tagInterracial LoveTo Neighbors...

To Neighbors...


I had moved out of my mother's house and moved into my own apartment. It was almost perfect: about 20 minutes to school, 15 minutes to work and 30 minutes to the beach. I loved everything about it, except for my annoying neighbor. His name was Adam and he partied and blasted his music every night. But, it was a small price to pay for not having to deal with anymore of Mom's bullshit rules, no curfew; I could have who ever I wanted over whenever. The only thing that made it almost perfect instead of completely perfect was the fact that I didn't get to enjoy it all that much. I had school in the morning and worked most evenings. My student aid helped but I still needed a job to supplement my income. Daddy sent money less frequently by now. After school, I would go home and study or get whatever homework I could get done and go to work, come home and study some more or do more homework. I kept up this routine for about 3 months before I got completely exhausted. Any free time I had was reserved for sleeping. My grades were fine and I was making a little money waiting tables at a sexy little high-class bar and grill, but my social life sucked. I hadn't met anybody, except for at work and I wasn't about to date any guys I worked with. I had grown to be quite bitchy from lack of sleep and sex.

My luck began to change, so I thought, when I waited on this really great guy. I had seen him before but he never sat in my section, until today. I could tell he was older than I was, his hairline slightly receding, with a thick salt and pepper colored mustache. He looked very fit as his dress shirt fit rather tightly on him. I was attracted to him physically (I like older men), but he really caught my attention with his sense of humor and charm. Every time I went to his table he made some flirty remark, almost on the verge of being a dirty old man, but not quite. He introduced himself:

"Sam," he said in a deep, gravely voice, extending his hand.

"Kendra," I replied. "Nice to meet you Sam."

I loved his big rough hands and I wondered how proportionate he was where it counts. We exchanged numbers and made plans for Friday. I was completely shocked when he actually called me later that evening. His voice was even sexier over the phone. I learned he used to play college football and even played a few years professionally and now ran his own law firm. I wanted to invite him over and fuck him that night. He told me more about his travels and adventures around the globe. He eventually confessed to me that he was 48 years old. I told him I was 21 (I was actually 18 at the time). He said he didn't care about the age difference and that he just wanted to have fun. For along time, women had just wanted to use him for his money and he didn't want a serious relationship. Who was I to argue, all I wanted was to have fun too. Besides what kind of relationship could we have besides, well, sex? After speaking on the phone for about two hours we finally decided that he would pick me up on Friday at about 730pm. I hung up the phone and squealed like a schoolgirl. I wanted to skip all of the dating and foreplay. I had made up my mind that I was going to give him some. I went to bed that night with the same sexually frustrated feeling. I couldn't stop fantasizing about Sam and how I wanted to let him use me however he wanted. I wondered if he had ever had a black girl. I bet with all of his traveling, he had sampled every variety of woman there was. I thought about his strong hands moving about my caramel body, his whiskers tickling my thighs as he makes his way to my wetness. My hand moved between my legs (I sleep naked) and began playing with my clit, thinking about Sam. My masturbation session was abruptly interrupted by loud, bass-heavy music. It was coming from downstairs, from Adam's apartment. How convenient: right when I am getting into pleasing myself, my neighbor decides to throw a party. Actually he was always partying and I was always arguing with him to turn down his music. Tonight was no different, except that I was in the middle of something. I got up and threw on my robe. I ran downstairs and pounded on his door.

"Keep that shit down, Adam!" I shouted. "I have to get up early, you know that. Show me some respect please."

For 26 (years old), Adam was such an immature asshole. He had some twisted delusion that I wanted to sleep with him and never took any of my requests or complaints seriously.

"All right baby, but what do I get out of it?" he said sarcastically.

"Just keep it down...pervert," I said, walking back upstairs. I went back inside, took off the robe and went to bed.

Tuesday and Wednesday came and I hadn't heard from Sam. I though about calling him, but didn't want to sound desperate. He already must have thought he had the upper hand with me being so young. Truth was he did. I was desperate and I was attracted to him. So, I just waited. Each night I went to bed, pleasing myself, fantasizing about Sam.

On Thursday, I was in full bitch mode. I snapped at everyone who spoke to me. I even got a complaint from a customer who said I just walked by ignoring him. My manager, Cindy, approached me about my attitude. I explained to her about my recent deprivation and she was very understanding. She let me go home early. Once I got home, I decided to call Sam. I kept getting his voicemail and on about the tenth try, I left a message expressing how much I wanted to see him and I even hinted at the fact that I wanted to fuck him. "...it will definitely be worth your time" I think I said, something corny like that. I went to bed that night, still yearning for Sam. I was almost completely unconscious when Adam pumped up the volume. "Not again," I thought. I really wasn't in the mood to go downstairs and tell this idiot to keep quiet. I was just to tired to deal with him, so I just put the pillow over my head and eventually fell asleep.

Friday arrived and still, no word from Sam. Needless to say, my day was pretty shitty. In the morning I learned that I got a C on my last test (I am an A student, always have been), Friday, at the restaurant was busy as hell and I had a night of finger banging myself to look forward to. By the time I got home, I pretty much accepted the fact that Sam would not show. However, I still got myself together. I showered, did my make-up and straightened my hair. I put on a little, light dress that had little tiny straps. It fit tightly around my body and the color (cocoa brown) matched my body almost perfectly. If you saw me from a certain distance, it would look like I wasn't wearing anything. I decided to go without a bra, show off some cleavage you know. I added some 4-inch pumps to give me a little lift and accentuate my legs. It was 7:40 by the time I finished getting ready, and my phone had not rang yet. I was pissed. I waited until 8:00 and decided to go to the Edge, where I had friends who worked there and would serve me (alcohol). I sat at the bar and had few drinks. I tried getting down on the dance floor but really wasn't in the mood. I kept thinking about how Sam and I hit it off and how I was going to take him back to my place and let him have his way with me. I went back to the bar and drank some more. I watched other couples dance, guys pick up on girls and vise versa. All of these images made me upset and I grabbed my purse and left in a hurry. My mind was a wash with alcohol and I wasn't thinking to clearly. Since the Edge was so close to my apartment, I decided to walk back home forgetting that I drove there in the first place. As I marched back home, I kept thinking about how guys were such assholes, coming up with things I was going to say when I got home and called Sam.

It was 11:00 when I arrived at the apartment complex. I reached my steps and could see Adam was having a party. This was bigger than his usual bashes. Cars were lined up on the street outside the complex. His door was open and there were people everywhere, outside even. I spotted Adam's skinny ass sitting on the sofa, stormed into his door, made my way through a crowd of people and let him have it.

"What the fuck is this!?!" I hollered. "I thought I told you about this partying bullshit..." I just went off. He just looked at me, dumbfounded, not sure if he was really seeing this, and maybe by the smell of pot smoke in the air, he wasn't sure he was seeing me make a scene at his party. I belted him with expletive after expletive, rolling my neck and shaking my finger. I finished venting, turned and walked out the door. I stomped back upstairs and plopped on the couch. The alcohol, mixed with my emotions took hold of me and I began sobbing. The stress of living on my own for the first time was really getting to me and getting stood up was the straw that broke the camel's back. After a quick "feel sorry for myself" session, I realized it would be wise not to call Sam, at least not tonight. I, sadly, went to my room and stripped down to my panties and put on a little t-shirt, sat on the couch and turned on the TV. No sooner had I sat down, someone was knocking at my door. I looked out the peephole and saw a tall stick figure standing there with his hands behind his back. It was Adam. I opened the door a crack and asked: "What do you want?"

"I just wanted to make peace," he said apologetically. "Can I talk to you for a second?'

"Go ahead," I said, through the cracked door. I was still a little bitchy, but was kind of stunned by Adam's odd behavior. "Hold on, let me put something else on." I continued, feeling a little sorry for going off on him. I went to my room and threw on some sweat pants and let Adam in. He looked like he always did: flip flops, shorts, tank top, and a backwards hat covering his sloppy, unkempt hair.

"Just wanted to say I am sorry for all of the noise...all of the time." He said, coyly.

"It's okay, just keep it down every once and a while, you know I work and go to school full time." I said, noticing he was standing with his hands behind his back. "Why are you standing like that? What do have behind your back?"

Adam extended his right hand and produced a bottle of tequila, and then extended his left hand revealing a fat joint.

"A little peace offering," he said.

I looked at the contents of his hands and though I hadn't smoked since high school (last year) I gave in to temptation.

"Have a seat." I offered, "Need a light?"

"I got it" he replied, pulling a blue lighter from his shorts' pocket. "You grab a couple shot glasses."

I went to the kitchen and grabbed two shot glasses and cut some lime wedges. When I returned to the couch I took a long drag from the spliff my neighbor had offered. Oh my goodness! I coughed so hard I thought I was going to have to call 911.

"Take it easy, pull it slow and smooth." Adam said, rubbing my back.

I finished coughing, went back to the kitchen to get a glass of water. When I returned to the couch, Adam had two shots of tequila sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch. He picked up one for himself and handed me one as well.

"To neighbors." He said, and with that we downed the golden liquid. My face puckered as I sucked on one of the lime wedges. Adam didn't even chase it with the fruit. He promptly refilled the glasses. Again and again we repeated this routine.

"To neighbors...to work...to school...to parties..." We toasted to everything until we had about a quarter of a bottle left. I suppose Adam was pretty cool once you got to know him. He was cracking jokes, talking about how crazy his roommates were and how all they do is party. We chatted and laughed some more. Adam completely took my mind off of being stood up. I felt a little more comfortable around Adam and by now had moved a little closer to him on the couch.

An hour or so passed and I was really feeling the alcohol and the marijuana I had consumed. I started to feel kind of sleepy but restless at the same time.

"Do you mind if I stretch out?" I asked, as I lay on my side lengthwise on the couch, with my head on his lap.

"Huh...yeah go ahead." He replied, as I had already positioned myself, Adam using my hip as a hand rest.

For a moment lying there felt just right. Maybe the fact that I hadn't had a boyfriend (or sex for that matter) for months made Adam that much more attractive. He also wasn't his usual obnoxious self. Nasty little thoughts raced around my clouded head: What would it be like fucking him? What does his dick look like? How would we act the next day?

I wrestled with these ideas for a while until I heard Adam snoring above me. "Are you serious?" I thought. It was rather amusing. This guy parties every night and he can't hang. I thought I would have passed out first, except that I was still restless from being so horny. I hadn't been laid in months, plus I lose all inhibitions when I am drunk. Add the pot and I was uncontrollable. With Adam out, I decided to entertain my musings and see what Adam was about.

I shifted my head to see that he was still sleeping. His head nodded downward and jerked up. I thought he was awake for a second because his eyes flashed open and then shut again. I waited a moment, lying on the couch, and my head still in his lap. I looked up again to make sure he was really out. "Dead to the world." I said to myself. I softly placed my hand on his knee, careful not to wake him. I crept my hand in through the leg of his shorts, tracing my little brown finger along his thigh. He still didn't move. I inched my hand up further and before I was even half way up his thigh I felt the tip of his cock.

"Oh my lord." I thought. "How big is his dick?"

Butterflies fluttered in my stomach, and I felt hot inside my body. I sat up right there and pulled my sweats off. I lay back down and began opening the fly to Adams khaki shorts. I reached in and with my petite little hand, pulled out Adams limp cock.

"Wow!" I said inside.

It wasn't so much thick as it was long. It was heavy, but my goodness, was it long. I held it there in my hand ogling it, plotting what I wanted to do with it. Feeling curious, I put my face close to it and sniffed it. I missed the scent of man so badly. I pulled back and inspected it closer. A long vein ran from his wide, pink, bell-shaped head into the darkness of his shorts. Wanting better access to his shaft, I undid the button to his shorts and unbuckled his belt. I checked to see that he was still sleeping (he was) and slipped his pants down his legs a little more so I could completely free his cock. I held his lengthy white cock in my hand and stroked it, ever so lightly. I adjusted my position on the couch so that I was on my knees. I held the base of Adam's cock and stroked up until about half of it was flopped over the top of my hand. I leaned forward and slowly, so slowly, slipped the head into my mouth. It was warm and soft. I sucked it softly and let it fall out of my mouth. I repeated this a few more times until his cock began to show some life. I took his cock by the head and pushed my face deeper into his lap. I lazily stroked his cock up and down while my face was buried in his pubic nest. I sucked his right nut into my mouth and rolled around with my tongue. His cock hardened between my fingers. As I moved my hand up, I smeared his pre-cum over his slimy cockhead and down the shaft lubing it, allowing my hand to glide swiftly over his dick. I was really getting into this. Now, understand, I love oral sex, however, I would much rather receive than give. However right now, I was in the giving mood. I moved from his heavy ball sac to straight shaft, running my mouth up and down the underside of his shaft.

"Mmm, Mmm" I moaned over his cock. You would think I was half starved and was finally getting a meal. Truth is: I was starved and Adam had all I could eat. I continued my feast on Adam's dong, when I felt a heavy smack on my ass. I unglued my lips from Adam's lap and looked up to see Adam staring down at me with an intense look on his face.

"Don't stop" Adam exhaled and rolled his head back. His mouth wide opened.

I didn't say a word. I just bobbed my head over his cock and kept stroking the length. Adam snuck his hand in through the back my panties. He slid his finger over my ass crack and down to my soaking wet pussy. I bobbed faster over his cock. His cockhead went from warm to hot, so swollen it seemed ready to burst. Adam slid his hand up and clenched my ass cheek.

"Oh fuck, Kendra. Don't stop...Please don't stop" Adam pleaded.

I worked up a lot of saliva and made this blowjob really sloppy. I pumped his rock hard shaft in my tiny brown fist, trying to urge him on. Adam really had a hold of my ass now, squeezing it, kneading his fingers into my caramel flesh.

"Oooh, Kendra...baby let me fuck you" Adam said, and lifted my head from his ready to pop cock.

"What's wrong Adam? You don't want to cum?" I asked, looking at him with a starved look in my eye.

"Not yet, baby" He replied, and stood up. He knelt in front of the couch and swung my feet around in front of him. With my ankles in his massive hands, Adam spread my legs open, slid his hands down underneath my jiggly bottom. He then removed my panties, giving him full view of my soft pussy lips.

"Looks so good" Adam whispered, lowering his head to my chocolate lips.

Adam slid his tongue down and up my slit. He found his way to my little button and swirled his tongue all over it. Adam paid special attention to my clit, flicking it, sucking it, blowing softly on it. I hooked my hand around his head and pulled him in closer. He had his whole mouth over my pussy, humming, the vibrations making me cum right there. Adam lifted his head and sat up. He replaced his tongue with his index and middle fingers, working them over my sensitive area. His other hand was stroking his extended cock. I tried to speak through his finger work.

"Ahh, Adam. Just fuck me Adam. Please!" I begged him; my head thrown back, my legs spread wide open. "Stick that big ass white cock in me now, Adam" I seethed.

Adam stopped fingering me and with his hot rod in hand, smacked it down on my clitoris. He did it again and again, teasing me. He smacked it down again and this time rubbed the fat head down my sopping slit and back up again.

"Oh my God!" I screamed. "Just fuck me, damn it!

Adam took both of my ankles in his hand and held my legs wide. With out even using his hands, he aimed his missile at my entrance and thrust in, giving me just the head at first. He held it there for a moment still taunting me. He leaned forward a little and then sank into me.

"Oh Shit, wait...wait...wait" I cried and stuck my hand out onto his abdomen. I looked down and saw that he was just over half way in. I could feel his cock way up in my tummy.

"You want me to stop?" He asked

"Hell no." I replied. "Let's try something else. Sit back on the couch" I continued. Adam withdrew and sat down on the sofa. I got up and removed my shirt. My dark nipples pierced the air with their stiffness. Adam's cock stood up from his lap, reaching for the heavens. I dipped a finger into my pussy and offered it to Adam. He licked the dew from my soaked pointer finger. I moved in and straddled him. I reached down and stroked his hammer too make sure he was nice and hard. I rubbed the head through my lips and started to work it into my needy hole. Adam held my hips as I lowered myself onto his cock. The pain returned again, once I was half way down. I eased back up then down. Up again and finally just sank down.

"Ahhh, yes" Adam sighed, rolling his back in pleasure.

My mouth was wide open in a silent scream. His hands moved from my ass up to my cocoa titties. I started grinding him at first, feeling his snake poke at my guts, working my clit against his pelvis. I rode him faster and soon reached climax, cumming all over his big dick. Now that I was nice and wet, I could ride up and down. I leaned into him, giving him a face full of brown tits and bounced my ass up and down on his long rod. Adam licked all over my nipples, and slid his hand over my ass. I had my hands braced on the back of my couch, riding him like I was in the last leg of the Kentucky Derby.

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