tagGay MaleTo Protect A Prince Ch. 05

To Protect A Prince Ch. 05


Prince Samuel Fontaine deWeath awoke in a soft, comfortable feather bed, his bruised body caressed in luxury. He hadn't felt this contented and at ease since he'd been a boy in his father's castle, free to run in the sun and climb in the trees. He took a deep breath and released it, a smile creasing his bruised features.

Moonlight pouring into the open window lit Gordie's blond hair and fair skin like white satin and Sam couldn't help but smile as he ran his fingertips over his soft cheeks and even softer lips. Sir Gordon Michael Thewlis was curled alongside him, his skin pressed against Sam's, his hand over Sam's heart. When they had arrived at the castle, Gordie wouldn't let him go. They held hands as Sam entered and was welcomed by the king and queen.

His father, King Peter, who had recently arrived, had other ideas. The guards quickly ushered him up to the suite of rooms and tried to have Gordie removed. The handsome, short, blond man would have nothing of it. He told everyone who was near and wanted to listen that he was not going to leave Sam's side, no matter what. He didn't even budge when Velvet came in, but she did not ask him to. She wanted to let him know that she was all right and that they would talk later. She gave him a warm kiss and pressed her lips to Sam's mouth, whispering a welcome to the family.

It was well after midnight and despite the days of torture he had endured, he was well-refreshed after the few hours of rest and sleep he'd gotten. What woke him up was Gordie's rock-hard penis poking his thigh.

"Gordie." He grimaced in pain as he turned onto his side, still gently touching his face. Gordie's eyes slowly opened, his face blooming into a heartwarming smile. "Hi."

Gordie didn't want to talk. He carefully moved up and placed a long kiss on Sam's lips, sighing in happiness as his tongue wrapped warmly around his. He felt Sam's body respond as he moved his fingers over his stomach and lightly grasped his cock. "Feels like you're feeling better."

"Much." Sam whispered, running his fingers through Gordie's hair and pulling his down for another kiss. "Make love to me."

"I don't want to hurt you, Sam."

Their eyes met and Sam smiled through his tears. "I know, love. You won't."

Gordie didn't waste any time. After kissing Sam's generous mouth again, he moved down to pay some attention to his tight nipples. Sam groaned softly and Gordie ran his teeth over them, rubbing through the fur. He continued his journey downward, over the flat planes of Sam's stomach, following the silky path of hair that led to his rock-hard penis. He gazed at it for a moment, using his fingertips to trace the heated flesh before following with his mouth.

"Oh, Gord!" Sam wanted to scream at the sensation of his lover's mouth on his rod. He felt as if he had died and gone to heaven as Gordie's tongue swirled around the head, scraping against the sensitive underside and sending electric bolts through his body. His fingers couldn't help but find Gordie's soft blond hair and wrap in it as Gordie's mouth teased and taunted, then finally engulfed him.

Gordie pressed Sam down his throat until his pubes tickled his nose and pulled back, repeating the actions as slowly as possible. He wanted this to be good for Sam. He wanted to taste Sam's sweet cum and hear him cry out in pleasure. He wanted Sam to forget.

He was surprised when Sam stopped him. "Oh, baby. It's too good. You're going to make me cum."

"That's what I want."

Sam laid his head back down and gasped as Gordie again took his penis deep into his throat and groaned deeply when his fingers lifted his heavy balls and tugged slightly. "Oh, baby!" His body felt like it was on fire, his skin tingling in anticipation. "Don't stop. Oh, yes! Just like that!" The breath caught in his throat as Gordie deep-throated him over and over, faster and faster, bringing him just to the edge and stopping. "Oh, Gordie! Don't stop! Please!"

Gordie did it a few more times, denying him just as he was ready. He didn't recognize the words flowing from Sam's mouth because he was whimpering and moaning them, but he knew that his lover was ready. Once again, he pulled Sam's engorged cock deeply into his throat and used his swallowing muscles to stroke him.

He had never felt anything like it. Sam shouted as he exploded in Gordie's throat, feeling his muscles milking yet another and another ejaculation out of his tight balls to slide into the seneschal's belly. Exhaustion overtook him for a moment and he closed his eyes, reveling in the beautiful feelings of pleasure that curled his toes and the love that saturated his soul. He opened his eyes to see Gordie looking down at him, smoothing the hair out of his face and he pulled him down for a kiss, whispering, "Fuck me."

Gordie turned around and offered his prick to Sam for lubing while he reached between Sam's legs and slid his fingers down the sweaty crease. He groaned as Sam began to suck on him and he stuck a finger into Sam's tight hole. Sam's moan hummed down the length of his dick and down his spine, drawing one of his own. Quickly, he added a second and third finger, making Sam's body arch in response. Sam moaned again and Gordie decided that it was time.

He turned and moved down Sam's body, pushing his legs back and positioning his head at his primed entrance. Sam grunted as the fat head pressed, then popped past his anal ring and gasped as Gordie's thick shaft plunged into him. Just that realization was enough to bring his limp cock back to life and he reached down to stroke himself, only to have Gordie smack his hand away.

"That's mine."

Gordie began to move slowly at first, gritting his teeth at the sensations, trying to make himself last, but he knew that it wasn't going to work. He was loving the feeling of being inside Sam, knowing that the ecstasy he saw written on Sam's face was because of him. He parted Sam's legs and bent forward to lock lips with him, stroking Sam's dick as his penis stroked his asshole.

"Oh, yeah." Sam whispered against his mouth. "Fuck me, baby. Make me yours."

Make me yours. Those words wrapped around Gordie's heart and he sped up, slamming into Sam. Sam reached down and grabbed his own cock, stroking in time with his lover, his moans and grunts matching Gordie's. He felt Gordie's cock swell and as he felt hot cum splashing his insides, he came again, his own cum coating his chest. "Oh, Sam," He panted. "I love you."

Sam gathered Gordie into his arms and pulled the covers back over them, snuggling together in the sticky throes of their passion, a deep sigh escaping him as he drifted off to sleep. "I love you, too."

* * * * *

"Good morning!"

King Simon, King Peter and Queen Rosamund looked up as Prince Sam and Sir Gordie entered the chamber. King Peter arose and closed the space between his son and him, fiercely embracing him.


"Sorry, son." He released him, looking him over from head to toe. "How are you feeling?"

"Much better, thanks." Sam turned to Gordie, putting an arm around him and pulling him forward. "Father, I would like you to meet Sir Gordon Thewlis, Gordie, I'd like you to meet my father, King Peter."

King Peter extended his hand with a critical eye. "Yes, I think I met this young man last night." He shook Gordie's hand. "I owe you a great debt of gratitude, Sir Gordon. You saved my son's life."

"I didn't do anything that he wouldn't have done for me, sire."

"That may be true, but he's my ... " The king's voice cracked. "He's my only son."

Queen Rosamund arose in the silence and led the king back to his chair, soothing him with quiet words while Gordie and Sam sat. "Prince Sam ... "

"Please, ma'am, call me Sam."

She smiled in a motherly nature. "All right, Sam. You have a lot of decisions to make now. Reynauld is dead and Ashley is dead. You are Peter's remaining heir and it falls to you to take over."

"But I don't want to be King." Sam whined. "I want to build houses and castles and ... "

"You could be both, son." King Peter said softly. "When I was away on business, I left your lovely mother in the hands of our seneschal. What's to say that you could not do the same?"

Sam looked from his father to Gordie. "You would accept Gordie reigning at my side?"

"After the way he told everyone that he was going to stay with you, no matter what, I don't see how we have much of a choice in the matter." A huge smile split Sam's handsome features and he shared the feeling with Gordie, who sat stunned. "Besides, Sir Gordon is a worthy seneschal and I have absolute confidence in his ability to protect you."

"And ... " The queen grinned. "We found that your father's land and our land touch at the site of the new castle, so we decided that that should be your castle. Yours and Gordie's."

Tears pricked his eyes as he realized what her words meant. A permanent home to share with Sam, far enough for privacy and close enough to remain within the family. Sam's hands enveloped his own and he met his eyes with a smile. "Ours."

"Yes, love. Ours."

"I take it that you accept, Prince Sam?"

Sam felt lost in love as he melted into Gordie's beautiful green eyes. "Yes, Queen Rosamund. I accept."

"Good. Now, we've have the papers drawn up, Sam. Do you have your father's seal?"

* * * * *

"Yes." He murmured dreamily, still gazing at Gordie. Our days will be filled with my love of building and our nights filled with his love ...

"Well, may I have it?"

"What? Oh, yes, ma'am." Sam turned again to Gordie. "Where is the last rose I gave you before I left?"

"The silk one? In my drawer upstairs."

"Will you get it for me?" It took a few minutes for Gordie to run up to his room and retrieve the rose from its place in his undergarment drawer. "Here it is."

The group watched as Sam untied a thin green ribbon at the base of the silk rose and the fabric blossomed open to reveal a heavy gold ring nestled in its heart. Gordie gasped. "I had it all this time?"

Sam grinned. "Who else better to protect the seal than the seneschal, especially the one who protects my heart?" Everyone smiled as he turned to the King. "Here's your royal seal, your majesty."

King Peter took it with a tear-filled smile and sealed the papers that promised Sam and Gordie the rest of their lives together.

* * * * *

The building of the new castle started immediately. Sam and Gordie knew that it would take a few years but they were happy with the rooms that King Simon had provided as their temporary home. Gordie spent most of his time at the site, supervising the building and making sure that his security measures were put in. He was checking out the new portcullis when Henry came riding up, his face split with a smile.

"It's time, Sir Gordie!"

Gordie wasted no time in dashing to his horse and riding behind Henry. It took a few hours to reach the Sister Estate and he threw the reins at Henry, running inside.

The most beautiful sight he'd ever seen met his eyes. In Princess Rosebud's huge bed lay the sleeping Princess and one squirming bundle. Velvet arose from her side and embraced Gordie as he entered. Sam was sitting in a chair on the other side of the bed, his face streaked with tears, another squirming bundle cradled in his arms. Gordie strode to his side, crouching at his feet.

"Oh, Gordie. I had no idea." Sam's voice cracked with emotion. He looked down into the tiny face, a face that resembled his own. "I had no idea it could be so beautiful!"

"That's why I told you that it was your turn." He leaned up and kissed Sam's quivering lips. "And now we have two of our own."

Sam wrenched his eyes away from the baby and watched as Gordie took the other child and sat next to him. A little boy and a little girl. How much more perfect could his life get? He had more business than he could handle and had his own suite of offices in town, doing architectural work for royals and commoners alike. He had a beautiful castle that was being built on land that had been in his family for years. He had his father's love and acceptance and the support of King Simon and Queen Rosamund. And now, Princess Rosebud had given him two beautiful children; two children to share with the love of his life. He couldn't help it. He started to cry again.

"I love you, Sam." Gordie said softly.

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