tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTo Celebrate a Birthday

To Celebrate a Birthday


She showed up at my door with a gift. Looking at it would make someone wonder just who the gift was for, but it was given to me. A nice lace bra and matching panties and she wanted to see me put them on right now. We both knew that you were on the way, so chalk it up to getting in the mood. I put them on and they fit perfectly. They were quite sexy, and I knew you would like them. We poured glasses of wine, chatted and waited for you to arrive. I sat in the bra and panty set the entire time.

When you came through the door, you got a warm welcome. I showed you the present and you also wondered who the gift was for. We decided that we both got to enjoy it so it was a group gift. The two of us led you to the bed room and laid you down in the middle of the bed. Casual conversation at first, but I was rubbing your cock through your jeans the entire time. She watched carefully as I did so, obviously very interested in getting you naked.

Before I realized what happened next, you were naked. The look of your body naked in my bed made me even wetter than I already was. Our guest wasted no time in sliding your cock right between her lips. I stood next to the bed and watched as she did so. I enjoyed this very much, the look of wet on your cock as she bobbed her head up and down on your hardness. The look of enjoyment on your face and the sounds of the moans coming from deep in your chest were wonderful. In fact, they are forever etched in my mind.

She barely notices me watching and continues to please you with her talented mouth. It is so evident that she enjoys sucking cock and I can see why you have told me that is a turn on. As if she can read my mind, she pulls your cock out of her mouth and looks at me. The look on her face tells me that she is offering me your cock for my mouth. I lean over and take her up on the offer. I can feel how warm your cock already is from her mouth. I can almost taste her on you which is very erotic.

When I stand back up, she takes back over and I watch you squirm, enjoying every second of it. She backs up a second time and offers your cock to me with her eyes. I lean down again and accept her offer. You look down to watch and notice how hard my nipples are by this. I am watching a woman suck your cock and she is offering you to me periodically. The entire scene is very hot. The second time I back off, she takes over again.

After a few minutes of watching my own personal porno movie, she looks at me and offers me your cock once again. The look of lust on her face is priceless and it results in a nice warm feeling across my body. I glance at you as if to tell you to pay attention to my next move. You know without words, exactly what I am telling you and you watch as I lean down a third time. This time, instead of sliding your cock in my mouth, I lean just over you and kiss her. This is the first time you have ever seen me kiss another woman and it is directly over your nice hard cock.

You can see us enjoy one another in this manner, moaning softly as our tongues explore one another's mouth. You have kissed each of us and can almost feel how nice this must be for us to kiss. It is a very passionate, hungry kiss and your cock grows by this scene. I stand back up and smile at you as you merely say "WOW".

I lay down on the bed at this time and our guest leans across you to kiss me again. You move out of the way to allow us the opportunity to enjoy one another. You watch every detail as she runs her hands across my body, kissing me the entire time. I am almost surprised by her reaction and you find that arousing. She begins to tease me by kissing down my neck and then back up. Her next tease takes kisses down to my breasts and back up. She continues to go lower and lower each time, just barely making it to my soaking wet pussy.

When she finally lands on my pussy, she can't tease anymore and she slides her tongue right across my clit. You hear me gasp with relief and decide at that point that you are going to get up and watch this from another view point. You get up and walk around the bed, never taking your eyes off of us. I am lying on my back, with another woman lying between my legs. My legs are spread wide as she uses her tongue and fingers to please my pussy. The sound of wet and moans fill the room. You realize that the two of us are engrossed in one another and find that quite erotic.

You walk to different locations next to the bed, taking in every detail of what is in front of you. I catch a glimpse of you every so often and know you are watching and enjoying every second. Her intensity changes and I look down to see why. I see that you have slid your fingers into her pussy and you are expertly finger fucking her. Her reaction is to become much more aggressive with her fingers and is matching your motion on me. I can tell that she is fucking your hand right back and is begging you to do it harder and faster.

I can see that you have one hand stroking your cock and that image makes me cum on her fingers once again. The feel of my pussy grabbing her fingers arouses her even more and she starts to cum on your fingers. She squirts all over your hand, in fact and you begin to stroke with even more intensity. Although the two of us females are wrapped up in one another, your stroking gets us both very interested. Before we realize it, she and I are on our knees right in front of you.

You can look down and see us both there waiting for your cum. We both are flushed with recent orgasms and anticipating yours. I just love to see your hand slide up and down that hard, thick cock, watching it turn redder and redder as you do. She merely says "Give it to me, baby. Give me that cum." And you loose your self control that instant. Your cum shoots directly at her at first. She loves the facial you have given her so far. You continue to stroke and more cum erupts from you. As you continue to cover her fact, I lean over and kiss her, tasting you on her. More passionate kisses coupled with your sweet sticky cum is something I have fantasized about repeatedly.

This is only the beginning of an evening of fun but the question still remains, whose birthday is it anyway? Is it yours, mine or hers? From the endless possibilities ahead, it is hard to see just which one of us is getting the present. The fact of the matter is that it is wonderful to live out a fantasy that has been in our view. The good news is, this story continues...

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