tagNonHumanTo Be Transformed..or Not? Ch. 04

To Be Transformed..or Not? Ch. 04


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Sunlight was peeking through the curtains when Alicia opened her eyes. When she turned her head, she saw Angus lying on his side with his elbow propping him up and he was looking at her with eyes filled with warmth. He looked so adorable with his hair all mussed. She thought she could eat him right up for breakfast. He suddenly brought his face down to hers and captured her in a breathtaking kiss.

"Good morning love!" he whispered into her ears.

God.. His whisper alone made her body yearn for him. She recalled the happenings of last night and blushed. That was the best lovemaking she'd ever had and wondered when they were going to do it again...

As if reading her thoughts, he trailed his hands towards her breasts and gave them a gentle squeeze. She closed her eyes and moaned relishing the sensation his hands brought on her body. She could get addicted to this feeling.

"Up for another round of paradise?" he whispered tweaking her nipple and with a playful smile on his face.

Hell yeah she was ready...but she'd just known him for two days...well she hadn't thought about that last night so what the heck? She lifted her head up and kissed him sweetly. Then she pushed him down and straddled him. In last night's hurry she hadn't yet gotten the pleasure of seeing him and his body looked even better in daylight. She kissed his chest and took one of his flat nipples in her mouth and rolled them gently.

"Ali...." He began only to trail off. "Shit that feels good."

She went further down exploring his body and paused when she reached his semi-erect manhood. It was already around 5 inches long and one and half inches wide in semi-erect state. She wondered how big it would get once fully erect and how she got that monster inside her last night. She slowly squeezed it and he groaned again. Then she licked along the slit lightly and saw it twitch in her grasp. She then took in as much as she could fit without gagging and started sucking while squeezing his balls. She watched his face contort with her ministrations and smiled to herself. It was good to know she had such effect on this handsome man beneath her. She wondered how many girls literally threw themselves at him every day. She knew she should be feeling bad about bedding a man she barely knew but in the past two days, he had given her a feeling of comfort no one had made her feel; not even Olivia. He had had taken her miseries away, he had saved her from possible death... she didn't know how but he saved her. This was weird but maybe she was falling for him. It may be too early to decide but she was definitely generating feelings for him.

"If you keep that up, I'll come in your mouth; love."

His voce brought her out of her thoughts. She could see that his shaft was now fully hard. She smiled and crawled atop him. He brought his lips up to hers and kissed her again.

"Thinking about me?" he asked.

"Was it that obvious?" she asked as she slid his shaft into her dripping hole. He sighed softly and looked into her eyes as she gyrated her hips. All he did was smile as he squeezed her firm ass cheeks. She bit her lower lip at the feeling and started moving up and down, her pussy milking him. He pinched her nipples and she increased her speed. She threw her head back and started gasping and whimpering as she fed him one of her buds and he chewed on them gently. Oohh.. She loved the feeling of that. He then took her other nub and sucked hard. She knew she would come soon so she further increased her tempo. He sensed it too and flipped her over without sliding out of her. Was that even possible? She didn't care. She closed her legs around him and urged him to go faster. He plunged into her furiously and they both came simultaneously.

No doubt he had fallen in love with her all those months ago. Somehow he knew she was his but what he didn't know was he'd meet her here. He was planning to take another course in Oxford to get close to her but he was glad she saved him the time. Last night, he made sure he would not make the first move. He could have used the mind control stuff but he wanted her to come to him herself. He didn't want to regret later on or give her a chance to accuse him about how he used her. He had to win her trust to let her on the secret. She was somehow special. How? He had no idea but somehow he knew she'd be his mate, his love for the next centuries they were to live.

This morning when he woke up and saw her sleeping, he couldn't take his eyes off of her. She looked so peaceful and desirable. He didn't want to wake her up so he stayed there looking at her for three whole hours. After she woke up, he was ready for every kind of reaction from her; anger, name calling, tears, sorrow, remorse, anything but not the steamy love making. He could see she had started developing feelings for him as well but he didn't want to rush things. He wanted to give her all the time she'd require.

* * *

Alicia was lost in her own thoughts as she lay with her head on his chest. She felt a bit guilty for having feelings for a man she'd just met. Not just that, she'd fucked him which no doubt was the best experience of her life. He was everything she'd want in a man. He was kind, good looking, sweet, patient... definitely good in bed but there was one thing nagging her. He was a white man and she...well she was a hybrid as she liked to put it. Her father was a black man and her mother was an Asian. Nepalese to be more précised. U.K. was definitely not into racism but she still felt vulnerable about it. What if he was just using her? What if she was just another fuck for him? If she were, it made no sense as to why he wasted his time consoling her through her tragedy? But what if he was just acting nice? When that thought hit her head, she instinctively tried to get up but his hold around her waist was too strong to break.

"You know what? I couldn't think of using you in any way." He said sensing her thoughts.

His statement shocked her. Had she been thinking out loud? No that couldn't be. She never did that. They how could he know what she had in mind?

"Are you reading my mind or something?" she asked raising her head to meet his eyes.

"Nope. Told you I've done some research in human psychology."

"Oh ya. Tell me what else do you do? I barely know anything about you."

"Umm.. What do you want to know?"

"Anything. Your family, your parents.."

"Okay. Well my family owned one of the largest vineyards and winery in France until..." his voice trailed off. How could he possibly tell her about his father's murder? That was a long time ago...well long in human years. It had been a hundred and seven years to be exact.

"Until? What happened?"

"Until my family had to move out of France due to a family feud. They sold the company and opened chains of hotels and restaurants in England and most parts of Europe. Since then this has been our family business and after my father, I look after it."

"Ok. So what happened to your parents? They must have been quite young when they died.." she further asked.

"Ya...they were I suppose. It was an accident. They were returning home from a conference when a drunken driver hit their car."

She could clearly see the pain and remorse in his eyes.

"You tell me about your family now. Apart from speeding and crying, what else do you do?" he asked with a teasing voice.

"Well... I am Alicia and I love racing..." she replied with a laugh.

"No not that stuff. Tell me about your mother."

She sighed at the question. Her mother...what did she actually know about her mother? Nothing. She'd been too small to know anything.

"Well my mother, her name was Aakanshya."

"Doesn't sound Irish or English...where was she from?"

"Well it means 'expectation'. She was from Nepal. I don't remember much, she was petite but I used to find her very beautiful. She had long black hair and hazel eyes. Her voice alone used to soothe my pain and worries. Now that I think of it, she seemed more like an angel. I never heard her shout or cry at anything. My dad was deeply in love with her. You know, the way he used to hold her every time...."

He could hear her voice crack and feel a trickle of tear.

"I don't know what killed her; no one ever told me. All of her relatives were back in Nepal and we were all the family she had here. Dad shut himself up after that and that was when I decided I'd never cry again. I took the responsibility of Amanda on my hands. We were different but I loved her none the less. I did all I could to keep her happy. Dad was always busy with her works so he hired a nanny for us; Agatha and even she's dead now. The only person apart from dad to relate from my childhood is Henry, our butler. He's more a family to me though. I remember once I fell from my bike and broke my leg. Obviously dad wasn't there and even then I didn't cry. I never blamed him for anything. After all he lost the love of his life. I never cried after that until..."

She wiped her tears and added, "I'm going for a shower."

As the warm water cascaded around her body, her mind drifted to her previous thoughts. She had to keep a distance from him. What if he betrayed her like Sam and Amy? She couldn't bear another loss. She knew he'd leave her in the middle of nowhere one day or another. He mother left her, her sister left her and so did her fiancé. She was sure if she stayed here any longer, she'd definitely fall in love and she wasn't ready to attach herself to anybody. Yes she would leave. He had been nice to her and she was grateful for that but she couldn't survive if he left. So it was best to recover when much damage hadn't been done. Oh god, he must've thought she was such an easy fuck. She groaned at that thought and swore it wouldn't be so easy the next time. She dried herself and got wrapped in a robe she found inside. When she got out, she saw that he was still very naked and was waiting for her. The breakfast was on the table and the smell of the food made her tummy grumble loudly.

"Are you okay?" he asked noticing the change in her behavior.

She nodded. "Angus... I was thinking andd.. I think I should return. Dad must be worried. On top of that I've left my cell phone back home. You've helped me a lot and I'm thankful but I couldn't trouble you any more."

"You're definitely not troubling me but I appreciate your decision. If you want to go, I shall drop you home."

"Mmmm... I can ride myself." She said between bites.

"No I insist. I'll drop you home."

There was a loud knock on the door. Angus put his jeans on and opened. It was Rothan.

"Angus, there's trouble. Duncan..." he stopped short when he saw Alicia.

"Oh good morning!" he beamed.

Alicia wished him back and blushed at the obviousness of what they had been doing. He was still half naked and she had only a robe on. Oh man, this situation was so embarrassing.

"I'll be right back." She heard Angus say and nodded her head.

She sighed and got up to put her clothes on. She had just finished buttoning her jeans and was about to put her top on when she felt his hands around her. She hadn't even heard him enter and Jesus, his touches burned her skin. She could feel herself growing moist again. She spun around and saw desire heavy in his eyes. He lowered his head and kissed her. They just had a session for crying out loud and they were acting like some possessed beings again.

She broke the kiss and said, "Angus, I need to get dressed."

He buried his face on her hair and groaned.

"I don't want to let you go. I wish I could hold you like this for eternity."

She smiled at his words. They made her core warm but she had a promise to herself.

"You're acting like a love struck teenager. I really think we should take it slow."

He nodded into her hair and she chuckled. When he didn't let her go, she tickled him. Well, he turned out to be a little too ticklish and let her go immediately.

"That was not fair." He complained. "Cheating is strictly prohibited in Bordeaux residence."

She clucked her tongue and slid her top on.

* * *

Angus dropped her home an hour after that. She had teased him about his car. It was a latest Lexus LFA with dark tainted windows and she had teased him about the windows too. She was still smiling as she entered her bedroom and saw Olivia sitting on the couch with a worried expression on her face.

"Livvy? What are you doing here?"

She was shocked to see Alicia and sprung up. "Where were you? I tried calling you in your cell and you weren't answering. You weren't even home for two whole days. I even called your dad and he thought you were with me. What's going on?"

"A lot has been going on, Livvy." She said with a heavy sigh and related everything that happened. After the whole story, Olivia was more that furious.

"I knew that boy wasn't good news and what is wrong with Amanda? You loved her so much and this is how she pays back? Have you told your dad about this?"

"No Livvy I haven't. I don't know how to tell him. I haven't got the courage."

"Courage my arse. You didn't make that mistake so why be scared?? You're going to tell him everything today and call the wedding off. Hell, I've even bought a gown for it. And where were you?"

Alicia smiled as she remembered Angus and told Olivia about him.

"Be careful Ali. People just wait for chances like this. I know haven't met him but I am definitely meeting him soon and believe me, I will judge him pretty harshly so he better make a good first impression. I'm done with my assignment so I'm here for a month. Get my meeting on with this Angus guy; fast."

Alicia laughed at the way she rattled away. Olivia had always been a fast talker plus a gossiper and ever since kindergarten, she had her entertained with this capability of hers.

"Sure. Let's make some tea. I'm rather hungry even after the amount I just ate. But first I need to do something."

She called Henry and told him to get rid of the bed. After that done, both friends joined hands and walked towards the kitchen.

On the other hand, Angus hadn't fed for nearly two days now and he wasn't feeling the slightest of weakness. He tried recalling to what he had eaten and after a long time of pondering he remembered sucking of Alicia's blood. Did it mean just few drops of her blood gave him energy enough for two days? But how could that be? He would think about this later. Right now, he had more important matters to deal with. Duncan, Fredrick's son was again brewing trouble. He wasn't even half as powerful as Angus but still he kept niggling them with one problem or another. Rothan told him that Duncan had been spotted around Alicia more than just once. Ever since Angus brought her home in the unconscious state, Duncan had been following her. He had no idea what Duncan was up to but he was sure it'd be nasty and most probably nasty to Alicia. He had to find out whatever Duncan was plotting.

* * *

It had been two weeks since she last saw Angus. Although they were constantly talking on phone and having incredible sex in her dreams, she hadn't met him personally. She spent the two weeks with Olivia. With her encouragement, she'd told her dad everything and called the wedding off. Amanda was off to boarding school in Scotland which saved Alicia from seeing her everyday. There was a party the next evening thrown by one of her high school friends. She didn't want to take Angus but Olivia insisted saying Sam would be there. She had reluctantly agreed and right now was talking to Angus about it.

"So is it some kind of date? Are we finally dating formally?" he teased her on the phone.

She shook her head in denial and when she remembered he couldn't see her she spoke.

"No Angus not a date. I don't ask people out, they ask me and I'm not going to change that. I'm not asking you out on a date."

"Oh common love, ask me out. I've been dying for this moment and you're denying. Tell me this is a date."

She smiled. This guy is impossible. After some more denying and persisting she finally agreed. She was so engrossed in talking to him; she didn't realize a man had materialized in her room out of thin air. She turned around to sit on her bed when she saw him. She panicked because she had left the door locked. Angus was still on line when the guy got up and strode towards her bed. She accidentally dropped her phone as she tried to speak but she couldn't utter a sound. He had reached the foot of her bed when she finally found her voice.

"Who are you? How did you get here?" she demanded.

She could still hear Angus' voice on her phone and when she tried to pick the phone up, the man grabbed her and roughly dumped her on the bed. She hit her head hard on the bed post and grimaced.

"Aaarrghh.... Let me go...." she screamed. The man looked at the phone, picked it up and smashed it into pieces. He again grabbed her and lowered his face to her ears.

"So Angus' got a girlfriend at last, eh? And a pretty one too. But I shall make it sure you wont be his any longer. I shall claim you before him." He whispered.

She struggled but his grasp was too strong for her. She tries kicking, punching, scratching.. anything but it was fruitless.

"Ah, don't tire yourself. No matter what you do, no one can save you from me."

With that he ripped the oversized tee-shirt she wore and gawked at her naked body.

She was still screaming and struggling when he pinned her hands over her head and slapped her. He then stuffed her tee-shirt into her mouth.

"You are too loud. Now if you allow me I shall do to him what his father did to my father."

She could see the coldness in his piercing blue eyes. His voice scared her and she tried to get herself freed but she was getting tired and she was bleeding from her mouth. He then pushed her legs apart and lowered himself between them. He stopped to admire her body as he unzipped his fly. She could see his hard cock oozing precum. She couldn't let this happen. He grabbed her tit as he pushed the head into her pussy and she squeezed her eyes shut trying one last time in desperation to free herself. She suddenly felt a wave of power surge through her and heard a loud crash. Her eyes instantly flew open and she saw that the blond man had been thrown against the opposite wall. That too with so much force, the wall cracked. The man vanished as the door flew open and Angus rushed in.

"Are you okay Ali? What happened?" he asked in a worried tone.

She was naked and bleeding from a cut on her lower lip. He could see scratch marks on her body and she looked dazed.

"I'm okay. This guy somehow got into my room and tried to rape me. Then he somehow flew across the room and vanished." She said in total confusion. She saw that happening but couldn't believe what she saw.

Disappeared? Angus' heart went cold. "What did he look like?"

"He had blond hair and sharp blue eyes."

Shit.. Duncan. He thought. This was too much. He tried to hurt her? No; hurt was a very light word. He tried to rape her, claim her. It infuriated him. He'd have to take care of this insolent cousin of his.

"He was saying something about doing something your father did to his father. What was he talking about Angus?"

He didn't know what to say. "I don't know Alicia. But right now, I'm taking you with me."

"No I'm staying home but I'd feel better if you stayed over."

She tried to ask him further but the look in his eyes made her stop. Then she remembered Henry.

"Oh my god, I wonder if Henry's okay."

She put on a robe and rushed to his room. He was lying on the bed asleep and she sighed in relief.

She then returned to her room and found Angus in deep thoughts. When he saw her enter, he took the first aid box out and tended her wounds. He was so scared at the thought of losing her. Even after she lay on the bed to sleep, he held on to her.

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