tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTo Punish a Thief Ch. 02

To Punish a Thief Ch. 02


Ron grabbed her by the cuffs and laid her across the pool table. He looked at the younger of the two male patrons and told him to hold her. He grabbed the cuffs from Ron and pulled Danielle so she lay over the side pocket.

Danielle sobbed laying face down on the table. Her ass was now exposed to everyone in the bar.

Ron slapped Danielle on the ass." Spread those legs!"

Danielle cried and pleaded with Ron. "Noooooooooo."

Ron grabbed his spreader bar from the briefcase and screwed it together. It was a home made three piece set made from paint extension handles and eye bolts. He grabbed his ankle restraints, then Danielle by the left leg. He strapped the leather restraint around her ankle, then attached one end of the spreader bar.

Ron grabbed Danielle by the right ankle and attached the leather restraint. "Spread your legs. thief.,, I'm not going to tell you again."

Danielle didn't move. Ron pinched Danielle just inside her right thigh causing her to relax enough to hook the hardware to the spreader bar. "You're right, she is wet," Ron said as he parted Danielle's labia.

Danielle never felt so vulnerable in all her life. She could feel the eyes of everyone glaring at her. Several thoughts were going through her mind. What did Ron have in mind for her, and what about everyone else?

All at once Danielle concentration was broken by something cold dripping, then running down the crack of her ass. She could feel the liquid parting her pussy lips down to her clit. She could feel her ass hole being forced open. "OW," Danielle cried, but Ron continued.

"Relax," Ron told her as he fingered her asshole making sure it was well lubricated. "I'm gonna stick a plug in your ass."

Danielle tried to relax, but it hurt. She had never ever had anything stuck in her ass. Her ex-boyfriend had tried, but her ass was an exit only.

Ron grabbed a medium size butt plug and slowly inserted part way. Danielle cried, "Stop, stop!" but Ron pushed until the plug bottomed out.

Ron threw the handcuff keys to the younger man. "Unlock the metal cuffs and put these on," throwing him leather restraints.

Danielle was glad to get the painful metal off from around her wrists, But she still lay there helpless.

The older of the two men helped with the restraints, then pulled her arms taught across the table.

Ron grabbed the paddle and laid it on the table in front of Danielle. "You have twenty of these coming. Cry out and I will make sure you get more." ........"Understand?"

Danielle looked up at Ron and in a soft voice. "Yes." Ron grabbed the paddle off the table and walked around behind Danielle. She braced herself for the pain.,,, she waited what seemed like minutes until the first of twenty struck her bare bottom. Danielle screamed out in reflex forgetting what Ron had told her moments earlier.

"Tell me I just didn't hear this thief cry out," Ron said sternly.

"I'm sorry," Danielle cried.

"From now on, you will refer to me as Sir, understand?"

Danielle nodded, then Ron unleashed the second swing of the paddle. Danielle bit her lip trying not to scream out.

"Do you understand?" Ron asked again.

"Yes Sir," Danielle said softly.

Ron swung the paddle twice more each time reddening Danielle's ass more.

Ron passed off the paddle to the young lady.,,,, "You each have four swings. Make them count."

Danielle braced herself for each swing. Her ass burned more with every blow. One by one, the customers took their turn with the paddle until the ladies husband finalized the last blow.

Danielle lay there exhausted and relieved.

Ron walked behind Danielle.,,, "So thief., are you going to steal anymore?"

"No," Danielle said in a soft voice.

"WHAT?" Ron asked as he shoved two fingers into Danielle's wet pussy.

Danielle gasped.,,, "No Sir."

Danielle didn't know what scared her more., being at the mercy of the five of them or being turned on more than she had ever been in her life.

Ron pulled his fingers out slowly making Danielle unconsciously push towards them. Ron tasted her sweet juices, "mmmmm, Let's see if we can get this tight pussy wetter, shall we?"

Ron grabbed the Ben Wa balls from the briefcase, then a vibrating egg. One at a time he slid the balls in all the way. Danielle found herself moaning under her breath as Ron slid the bullet in deeply, then wiggled his fingers.

"Stand her up," Ron said, grabbing the control for the vibrating egg.

Ron pushed a couple chairs out of the way to open a bare spot on the floor. "Set her down over here," Ron gestured.

Danielle sat on the cold floor pushing her plug deeper into her ass. Ron knelt down and connected her wrist restraints to her ankles. He then grabbed a blindfold from the briefcase and placed it over Danielle's eyes.

"One flop, high shake get his cock sucked by the thief." Ron said as he handed the dice box to the man on his left.

Ron looked at the woman and smiled.,,, "We will work something out."

Danielle listened closely as she heard the dice roll on the pool table. Her ass cheeks still burned from her punishment and found it almost impossible to get comfortable. Every move only made her more aware of her plug deep in her ass.

The first shake added up to a total of nineteen, and the box was passed to the woman. "I'll pass," she said and slid the box to her husband. A smile came over his face as he rolled a total of twenty-two. The young man grabbed the dice box and slammed it down on the table. Everyone looked on as he added up the total. Two sixes, a five, a four and a pair of deuces.,,,,,"Twenty-five," he exclaimed.

He passed the dice box to Ron and he just shook his head. "Enjoy her"

The young man waisted no time at all walking over to Danielle. His cock ached from the torment of watching Danielle naked there before him. He pulled down his pants and pulled out his swollen cock. Danielle could smell his musky fragrance and felt the wet tip of his hot cock on her lips.

Ron walked over to Danielle. "Suck that cock, thief," as he turned on the vibrating bullet. Danielle felt the egg vibrating deep inside against the Ben Wa balls.

She opened her mouth to accept this strangers cock. She no longer could see, but all her other senses were working overtime. He shoved his cock into her mouth guiding her with her long hair. He fucked her face rocking her back and forth on the hard floor.

Danielle moaned as the butt plug aroused her as it pushed deeper, the vibrations in her pussy and her total submission was making her start to lose control.

Danielle could still hear the dice box in the background as this stranger fucked her face hard. She felt her hair being pulled hard and the man groaned loudly, exploding in Danielle's mouth and all over her face.

Danielle barely caught her breath and felt another cock teasing her lips. Danielle licked the head of his thick dick. She had no idea who this was. His cock throbbed up and down in her mouth. She sucked his cock slowly taking more and more until she engulfed his manhood all the way to his balls.

She wanted to cup his balls with one hand and rub her aching clit with her other, but her hands were restrained firmly to her ankles that were spread wide. The man continued to rock Danielle shoving his cock into this helpless blond.

Danielle's moans grew louder with her inability to maintain. The man held Danielle's head hard and forced his cock down her throat as he exploded inside. Danielle gagged with the massive amount of cum he had released. The man then pulled away and finished by wiping his remaining cum all over Danielle's face.

Danielle sat there quietly, taking in all the sounds around her. She could now hear her vibrating egg loudly in her sopping wet pussy. She could hear people walking around her, but no one was talking.

All of a sudden, Danielle felt a hand on her right breast, softly caressing, then teasing her hard nipple between their thumb and forefinger. She felt the gentle touch on her lips, kissing her softly. Danielle kissed back hesitantly. She knew that this was the pretty married woman that she had chatted with earlier in the evening. Danielle had never been with another woman before, but was excited at the thought.

The woman whispered softly in Danielle's ear. "I want you to suck my husband while I watch."

Danielle felt the heat of her husbands' cock at her lips. She licked the head and explored the shaft with her tongue. Danielle could hear the moans of the man and could feel the woman also licking him.

The woman guided Danielle's head forcing her to take her husband deep in her mouth.

Danielle was startled to feel the warm mouth of the woman on her right breast. Danielle continued to pleasure this woman's husband as the woman began to explore Danielle. She felt her aching pussy being touched and her wet lips slowly being parted.

Danielle sucked harder as the woman slid two fingers deep inside her. Danielle felt the bullet being pushed into the Ben Wa balls causing an intense vibration. She felt herself starting to cum.

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