tagFetishTo Love a Psychopath

To Love a Psychopath


A story of pain and humiliation.

If you're a sensitive guy with an empathetic penis, probably not the story for you.

This is a short one, just a one timer.

Leave comments, leave your love, leave suggestions, leave constructive criticism. Anything unnecessary, nit-picky or rude will be deleted however.


She says that the only thing different about her is that she is a psychopath and a prodigy.

Her words, not mine.

I see her watch people, observe them, but she has never truly cared about respecting their emotions. She just wanted to mimic those emotions to use them to her advantage. I've seen her do it, and she was good. She had the shop owner on 34th street convinced she was still homeless and he would give her a fresh baked muffin every morning for breakfast. She used to be homeless, so it wasn't a total lie, but she hadn't been since she was 20, when she managed to convinced a rich man to marry her before he died of mysterious circumstances.

I'm sure she had a hand in it, and the insurance company thought so too, but they never could prove it. So she walked away with 3 million from his life insurance.

It doesn't help that she's one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. Her hair was black as raven wings made up of a dense pile of tight curls, and her eyes as pale blue as arctic ice. Her eyelashes framed her eyes that seemed too big, and her lips were pouty and soft. Despite her swollen bank account, she always dressed the same; jeans that looked worn, sneakers no matter the weather; she hated flip flops and despised sandals. She wore a faded red hoodie pulled up on top of a grey beanie with a pin on it that said "DOWN WITH THE PATRIARCHY" on it.

I always thought that if she dressed nice, I'd die from blood loss from a nosebleed.

We sat now at a coffee shop, at the sidewalk tables. It was fall, crispy leaves drifted along the cobblestone and bikes and pedestrians strolled in either direction. She watched a couple over my shoulder, who were swooning at each other. They must be hopeless romantics still in the puppy stage. Her lip twitched, and he knew what that meant; she was thinking about what their emotions looked like, and how she might use it.

I asked her once what it was like to be a psychopath, after I was already head over heels for her. We'd been her version of friends for a few years, since middle school. She paused, the only thing moving were the trees and the wind through the grass as I waited with bated breath. She had stared at me for a moment, thinking hard. Then she stepped up close to me, and the steam of our breath in the cold air mingled as it rose. She tucked a heel behind mine, her petite leg wrapping around, and placed her hands on my chest. She shoved me, her palms slamming into my chest, knocking me backwards. Only able to get one foot under me, it buckled and twisted. My tailbone hit the rough pavement and a sharp rock embedded into my hand, and my elbow scraped the asphalt through my hoodie.

"Did that hurt?" she had asked.

"Yes." I whined, picking the rock out of my skin as if began to bleed. I pulled down my sleeve and pressed the fabric onto the small wound. I felt my elbow smart.

"Didn't hurt me." she said simply, and turned and walked away.

I scrambled up, my ankle twinging and throbbing. I limped as fast as I could until I caught up with her, and I never looked back. I wasn't sure why she enamored me so, it didn't quite make sense. All she did was cause me pain and humiliate me, and tell me what to do. But I kept crawling back, like a mewling, kicked puppy.

A waiter came by and refilled my coffee. "Sadie." I said to her, leaning forward. "Did you know today is the last day of the circus festival? Maybe we can go see that."

She nodded, those icy blue eyes turning back to me. "The festival? Really?" Her voice rose slightly. She was interested. The circus was one of her favorite things, and she'd been so busy this week that she almost forgot.

"We can go in a minute. Just, I'll be right back, I have to use the bathroom." I moved to stand, halfway out of my seat when I paused, seeing a wide grin on her face.

"No, don't do that." she said. The color drained a bit from my face, and I felt a cold wind catch under my jacket, giving me a chill. "Sit back down."

"Sadie, I really have to go. My coffee ran right through me." I was nervous. She wanted to play games, I could tell.

"Sit. Down." Her chin lowered slightly and she looked at me through her thick black lashes. She would be worse if I didn't listen. My heart fluttered; despite being on the receiving end of her games, I always received some kind of sick gratification from it. I loved the way she humiliated me. I clenched my legs together under the table, and she raised her foot, sliding them between my knees and forcing my legs apart again. I turned red. She... didn't.

"I'm going to miss the festival at this rate." she said with a heavy pout, her voice a whine. She put her elbow on the table and put her chin in her hand, looking out to the passing crowd. Her eyes glanced back to me. Waiting.

I sighed, and looked down at my coffee cup. She could read me like an open book with 18 pt. font. I wanted to please her, and I wanted to take her to the circus. I tried to relax, feeling the tightness in my urethra. I clenched my teeth and took another swig of coffee, glancing up at her. I could see the light of excitement begin to fade from her eyes; she was becoming disappointed that I wasn't playing along with her game. My penis twitched slightly before relaxing, letting out a stream of urine into my jeans. It mostly soaked the fabric, and some of the hot piss ran down my legs into my socks. Some dripped through the mesh seat and pooled underneath of me.

She grinned, the amusement not quite reaching her eyes. I soaked in her smile, her approval. He loved the way she smiled, her teeth perfectly white and perfectly straight, her top and bottom canines just a tad longer than the rest of her perfectly straight teeth, fitting into the groves of her teeth and making her look a bit wild.

The waiter was passing by, and she stopped with a gasp of disgust and backed up a few feet away from the spreading puddle. Sadie laughed, looking into my eyes as she stood, slamming a $100 bill down on the table. She took me by the hand as some of the patrons began to smell the sour urine, get up from their tables in horror, and back away. They looked at me with shock as I stood, smelling of piss with a huge wet stain down my legs. Shame burned in my chest, and the wetness of my pants grew cold quickly. I glanced back just as the bill she put down flew off in the wind, and the waiter ran after it into the street.

I expected for her to lead north up the cobbled street back towards her house, or through the alley that was the shortcut to my own so that I could change but she started walking through the crowd towards the south end of town, to where the circus was.

"Sadie, please, I need to change. You had your fun, its cold."

"I want to go see the circus."

"Yeah, but we have time... my house is just a few blocks that way." I said as she pulled me further and further away from where he desperately needed to go.

She turned back to him, her brow knitted together, tears welling in her eyes. They made her eyes sparkle in a way that shouldn't have been human.

I knew she was faking. I'd never seen her actually cry, even when she broke her arm when she fell from the jungle gym in the 7th grade. But she knew how to make herself cry. She knew how to press my buttons. "Sadie..." I said softly. "I can't be in public like this." I could already feel people staring. "If I go like this, they'll kick us out."

This caught her attention. Her posture changed from needy to exasperated. I watched her go from hunched and meek to tall and cocky. "Fine, but we go to my house." she said. I nodded, desperate to get out of these wet clothes and take a quick shower.

In her home, I sighed as I felt the warmth. My wet, sour jeans had been draining the heat from my skin skin, leaving it red, sensitive and covered in goose-pimples. She stripped as I did, and my heart raced. Her long black hair fell in a braid past her waist when she removed her beanie, and her straight bangs fell down to her eyebrows. Stray hair fell around her ear. She beat me to the bathroom, and I found her standing in the shower. There was a glint in her eye, she wanted to play the game again. I approached her cautiously, and she turned the water on; just on cold. I stopped just before the stream but she grabbed me by the balls and yanked me forward. The cold didn't seem to bother her, but it stole my breath in an instant. My teeth chattered together, feeling as if they would break.

"S-sadie, its t-too cold-d." I couldn't help but stutter, tucking my hands under my arms for warmth.

She made me kneel under the water, and her smile widened above me. "Don't worry." she said. She stepped wide, and slid her hand between her thighs. I couldn't help but moan, I loved it when she touched herself. She did it just to toy with me. I leaned forward, and she tugged up on the slit of her cunt. I realized what she was after a second later, and her piss splashed down on my cheek and down my neck and chest, feeling like fire against his cold skin as it mixed with the water. I groaned, flinching as she urinated on me. My traitor dick twitched to life.

"There's my pissy boy toy." she loved to call me a toy. I didn't mind in the slightest. I looked up at her as the stream trailed off, and she waited. Taking a deep, shuddering breath as each drop from the shower head tried to steal it, I leaned forward and buried my head between her thighs, licking her slit clean of the piss. She stepped out of the shower afterwards, and as she did turned the water from cold to hot, and closed the glass door behind her.

I shouted as the water turned very quickly from ice cold to burning water that my freezing skin. I tried to stand but slipped and fell. She watched from outside of the shower as steam filled the cubicle, and the scalding water pelted me. I felt like a caged, beaten animal. This was one of the reasons she loved the circus. I managed to get enough wits about me to turn the shower off, cold air rushing in and stinging on my burning skin. I looked up at her through the glass, but she'd already left the bathroom.

I finished with my shower and went into her bedroom, which is where I kept some spare clothes under her bed. She was sitting on top of it, dressed in nothing but a plain bra and panties. I felt my groin stir under my towel, and cleared my throat as I bent down to pull the container out from under the bed. I couldn't help but feel nervous; she was playing with her tools again.

"Come here." she said, patting the bed next to her as she twirled an xacto knife in her fingers; they were incredibly sharp and meant for art. Though... I guess I can admit that is exactly what she felt she used it for.

"Sadie... We have to leave so we're not too late for the circus."

She said nothing. I swallowed. I watched her twirl the knife again. Taking a deep breath, I dropped my towel and climbed onto the bed.

"Hands folded under you." Her voice was calculating, pondering as she thought about the array of silver utensils in front of her.

I laid back and grasped my hands behind me, folding my fingers through themselves. I stretched them down underneath my hips, which propped them up a bit. My cock, which was half erect, flopped as I shifted. Just as she liked me to be. I touched the bottoms of my feet together and my knees fell to each side, creating a diamond shape. She sat on my feet, my balls resting ontop of the sides of her feet. Her smooth shins pressed against my spread thighs, and her position kept me from closing my legs. She wasn't the type for cuffs, ropes and chains. She liked it when I broke form when I couldn't take her torments anymore. My heart hammered with excitement and dread.

She placed the unrolled mat with the silver tools on my belly, and plucked a long silver rod with a ball on the end. She grasped my cock in her smooth, dainty hand and stroked it slowly. I moaned, feeling the pleasure radiate through my pelvis. She massaged the pad of her thumb against the sensitive underside of my cock. It was torture watching her stroke it at such an agonizing pace. She touched the rounded end of the long metal rod to the piss hole of my cock, and pressed it in slowly. I moaned, feeling a slight stretching pain as it went the wrong way, up my urethra towards my balls.

This was fascinating to her. She could watch my reactions and willing submission to unnatural things all day. I guess something that fascinated her about me was that she didn't understand how I ticked. Why I willingly subjected to her fucking my cock with her sounding rod.

She pressed until it was embedded up to the ball on the other end. She placed a single finger on the ball, her other fingers splayed out as if she was daring to poke something delicate and twirled it about, round and around in circles. I was panting now, trying not to move my hips. When she was done, she pulled out a small box, and plucked a needle from it.

"Oooh, Sadie please not the needles today..." I groaned, but despite my protests, my cock twitched for her. She just glared up at me with those icy eyes, and I moaned. I watched as she pinched a bit of skin on my testicles and shoved a needle through it. It was a good thing she sat on my feet and legs because my hips thrust upward, a hiss escaping my lips. She pinched slightly higher, and pushed the needle through there. The skin pulled back flat, pinning the needle in place. She pinched the base of my cock now, leaning close, the stray hairs that had fallen from her braid tickling my hips. I moaned out loud through clenched teeth, and I tried to sink my ass into the bed, straining to forget the pain. But my hands under my tailbone stopped me. She smiled.

She continued like this, spearing the skin of my cock inch by inch. When she reached the purpling head, right where she was stroking her thumb earlier, my vision was beginning to blur with tears. My knuckles were surely white, hands clenched together under my hips. But still I remained. To see that flicker of curiosity in her bright eyes as she watched me howl as I did now, but not move away from her... My shoulders tightened as I dropped my head back, the needle piercing through one of the most sensitive parts of my dick. "Sadie no more..." I whimpered, but my cock bounced, desperate and plugged as it was. She reached into her unrolled case on my belly, into one of the pockets and pulled out some thin silk string She wound the halfway point it around the rod in my dick and tugged down, weaving it behind each end of the needle and crossing it over the front of the shaft, and then behind each needle on the opposite side. I was reminded of the way you might tie the top of a boot, but that didn't distract me one bit from the stinging, throbbing pain in my dick. The string tugged at the needles, pulling the skin up. A few beads of blood sprouted from the strained piercings, and smeared red on our skin as she adjusted the strings as she went. Finally at the base, she wound back upwards again; the second pass made everything pull even tighter.

Oh how it hurt, but oh how I loved watching her work. She treated me like a doll she was dressing up to play with, like an object to be observed, and she took her amusement from me with force. Those icy eyes and raven black hair in a braid that hung over her shoulder now, hunched over my crotch as she worked in a quite plain beige bra and black panties. And the pain made me just that much more desperate to please her, and my orgasms were that much more intense when I eventually had them.

My knees were trembling as she stood, standing over me on the bed. I tried desperately to avoid closing my legs. I knew it would upset her, but I also knew it would hurt. She stepped up on either side of me, straddling my body as she went. Then, she bent at the knees, crouching over my chin. I saw a pretty, glistening clit, swollen and round and pink like a marble. Her soft labia were like petals around it, and her pussy clenched, contracting, moisture beading and dripping down. I lifted my head, straining to lick the nectar from her cunt. The thought of burying myself in her was painful, knowing the needles were there. I couldn't even bring a normal image of it to mind, anchored to the current situation as I was from the pain she inflicted. But still, I wanted to bring her pleasure. I slurped at her pussy, and sucked that sweet moisture from her, slipping my tongue up to slave over her little bud.

I was pleased as I saw her tremble, and moan, and she dropped to her knees around my head and grabbed me by the hair. She ground heavily into my face, taking her own pleasure from me. And her orgasm was a sweet fountain in my dry mouth.

For a moment, I almost forgot about the throbbing pain in my cock.


In a flash, I received a glorious view of her puckered asshole, licking the small star as I cleaned her juices from her. I felt her nails on my thighs and I trembled. Each desperate pulse in the veins of my cock that made it jump just from feeling her soft skin and harsh nails on mine made me cringe. "Hold still." she said, and I heard her pick another one of her instruments. I could feel the flat side of a blade pressing against my skin as she pinched the head of my cock to hold it still, and felt it slide. The pressure from the string around the first needle lessened, and down she went. She liked to trace the flat o the blade along the edge of the thick vein that trailed down the shaft. I held my breath. One mistake from her would have my vein severed and I wasn't sure if I was ready to handle that.

I could feel her meandering at a snails pace, her nail digging into my cock. I clenched my teeth, and finally, she cut the last string against my balls. One by one, she pulled the needles out and I sighed with relief.

"Please Sadie, make me cum with your mouth..." she ignored me, as I expected her to, and swung her leg over. She looked down at my face, which must have been wet from her juices, and rolled spit on her tongue, letting a string of saliva fall from her lips. I clenched my eyes shut and tried to turn my head but she grabbed my chin and forced me to look up. The white frothy glob dripped onto my nose and slid towards the apex of my eye, pooling against my clenched eyelid.

"Look at me." she said, another wicked grin on her face.

I slowly opened my eyes and her spit poured against my eye, sticking in my eyelashes and spreading as I tried to blink it away. It burned slightly. I whimpered.

"I had fun." she said, happy. Or... her expression of happy.

"M-me too, Sadie..."

"Great." she said, and stalked off to take another piss and shower.

I watched as she pranced away, pretty sure she didn't really care, my cock still throbbing and bouncing and rock hard between my thighs. God, I was lucky to have such a woman. I was constantly working for her approval. It was maddening.

At least until she tired of me.

I got dressed and waited for her to return. To the circus. We walked a few blocked to get to the Square, and caught the tram car that ran between the Square and the Big Top. Once there, we were greeted by fire eaters, and I ducked as a stream of flame blew over our heads. I had to admit, I loved the circus too, ever since they stopped lugging animals across the states and just stuck to performers. They passed a tent where a man with implanted skin and a split tongue made children scream and run before inching back, and a food truck where Sadie bought them a funnel cake. She groaned, feeling the powdered sugar melt on her tongue.

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