tagNonHumanTo Be Transformed..or Not? Ch. 08

To Be Transformed..or Not? Ch. 08


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Alicia was quite for a moment. After finding out about Angus, she was even ready to believe that Martians existed but this was a little too much. She was a witch?? Well it did make sense, but then she felt Angus squeeze her hand telling her that it was true. "Okay, but I need to know the whole story."

Her aunt related to her the story about how the powers were transferred to the eldest child from their parents or parent. Her mother was a witch and so was she. Then came the truth of her mother's death. She had been killed. "A man named Prithivi Pradhan liked your mother and wanted to marry her but she married your father. He was so enraged that he tricked her into giving up her powers up and killed her."

Alicia was dumbstruck. This was the last thing she wanted to know. Angus put an arm around her to assure her. She looked at him and wondered at how similar their stories were. No wonder her dad never told her anything. She found herself crying again. How could this be? She was shattered for the second time in her life.

Her aunt continued, "That man will try to kill you too, Alicia, if he knows about you. You need to increase your strength. You need to practice using your powers. Had your mother been here, she would have taught you everything. But, now I'm going to train you. I don't know how long it will take, but I'm going to make you strong enough."

"And what about Amy? Does she have powers too?"

"No, Alicia. Amy isn't your real sister. She was adopted to keep your birth a secret and also to hide you. In this way Prithivi Pradhan thought Amy was Aakanshya's real daughter and since she has no powers, he passed her off as she didn't pose a threat to him in anyway."

All Alicia could do was nod. Then her aunt left them alone.

"You need to be strong, love. You can't break. Not after learning your mother was killed." He said hugging her.

She was crying hysterically. "Tell me Angus, what did you do when you saw all that happen? Didn't you feel like crying?" She asked him between sobs.

"I did Ali, but you need to be stronger. The murderer is walking freely. You should take revenge. I know what it feels like. I couldn't do it, but you should. I'll be with you no matter what decision you make."

They sat there for some time. He was whispering all the soothing words he could find at that moment. After she was done crying, he could see determination in her eyes. "I will do it. Definitely do it, Angus. And after I kill that man, we shall take care of that cousin of yours together."

Later at dinner, she was introduced to other members of the family. The bride was 25 years old and was very pretty. She tried to smile and act cheerful but couldn't. Even the wedding went as a blur. The whole week she tried to enjoy, but in vain. Angus was forever by her side, reassuring her and trying his best to make her feel good. She wondered what she'd have done if her weren't there with her. He was the one to tell her to call her dad. She told her dad not to worry about her and that she wanted to stay behind for a few months but she didn't mention anything about her powers.

Right after the wedding, her training started. Her aunt took them to a secluded house on the outskirts of the city which was near a jungle. This would keep them away from prying eyes as well as danger. The first phase of her training was learning to defend herself. She learned how to move things without touching them, merely with the power of her mind. She could read minds and contact people with similar powers.

"You are special, Alicia." Her aunt told her. "Usually witches and warlocks have the power of one natural element. As you know, there are four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Sea. You have the power of two elements, Air and Fire. That is how you were able to create that shield. Witches like you are rarely conceived and it is astonishing that you have the power of two because your father is a human."

She also learned that using both the powers at the same time was near impossible and could be lethal to both the user and the recipient. She put all her effort in her training. She spent days learning the Sanskrit spells and verses and the symbols accompanying them. The combination of the right spell and the right symbol enabled her to use fire and air in ways one could only imagine. Angus would sit back and watch as she grew more fierce day by day. She was more sure of herself and her powers. She first trained on her strength with air. It made her capable of using air to her will. Her eyes went completely white and white tattoo-like symbols appeared on her skin. Her aunt explained that the symbols were symbols of prayers to the wind god in Hindu religion.

It was her practice with fire that was dangerous. Angus had seen her scream in agony as her fire burned her body during the first few days of her practice, but he was glad and amazed at the same time to how she gained control and how powerful her fire was. It could kill a strong vampire in matter of seconds. The changes in her body were similar to the ones with air, her eyes burned into a fiery golden and the tattoo-like markings were fiery yellow too. They were the symbols of prayers to the fire god.

A lot of meditation was required to give her a stable mind. She practiced blocking people from her thoughts with Angus. She also learned how to fake memories and show people what she wanted them to see. Thus one wouldn't be able to know who she actually was until they grew suspicious and tried to probe further into her head. That would be difficult because to find out her truth would require a very strong mind.

In the two months time, Alicia had become very powerful. They'd left the hotel and were living with her aunt. During the day time, she trained but at night she was all his. She often used her magical powers during their lovemaking and that made it more exiting. Sometimes, they would find themselves floating in mid air and on other occasions, they would connect their mind and feel each other's pleasure along with their own. Sometimes, she would pin him with her powers and have her way with him. Something similar was on her mind today.

All the time through dinner, she kept Angus out of her thoughts. He couldn't know what she was planning for them. As soon as they entered their room after dinner, she pinned him to the wall using her power.

"Hey bien-aimé, this is not fair. I never used my powers on you, remember?" he complained.

Alicia simply gave him a mischievous grin as she started unbuttoning his shirt. Once his shirt was removed, she placed hot, wet kisses on his lips, licking along his chin and trailing downwards. She assaulted his neck with kisses and when she reached his firm, broad chest, she took one of his flat nipples into her mouth and rolled her tongue over it as she caressed the sides of his body, scratching him with her nails from time to time. All Angus could do was stand there pinned to the wall and moan. She assaulted his other nipple similarly all the while moving her body against his bulging hard on.

She moved further downwards and kneeled in front of him and undid the zip and the buttons on his jeans. His jeans and boxers pooled at his feet and Alicia licked her lips at the sight. His cock was fully hard and jutting towards her as if daring her to lick it, and without hesitation she accepted the dare. She held it and squeezed it ever so gently making a tortured moan escape his lips.

"Ahhh... You're making go crazy, love." He gasped as she moved her hand up and down his shaft, milking him.

Then suddenly, she took the head into her mouth and sucked in earnest. He groaned as he felt her hot mouth around his hardness, her tongue caressing his most intimate parts. She slowly took in as much length as she could and bobbed her head up and down, sucking on him while her hand massaged his balls squeezing them from time to time. She licked the underside with her tongue and in the process, her other hand was busy grasping his shaft, milking it.

"I'll come in your mouth if you keep this up, Alicia." He warned her through his mind when he felt his balls tingle.

"That's exactly what I want." She replied similarly, looking up at him and giving him a playful wink.

She increased her tempo, sucking furiously and that did it. He roared as he released his milky seed into her mouth. She kept on with her sucking and swallowed his entire load, not allowing even one drop to go to waste. When he was spent, she withdrew her power and he slumped to the ground. She snuggled up into his arms as he hugged her and kissed her lightly.

"It seems you've grown experienced with your mouth along with your powers, love." He teased her.

She blushed at his comment and rested her head on his chest, listening to his heart beat. Oh, she loved him so much. She would do anything to keep him happy. She was dying to get married to him, but revenge was her only goal right now.

"I feel exactly the same, love. I'd do anything to keep you happy. But you need to focus on your task." And she nodded.

After resting for a while, he carried her to the bed and laid her down gently. He got her undressed and laid on top of her naked body. He loved the feeling of her skin against his, the way her hard nipples poked against his chest. He kissed her passionately as his hands played with her nipples. He pinched them and pulled at them, rolling them between his fingers as she squirmed beneath him.

She could feel his cock hard again and resting against her thigh. She wanted to feel him moving inside her. She wanted to feel the warm spurt of his seed inside her womb. He read her thoughts and rubbed his erection along her slit. When he bumped on her engorged bud, she gasped. He smiled as he slid slowly into her and she desperately tried o push against him. He held her in place and slammed into her. She hissed as a small wave of pleasure washed over her. Then he flipped her over and entered from behind. He fucked her furiously as she buried her head into the pillow, whimpering in pleasure. He reached over to play with her clit and fucked her mercilessly. She cried as her body shivered and her pussy clenched around his rod. He pumped into her a few more times and as she felt his jizz flood her womb. She came again, furiously milking his cock. Both of them fell on the bed exhausted.

* * *

After her training, her aunt told her about Prithvi Pradhan. He possessed the power of water. She also showed her the pictures of his family. He had two sons, Bikash and Bijaya. Bikash, his elder son possessed power similar to his. All three of them were equally heartless. They used women for their pleasure and later tortured them to death. No one dared to complain and the covenant didn't interfere either so they were free to do as they wished. Prithvi Pradhan even killed his own wife. He didn't have any other relatives so it made the job easier. They would have to be careful while planning so they spent a month planning their next move. Her aunt even prepared a model of his house and showed her where the rooms were and how the guards were posted. In addition to the guards, the house was under a protection spell through which no one could enter or exit unnoticed. They couldn't afford any mistakes so they decided she'd kill them one by one.

Finally the day was here. They had tracked Bijaya for weeks and they knew where they'd find him. She put on a daringly low cut black leather halter top which showed ample amount of her cleavage and skin tight leather leggings. Leather boots adorned her legs while her make up was dark. They knew he'd be in a night club in Thamel, which was a place well known for its night life. She had decided to seduce him and despite her protests, Angus was to be in contact with her mentally in case there was trouble.

When they got to the club, she could see his bike already parked outside. After getting a good luck kiss from Angus, she walked in. The crowd was wild and she sat at the bar toying with her glass of vodka while eyeing the crowd. From the corner of her eye, she could see him staring at her so she turned towards him and flashed her most seductive smile. He got the message and walked towards her. He fell for the bait.

"Hello! What is a beautiful girl such as you doing all by herself?" he drawled.

"Umm... just looking around... for someone like you."

"Ahh.. So now that you've found me, what do you think about having a little fun?" He asked inching towards her.

"I don't mind at all." She replied, slowly caressing his arms. "But I'm new here and I haven't got the slightest idea about where to go."

He snaked his arms around her hips and pulled her roughly up against his body. She could very well feel his bulging erection through his jeans. "Just come with me and you'll be perfectly fine." He whispered into her ears, his breath stinking with the smell of brandy. She really wanted to puke.

She followed him towards the dark corridors and passed Angus a look on the way. He led her up a narrow flight of stairs to a locked door. When they entered, she found herself in a small room with two chairs and a bed. It was simple but enough for a quick shagging.

He immediately pulled her into his arms and smashed his lips onto hers. This man was used to being rough but today was his last day roughing someone up. She pried herself from his arms and started taking her clothes off. She unzipped her boots which was followed by her top. The leather leggings were soon off and she was seductively moving her body, luring him to the bed. His mouth hung open as he gawked at her naked body. He undressed himself as he followed her. He tried to pin her down and get done with it, but she stepped sideways and he fell on the bed.

She then got atop him and straddled him. Then slowly, she slid him inside herself. He groaned at the sensation of warmth enveloping him and urged her to go faster. She complied and started humping earnestly. She could read in his mind about what a good fuck he was having and she smirked inwardly. Bastard, she thought. When she felt certain that he was about to come, she stopped. She then called upon her fire inside her. It increased her body temperature to boiling point and he snapped his eyes open when he felt his prick being roasted inside her. His eyes went wide with fear when he saw the blaze in her eyes and the markings on her body. A witch, he stuttered and she gave him an evil smile. He tried to move but her magic restrained him from doing so. Then she bent down to kiss him. While doing so, she made the scenes of her mother being raped by his father play before his eyes. Her innocent mother's blood covered face loomed in his mind as she released a blast of flame into his system. He writhed like a fish without water and in a few seconds, he was dead. He looked completely fine from the outside but from the inside, his body had been completely incinerated by her flames.

She slumped on the floor looking at the dead body on the bed. She knew she shouldn't be feeling sorry, but she'd just killed a man. Even if that was what he deserved, she had never thought about killing anyone ever in her life. She broke down into tears and rushed into his arms when Angus appeared. He sat there hugging her and comforting her for a while. Then he gathered her belongings and teleported her out of the room.

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