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To Save a Marriage


I ordered the cheeseburger and chili fries for lunch. I hadn't had it for a while so I thought I'd indulge myself today. Besides, it wasn't me who was going to pay for it; it was my friend Carl who was offering to pay for lunch today. He never offered to buy me lunch before not in all the years that I had known him. But today, out of nowhere, he comes into my office at work insisting on buying me lunch today. I originally thought I shouldn't because I had some paperwork to catch up on, but I saw how Carl behaved when he asked me to lunch and there was something not right about him. He was very nervous, fidgeting and sticking his hands in his pockets, and it took him a long time to come out with what he needed to say. I knew something was wrong because Carl was never a nervous guy; he was a take charge type of person and knew exactly what to say at any moment. I knew something was wrong and what he really wanted was someone to talk to so I went to lunch with him... as long as he was buying.

So here we were; me eating my cheeseburger and Carl just picking at bits and pieces at his food. I tried to engage him in conversation a few times but he wasn't responding. Finally I had enough of waiting for him to tell what was wrong so I decided to just come out and ask him.

"Dude, what gives?" I asked. "You ask me out to lunch and you obviously have something on your mind that you wanted to talk about, so come out and say it."

"Ok," he responded. "Here it goes. Remember that secretary I had last year, Alicia?"

"Yes, the one you had the affair with and Jane found out."

"You remember that Jane eventually forgave me and gave me a second chance as long as I got rid of Alicia from my office."

"I remember, you broke it off with her and got her a better paying job somewhere else."

"That's true, except for the part about me breaking it off with her."

"What?" I yelled at him. "Are you kidding me? The last time Jane kicked out of the house for thee weeks. If she catches you again it's over."

"I was coming to that part. Jane found out and she kicked me out."

"Oh damn," I replied in sympathy.

"Two weeks ago."

"What? You're telling me this now!!" I yelled again. I had absolutely no idea that he was kicked out of the house. I saw absolutely nothing wrong in the last two weeks that would suggest anything like that.

"Sorry Dave, I just thought I could handle this problem on my own. I've been living in a hotel the last two weeks and making up excuses of why you couldn't come over."

"You should've told me."

"I know, but like I said I didn't want to burden you."

"Dude, I'm your friend. Let me help you with your burden."

"Thanks Dave, that's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about."

"What is it?" I asked.

"Well, Jane said she'd give me another chance on a few conditions. First of all she wants me to completely cut it off with Alicia, for real this time. And this time I really did break it off with her."

"As well you should, Jane is a good woman, I can't believe you would do this to her. You don't know how lucky you really are."

"No, I guess not. The other condition is where you come in."

"I'm glad to help in any way I can. What is it?"

"Well, Jane wants me to feel the pain that I had caused her from this affair and in a way she feels that she too deserves a little ... extramarital fun as she put it."

"Where are you getting at Carl?"

"Dave, the only way that Jane would take me back is if you would have sex with her."

I almost choked on a piece of my chili fries. What Carl said shocked me and caused a piece of the fries to fall into my throat and I started coughing it up immediately. After I started breathing again and took a drink of my soda I looked at Carl and tried to think of what I should say. But only one thing came to mind.

"What the fuck are you talking about?" I asked.

"She wants to have sex with you," he replied.

"Is this some kind of a joke?"

"Trust me, I wish it were a joke. But unfortunately no, it's not a joke. My wife wants to have sex with you."

I really didn't know what to say. All sorts of thoughts came into my mind at once and I had no clue on how to respond to any of this. I couldn't even continue eating my cheeseburger.

"I know this is too much for you to process," Carl began to say. "And trust me I didn't agree to this right away. I tried to talk to her in every possible way, trying to convince her to come up with another way for her to forgive me. But ultimately it came down to this one subject. She would only take me back if you, my best friend, would have sex with her."

"I still don't know what to say," I replied.

"You don't have to decide right now. Just give it some thought and tell me tomorrow."

"If I do agree to this, would you be ok with it?" I asked.

"It's not an ideal situation, I don't like it really. But if I had to choose divorce or this, I'd much rather have not get divorced."

"What about our friendship?"

"It would still be ok. Like I said, it wouldn't be ideal, but I could live with you having sex with Jane just this one time."

He put some money on the counter and got up to from his seat.

"Can you give me an answer tomorrow?" he asked.

"Sure, tomorrow should be enough time to think about it."

He left and I went back to finishing my cheeseburger.

For the rest of the day I had trouble concentrating on my work at the office because all I could do was think of what Carl had asked me to do in order to save his marriage. To some people the idea would sound great to them and they would jump at the chance at having sex with a friend's hot wife but I couldn't even think about doing it. Sure, Jane was a very sexy woman, and I would be lying if I said that I have never had any thoughts of being with her before every now and then. But she was my best friend's wife; even with his permission I had trouble convincing myself that I should go through with it.

When I got home I had trouble concentrating on anything else. I couldn't even watch my mixed martial arts programs because my mind went to Jane and Carl. I decided that I would have to speak to Jane myself to see if there was any other way. I turned off the TV, changed my clothes and went over to Jane's house.

It was nearly 11pm when I got to Jane's apartment. She answered the door wearing a silk robe, underneath it I could tell that she was wearing a black negligee and if it's the one that Carl had always described to me then I would have even more trouble concentrating on talking to Jane.

"Hey Dave," she said with a big smile on her face. "I was hoping to see you real soon."

"I spoke to Carl today," I said. "He told me everything."

"I'm sure he did," she said as she put her hand on my shoulder.

I took her hand and gently took it away.

"I think we need to talk," I told her.

"Talk," she said as she rolled up her eyes in annoyance. "Ok, fine, come in and let's talk."

She led me inside her apartment and asked me to sit down next to her on the couch. As she sat down I couldn't help noticing how the silk rode rose up above her knees. Jane was a beautiful woman; she long auburn hair that curled a little at the ends, her green eyes were bright and entrancing, it was difficult not to get lost in them. Her body was something that most artists would kill to make sculptures of; she had an excellent hourglass figure that if Carl was correct at telling him was a 36-25-36. I had to force myself to look away from her legs before I get aroused and risk her noticing.

"Listen," I began to say. "I understand why you're upset with Carl but this isn't the way to get back at him."

"No, this is the perfect way," she said.

"No it isn't, you see—"

"Let me tell you something," she interrupted me. "I was always faithful to Carl. I have had plenty of chances to cheat on him in the past. There have been plenty of guys at the gym who still ask me out even though I have repeatedly turned them down. I've had thoughts about being with her people; I'm only human, I have those urges as well. But I always keep those urges locked away because I love Carl. And despite this incredible amount of betrayal on his part I still love him. But I can't do it until I make him see how much he had hurt me."

"But can't you just have sex with someone else? He seems to be ok with it because of what he did to you."

"I know, it was him who first suggested that I sleep with someone else," she said. "And I won't have a problem with it because now I deserve to have some fun of my own and be with another person. But he thinks that by me sleeping with someone else would only make us even and he wouldn't have to feel guilty of how much he hurt me. If I'm going to make us even I would have to sleep with you because only with his best friend can I make him see what he had done to me."

I had nothing else to say, it was obvious that Jane had thought everything through and I couldn't change her mind. I told her I would still have to think about it and left the apartment. Driving home I thought about everything that Jane had to say. And I thought of her in that robe and what was beneath that robe. When I got home I couldn't resist the urge I went to the bathroom and began masturbating thinking of having sex with Jane. Afterwards I thought that that would be the closest thing that I would get to having sex with Jane because I just don't think I could bring myself to have sex with my best friend's wife no matter how tempted I was.

The next day, Carl took me out to lunch again. And I told him everything; how I met with Jane trying to convince her of finding another way, and what she had told me, and how ultimately I decided not to do it.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Carl said.

"I just can't do it, I'm sorry."

"I can't believe it. You know most guys would kill for a chance like this."

"No, not most guys. This isn't the movies, or some late night movie on cinemax, or one of those erotic stories on some website."

"You mean like literotica.com?"

"Yes like that. This is real life not some story. In real life, most guys, like me, could not bring themselves to sleep with their friend's wives. I'm sorry, it does sound appealing, but I just can't do it."

"Alright," Carl said with disappointment. "I guess I can't blame you for saying no."

"Don't worry, I'm sure in time Jane would forget about all of this. Maybe you could mention marriage counseling to her, it might help out."

"I'll give it a try," he said.

A week had gone by and I was sitting at home watching TV when someone started banging on my door.

"Dave I've got to speak to you."

It was Carl. I ran to the door and opened it to see him in a frazzled state with tears were running down his face.

"Dude, what happened?" I asked.

"This happened," he replied holding up a manila envelope.

He handed me the envelope as he walked inside to the kitchen. He took out a six pack of beer as I took out the papers of the envelope and saw that it was divorce papers.

"Oh shit," I said.

"Shit is right," Carl replied then taking a big swig of one of the beers.

I took one of the beers and drank it as I read the papers.

"I can't believe it has come to this," I said.

"Can you blame her? I cheated on her for over a year; even I know I deserve this."

"I could recommend you a good lawyer. I know this guy—"

"I don't need a lawyer," he interrupted. "What I need is you?"


"Yes, you Dave," he said. "Jane said that the deal is on. If she has sex with you, she would take me back."

"That again?"

"Yes, Dave. You."

"Carl, you've got to understand—"

He walked over to me, got on his knees and grabbed my hand.

"Please, Dave. Don't give me that bullshit anymore. I understand your reasons, but can you please put them all aside for now? You're not being a good friend by not sleeping with my wife; in this case you're being a bad friend by not sleeping with her. So please, please, have sex with my wife. I beg of you. I will change, I will never cheat on her again, I will do anything, just please have sex with her. I love her so much."

He face was bright red with tears gushing out of his like rivers. I have never seen a man behave in such a way before. I didn't think he was being pathetic, maybe a little though, but I could understand where he was coming from. He really loved her and was willing to do anything for her. If that meant for me to sleep with his wife in order to save his marriage then who am I to say no.

"Ok, Carl. I'll do it. I'll have sex with your wife."

He stood up and gave me a huge hug.

"Thank you, thank you so much. I never thought I would be so happy to have my best friend fuck my wife."

Who would?

I convinced him to stop crying and go to the bathroom to clean himself up. He came out of the bathroom looking refreshed and I handed him a beer. I knew he probably felt bad about how he acted so I got him to watch some mixed martial arts with me; just one episode would make any man feel like a man again. Afterwards he left and I promised him before he left my apartment that tomorrow night I would be over at his wife's place and have sex with her.

"Just promise me one thing," he asked.

"What is it?"

"Just don't let her suck your dick."

"Don't worry, I won't. I just fuck her and leave her."

"Thanks Dave."

The next night I was at Jane's front door. I was dressed in a suit; I had just shaved and put on some of my best cologne. I knocked on the door and Jane opened it. It was obvious that she was expecting me; I think Carl must have told her I would, and she was just as prepared as I was. Instead of the robe that she wore the last time I was here, she was now at the front door wearing a black lacy bra that pushed up her breast high; it came along with a matching thong and fishnets stockings being held up by garter belts, and high heel shoes. In her one hand was a bottle of brandy and the other hand to glasses.

"I've been expecting you," she said with a devilish smile on her face.

"I can see," I replied. I tried not to show it but I was completely aroused by now.

Jane had always been a sexy woman, never to shy to show some leg or cleavage even in casual situations, but I have never seen her in this way. She asked me to come in and I followed her, my eyes did nothing but follow that great round ass of hers. We got to the living room where she had the music playing and handed me one of her glasses. She poured me some brandy and we both took a sip.

"I have to admit something," she began to say. "Not only is this a way to get back at Carl, but I've always wondered what it would be like to have sex with you. Have you ever felt the same way?"

"Well," I said before I gulped the last amount of brandy. "Sure, I have in the past thought of what it would be like."

"That's good," she said and finished her brandy.

She came up to me slowly and put her hands behind my neck. She tried to pull me toward her but she didn't have to, I was entranced in her green eyes and my head just moved in and pressed my lips on to hers. We held each other there in a passionate embrace, not letting go. I completely forgot about Carl, and all my other inhibitions about why I couldn't sleep with Jane. All I could think of now was how much I wanted to fuck Jane right here and now.

We didn't hesitate any more than we had to. She guided me to her bedroom along the way she was taking off pieces of my clothing until I was in my boxer shorts. She shut the door behind us and then slammed me against it. She got down on her knees and pulled down my boxer shorts. My cock, fully erect shot up and hit her in the side of her face. She grabbed it with one hand and began stroking it. She looked up at me as she did it and then looked down at my cock with a hungry look in her eyes. She opened her mouth wide and guided it to the opening of her mouth.

"Wait," I snapped at her.

She looked up at me.

"What is it?" she asked.

At that moment I remembered the promise that I gave Carl that I wouldn't let her suck my dick. But looking down at her with my dick in her hand and her sexy body I didn't know what the hell I was thinking making her stop. To hell with Carl and his promise, I want my dick sucked by his wife.

"Sorry, never mind. You can go ahead now."

"Thank you," she said. "I've wanted one in my mouth for a long time."

She opened up her mouth again and slid my entire cock right into her mouth and it didn't stop until it reached the back and she gagged on it. She slowly moved her head away until her lips were at my foreskin then took it all in her mouth again. Her mouth was firmly sealed around the shaft of my cock, her tongue wiggled against it as she pulled the cock in and out of her mouth. She was now pumping it into her mouth faster and faster, the sensation was indescribable. It took me a while to notice but I saw that she had one hand in her panties and she was rubbing herself as she was sucking me off.

When she was done she pulled my cock out of her mouth and gave a big sigh. There was a strand of her saliva that ran from the end of my cock to her mouth and quickly broke away. She gave it one more suck in her mouth before she stood up.

"I love sucking on man meat," she said. "It's been such a long time since I got to eat one."

She kissed me hard again and guided me to the bed. She took off her bra, her tits were more beautiful than I imagined. It was a perfect round C-cup shape with her nipples hard and erect. I grabbed one of them and it was warm and soft like a cotton pillow.

I got her on the bed and then I got on top of her. I kissed her hard again; I loved the warmth and wetness of her mouth. I began kissing her neck, she really responded to that. I moved downward to her breasts and began sucking on each one of them. She held my head to her breasts like I was a baby; she seamed to like having me bite and pull on her nipples.

I then moved down to her crotch. I pulled her panties off and began playing with her clit. Jane held her hands to her head as I began sticking my fingers into her. I lowered my head between her legs and started licking her up.

"Oh yes, that's it!" she cried out.

She grabbed my head with both hands as she pulled my head closer to her pussy. My mouth was wide as I had her in my mouth, my tongue just lashed out at her clit like a hurricane. Her pussy was getting hotter and wetter the longer I did it. Finally, Jane screamed out loud and her body heaved upward as her body exploded.

She relaxed herself and let go of my head as I pulled myself away from her pussy.

"You don't know how much I need that," she said. "I haven't cum since before I got married."

Damn, she really did deserve to have this.

I moved up on her, kissing her body all the way up to her mouth. I guided my cock to the edge of her pussy and shoved it all in. She cringed in from the pain and gave out a scream.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"I'm fine," she said. "I'm just not used to having one that big in me. Please continue."

Now I knew how sexually frustrated she was because my cock was an average size, and if that was big with her, that meant that Carl really didn't have anything to satisfy her with.

I started pumping my cock in side of her as fast and hard. I only began with minimal effort but I saw how easily Jane was aroused by every push inside of her.

"Oh yes, just like that," she cried out. "I never had it so good."

I looked at her face she was crying and smiling at the same time. She must have been telling the truth, she really never had it so good until now.

I decided to give her more to be happy about as I gave her everything I got and went as fast and hard as I could. I was a regular human jackhammer; I wouldn't stop no matter how much she screamed out in pain. She held me tightly, her nails digging and scratching my back. She had an orgasm right there, as it happened she bit me real hard on the shoulder. I screamed out in pain but still kept fucking her until she let go of that bite.

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