tagNonHumanTo Claim the City

To Claim the City


"Come on, Jake, you've been looking at her for the entire three years we have been in the class, and you haven't picked up the balls to go and speak with her. What the hell?" Nelson, one of the taller men in the class, who had his girl friend next to him, spoke in a low voice to the one next to him.

"Bugger off, Nelson, if I wanted your opinion, I would have asked for it, and it's none of your damn business anyway." Jake replied. He was one of the younger ones in the class, being only twenty, but he was still second tallest, only Nelson was taller then him. Jake was, to be blunt, rather normal looking, nothing too outstanding about him, the only thing that made him different from the rest of the guys in the class was that he was raised in the country, and had the natural muscles of someone that worked a lot outside, he was a hunter, he helped his uncle trap once in a while, and worked with the township where he lived when they were shorthanded. He was handsome in his own way, but he wasn't all that outgoing when it came to women.

"I'm just saying, man, you need to get out and get moving. Hell, you've been so wrapped up in looking at her, that you haven't looked to see that she has been looking at you." Nelson replied.

Nelson's girlfriend, Lea, cut in. "She talks about you, sometimes, you know? Do it, Jake, you have a better shot then you think. And no one will think less of you if you fail," A grin. "or leave with her tonight by yourselves." She laughed a bit and started to speak with Nelson in private again.

Jake snorted, they were right, and there wasn't anything that he could say about it. The woman in question was Rachel, a dark haired girl who was the object of Jake's libido, though, as Nelson put it, Jake hadn't picked the balls up to ask her out in three years. Rachel was a little over average height, with long smooth legs that she revealed on many occasions when she dressed, plump breasts that weren't too large or too small for Jake's taste in women. But, it was her face, mostly her eyes that drew him to her. They were a deep blue, almost black in colour, and hypnotic, drawing him into them whenever he managed to make eye contact with her. She had an air of power around her, strong and commanding, and it showed in the way that she acted with others sometimes, she was always the leader in groups for projects and such. He was smitten with her the moment he say her on the first day at class when she had walked in.

Moving from Nelson and Jake found where Rachel was sitting and sat down close to her. He went to speak, she managed to first. "Yes, Jake?" Her voice was almost a purr.

He stammered, voice gone all of a sudden, but he found it quickly. "I was just, uh, wondering where you were going to be working after all of this?"

Rachel smiled. "That's not what I heard you saying to Nelson and his girlfriend." She replied.

Jake choked, she had heard that? He caught his breath again. "Would you...I have wanted to ask you for a long time now, so... do you...?"

Rashia held a hand and smiled, before he embarrassed himself. "I would like that." She looked around and grabbed her purse. "Shall we go then? We can take my car, I have been watching you have a few since we got here." She grinned.

Jake only nodded, unable to speak again, he was nervous as he had ever been. Jake went and got his jacket and went with Rachel out the door, hand in hand, and glanced back once, to see Nelson's girlfriend whispering into his ear while both looked at him, like they knew something.

The got to her car, she quickly got in and he followed into the passenger seat, and suddenly found Rachel's lips to his. He blinked and breathed in heavily and she backed off, frowning. "Don't you like it?" She asked, looking at him.

He took a breath and smiled. "I do." He said, and started to kiss her again, a kiss that lasted for a few minutes before both were breathing heavily.

Rachel broke the kiss to look at him with those commanding eyes. "A special night this is, dear Jake. Do you know why?" She asked.

He set his head to one side. "We graduated?" The hell should he know what she was talking about?

Rachel only smiled and leaned down to whisper into his ear. "I found my One."

Well, that confused Jake. "What?"

Rachel looked back to him and her eyes suddenly shifted to a gold colour and she opened her mouth to show fangs. "Hey! What the fuck is this?!" Jake half shouted in shock and grabbed for the door handle.

Rachel snarled and dove at him and he felt a sharp pain in his neck and gasped, trying to pull her back, but his strength was fading quickly. He felt his skin tear but his vision was starting to fade a bit, the last thing that he could remember seeing and feeling was Rachel licking the blood from the bite that she had done into his lower neck by his shoulder. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he blacked out.

He groaned and opened his eyes slowly, blinking sleep out of his eyes. Jake saw that he was in a room, what, to him, would be a woman's bedroom anyway, laying on the bed. "The hell is all this? He said to himself and tried to get up, only to be pulled back down by the wrists. He looked and saw that his hands were cuffed together with a chain going into the wall. "What the fuck?" He said and jerked on the chain, but that didn't anything, it was anchored into the wall.

At that point he noticed that he was also naked, stripped of clothes and he didn't see them in the room. He looked himself over, no damage that he could see, he cracked his neck and noted that whatever Rachel had done on his neck was gone. Which, didn't make any sense, but, then again, he could have been imaging things.

"Ah, you're up, good I was starting to worry that you wouldn't wake." Rachel's voice said as she came into the room, it was like silk in his ears. She stood at the foot of the bed and looked at him as he pulled himself up to his knees, hands behind him from the chain. "You're a strong one then, I've had many that didn't wake at all." She said.

"What did you do me?" He asked.

"I'll show you, it's easier to explain that way. More fun for me to." She reached up and pulled her shirt off and then her pants and she moved to the edge of the bed and smiled to him. Jake was breathless, she was gorgeous! Her body was much better then he had first thought, she must have used those clothes to cover herself.

She rubbed her right breast and his penis quickly stood at attention, Jake looked at it, it had grown an inch giving him a length of 8 inches. Rachel smiled. "Well, I can see that I have your attention. Now, take a deep breath through your nose and tell me what you smell." It wasn't a request either.

Jake did so, held it for a second, and then released. "I can smell you, you're hot, wet, ready to fuck."

Rachel nodded approvingly and sat on the foot of the bed. "Good boy, your senses are coming in. Now, come here and eat me out, it's been far too long." She said and opened her legs for him.

Jake blinked and looked to her pussy, clean shaven and a slight sheen to it. Jake moved closer to her and laid down on the bed on his stomach, not too comfortable since the chains pulled his hands back. Jake stuck his nose at her womanhood and breathed in deep, and then nuzzled his face into her, making her moan a bit. Jake started to lick at her lips, getting his tongue in as far as he could. Rachel moaned and grabbed his hair and shoved his face into her. "Fuck, you can do better." She said.

Commanded, Jake started to work his tongue furiously at her puppy, gently taking her clit between his teeth once in a while and sucking on it. "Hmm, good." Rachel moaned and that furthered Jake on, renewing his assault between her legs. She pressed him closer still and held him there with strength belittling her size, and she moaned more and soon he felt liquid running onto his tongue and dribble down his chin. Licking his lips, he opened his mouth as wide as he could and stuck it over her lips and flicked his tongue in and out.

Rachel arched her back and cried out. "Ohhh, yes, I'm coming, harder!" He pushed himself further in as he could. Rachel cried out again and he felt a rush of juices over his tongue and greedily licked them up, and then licked his lips as Rachel breathed heavy for a bit, allowing him to clean her off neatly. "Have fun?" She asked.

"You didn't answer my question, what did you do to me?" He asked again, pulling on the chains.

She frowned at him. "Lean back." Again, it was in a command style tone and Jake felt compelled to obey and leaned against the head bored. Rachel smiled. "Good, the changes are going well."

Rachel crawled across the bed to him and took his hard dick into her hands and started to jerk him off roughly, causing Jake to groan. Rachel smiled and leaned down and sucked him into her mouth bobbing her head up and down as fast as she could, twisting a bit with her right hand as she did. Jake moaned and tried to fuck her mouth, but Rachel wouldn't have it and shoved his hips back onto the bed again. "No, I lead." She said and put him back into her mouth again for a while.

Keeping him deep in her mouth for a few seconds, Rachel slid him out of her mouth with a pop. She smiled as he looked up at her, Rachel moved over him and straddled him and lowered herself onto him, letting his dick push into her pussy to the balls. "Hmm, been too long, fuck me, Jake, fuck me hard." She said and leaned down, placing her hands on his chest and started to buck her hips up and down. Jake started to follow suit and started to fuck her, and they quickly got a rhythm going between them. "You, still, haven't my question." He breathed.

"Don't talk, I'll tell you when we are done, for now, just fuck me and shut up." She said in a stern voice and Jake shut his mouth and focused on fucking her. Rachel smiled at him and both of them moaned together, her eyes going golden again and inhuman. Jake blinked, but he couldn't stop himself and continued to thrust in and out of her as fast as he could, making her moan again.

Rachel cried out with a slight howl and Jake felt himself coming closer. "Yes, my One, come for me and it will be sealed." Rachel said, bouncing up and down on his hips, her breasts following her motions, Jake wanted to grab them in his hands, but the chains were stopping him from doing any more then he already was.

Jake let out a loud moan and felt himself come into her and she started to come again as well, fluid from both of them leaking down his shaft. He emptied himself completely and both of them slowly steadied their breathing. Rachel rubbed his chest with a smile and got off of him turned and sucked the liquid off of his cock before taking a wineglass from a dresser top and squatted over it. Using a finger she got as much of the come into it as she could, half filling the glass. Licking her finger clean, Rachel came back to the bed and leaned against Jake, taking a sip of the "wine". "Mm, very nice, you are going to be a strong one, Jake, a good pick indeed, those two were right about you."

"What?" He asked. "And why the chains?"

"The why you will find out in the morning when the change is mostly complete, I do hope you survive it, the last two didn't. But I think you will. And the chains are for our safety." She smiled and stroked his hair, making him feel woozy. She took another sip of her wineglass. "Sleep, Jake, in the morning, we'll fuck again, much more then we did today, I only wanted a quickly, it's been too long since I had a good screw. Your car is in my garage, and people think that you are hung over and staying at a friend's, but I guess you are." She said, her voice velvet and her eyes still glowed golden.

"What, are you?" He asked, half awake now, sleep starting to take him.

"A very horny and sex loving nympho is a good start for now. Now, rest." She said taking a last large gulp from her wine and swallowed it all down with a heavy sigh, licked her lips and kissed him goodnight. The second she did, Jake's eyes rolled back and he went to sleep. "Until you wake again, my One."

Chapter 2

His eyes opened, and the afternoon light coming through the crack in the window made him shut his eyes again. He was still naked, chained on the bed, Rachel wasn't there, but he could hear things downstairs, talking, people talking, Rachel was one, and he thought he knew the other two. Groaning, he went to sit up, his eyes blurry, he couldn't get to his feet, since he couldn't leave the bed because of the chains, so he was stuck sitting up for now.

What the hell had that been that Rachel had done to him? He was still weary, more sleep was looking good at the moment. Jake moved himself as far as he could on the towards the door, half open, and listened to what was being said downstairs, Rachel was speaking to two other people.

"I don't know, it's been two days, he hasn't woken up again." She said, a bit panicked.

Another female voice came in. "Calm down, Rachel, sometimes the change can take longer on some people. He's strong, his body is probably fighting it, making him tired. If he doesn't wake up in another two days, call us."


A male voice now. "Rachel, this is your first time, it can take a few tries, but we're here to help if you need it."

"Thank you, both of you." Rachel said again.

Jake grunted, first time his ass, that certainly looked like, and felt like, she knew what she was doing. So, were they actually talking about the sex?

"I'll go check on him." The other female said and soon Jake heard steps coming up the stairs. He was too dazed still to do anything as a shadow appeared at the door and peaked in. He saw a flash of white teeth in a smile. "Good, Rachel will happy to know you woke Jake. Still, too early yet by the looks of it, back to sleep with you." Something in his mind said for him to sleep and he closed his eyes and fell back on the bed.

Chapter 3

Jake's eyes snapped open as he smelt something on the air, and sat up in the bed, he wasn't as dazed as he was before, but it still felt like one good hangover all the same. The chains clattered a bit as he moved, he was feeling good aside from the spinning hangover feeling until a pain ripped though him and he gasped and dropped back onto the bed again.

Moaning, Jake arched his back from the pain and looked at his hands, his fingernails had grown out, they looked like claws. His hands also looked thicker with muscle, and so did the rest of his body, but it hadn't a second ago. He looked up, and now saw a mirror in the room and managed to catch himself in it, glowing golden eyes looking back at him. His own eyes.

He groaned again, and felt something tickle around his body and his face twist and something on his lower back extend.

Meanwhile in the other room, Rachel was laying back on another bed, naked, while people lay on either side of her, one man, one woman. Both were licking at Rachel's breasts, but they were clothed, only playing at the moment. Soft moans came from Rachel as the woman placed her fingers into Rachel's shaved pussy.

This fun little session was broken when the door was ripped off its hinges and a tall figure stood in its place. It stood at just over six and a half feet, eyes glowing gold as it stepped through the door at the staring people on the bed. Lycanthrope, werewolf, whatever you want to call it, it, he, had the face of a wolf, walked on two legs, clawed hands, err, paws, and feet, a tail swishing back and forth behind him.

The man swallowed hard. "What kind of chain did you use, Rachel?"

"There are different kinds?" She asked.

"Oh you dumb cunt." The man cursed at her as the wolf started forward.

The man stood, own eyes going golden and came at the beast, only to have a large fist strike him in the stomach and sending him into the one wall. The woman came at him next, and soon followed the man, landing on top of him.

Rachel went to move off the bed, but the wolf pounced forward and pinned her down by her shoulders. His face close to hers as she spoke. "Jake, please, get a hold of yourself." The wolf gave a grunted laugh at her plea.

Using only one hand to hold her still, Jake/lycan leaned back and rubbed between his legs, and a cock of ten inches long and two thick sprang out from the matted fur. Rachel's eyes widened upon seeing it, shock and fear showing now, she was no longer in control.

Since Rachel was already naked, it was easy for Jake to rub his erect cock between her legs, keep it in position while he leaned over her, paws against her shoulders. He gave a toothy smile before driving hard his large cock into her tight hole, causing Rachel to gasp for breath. Jake left it in for a second before started to fuck her, taking most of his shaft out of her and driving it back in again, slow at first, but his momentum picked up quickly. He started to lick at her breasts with his rough tongue, further causing moans and gasps from Rachel.

Jake let out a low howl as he roughly fucked Rachel's pussy, he continued that for a while, but then pulled out. Still holding her down, he nuzzled his muzzle between her legs and started to lap at the juices that had started to leak from her with low rumbles from deep in his chest. Rachel gasped and reached down to put a hand on his head, but he slapped it away as he rose up again, eyes locks on hers.

"No, please, it's too much." Rachel said as he Jake moved his member in front of her face, and she clamped her mouth shut, refusing to suck it. Growling, Jake pressed it against her lips, but she wouldn't open her mouth for him. His clawed hand reached back and he used one claw to slowly draw a line of blood across her right breast, a trickle of blood coming out, before he grabbed a nipple and gave it a pull. Rachel gasped and Jake shoved his cock into her mouth as far as he could, only the head and a bit more before she was full.

Rachel cried against his member as Jake started to move his hips again, fucking her mouth like he had wanted to before. She whimpered, unable to do anything about it though, as Jake leaned his head back in pleasure, his tail wagging against her legs as he did.

He continued that for a while, but eventually pulled himself out her mouth, making her gag a bit as he did, but before she could get all of her breath back, he rammed it back into her pussy again. Rachel let out a sharp gasp as Jake started to fuck her again with his large member, Rachel came, her juices flowing between her legs and down his member, twice she did that. Jake started to lick the blood that he caused from her breast as well, cleaning the small cut at the same time. Finally, Jake out a howl and, at the last second, pulled out of her and shot his large load all over her face, since it seemed she liked come. Her face covered, Jake got every last drop her could onto her, before finally moving off of her, and rolled onto the other side of the large bed next to her, panting, but still wolf. His member took a while, but it eventually started to shrink back again.

That left Rachel panting next to him as the man and the woman, who had recovered soon after Jake had thrown them and had been watching came closer. Jake could now see them for who they were, Nelson and Lea! Both smiled at the two on the bed, and Lea moved to Rachel's side and helped to clean her face, by licking the come from her face and either swallowing it herself, or kissing it into Rachel's mouth.

Nelson smiled at wolf Jake. "Well, it seems that you will live, and that will make Rachel happy, whenever she gets her breath back. Shit, I don't know what she did to you the other night, but I hope you got what you wanted back, Jake." The wolf grunted with a wicked smile, Nelson laughed. "Good, I'm sure you two can work everything else out together. Lea, you done?" He asked to his own mate.

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