tagSci-Fi & FantasyTo Boldly Ho!

To Boldly Ho!


"So this is the 'green room' where we keep our stars," the bubbly woman said with a happy giggle. "There's food and drink in the chiller by the seats and feel free to pick from the cult classics on DVD over there while you're waiting. I'm really sorry that the panel is overrunning but I'll bring the celebs in for you to meet as soon as I can!" She flicked back her long blonde hair and straightened her school tie and uniform, patting the gnarled wand in her pocket to check it hadn't fallen out again. "Congrats again on the costume contest win, all of you deserve this!"

The three geeks grinned as the organiser bounced out of the room, leaving a fading giggle and smell of perfume behind her. One of them shrugged, after a few awkward seconds of silence, and headed for the drinks. "Anyone want anything?" The young man was dressed in a mustard yellow uniform, artfully 'torn' to reveal a fairly well muscled torso daubed with fake blood, an angular weapon at his belt and a beeping plastic box across from it. He ran a hand through his brown hair, tidying the quiff up as he looked at the hand-labelled bottles available.

One of the remaining pair nodded his black cloaked head, the painted plastic helmet covering his face. A thin hissing came from the darkness before a gauntleted hand raised automatically to cover the cough then squeezing an inhaler. "Sorry... asthma from the heat..." he wheezed, bending double then straightening as he took a full breath. "Anything with a straw? This helmet is hell to get off and on with the hood."

Lydia handed him a tall green frozen drink with a light sword straw. "Have at it, handsome," she said, pushing out a voluptuous chest that was covered by a precisely fitted copper brassiere.

"Handsome's an exaggeration," Tom chuckled, slotting the straw into the helmet. "There's a reason I wear full face and body covers." He sipped gratefully, feeling the icy liquid soothing his throat. The nerves of the judging then the excitement of the win had made his work worthwhile but had left him twitchy.

The woman was excited to be presented on stage, feeling that it justified the years of research that went into designing her slave-girl costume. In fact, it was perfected over a three year period of trial and error, and extensively documented until it was flawless.

Even so, she was irritated that the sci-fi convention was taking place during the national chess championships. Lydia never missed the televised event, and glanced up at the flat screen monitor hanging from the ceiling that showed the crowd gathering in the auditorium. "Geeze. That's old. You'd think they'd be more up to date on their screens. It's like they're in the stone-ages. Think we can turn on the Chessboard Nationals?"

Tidying up, she bent to adjust her knee-high leather boots and the heavy chain from her collar flopped down on the tile floor, clunking loudly. She hadn't considered what a pain that overly realistic part of her costume would be and stood up swiftly, trying to act graceful. She grinned at the two men sharing the green room with her as she tossed the chain over her shoulder, accidentally knocking a picture off the wall.

"If you want, though I prefer more physical shows," Sean answered with a wink. He stretched, the reinforced seams of the 'tear' failing to fray further. He picked up a blue drink, glowing thanks to an LED in the base of the glass, and passed it to the girl before taking a frothing pint of buttery lager for himself. "Wrestling for example, I used some of those moves with the combat roll entering the stage. I know it's clichéd but it's so much fun to do!"

Tom lifted his glass and spoke again, "To us and the costumes we made!" The others laughed and drank deeply, the recreated recipes strongly flavoured and hiding the tang of the alcohol. "I'm seriously impressed by you both, can't believe I got into the top three alongside you."

Lydia grinned at the cloaked man and waved her fingers at him. "No way. You look awesome! I love that trilogy. If I ran into you in a dark alley, I'd seriously run the other way. Seriously," she said, taking a huge gulp of her drink and grinning at him.

The drink tasted so delicious that she took a minute to savor the remaining liquid in big, thirsty gulps. During the pause in their conversation, she admired the two men. It wasn't easy to see without her glasses, but she could tell both of their costumes were completely awesome.

She stepped closer to the muscled guy and looked him up and down as she tugged at her metal collar. The costume made her feel sexy for a change, giving her encouragement that she usually lacked. "I thought your entrance was amazing," she told him, stroking his solid arm and shivering exaggeratedly before heading back to the table of refreshments.

They each took another drink, Sean raising his this time. "To fellowship, to boldly going, and to doing, since there is no try!" The small group laughed at his toast and drank again before Sean stepped closer to Lydia, taking the end of her chain in one hand. He slowly wound it around his hand, pulling her close with slow deliberation until her face was inches from his. "May I kiss you?" he asked, blushing slightly as he made his attempt, having been imagining it since he'd seen her. "I mean, it's in character for this guy to seduce every girl around, but I really do want to and you look amazing."

"Thank you, sir," she said, enjoying the way he was pulling her to him. "I'd like that. Please do."

The man was downright charming, and impossible to resist. The intense look in his eyes reminded her exactly of the enterprising captain, and she felt as if she were on his starship. Just last week she'd watched his character on television defeat an enormous stone creature and his fighting skill and strength had been impressive. She felt in awe and placed a hand on his sculpted chest to feel its hardness against her palm.

Lydia was completely inexperienced in the art of kissing, but she had lots of instinct. Her blue eyes gazed up at him dreamily as she went on her toes to press her soft lips to his. The contact caused her nipples to harden against the metal bikini, sending a warm feeling of pleasure through her.

Sean's tongue flicked lightly against her lips as they kissed, his hands holding the small of her back and pressing her slender body to his. He sighed happily as he pulled away, then returned for a second, deeper kiss as he felt his erection straining against the tight trousers. "You're the perfect geek girl," he teased, patting her ass then stepping back to catch his breath and take another drink. "Clever and cute at once."

The black cloaked figure chuckled, "Perhaps I should find another room to wait in? This is going all fanfic on us. Unless perhaps you'd care to share the kiss?" Tom unsnapped the lower part of his helmet, the black cloth revealing a stubbled chin and smiling lips.

With her body now tingling, Lydia nodded eagerly. She wanted to experience being sexy to the fullest. After gathering her chain, she reached up to drape it over his shoulders and stroked his whiskers purely out of curiosity. They felt nice, but scratchy, and something about them excited her more.

"Do you like my costume then? It's kind of kinky to have a collar and chain," she said, glancing back at the captain to see his reaction. The way his eyes danced over her body told her he approved, and also that he was determined to get to know her better.

Tom caught the chain and pulled slowly, tugging her towards him for a kiss. "Kinky is good, very good really. We could try kinkier, given the panel looks like it's going to run rather long." He eased her down onto the plush couch and sat beside her, Sean taking the other side.

"Good, I think we should try kinkier then," she said feeling herself heat up between the legs. "Maybe you can show me a wraith's specialty. I bet it's impressive."

The men undid the shoulder straps of her bikini, easing it down to reveal her full breasts. Tom pulled her face to his for another kiss as the other man lowered his mouth to her nipples. He licked and sucked eagerly, the skin sweet to the taste as her nipples rapidly became hard at his touch. "Nothing like a slave girl of your own," he smiled at her, one hand holding hers and squeezing reassuringly.

She couldn't believe what was happening and it shocked her that she wanted it to continue, but her body was tingling from head to toe. In fact, it would even be painful to stop now. The captain's teeth tugging at her hard nipple sent little shocks through her and an intense heat was building. The ripples of pleasure were encouraged her legs to part in invitation. A blush came over her as she ran her free hand over the wraith's cloaked shoulders as he held her face and kissed her.

The men could hardly believe that she wasn't only willing but eager to play along, being under no illusions as to geeky sex appeal. "Perhaps I should go in search of the ring," Tom teased, moving behind her and turning her head to keep kissing. His gauntleted hand ran down the small of her back, scraping lightly at the soft skin and pressing under the belt of the loincloth. It parted, the velcro giving way without trouble, and the fabric fluttered to the floor while his hand kept moving. His thumb, cold metal surrounding it, pressed against her tight ass, slowly pushing deeper.

Her eyes widened at the strange sensation, and she wasn't sure if she liked the invasion, but she wasn't to ruin their fun by complaining. As she worried, her body tensed and it made his penetration feel more tolerable as her hole clenched against the metal. A surprisingly lusty moan came from her as she clutched the couch cushion, her nails digging into it as he went in deeper.

Sean grinned and winked at Lydia, "Time for me to boldly go then!" He gradually lowered his attention, mouth trailing over breasts, navel, over her mound. The loincloth moved as he reached it, hot tongue flicking between her wet lips to search for her clit.

"I've never done this before," she blurted, spreading her legs wide for the man's mouth. It was shocking how amazing it felt to have him suck at her most private of places, and she liked the way his soft hair brushed at her thighs as he moved. "I really like you guys though," she said, feeling brave enough to begin exploring. She reached back and rubbed the bulge in Tom's robe, immediately noticing that it was quite solid. "This is as hard as a rock."

"Like his abs?" the man teased, his fingers finding her cunt and slipping into that as well as her ass. "Perhaps you'll need something more than fingers and tongue soon, but I kind of want to watch you cum first."

Sean chuckled and smiled up at her, tongue flicking harder as he began to suck. Clearly he agreed, and enjoyed the taste, from the way his fingers clutched at her toned thighs.

Lydia nodded, because watching her orgasm was the best idea she'd ever heard. Closing her eyes, she focused on the fingers rhythmically stroking her insides as Sean ate her pussy, sucking her clit like it was candy. The fact that he enjoyed it so much was clear and excited her more, making her swollen clit begin to throb. She was in ecstasy, feeling the pull as he sucked at her. When his authentic communicator beeped, the realistic sound pushed her over the edge, and she imagined he was the real live and lusty captain who was clearly an expert at everything, just as she always suspected.

The girl twitched and moaned between the guys as they held her up. Sean grunted happily as her juices coated his tongue, keeping up the pressure to try to extend her climax. He could feel his erection straining at the tight uniform trousers as his arousal rose.

Tom pulled her back, her round ass pressing on his crotch as his fingers pumped. "There's a good slave girl," he joked, kissing her ear. "Now shall we give you a proper filling?" He groaned as her ass ground on him, feeling himself getting almost painfully hard.

"Yes, penetrate me!" she begged, eager to feel them both in her at once and knowing it would be awesome. Lydia felt an overwhelming gratitude to them both for the pleasure they were giving them, and it turned her on when the wraith called her a slave girl. She was throbbing against the metal fingers inside her holes as she smiled at Sean's wet face, it was sexy as hell to see him covered in her juices.

Tom bent her forward over the small table, mouth at head height and loincloth pulled aside. "Heads or tails?" he asked Sean, grinning at him over the girl.

The captain pulled out a coin with an arrow-like insignia on one side and flipped it. "Tails," he said, showing the other side, decorated with a miniskirted figure, and moved into position. The uniform unzipped silently and his shaft sprang free, slapping her bare ass. "Sure you're up for this, really?" His voice betrayed his nervousness, and the hope and desire too.

Her body tingled with excitement and she quickly nodded, reaching back to stroke him. "I'd be sad if you didn't do it," she admitted, thinking it was sweet of him to double check. In the next room, the crowd in the auditorium cheered loudly and Lydia worried that they were running out of time. "You can even put it anywhere you want, but you should hurry. I don't want to miss out."

Here eyes went up to Tom, who towered over her in his wraith-like outfit. His mask was so realistic it was a little scary, but his sexy mouth was exposed and it took the edge off. "This is exciting, don't you think? It's even better than winning the best costume prize."

Both guys thrust simultaneously, thick cocks pushing into her mouth and cunt. Their hands gripped her head and hips, their fingers tight but careful not to bruise or hurt the girl. Sean pumped hard, groaning as her cunt squeezed on him with every deep penetration.

Tom grinned and stroked her hair as he thrust shallowly but fast into her mouth, "Best prize ever. Never expected this either." One hand wrapped her hair around his fist as he gradually got deeper.

She groaned and arched her back, thrusting her ass upward for his thrusts. Her pussy was soaked from the recent orgasm and his cock glided in and out smoothly to push at her insides in all the right places. Never having had a cock in her mouth, she wasn't sure what to do at first, but tried wrapping her lips tighter around it and sucking. Her tongue seemed to be in the way at first, until she experimented and put it to use, too. While she used it to rub at him, she also groaned from the pleasure Sean was bringing her.

The two men pumped in unison, both getting deeper until their cocks ended fully embedded in her. The impacts squashed her between them, breasts and ass jiggling as they pumped faster. Within a few more thrusts they both came, thick cum filling her cunt and mouth together. They groaned in pleasure, shafts pulsing with each jet of seed.

Sean pulled out with a satisfied grunt, watching the cum leak slowly down her thigh then turned her over on the table. "Swap ends? I'm ready to go again, what do you say, honey?"

"Really? Can you do that? I thought there would have to be an intermission or something," she said, her eyes skimming every inch of his wet cock. She'd never seen one so close up and her view was of the underside of it. Her fingers came up to stroke the slick surface as she reached with her legs and wrapped them around Tom to squeeze him between them.

Tom pressed his cock into her tight cunt, bringing her other hand down to rub at her clit. His hand covered hers, squeezing gently as he thrust into her and felt the wet heat surrounding his cock. "Start stroking, love," he told her as he pumped steadily.

The other cock slid over her face and into her mouth, heavy balls rubbing her face and the taste of cum on her tongue. Sean reached down and grabbed her full breasts, groping and toying with her hard nipples as he fucked her mouth.

She imagined being in the bridge of the starship, spread out across the control panel. As the captain fucked her mouth, his crew awaited their turns...even the woman who was the communications officer. It was suddenly his pointy eared first officer who pressed her fingers to her own clit, and he was watching her stroke herself. The rest of the crew was there, too. It was shocking to touch herself in front of them all, but it was what they wanted. Her clit throbbed at the thought, and it swelled as she rubbed harder, moaning in ecstasy.

The vigorous pumping cocks and exploring hands became hypnotic, and her lust became instinctive. Her back arched and pussy clenched. The pleasure building was supernatural and her lips squeezed tighter as the intensity grew.

The smell of sex and tingling pleasure drew her into another fantasy as the powerful men enjoyed the use of her. She was only a diversion in the wraith's mission to retrieve the ring, but he couldn't resist her body. Soon, they'd be joined by the other eight riders. Her swollen clit began to pulse and she moaned as her body shook with a climax. As it finished, her hand explored lower until she felt his cock sliding in and out of her, the slick surface as hard as the rock she was spread out on.

The two men moaned with ecstasy as Lydia writhed between them, her body trembling in climax and tearing theirs from them. They grunted, cocks pulsing with heat as their thick seed filled her body, thrusting brutally hard as they finished. They'd both fantasized about the bikini clad slavegirl from youth and her presence and enthusiasm added new heights to the pleasure.

Tom pulled out and stretched with a huge yawn, watching his cum trickle from her swollen cunt. "That was amazing, better than I could dream!" He smiled and passed her another cold drink as Sean moved out, cock glistening with saliva and connected by a single strand to her lips. "Better clean up, I can hear feet coming."

Sean quickly tucked himself back in his uniform and the two guys rearranged Lydia's costume, wiping away some of the sweat and cum, then flopped on the sofa with her just as the organiser entered.

Lydia's curvy body still tingled and now she actually felt like a slave girl. Her small hand wiped at her red lips and she grinned at the two men, not realizing that their attention had improved her already enticing appearance tenfold. As she stood to go out on stage, her hair was in disarray, bringing to mind someone who'd just been thoroughly fucked, and there was a new sensuality in her movements.

Sean picked up the end of the chain from Lydia's collar, giving it a gentle tug to get her moving, and winking cheekily. "Come on then, let's look like who we're supposed to... I really wish we knew the full stories though."

Tom nodded, "It's just luck that we know as much as we do, and who'd have thought aliens would make such fascinating films." He drew his sword and stalked onto the stage ahead of the other two, his robes flaring dramatically in the low gravity of the small moon, the blue light of the sun glinting off the shining metal.

Sean and Lydia entered together to wolf whistles from all three sexes present, the sheen of sweat still clear on their pale green skin and giving the impression of recent exertion - heroic fights for the man and dramatic escape for the girl.

They bowed in unison and joined hands as the applause swelled again. Perhaps they'd never find out where the broadcasts had come from, somewhere out beyond the uncharted spaces was all their civilisation knew of it, but they knew there was another culture out there. One day, someone would reach that final frontier and be ready to quote from their mythology to show their true understanding.

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