pointing at her friend. "You're worried about Nina!"

Natalie placed her hand on her chest and stepped back, looking at Paula in awe.

"Guh! I am not!" she said.

"Nope. You are! I can see it. All of a sudden little miss 'street boobs' can't hang? I understand completely, Nat. I feel for you."

She reached out to give her friend a hug, but Natalie pulled away.

"That's not funny." she said.

"Okay. Fine." Paula caved. "What do you suggest?"

Natalie gave her friend a very serious look.

"A proper welcome." she said.

For a while, they were both silent. Paula looked deep into her friend's eyes.

"It has been a while, hasn't it?"

"Yeah." Natalie said.

"You'd better call Nina and tell her to stay at my place." Paula urged, taking a step back towards the kitchen.

"Paula!" Natalie stopped her. "Are we sure?"

"Positive." Paula responded.

* * * * * * *

Coach Blue was sitting alone in the kitchen, thinking about whose tits were bigger -- Nina's or her mom's -- when Paula walked in. Alone.

"Coach." she said. "Come join me in the living room, please."

Coach Blue was a little confused. But he did as she requested and sat down on the couch yet again.

Paula stood in front of him. She took off her glasses and let her hair down. She then closed her eyes and swirled her head in a circular motion so her hair flew around wildly. As she did this, she bent her knees and stuck out her ass a little.

Coach Blue was now even more confused.

"Miss...Swanson?" he asked.

Paula raised up and planted her feet firmly on the floor, locking eyes with Coach Blue as she did so.

"Steven." she said, reaching up to cup her enormous breasts, "Call me Paula."

Coach Blue watched as she danced and kneaded her big tits.

"Yes ma'am!" he said.

Paula smiled at him, then walked over and sat down next to him on the couch. She picked up his hands and placed them on each of her big jugs.

"Oh my God!" Coach Blue moaned as he kneaded them. He had wanted to feel up Paula's pillows since he first laid eyes on them. Now that he was finally doing it, it was hard to believe.

His eyes bugged out as he kneaded them through her shirt and bra. As he was working them, some of the buttons came undone. Paula helped to unbutton the rest. As soon as the shirt was off, Coach Blue tried to bury his head in her cleavage, though her black bra managed to provide an obstacle. Still, Coach Blue loved how the tops of her tits felt as he mashed his face on them. Her titflesh was so smooth, and did his best to devour them through her bra.

Paula helped by arching her back, offering more of her massive mams to the horny coach. Coach Blue wrapped his arms around her waist. He was kissing her left jug when he felt someone sit down beside him. He immediately recognized Natalie as he turned his head to be face to face with her fully clothed knockers.

"Consider this your welcoming committee." Paula said, as the coach finally took his mouth off her chest.

Just as he was about to begin unbuttoning Natalie's blouse, the busty milf brunette arched her back hard, sticking it out as fast as she could. Her massive hooters pressed against her bra and blouse, and Coach Blue's face was met with an array of buttons. Five buttons snapped off of her blouse and flew in every direction possible.

"Oh my God!" Coach Blue exclaimed yet again.

Natalie had just unbuttoned her own blouse without so much as a single hand. Her bra covered boobs simply did the work for her.

She giggled at Coach Blue's response.

"Paula told me about your little 'button-popping' encounter at the store today, so I just thought you would like that."

"I love it!" Coach Blue said, as he buried his face in the newly exposed cleavage.

Natalie moaned as he attacked her boobs through her bra.

Paula was busy taking off the rest of her shirt, and her jacket as well leaving only her bra on her upper body. Natalie began to take off her own blouse (or what was left of it anyway) as Coach Blue mauled her melons. After about ten minutes of Coach Blue switching back and forth between the busty babes, they stood up and faced each other.

Paula wrapped her arms around Natalie's waist and stepped close to her, their bras touched and Coach Blue's dick became instantly hard. The next items to touch were there lips; the two busty beauties engaged in a very wet kiss as Paula managed to undo her friend's skirt. When the kiss was over Paula let go of the skirt and it fell to the ground, revealing Natalie's black thong.

"Cute!" Paula exclaimed, looking at her underwear.

"Thank you." Natalie smile back. "Now turn around. Let me do you."

Paula turned so that her back was facing Coach Blue, who was sitting back massaging himself through his jeans. Natalie undid her short skirt and tried to pull it down, but ran into trouble as Paula's big buns threatened to rip the material. She didn't have a big butt; the skirt was simple too tight. Paula stood up straight and wiggled around a little bit, allowing her friend to pull the skirt completely down.

As Paula stepped out of her skirt she and Natalie hugged each other again and began to make out. Now that the two beauties were wearing only their underwear and high heels (Paula was also wearing white pantyhose) Coach Blue could tell that Paula's underwear wasn't black, but a very dark purple. He found this to be extremely sexy as he molested himself.

The two women from Breastford smiled at each other and giggled as they looked each other over. They were very giddy in there movements, at times causing themselves to shake possibly from anticipation, which made their big boobs bounce under their bras and Coach Blue's dick to throb.

He was amazed at the size of their breasts. Each woman had to weigh less than 120 lbs, but their boobs were extremely massive for such small frames. He guessed each woman to be a double D, and he couldn't wait to get his hands on both sets.

"How about losing those bras?" Coach Blue asked.

Paula stopped and gave Coach Blue a look of fake offense.

"Natalie!" she exclaimed. "Did you head that?"

Natalie was busy feeling Paula's bra cups. She now stopped and looked at Coach Blue.

"I sure did, Paula." she said.

"It sounds like someone is being a little bossy..." Paula said, hugging her busty friend close to her.

"Hm." Natalie responded. "I guess if he doesn't appreciate this little welcome, he can just go."

"No!" Coach Blue said, standing up. "I'm sorry. I just meant...you ladies are just so beautiful..."

Natalie threw her long brown hair back as Paula gave a small laugh.

"Sit down, boy." Paula said. She gestured with her left hand for him to sit down. Coach Blue sat.

She and Natalie reached around each other and unhooked each other's bras.

"Are these what you want?" Paula asked, as she and Natalie each pulled their own bras off.

"Wow." Coach Blue said in awe as both pairs of tits came into view.

They were amazing! Both sets were very big, very round, and very firm. It seemed as if they were denying all laws of physics as they showed no signs of sag. Each woman had small nipples, but Natalie's areolas were slightly puffier than Paulas. The bumps that surrounded Paula's areolas were more visible than her friend's.

Coach Blue resisted the urge to stroke himself fast, as he didn't want to be gone too soon. He had never had sex with two women before in his entire life. Had it been just one, average looking woman he might have been able to resist and stay faithful to his wife. But two women? And two women like Paula Swanson and Natalie Knockers? He would get divorced for this; without hesitation. He didn't even have to think twice.

He watched as the two very busty, very topless women kneaded each of their racks in their own hands. They held them out to him, as if they wanted him to judge who had the better pair. Then they brought their chests together and squished their massive tits into each other, nipple to nipple. The women giggled as each felt the others boobs on her own.

They began to buck back and forth; each woman humping the other woman's tits with her own. They shook their chests from side to side, causing their massive hooters to slap against each other. Paula placed her big boobs on top of her friend's awesome rack. Natalie began to bounce her melons up and down, causing Paula's huge tits to slap her face. She licked at them and tried to get her nipples into her mouth.

After a while, they switched. Natalie now had her own pair on Paula's, and it was Paula now trying to catch Natalie's tits in her mouth.

"Oh wow..." Coach Blue moaned as he watched the busty display. He had his pants unbuttoned and was now starting to unzip them.

"Ooo I think someone is ready for us." Natalie said.

"Better not keep him waiting." Paula replied.

Both women now looked at him and walked over. They sat down on either side of him and took over the job of getting his pants off for him.

"Oh man..." Coach Blue said. As he wrapped his hand around each of their small waists. He hadn't realized his hands were now free to do other things.

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