tagLoving WivesTo Love the Submissive Wife

To Love the Submissive Wife


When he got home, Jacksonson was pleasantly surprised to find his wife on her own in a quiet house. This was highly unusual. Their two older children were safely playing at the neighbor's house down the street and their youngest was napping. He figured that they would likely have at least a solid hour without children around.

Jackson smiled to himself as he sat at the kitchen table pretending to read, but actually watching his wife finishing up the task of washing down the counters. He had offered to help but she had insisted she didn't need any. She was wearing a pretty little summer dress and bare feet. He noted her toe nails were painted a glossy shade of soft pink. Her hair was pulled back loosely with soft tendrils falling down by her neck. She looked good enough to eat and he was suddenly feeling very hungry.

He closed the book he held with a bit of an audible thud in the mostly quiet kitchen. Payton turned to look at her husband. She smiled at him adoringly as she so often did. He returned the smile feeling every bit as enthralled with her. They couldn't get enough of each other. Jackson wondered if she could sense the undercurrents to his mood. She so often could. He stood slowly and he saw her expression change. Her eyes became watchful and now she certainly knew that she was her husband's prey.

"Hunni, wait! I have to finish this up so I can start dinner!" She protested half heartedly.

Jackson growled low in his throat but continued to stalk slowly toward her.

He felt his cock begin to harden in his jeans. He loved how her dress fit a little snug over her milk filled tits, and the way it showed more cleavage than she likely intended. He loved her long legs and knew they would feel perfectly smooth and soft.

"Jackson! The kids will be home in a bit and they will be starving." She turned her back to him and continued to clean the counters. His eyes moved down her back to her rounded ass.

He growled again. "Mine." He moved in closely behind her and wrapped his arms possessively around her. "Who do you belong to?" He whispered into her ear.

"I belong to you, Daddy." She was slightly breathless now as she obediently took her role.

Jackson let his hands roam over her body possessively. He wanted her pregnant again. Their youngest was already almost two, so it was time. He craved watching her breasts become even larger and rounder, watching her belly swell and grow round. He missed running his lips and tongue over her amazing body as it grows and changes to accommodate his baby.

They never used protection. On the day they got married he had insisted that his wife stop taking the pill. Between babies, if it was too soon to possibly become pregnant, they would watched her cycle and they would do other things on her fertile days. He loved fucking his pretty wife up her tight little ass. He also loved cumming on her tits and face.

Jackson pressed his throbbing cock against his wife's ass. The gasp that escaped her lips was heady and intoxicating. "Tell me again." His voice was low and demanding.

"I belong to you, Daddy."

"I am going to use you, my Slut."

Payton whimpered.

Jackson loved when his slut got so needy. He squeezed her milk filled tits tightly and got the reaction he wanted as a sound of pain and pleasure tumbled from her lips. Her dress would be damp there soon as her tits always leaked when she was aroused. He smiled to himself. She had stopped breast feeding their youngest almost a year ago, but he kept her body producing milk by feeding from her tits himself. Daily he drank from her and milked her beautiful tits.

It was incredible the control his beautiful wife allowed him over her body. It had been his choice to keep her tits milking. Friends and family knew she no longer breastfed their youngest, but her breasts were still full and round with milk.

Sometimes when he had not fed from them or she had not had time to express milk from them they would become very full and uncomfortable. This was a little hard for his little slut to explain away to others. Sometimes they leaked while she was fully clothed. He loved the mild humiliation this caused her, but the best part was he loved how despite herself she loved the humiliation as well.

"I am going to fucking pound that cunt; fill you with my seed. You're my breeding whore. Say it!"

"I am your breeding whore, Daddy!" She said obediently. She knew what he wanted. She knew what he was going to take now, and what he wanted to make happen. Her Daddy wanted to put his baby in her again. She bit her lower lip as arousal pooled heatedly in the pit of her stomach.

Jackson kept her bent over the counter as he stepped back just enough to ease her thin cotton dress up over her rounded ass. She wore a simple white thong under it and it made his mouth water for her. He stepped back slightly more and hooked his fingers around the band of the thong. Slowly he pulled it over her ass and down her legs. He left it around her ankles, as the image of his woman bent over the counter with her panties around her ankles drove him wild.

"You look like a slut right now. A need whore."

She grunted. He knew those words drove her wild.

Stepping to her side he moved in close again. He ran his hand greedily over her cunt and asshole. She was wet already. Soaked was actually a better word for it. What a slut she was for her Daddy. He continued to run his hand back and forth from her pussy to her asshole. Spreading her wetness and soaking his hand. It was just enough to feel good but not enough to actually truly pleasure her.

He smiled when she groaned with frustration. Jackson pulled his hand back and let it come down hard on her creamy white ass cheek smacking his impetuous slut hard. He smiled when she cried out. Without pause he let several more hard smacks land on both ass cheeks. Her pale skin was becoming red with his hand prints. When her grunt became little soft cries, and her breathing was coming faster he stopped.

The kitchen was silent except the for the soft hum of the fridge and their heavy breathing. He looked down at her. The gentle sunlight pouring in from the window over the sink dappled over her reddened ass. He leaned down and kissed her where his hands had marked her. The skin was slightly heated against his lips.

His cock was becoming uncomfortable in his jeans. So, once again stepping back from her he removed them as well as the rest of his clothing. His eyes roamed over her for a moment as he stroked himself. She hadn't dared to move. Like a good girl she remained bent over the freshly cleaned counters with her panties around her ankles. Her ass was a lovely shade of red. He went back to her and once again ran his hand over her cunt and asshole.

"You're absolutely soaked. My little slut enjoyed her spanking, didn't she?"

"Yes Daddy." Her voice was soft but filled with lust.

Jackson stepped behind her and placed his cock lengthwise between her ass cheeks. Her ass cradled his thick cock as he leaned over her and once again took hold of her tits through the dress. As he suspected her dress was soaked there. His little slut's milking tits had begun to leak while she was being spanked.He didn't gave her more space as he placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled her to a full standing position. He had her wedged tightly between himself and the kitchen counter. His cock holding her ass cheeks spread. He gently tugged her dress up and over her head, and then undid and removed her thin bra that was wet with her milk.

Keeping her back pressed against his chest he reached around and squeezed her breasts in a milking motion that he has become very adept at. His fingers gently but firmly applied pressure to the fullness of her tits as his fingers slid over the silky skin until they squeezed just the nipples. Her body did as it was supposed to and released his milk in a spray. He watched as her nipples squirted milk onto the kitchen counter in front of them. His cock throbbed hard as he growled again against her ear.

Payton whimpered as he continued to milk her like this. She always has so much milk for him to play with and drink. She was the perfect milking whore. Finally he allowed her enough space to turn around before pinning her again with his hands on her hips. He leaned down and took one plump pink nipple into his mouth. He slid his tongue over it fluidly before he sucked lightly. That was all it took and milk released into his mouth. He drank from that nipples and then the other. She moaned loudly when he sucked hard. He knew it was both a sensation of overwhelming relief when he drank from her, as well as some pain when he drew hard on her nipples. It made her crazy.

Moving up her body he rained hot possessive kisses over her heated skin. He nipped at the skin of her collar bone and throat. He kisses his way up her throat to her jaw and then finally claimed her mouth. The kiss was unrelenting possessiveness. It was unapologetic with roughness demanding and full of a dark lust that ran deep inside him. His arms clamped tightly around her crushing her body to his own. Where she was soft and giving his was hard and pressing.

When neither of them could go without oxygen any longer he released her mouth. They both panted hard. Her lips looked swollen from the kiss. "You're mine." He rasped. She nodded knowingly.

His hand moved down again between them. "Spread your legs, little Slut!" His voice was commanding. She complied immediately. There was no fear in her eyes. She needed his demands and commands. She craved his possession. His beautiful wife needed to submit to him in this way just as much as he needed to use her. As soon as she parted her thighs he roughly shoved his hand between them and pushed two fingers up inside her cunt in one smooth motion. He watched her face as he did so. Her lips parted with a startled little gasp and her eyes rounded slightly.

Repeatedly he pulled back and thrust up into her as deeply as he could get his fingers. He watched face and body closely. Her lips remained parted as loud moans pierced the still air in the kitchen. Her breathing was almost panting. Her nipples were rock hard and leaking milk steadily. She looked every bit the perfect whore. When her thighs began to shake and she seemed to be having a hard time holding herself upright he pulled his fingers out of her. She whimpered in frustration, but opened her mouth when he brought his wet fingers to her lips.She sucked them clean eagerly as he watched.

When he spoke his words were low and calm, but commanding nonetheless. "Down on your knees."

She sunk to the floor immediately. She was well trained in pleasuring him. She knelt in front of him with the lower kitchen cupboards at her back. Her tits continued to leak and drip down the front of her. He loved watching them flow so freely. They always did this when they were full and she was very aroused. Jackson had every intention of keeping his wife's tits filled with milk as long as possible.

Jackson took his long hard cock and stroked the shaft right in his wife's face. She watched closely. Her breathing was still fast with excitement. She loved being used. She loved being his sex toy. Holding his cock with one hand he cupped his other hand around the back of her head. She parted her lips without having to be told or asked. Her eyes rose to meet his. He looked into them as he roughly shoved his cock deeply into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged on his cock the first time, but when he pulled back and thrust deeply the second time she was better prepared. She swallowed on the thick head of his cock.

He wanted more. He wanted to fuck her pretty little mouth. "You're gonna take this, you cock sucking little whore!" His words fueled her heat just as much as they fueled his own.

Thrusting fast and hard he pushed both hands into her hair and fucked her mouth. She did gag and she did make the occasional sound of mild discomfort. Each time she did he made a point of going a little harder and a little deeper on the next thrust in. He enjoyed the slight look of dismay in her eyes. She likely did it for his benefit since she was very well trained in the art of deep-throating him. She was a perfect cock sucking slut.

Jackson fucked his wife's pretty little mouth until he was so close to cumming down her throat. He stopped himself and pulled his cock out of her wet mouth. It was wet with her saliva and he reveled in the cute sounds of her catching her breath. She had done good. She always pleased him.

"Good girl." He whispered soothingly as he helped her to her feet.

Bending close her placed his lips around one of her nipples and drank from her again. Then without hesitation he moved to her mouth and crushed her soft lips with an unrelenting kiss. Her tits pressed against his chest. They were assuredly tender as she made a startled sound. Placing his hands on the counter at her sides he kissed her without mercy and felt her milk leak down his chest and stomach.

Keeping her pinned he worked his leg between her legs. Then he moved one hand to her clit. As they kissed her rubbed her clit in soft circles. Almost immediately she began to make mewling sounds of pleasure. She was so fucking wet and his fingers were drenched. He kept going. Kept kissing her and playing with her clit. His finger circling the hard little button. Around and around. Their wet hot mouths locked. Their breathing equally heavy. He could feel her heartbeat against his chest. Feel the warm milk leaking from her tits.

Breaking the kiss he brought his lips so close to her ear that had there been anyone else around they would never have made out what he was saying. "You are a dirty little slut. You needed your Daddy too use you today. You are my fuck toy and I am going to fuck you so hard. Daddy is going to give you his seed, my little breeding whore."

He could sense it. He knew her body almost as well as he knew his own. She was so close to cumming. She was waiting for permission. "Beg." He rasped.

"P..pl...please...." She managed to get out.

"Not good enough, Baby!" He taunted, never once slowing his play with her clit. She was barely holding onto her control. "Beg!"

"Please Daddy! Please let me cum! I need to cum!" Her words were drawn out and truly filled with yearning.

"Cum now my slut!" Jackson demanded.

Instantly Payton came hard. Her normal composure broken her sounds became louder and her body shook with pleasure. Jackson didn't wait for her to finish. Turning her around quickly he roughly bent her over the counter. Payton braced her hands on the counter. Jackson entered her fast and hard. Her cunt was still clenching tight from her release and he groaned at the sheer pleasure of having her wetness clenching all around him.

Jackson fucked his little breeding whore good and hard and enjoyed the satisfying grunt she made as he went deep opening her up for him. Getting her ready to take his seed. He pounded into her. She bounced back on him meeting his rhythm perfectly. Together they would grunt. He felt the head of his cock bottom out against her cervix. If it was uncomfortable at all she didn't let on. His wife was built to be fucked. Made to be used. Perfect for pleasuring him. His fingers dug into her hips as he held her tightly. She would have small bruises later and he would kiss every single one of them.

Payton's tits continued to leak milk onto the counter while her Daddy took her hard from behind. He was hitting wonderfully sensitive spots. She wasn't sure she could cum again so soon, but she wanted his seed. She craved his seed.

"I want to make you pregnant."

"I want your baby!" She cried out.

Harder. Deeper. Jackson used her like a sex toy. Forgetting all else he pounded into her. Her cunt milked him with tight clenching.

"Fuck..." With a long loud grunt Jackson finally tumbled over the edge himself and release a large hot load of seed into his wife's fertile womb. He pushed as deeply into her as he emptied his balls inside her.

They stayed like that for several long moments. He was still rock hard inside her. They both panted hard as they came back to reality. The kitchen smelled of hot sex. The counter was wet with her milk. They were wet with her milk.

Slowly Jackson pulled his cock out of her tight pussy. He immediately dropped to his haunches. Payton remained bent over the counter. Jackson loved seeing some of his seed leak from her freshly fucked cunt.

"You are such a dirty little slut."

"Thank you Daddy." He could hear the pleasure in her voice. Calling her a dirty slut was praise to her.

"I love you, little slut."

"I love you too, Daddy."

Standing, Jackson took Payton in his arms. He held her close and placed a hand on her belly. "I really hope I put another baby in here."

"Mmm me too."

"You go freshen up, but leave my seed inside you. I will clean up here."

Payton blushed as she moved away from him and headed toward their bedroom. Jackson turned to clean the small puddles of breast milk from the previously clean counters. He grinned to himself.

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Sequel needed

Great story (though the language and terminology wasn't to my personal taste) great opportunities for more stories with these two. Like them waiting between babies and doing some dominant anal sex, ormore...

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My Goodness...A REAL woman-along with a man smart enough to appreciate her!

This story is DELIGHTFUL! The joys of (loving) dominance from a man, and genuine feminine submission from a woman. No "equality" here! Do women like Payson even EXIST any longer?

Jackson is incrediblymore...

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Hot, they don't need cow.

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