tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTo Keep a Secret Ch. 01

To Keep a Secret Ch. 01


It became a matter for debate, later on, who the first to suggest the arrangement was. I had been the one to ask if there was any way to persuade him to keep my secret. He had been the one, however, to jokingly suggest sex slavery. I knew he was joking when he said it, but I also knew there was a grain of truth in that request. In the long awkward moment that followed, both of us avoided looking at each other. We knew the stakes. Knew I would do almost anything to avoid being deported. If he was discovered keeping my secret, he would likely face jail himself. It was a risk I couldn't ask him to take without recompense, but I had nothing of value to offer. Nothing but myself.

The thought turned my stomach and made my knees weak, but it might be my only recourse. Could I do it? In that silence that stretched on and on, I saw my fate if I were sent back to China. I had forged a Green Card from my student Visa. America would deport me. China, likely, would imprison me. My family would be shamed, and my life would be forever ruined. Could I become a sex slave to this man to save myself? I realized in that moment, that I could.

But would he accept it?

My eyes finally met his. He must have seen the resolve in my eyes, for his eyes widened, his face flushing. I had to ask him. I had to hear him say it. Would he accept me, my body, to keep the secret?

After a long moment, he asked the question: Under what terms?

And so we discussed it. It was a horrible, terrifying thing. Yet, we discussed it like a business transaction. I was sick inside, but I knew this was the only way. I hoped he would go through with it. I needed him to go through with it.

He already had a vasectomy several years ago, so there was no danger of conception. We were both clean. I hadn't had sex in almost a year. He'd been celibate since his wife died 3 years ago. In order to both stay clean, we'd restrict ourselves to each other. He couldn't interfere with my school-work or class schedule, but all of my free time was open to him. Most terrifying, I agreed to refuse him nothing. I would do anything he wanted me to, and I would let him do anything to me.

In return, he would never tell anyone about the things I accidentally emailed him with my final project. I had kept the digital documents I doctored, in case I needed them. I hid them by labeling them as a project. I never thought I, in a sleep deprived stupor, would accidentally attach them instead of my actual project.

Now, my foolishness had led me to this.

With the details concluded, neither of us spoke. I was sickened at what I had done, but grateful he had accepted. I held him blameless in this, it was my mistake that brought this upon me. I was thankful he wasn't more self-righteous. Thankful, I had a body that could entice a man like him. Thankful his long span of celibacy had made him more amenable to the agreement that still turned my stomach.

I could tell by his breathing that he was aroused, perhaps painfully so, but he was still hesitant about the agreement. I had to seal the deal. I had to make sure he was on board. That meant giving him more incentive.

"Would... would you like me to start now?" I asked, breathless. We were in his living room. He hadn't wanted to discuss the files I sent him on campus.

For a long moment, he didn't reply. Then, in a strangled voice, he simply said, "yes."

He didn't move, he just sat there watching me, but I knew what he wanted. Doing my best to hold back tears, I stood and began to undress. My jeans came off first. I turned around so he could watch my ass as I slid the denim down my legs , bending deeply at the waist when I reached to pull them off. Kicking my jeans to the side, I turned to face him once more. His eyes were wide, glued to my slender olive colored legs. An unmistakable bulge had inflated the front of his pants. My heart dropped a few more inches into my stomach when I realized he was bigger than any guy I'd been with.

Steeling myself, I quickly pulled my t-shirt off before I could change my mind about it. I had been in bed when he called earlier and didn't stop to put a bra on before rushing over, so I now stood before him, naked from the waist up. A barely audible groan passed his lips as my bare breasts fell free. I am not large chested, a respectable B cup, but my breasts are well proportioned to my size and well rounded, topped with dark, coffee colored nipples. While proud of my breasts, I never felt 100% comfortable with people seeing my breasts. So standing there topless, knowing what I was getting myself into, was just shy of horrifying.

Pausing for a moment so he could enjoy the sight of my tits, I hooked my thumbs through the band of my panties and slid them down. Now completely naked, I had never felt so vulnerable, so exposed. I wanted to cry, to cover myself and run, but I knew I had to do this. A more skilled seductress would have put on more of a show, but I was so terrified, it was all I could do to walk up to him and kneel between his legs.

"Kari, you don't have to do this tonight, if you're not comfortable." He was trying to be kind, to make accommodations for my feelings. I was grateful, but I needed to make sure he was sold on this.

"What I want doesn't matter. I agreed to this." I put my hands on his lap, one hand squeezing his cock through his pants while the other fumbled with the button. "Do you want me to continue?"

He groaned as my hand kneaded his cock. "God yes. Forgive me, but yes."

"There's nothing to forgive. I agreed to do anything you wanted. To let you use me anyway you want. And right now I know you want this."

Having finally wrestled the button off, and pulled the zipper down, the front of his pants nearly burst open, his engorged manhood tenting his silken boxers. He sucked in breath through his teeth when I slipped my fingers under the waistline of his boxers and pulled them down, freeing his rocklike shaft. He had the cock of a porn star. Hard, long and knotted with veins. Under different circumstances, the sight of it might have tuned me on. Now, it was all I could do to wrap my fingers around it and begin to gently stroke it.

I had to be careful. With as long as it had been for him, and as aroused as he was, I was sure he wouldn't be able to last long. I needed more from him, though. I needed to tease him. To drive him mad. To make him take me. Because I needed to prove to him that he could. That he could use me however he wanted, and completely disregard my own wants and desires.

Tonight, I needed him to subjugate me.

And so the torment began. I began by squeezing his cock with one hand while the other gently massaged his balls. After a few minutes of that, I assisted my hand fondling him with my tongue, lightly lapping at his sack. He began to groan more and more with each stroke of my tongue. Slowly, I worked my way up to his shaft, and began working higher and higher. His groans became ever deeper and his hips started working back and forth. Finally, having reached the tip, I started teasing his swollen, purple head with the very tip of my tongue.

He was now gasping, getting ever more desperate for release. He was ready.

Stopping abruptly, I stood and turned, as if to go. A feral growl was my only warning before he grabbed me roughly and threw me on the ground. He was on me in an instant. My instincts took over as I tried to fight. After a brief scuffle he pinned my arms above my head, forced my thighs open with his knee, and positioned his cock at my opening.

Looking up at him in that moment, I was terrified. He was enraged, he was feral. He was exactly how I knew I needed him to be. "You said I can do anything I want, right" he snarled through gritted teeth. Terrified, helpless, and yet determined, I could only nod, tears streaking down my cheeks.

With a roar, he plunged himself into me. My world went white for a moment. I was almost completely dry and he was far bigger than any of the boys I had slept with in the past. While not excruciating, my lack of arousal, and the absence of lubrication and endorphins it brings, meant I felt a stabbing pain with every thrust. And he fucked me hard. He was not holding back. I don't think he could at that point. He was animalistic in is his fevered pounding. Over and over again he slammed his thick cock into my willing, but unprepared pussy.

Slowly, the pain receded as my body, acting on its own, began to lubricate. Unable to control myself, and longer, I began to sob. He must have noticed, because I felt him falter for a moment.

"NO," I screamed through the tears, "KEEP GOING!" If he stopped now, I didn't know if I would have the strength to start again, and I needed him to do this. Perhaps understanding on some level what I was doing, he seemed to redouble his efforts. My entire body shook constantly between my sobs and his brutal pounding.

At long last, I heard him groan, and his body stiffen. A few more pumps and I felt his orgasm burst inside me.

For a time, we both lay there. Him exhausted from his orgasm, myself, still pinned beneath him trying to stem the tears.

Finally, he picked himself up, and tucked his now limp cock into his pants. I moved more slowly, my body aching from what had happened. Picking up my clothes I held a tissue between my legs to avoid leaking his semen onto the floor.

"Shit. Kari," he said, obviously torn between moving to me and keeping his distance, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't h-."

"No!" I said, cutting him off, "You did exactly what you should have. I needed to prove to you that I was serious about this. All of this." I forced myself to look at him. "I need your silence, but I know what it could cost you. I can't pay you back any other way. I could have just offered to have sex with you, or suck you off, or something. But I offered myself to you completely. As far as I am concerned, you own my body until we both decide the deal is done. And don't think this was me being generous. I needed to give you something that would keep you satisfied. Something that you would risk jail time to keep. I couldn't be sure just sleeping with you would be enough, so I chose this. I CHOSE this. It wasn't forced on me. The only reason you'll ever have to be sorry is if you betray me. Can I trust you?"

"Of course," he laughed, humorlessly, "hell, after the way I treated you, you could probably bring me up on assault charges now, to say nothing of inappropriate student teacher behavior."

I almost smiled at that, but a drop of cum was starting to slide down my leg. "Do you mind if I take a shower, before leaving."

"Of course you can," he said, standing. Then he hesitated, "But I might watch. I guess there's no point asking if you mind," he finished sheepishly.

Forcing myself to smile through the tears, I answered, "From tonight on, you can do anything you want." And at last, I felt like he believed me.

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