tagNonHumanTo Be Transformed..or Not? Ch. 07

To Be Transformed..or Not? Ch. 07


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She stared at him then at the ring and at him again, tears filling her eyes up.

"Angus... I- this..."She stammered not knowing what to say or how to react and when a few drops escaped her lashes, she looked away.

"What is it Alicia? Don't you want this?"

She could very well hear the worry in his voice and shook her head.

"What's that supposed to mean? Does it mean 'No you don't want to marry me' or 'No you want to marry me'?? Don't confuse me..."

"Why don't you read my mind and find out for yourself" she said softly.

He smiled. Of course he could do that and he knew the answer as well but he wanted to hear the answer from her mouth.

"Yes, I could do that but I want to hear it from you, love."

She hugged him tightly. "Of course I want to marry you. But this was so unexpected. You gave me no hints, nothing so that I could prepare myself for this day. I should have known earlier this evening but it didn't even occur to me..."

"So, that is not supposed to be a problem now; is it?" he asked holding her face so that he could look into her eyes. He wiped the tears away and placed a chaste kiss on her brow. "You are so perfect do you know that? Anyways I was planning for a surprise and I wouldn't be going around giving hints and have you ruin it now would I? Now be a good girl and tell me your answer."

He slid his hand under her head and grasped her palm with the other.

"Yes." She said softly.

"I didn't hear you..." he teased.

"Yes. Yes!! I will marry you." She shouted.

A huge smile broke on his face and she smiled back at him. He showered her with kisses and they fell into a peaceful sleep.

Sometime during the night, Angus woke up startled. Something was not right. He got up and peered through the curtains. Shit... there were about half a dozen black Mercedes and he could see from the number plates that they belonged to Duncan. He came back and woke her up, telling her to dress up quietly. The look in his face prevented her from asking him any questions and they started moving towards the door. The only light in the room was from a lone candle on a coffee table. While making her way in the dim light, Alicia hit a table that sent a crystal glass shattering to the floor and that was enough. They could hear glasses shattering as the whole house was showered with bullets.

Angus looked around for Alicia and when he saw her crouched under a table, he yelled at her to come towards him. As soon as she got up to move, one more sound added to the atmosphere.

"Aaarrghh..." she screamed and his heart skipped a beat as a stream of bright red liquid started oozing from her arm. He rushed to her and held her in mid-fall. The broken glass sliced through his hands but it didn't bother him. When he got to her, he was relieved to see that the bullet had only grazed her skin. Moving his eyes from her arm to her face, he caught a sight that left him baffled. Her eyes were glowing white and her pupils were the only thing visible in her eyes. And then he realized the bullets had stopped; rather they had been stopped by an invisible shield of some kind. Even the temperature of the room seemed to have gone down a couple of degrees. He had no idea how she did that but he had no time to wonder. He picked her up, teleported to the car and drove off.

* * *

A few minutes after they left, a man entered the shattered house. He was in a wheelchair and two men dressed in black were accompanying him. He admired the mess his men had made, and then he saw the dark red drops on the white marble floor. Reaching down, he took some on his fingers and licked. Hmmm... so the girl had been hit. But what is it about her blood? It tasted normal but the effects it had on him were unique. If the girl was dead, it was a shame but if she is alive, he'd think of some way to get her. Duncan would do the job pretty well but right now, he was off putting an important plan to work. But this attack was enough to scare Angus and keep him occupied for next few days so that the plan could be easily worked on.

* * *

It was an hour after they got to the hospital did she regain consciousness. One of the doctors who was his old friend tended to their wounds with out any questions. He was still in shock after what he saw but decided against talking to her about it. She was wounded and he was glad she'd be gone from this place for a month.

He laid her in her bed and tucked the covers around her. The wound was not serious so there was no need to worry.

"Who did that, Angus?" she asked in a small voice.

He came up and sat beside her softly caressing her forehead.

"They were sent by Duncan. The feud is between him and me but he still got you in the middle. He wants to have you Alicia. He wants to claim you. He wants to take you away from me."

"Isn't there a way to stop him? I don't want to be taken away from you. You're the best thing that's happened to me in years and I don't want to loose you."

"There is a way Alicia but I don't want to do that just now."

"What is it? I would do anything to be with you Angus, you know that."

"I know you would. I could change you to stop him but..."

She tried to sit up but winced as a wave of pain coursed its way through her.

"There is no place for a but Angus. Change me. If it stops that maniac from doing whatever he is doing, change me."

"No Alicia. It's not so simple. I would change you but you still have a life to live. You have people who care about you. You're still young and I cannot take away the freedom from you. I love you too much to do that. One day I shall definitely change you but not this fast. I'll do everything it takes to keep him away from you right now."

"But Angus..." she tried to reason with him.

"Don't argue love. I've thought this over. Now rest. You shall be leaving the day after tomorrow and you need to save the energy."

She unwillingly settled back and the effects of the medicines and warmth of his body next to hers pulled her into a deep sleep.

The next day, she spent packing her bags. She wanted Angus to come with her but she knew that wouldn't be possible. He had work here and he still needed to take care of that creep. Both of them sat in her room in silence when he finally spoke.

"Alicia, do you remember what happened after you were hit last night?"

"Umm.. Not exactly. I saw you rushing towards me and the room suddenly seemed to go cold. My body was burning with pain but still I could feel the chill. Then I awoke in the hospital. Why do you ask?"

"Hum? Nothing special. Just asking. So you done packing??"

"Yah." She suddenly jumped to hug him. "I don't want to leave you Angus. A month without you would be hell."

"I know love. I would feel the same. But your dad asked you to go and your aunt must be waiting for you. I will try to come if time gives me. If not, I shall be here after you return. Yes?"

She looked up at him and nodded. He smiled and placed a sweet kiss on her lips. Both of them spun around in alarm when her bedroom door flew open and a furious Olivia walked in. as soon as she saw them in that intimate position, she blushed.

"Jesus, learn to lock the door will yah." She said.

"Lock?? When will you learn to knock Livvy?" Alicia glared at her friend.

"Ok, ok chill. Anyways I wasn't expecting Angus here. So you are leaving tomorrow and I find out today?? That too from Henry?? I can see I've been demoted from my earlier position." She complained pouting her lips.

Alicia rolled her eyes and threw a pillow at her and winced at the sharp stab on her arm.

"What happened Ali??" she came over to look at the bandaged arm.

"Nothing serious. Cut by a broken glass."

Olivia turned towards Angus in mock anger. "What is it monsieur, ever since my friend met you, she's getting wounded in one way or other." Then she added with a playful smile. "Seems you've got her bewitched. She's lost all her co-ordination."

Angus politely smiled at her comment.

"Seems the other way miss. Your friend has got me bewitched. Now I shall leave you girls alone."

He places a kiss on Alicia's hair and left.

Olivia started bustling around the room helping Alicia with the rest of her packing when she noticed the ring on her finger.

"Oh my god... Angus proposed?? When?? How?? What did he do?? Was it romantic?? How much does the ring cost?? Looks fucking expensive to me..."

Alicia laughed. "Slow down Livvy, take a breath. Yes he proposed yesterday night. It was the most romantic way of proposing I've ever heard of." She told her everything except the part when they were attacked.

"Phew... one hell of a romantic bloke you've caught. Tell me has he any brothers? I'd love to get hooked up to a Bordeaux."

She laughed at the comment but couldn't help thinking about the other Bordeaux- Duncan, that guy must be mentally sick... and she shuddered.

That night Angus visited her again. They made love, keeping her wounds in mind. They talked about marriages and how their wedding would be. Before long, Alicia was asleep with Angus beside her.

Then he heard a soft tap on her bedroom window. When he opened it, he found Rufus hovering outside.

"What is it?" he asked softly. Yet his voice showed the impatience.

"How is she?" Rufus asked in concern.

"The wound was not deep so it's okay. She's asleep now. Why are you here?"

"The incident in the farm house seems to be just a setup. Duncan was not there. The men were led by someone else. Duncan has boarded a flight to Australia. He has no business there and the main thing is he's taken his most trusted men with him."

"Hmmm... I shall check on that tomorrow morning. Right now you leave and keep an eye out for anything out-of-ordinary."

* * *

Alicia was getting ready to leave for the airport. Angus had left early mumbling something about a business he had to take care of. She knew he couldn't be there with her everyday but still, it felt bad. Livvy was going with her to the airport and she was more than grateful. Imagine managing all those bags with one arm wounded.

The flight was at 10 am so they left home at 9. After the costumes checking was over, she was a little too bored. She was angry for some reason and she didn't know why. After boarding, she was walked down the isle looking for her seat. It turned out to be on the other end of the plane and that got her even crankier. At last when she did find her seat, the man who was in the seat beside her's refused to let her in. He was sitting there like an idiot with a newspaper literally stuck to his face.

"Excuse me sir, could you move aside so that I could go and sit?" she asked politely at first but the man acted as if he didn't hear her.

"Hello?? Mister could you excuse me?" she asked louder and when he further refused to budge, she snatched the paper away from his face. Well the sight that greeted her after that totally stopped her breath.

"Angus, what the hell are you doing here?" she asked angrily. He smiled and got up so that she could get in.

"Well I couldn't possibly let my wife-to-be travel alone now, could I?" he replied with a wink and she couldn't help smiling.

"I was so disappointed when you left. I'd have ripped your head off after I returned."

"I could see how cranky you were. That poor attendant, you must have scared the hell out of her when you shouted about your seat."

She blushed.

"Maybe I should apologize."

"Yep. You certainly should."

The flight was a long one but they were together and the time wasn't being noticed at all. They had a transit at Delhi and although it was just mid June, the temperature was boiling. An hour and half after they left Delhi, she could see the hills rise and Kathmandu came into view. They collected their baggage and got into a taxi. Their destination was hotel Radisson and her aunt's house was quite close to the hotel. Once they had checked in, all she wanted was a long, hot shower.

"Are you sure you wanted to get in there alone? What if someone attacks you and I fail to hear it?" he joked.

And after a series of discussion, he followed her into the bathroom with a look of triumph on his face. When they saw the bath tub, his grin got even wider. He filled the tub and sat on its edge, watching her undress. He liked the part when she took off her bra the best. The way her breasts tumbled out of their restrains mesmerized him. He got up and pulled her into his arms placing a heated open-mouthed kiss on her lips. She thought she was tired and didn't want this but that before he touched her. As soon as she felt his tongue slide inside her mouth, her legs turned into jelly and her pussy felt like a hot oven. He let his hands wander freely over her body as his mouth wreaked havoc inside her. She fumbled with the buttons in his pants and as soon as they were undone, he stepped out of them. He then carried her to the tub and gently placed her in. After stepping inside himself, he made her sit in front of him and started massaging her back. he used circular motions all over her back and shoulders.she could feel the tensions in her muscled slowly fade away as his hands worked like magic on her body. she suddenly got up and straddled him and allowed him to explore each and every part of her with his mouth and her womanhood with his fingers. She closed her eyes and let the feelings take control. He was making her go crazy and her body yearned for him. He could clearly read her thought and aimed his erection at her hot entrance. She slowly lowered herself onto his rigid manhood. As her hot, wet pussy engulfed him inch by inch, he couldn't suppress the groan that was forming deep within his chest. She was sliding too slowly and he wanted himself fully inside her so he grabbed her shoulders and fully impaled her. She hissed loudly at the sensation of being filled to the core. She wanted to tease him further but realized she couldn't. She needed to feel him move inside her so she started working on his cock, her pussy squeezing it as she rose. He grabbed her waist as he attached himself to one of her nipples, chewing on it roughly. He moved her as if she weighed nothing, increasing the tempo of fucking along with his assault to her nipples. The water splashed around and over the edge of the tub onto the tiles below. She held on to her dear life as he brought her closer to the cliff of bliss. She reached down to flick her clit as he fucked her mercilessly and she came within seconds. Her pussy clenched on his rod tightly and he couldn't hold back either. Both of them screamed each other's name as they came down together from the height of intense pleasure.

After the 'bath' and a light snack, they got dressed to visit her aunt. When they found the house, it turned out to be a 3 storey building which looked quite plain from the outside but in the inside, it had all the modern accessories and yet retained a cozy and traditional feeling. Her aunt looked much like her mother. They had the same eyes and facial features but she lacked the behavior of her mother. She was kind of strict and to the point but Alicia didn't mind. As soon as she saw Alicia, she rushed forward to hug her. Alicia introduced her to Angus and the statement surprised her.

"So you've met the Vampire." She said.

"Aunt Kaya, how'd you know he was a vampire??" Alicia asked, surprised.

"A prediction was made at your birth; that you'd mate with a Vampire. Your grandmother made the prediction and her predictions always come true, my child. And about how I came to know, it's in his eyes. Now let's go to my study, I need to talk to you in private."

They followed her to the study and after closing the doors, she asked.

"Tell me Alicia, has anything out of ordinary happened to you lately?"

"Ummm... No nothing that I could point a finger at."

"Are you sure? Think and tell me."

Then Angus spoke.

"I think I know what you're talking about Mrs. Shrestha." He looked at Alicia and continued. "I know I should have talked to you about this but I was looking for a right time and this seems to be the best time. A few days earlier, we were attacked and she did something that could be termed as 'unnatural'. She stopped bullets with some sort of shield and her eyes were completely white."

"I did WHAT???" she retorted in horror and then acted as if something had hit her. "Oh yes, during my encounter with Duncan, I actually threw him across the room. Can you tell me why this is happening aunt Kaya?"

"Yes I can, my child and what I am going to tell you is very serious. I'm not joking Alicia so I want you to understand and take it seriously. You are a witch, Alicia. A full blooded witch."

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