tagNonHumanTo Love a Were Ch. 02

To Love a Were Ch. 02


NB: Hi everyone! Thank you for the constructive comments from the previous chapter. I've tried to work it out and I can say that the real story and drama starts from here. I hope you enjoy it!


The drive home was one of the most peaceful times Eian had ever felt in his life. He had chosen to drive his simple Audi sedan today instead of the sports car. The slow drive proved to be better for the girl sitting next to him for she was singing songs with her nose pressed against the window to be able to see everything that they passed. She seemed to have recovered her eyesight and all her senses completely. It made him doubly sure now that the speed of her healing process was due to her Pureblood Sire.

He had taken her straight from the medical centre and was heading towards the compound. He knew that his pack would pose some difficult challenges for him but he was willing to do it to keep the girl safe.

The moment his car entered pack lands, he sensed that Fiona's presence had alerted some of the wolves prowling that area. Although the police were still conducting their search during the day, he had instructed some of his Beta wolves to do routine checks at night for any sightings of Vampires. He had many elderly, women and children Weres to protect.

As his car entered his driveway, he noticed that Dominic was already there. His presence there kept the other Betas away. Eian was thankful to his friend for that. After switching off the engine, he unbuckled Fiona's seat belt but told her to wait in the car first. She obediently nodded and waited for him to come around and open the door for her. Eian was careful not to let her touch the ground for the Weres were very sensitive of strangers on their land and he didn't want them to come out at her in panic. Lifting her up, he carried her; letting her tired head rest on his shoulder.

He could sense eyes watching him as he entered his own home but he knew that whatever suspicions they had were being kept guarded because he was their Alpha. Dominic followed closely behind and closed the door as soon as they had all entered.

Eian walked towards the stairs heading to the second floor but his thoughts were with Dominic, giving him instructions.

Dominic, please call for a pack meeting at the meeting hall in awhile. I want to put her to bed first.

Dominic didn't reply but simply nodded to his Alpha's retreating back. But as he was about to leave, he heard his Alpha's voice again,

Thank you Dom...

Whatever anger he was feeling dissipated at the call of his childhood name. Eian was his Alpha... but most important of all, he was his best friend. As he stepped into the cold night, he gave a calling howl; a signal to let the wolves know of the coming meeting.

An hour later, Eian walked into the meeting hall to see that it was packed, not just by the male and female Betas and but the men and women of the lower ranks as well. He knew that they were all anxious to know about the Vampire girl.

"For those who do not know yet, I have brought home a child, a Vampire child." As expected, the room burst into noise and murmurs of dissent and disagreement. But at the sight of his hand in the air, they hushed down.

"I understand that this will be of concern for some of you and I totally understand how you feel. I know that some of you have families of your own that you want to protect and the Vampire is a danger to us Weres. But I implore on all of you, to let me explain my reasons."

The room was silent as ears perked and eyes focused on their Alpha.

"The child has had her whole family killed by a Vampire and she has no other kin in this world to take care of her. She is only a child and she was broken and alone when I found her."

Surprise and shock was evident on everyone's face. The Betas shifted uncomfortably in their seats as they understood the magnanimity of their Alpha's decision. He was putting their lives at risk, no matter what he said simply because he wanted to protect the child.

"I have always taken care of this pack with kindness and gentleness and I request that you do the same for this child. I will personally train her and ensure that she does not draw her fangs on anybody. My decision to raise her in this pack is final."

"Alpha, how could you!" came a retort from one of the Betas. Eian lifted his gaze to see that it was Amber. "What if that Vampire that killed her family came here looking for the little one? What if he kills our children on his way to hunt her down?" the venom in her voice elicited shocked gasps from some of the others. Eian's eyes hardened as he looked intensely at Amber.


His one word sent a chill down her spine and she retreated quietly onto her seat. Eian knew that she was angrier at him for refusing her advances than her actually being concerned about the pack.

"I think that the Vampire doesn't know that he or she had Sired this child for I think it was not something that he or she intended to do. However, if it is so the case that he comes hunting for her, then I will not be let down by my hundred or so male wolves who have sworn to protect this pack with me. Do you not think that the hundred or so of you against one Vampire is a very good odd?"

Eian could sense the slow acceptance among most of the Weres but just to make sure, he continued.

"My decision is final... but I would like to know, just for information sake, how many of you are against my decision? Stand up please." He was surprised to see that roughly ten of them had stood up for he had expected more.

"I thank you for your honesty brave ones. I know that there are probably more of you but if you had not dared to stand up, then you shall accept my decision without any grudges. Very well... all of you are dismissed. Have a good and safe night."

Eian left the meeting hall, sure that the wolves would begin arguing and discussing the events at length. He didn't want to spend any more time with them for he didn't feel too comfortable leaving Fiona alone in the house. It was his plan that in time, she would be covered with much Were scent that it would be difficult to seek her out.

Meanwhile in the meeting hall, some of the elder Betas were arguing with Dominic. Some of the ones who had stood up earlier had also gathered around him.

"He cannot do this to us!" said one

"Challenge him for Alpha!" said another and many agreed.

"No!" Dominic asserted but the group continued arguing among themselves. That itself showed that even if he was their Alpha, they would not listen to him.

"Go on Dominic! You're the highest Beta. What's the difference? Just challenge him!"

"What the fuck do you think I am? The difference between me and Eian is that I am a Beta and he will always be my Alpha. Do you get that you dickheads? For as long as I consider him my Alpha, I cannot challenge him... and I won't challenge him!" he roared, huffing out of the hall.

Alone outside, Dominic cursed and swore all the way back to his own house. Have those retards lost their memories or what? Have they forgotten about Eian's own sister who was attacked by a rogue Were when she was still very young? Personally, Dominic felt that Eian was always too hard on himself; blaming himself for her death. Perhaps this was his way of making up for her loss. And what were they thinking? Asking him to challenge for Alpha status! As an Alpha, Eian had always been calm and patient, always listening before acting. He was stern when needed to be but never ever had he seen Eian explode in anger. He on the other hand was too hot-tempered; he had wanted to chew off most of the others' heads during the meeting just now. That certainly wasn't Alpha-like in his opinion.

As he passed by Eian's house, he saw that one of the bedroom lights was still on and he saw Eian's silhouette from the window. He seemed to be reading a book or something to the child.

In fact, Eian was doing just that. Fiona had refused to sleep unless he read to her but after the second storybook, Eian was just too tired to continue so he tucked her in again for the fiftieth time and sat beside her so that she wouldn't move.

"It's time for bed now little one." Fiona picked up the hint of lethargy in his voice and nodded obediently. When he saw that she was listening, he decided it was time to lay down the rules.

"Now Fiona, listen to me very carefully. If you wish to stay here, then you must abide by my three rules. Can you do that?"

He could see that she was thinking it through but she finally nodded.

"Good. The first rule is that I am the Alpha of this place, meaning that I'm like the leader and whatever I say is the law. Do you understand that?"

"Does that mean I cannot make you angry?" she asked meekly.

"Well... I doubt anybody has ever made me angry actually... maybe just annoyed or disappointed. But that's not what I mean. Being an Alpha means that everyone reports to me and asks my permission for certain things that are important in their lives. I may not always like their decisions but if I see that it does not endanger us all, then I'll agree to it."

"You mean like the King inside my fairytales?" she asked, suddenly smiling widely.

"Err... well... I guess so."

"Then where's your Queen?" she asked, taking him by surprise.

"Ah... well, that's... well, I guess I just haven't met her yet," he replied.

"Okay," she answered, somehow satisfied with his answer. "Okay so that's one rule right? You have uh... two more!" she exclaimed, as she counted her fingers.

"Yes. The second rule is that you must learn to live with the pack. You will learn all our customs and be home schooled until you are ready to go to college." Eian watched as Fiona absorbed his words and nodded slowly.

"What's a pack, Eian?"

"Yes, I'm coming to that. A pack is a collective term for a group of wolves. And here is my last rule and it is the most important one of all. Are you listening?" Fiona nodded vigorously. "You must be careful not to hurt others. I am sure that you can tell from our scent that we are very different. That's because I am a Werewolf and you are a Vampire. You need to learn to control your Vampiric urges and I will teach you how in time. It is very important that you understand these differences because I do not want you to feel left out when you see the other children shifting into wolves and you can't. And you must never never ever show your fangs."

Eian wasn't sure if he should have said all that. Had it been too much for the girl? She seemed to comprehend everything well until now though. It suddenly occurred to him that he had frightened her for she began to cry.

"Oh god... I'm sorry Fiona..." he said as he gathered her into his arms.

"I am a bad person," she said in between sniffles. Her words took him by surprise.

"What do you mean?" he demanded.

"I can hurt other people... you said so yourself. Will I hurt you too?" she croaked. Eian was clearly amused. She either did not know what 'Vampire' or 'Werewolves' meant or she had obviously not heard him clearly. He gave a small smile.

"I cannot say for sure... but don't think about that too much. I am a very strong wolf you know and you are still a little baby," he replied with a little laugh. She scrunched up her face at being called a baby but then smiled again.

"Alright, sleep time." Eian got up from her bed and got to the door. "I will leave it slightly open for you and I'll leave the passage light on. If you need me, I'm in the room at the end of the hall okay?"

He could see her blue eyes shining bright in the darkness before it slowly closed.


The week had come to an end. Eian had officially stepped down and allowed Dominic to take over his office. Dominic had no idea what the Alpha was going to do now. He was correct to say that he still owned the company but what's he really going to do now with all his free time? Surely not spent only training the girl? Shaking his head, he examined his Alpha's office. It reflected his Alpha in every sense - calm, composed and stable. It didn't suit his taste that much but remodeling can only be done once he's fully settled in.

He walked back to his own office and was surprised when he saw some boxes on the floor. Who dared to leave these boxes lying around when he was still around? Irked, he looked around for the culprit and was rewarded with the scent of strawberries. "Sydney?" he called out softly. He saw her shocked face coming up from under the table. "Uh... do you need help with something?"

"It's alright really. I was looking for my earring stud. It must have fallen while I was carrying all these boxes in."

Dominic didn't know which was more stupid, the thought of bothering oneself with earrings or actually carrying all those heavy boxers when movers were just a phone call away. He chose not to respond. This woman was a strange one. Everything that he said just seemed to be the wrong thing to say to her.

"Aren't you going to help me look for it?" she said after awhile. Dominic stared at her with annoyance clearly on his face.

"You just said that you didn't need my help!" he said exasperatedly.

"Hello... that's just a way of saying I'd like you to help me." Dominic rolled his eyes in disbelief. He was going to get the hell out of the room the moment he finds that damn earring. It was just a bloody earring!

He tried to sniff it out, hoping to find her scent on the earring but to no avail. His senses were too clouded with the smell of strawberries that he felt like he was going to come down with a serious case of cold. He rubbed his nose a little and made an effort to try again.

"I can't find the damn thing!" he cursed.

"You're not even looking!" she snapped but bit her tongue when she saw him rubbing his nose vigorously. "Are you coming down with something?"

"It's just your smell..." he said absentmindedly as he sat on a chair, with a pained expression on his face. Obviously it was the wrong thing to say because she immediately got to her feet and glared at him before storming past to get to the door. Dominic managed to grab hold of her wrist and twirled her onto his lap. She struggled and cussed at him but it only made the wolf in him more adamant on controlling the wild fire in front of them.

He pressed his nose close to her neck, taking in her scent like a man drawn to a drug. A thought occurred to him that they were still in the office but on second thoughts, screw that. He wanted her... and from the smell of it, she wanted him too. A cunning smile curved on his lips. Playing hard to get eh? That's more like his game.

"Get off me!" she said, trying to struggle out of his grip.

"I don't think that's possible Sydney... seeing that you are the one on top of me right now." He gave her neck a sensuous lick and felt the shiver of excitement crawl down her back. He turned her slightly to him and sought her lips. The softness of her lips brought back a memory of their first kiss and he reveled in the soft sigh that escaped from her throat. She was returning his kiss now, moving her plump lips against his, drawing out his tongue to dance with hers. Dominic was beside himself now with lust. He pressed her hips down on his crotch, grinding against her a little. He knew that she could feel his hardening cock against her taut ass; it was hard to ignore now that his wolf had come to fore wanting to mate with this woman.

Did I just say mate? No fucking way. I just want a quick romp with her. She deserves it for being so uptight and prissy.

However the internal mental struggle he was having with himself made him release his grip on her. Suddenly he wasn't sure what to do with her anymore. His sudden change in attitude was surprising for both of them.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, Sydney scrambled to her feet and tried to brush down her clothes and tame her fly away hair that had been loosened during the kiss.

"I... I'm sorry. I should never have let that happened." Her face was blushing and her eyes looked like they were going to cry any moment. Dominic was equally stunned at his own behavior. When he got to his feet, he tried to approach her but she backed away. Dominic felt unsure of how to handle her at the moment so he decided to leave.

"I hope you like your new office. I will ask my secretary to come over on Monday to collect some of my things. Have a good weekend Miss Sandilands."

Dominic gave a big sigh as he walked away from her.

"I know buddy... but she's different. I can't just use her for a one time sex ride. I think it's best if we don't think about her anymore," Dominic found himself saying to his wolf. The canine however was overwhelmed with hurt and anger for he kept howling nonstop until Dominic was finally far enough not to scent Sydney anymore.

He growled at nothing in particular as he got inside his car, driving impatiently towards home. He was really confused and angry with himself for feeling this way. Maybe he'll ask Amber if she'd like to have a go with him tonight. She was in heat after all. Maybe he'll feel better once he had sex with other women. Feeling slightly cheered, Dominic whistled all the way home.

Still smiling, he unlocked his front door and immediately the smile was wiped off his face. Pearl was sprawled on the floor with the Vampire girl beside her. For a moment, Dominic panicked and rushed over to his sister, thinking that she was dead but to his surprise, she was simply lying down letting Fiona listen to the babies in her tummy.

"What the fuck are you doing?" came his outburst.

"Mind your language in front of the child Dom or get out!" snapped his sister as she got up slowly. It was then that Dominic realized the books scattered around them. Apparently they had been reading together before he interrupted. Dominic was in the mood for a shouting match but the terrified look on Fiona's face stopped him.

"Dè tha thu a dèanamh?" he asked instead.

I am not doing anything! He heard his sister scream inside his head. Dominic was having such a headache that he refused to reply her through his thoughts. He continued his questions in their native tongue until she was red with anger. Fiona seemed to sense the tension in the room and began to cry.

"Oh no my darling... we're not angry at you. It's just my brother here who's a big bad meanie," she cooed, drawing the child close to her.

Stop it at once Dominic before Eian comes to fetch her!

She could bite you and you and the pups can die! I promised Mike I'd take care of you while he's away on business and this is how you behave?

This is the Alpha's orders!

Dominic frowned. Then he looked at Fiona.

"Where's Eian, Fiona?" he asked in the nicest voice he could muster. She looked at him cautiously before replying.

"He... he said he had to go to work... and... and he asked me to come here to play with Pearl."

"Fine," he said in a resigned tone before heading upstairs to his own room. Just where the hell is Eian? And what 'work' is he doing? He sensed his Alpha coming closer to their house but with his splitting headache, he decided to just feign sleep.

Meanwhile, Pearl continued reading a book together with Fiona. Somehow she seemed to like this child, Vampire or not. She trusted her Alpha and for the whole day that they were together, Fiona had never once let out her fangs or asked for food. Pearl had drained some beef blood just in case for Eian had left her with no instructions so she just had to be creative.

The knock on her door shocked her just a little but by the way Fiona had jumped up, racing to the door told her that it was Eian.

"Hey there, my precious. Had a good time?" he said with a smile when she opened the door.

"Yes! Pearl was very kind to me," she said sweetly.

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