tagIncest/TabooTo Save Her Daddy's Life Ch. 02

To Save Her Daddy's Life Ch. 02



This is the second part of "To Save Her Daddy's Life". The first part described how Jim succumbed to his basic urges and made love to his 18 year old daughter Vicki when they were trapped in a blizzard on a glacier for three days.



Jim and Vicki were minor celebrities on their return to the airport. Father and daughter trapped in a blizzard had attracted national attention. However the TV and newspapers found little sensational from Jim or Vicki.

No, they hadn't been worried, because they had the right equipment, no they hadn't been cold. And what had they done for three days?

"Read a bit, played chess, counted snow-flakes. You know, the usual things when you are stuck in a tent for three days," replied Jim.

So the media concentrated on shots of Vicki's dazzling smile and long slender legs, and when the photographers met in the pub later, they agreed that had made their trip worth while.

During the afternoon Jim was busy with the police and air safety authorities. He was able to retrieve his Cessna from the glacier late in the afternoon after air safety had examined it and the air mechanics finally sorted out the injector problem..

Vicki had spent a lot of time on the telephone to her mother, Jim's divorced wife, washing, packing for her flight the next morning to her mother. Two days after that she would be flying to England to start her university studies. She had told her father that she was getting two nice surprises for him.

As a result of their busy day they hadn't had much of an opportunity to talk until Jim returned to his modest cabin in the evening. He didn't notice his first surprise initially as Vicki rushed at him as soon as he came in the front door. They hugged and kissed as lovers, not as father and daughter. Vicki's breasts and hips thrust into Jim's body as their mouths opened and tongues met.

Vicki stood back and did a pirouette in front of Jim.

"Do you like it? It's my midnight glacier dress, just for you."

The dress Vicki was wearing was a silver satin, almost matching the color of her body when they had danced naked in the moonlight on the glacier.

"You didn't waste any money paying for too much material," Jim smiled approvingly

Neither she had, as the dress was low cut at the top starting perhaps an inch above her nipples and high cut on her legs, finishing a foot above her knees. Again no material had been wasted with the fit as it was almost skin tight.

Vicki's obviously bra-less breasts pushed against the material, the shape of her nipples could be seen and the satiny material clung to her waist and hips and thighs. As Jim looked he could have sworn he could see the shape of her pubic mound.

It was offset by the light tan of her body and bare legs and by Vicki's cascading dark hair coming below her shoulders.

They sat on the floor in front of the open fire with all the lights off apart from the candles Jim had lit. They sat side by side staring at the flames with Jim's arm around his daughter. He looked at her as the orange and yellow light from the flames danced over her dress, over her legs which were exposed almost to the top of her thigh.

"Daddy, do you think what we did was wrong?"

"Well, there are laws and social codes which say so. And before we made love I would have been horrified to think of us committing incest."

"And after you had fucked me?" giggled Vicki.

"Vicki, my darling, and I'm saying this as a lover, not your Dad, it was the most enchanted three days of my life. I adore you, not only as a daughter but as a marvelous, erotic, beautiful, wonderful, perfect woman."

Vicki turned her face to Jim's and they kissed.

"Daddy, I want to marry you. I'll never find another man I love as much as you. Or as sexy as you." Her tongue licked his ear.

Jim lifted his daughter and sat her on his lap. He couldn't resist putting his hand on her breast which had been tantalizing him since he had seen Vicki in her new dress. Immediately she put her hand over it to hold it there. She took his other hand and laid it on the top of her thigh so that the side of his hand was just touching her knickers.

"Sweetheart, my imagination has run through all the possibilities. But, number one, you're too young to get married to anyone, number two we can't get married, that's the law. Number three we can't live together because sooner or later people would guess. We'd lose all our friends, you'd lose your mother, no-one would employ us. And number four we couldn't have children."

Tears ran down Vicki's face.

"I know Daddy. I had worked that out too."

He kissed her tears.

"Don't cry for what we can't have. Let's be grateful for the time we have had. The three days we shared with the Gods on their mountain."

They were interrupted by the pizza delivery at the door. They ate their pizza and drank some wine sitting in front of Jim's computer. Vicki downloaded the photos they had taken on the glacier and they spent a hilarious and loving hour going through them.

They agreed their favorite was one where they were facing each other, holding each other at the waist, but leaning back slightly, so that Vicki's breasts were perfectly displayed in the moonlight. But it was the look of adoration and happiness which they both liked most

Afterwards Jim stoked up the fire and put on loud dance music. They writhed and jived, sometimes apart, sometimes embracing in the firelight. Vicki kicked off her shoes and Jim took off his shoes and socks.

"Daddy, you look hot." Vicki undid his shirt buttons and took it off.

A few minutes later after they had been dancing with their hips grinding together.

"Vicki, you look hot." Jim reached up under her dress and removed her knickers.

"Remember how I told you I had two surprises for you," said Vicki as she danced in front of her father.

"Here's the second." And as she danced she lifted the front of her dress to reveal her newly and perfectly shaved pussy.

Jim only had a brief glimpse but that was enough to see her puffy outer lips, her pubic mound and a hint of her clitoral hood.

He moved to get closer but Vicki danced away out of his reach.

"That fire is hot," said Jim and unzipped the dress. It wasn't easy to take off because it was so tight and Vicki had to raise her arms over her head.

Jim was in no hurry as he feasted his eyes on the beautiful apparition which opened in front of him. The sequence was the reverse of the usual strip show.

Jim raised the dress so that the top covered Vicki's face and her arms were kept raised. This revealed her newly shaved pussy below. He knelt in front of her and gently stroked the creases between her thighs and her pussy, then her pink outer labia, her pubic mound and her clitoral hood.

"Daddy, this isn't fair," giggled Vicki from under her dress.

Ever so gently he raised her clitoral hood and saw the glistening pearl of her clitoris. Even more gently he leaned forward and licked his daughter's bud, savoring the taste and musky erotic odors.

Vicki gasped and shuddered a little, then Jim moved his tongue across her pubic mound, across her lightly muscled abs and then titillated her navel, flicking it with his tongue.

Another little gasp and shudder.

He stood to raise the dress so that Vicki's breasts were now laid bare, her face and arms even more entrapped. The red and yellow light of the fire flames flickered over Vicki's firm uplifted breasts. Her large brown aureoles and hardened nipples beckoned her father and Jim licked and kissed and nibbled.

Vicki mewed like a new born kitten.

Finally he released her and looked at his daughter. Although they had been naked for most of the previous two days, although he had explored and knew every inch of her gorgeous body, her beauty still left him transfixed in love and awe.

Vicki luxuriated in his gaze then walked over and kissed him passionately. Then she punched him on the chest.

"Daddy, you are a bastard."

Jim went to put his arms around her, but Vicki pushed him away. She then treated him to the most erotic dance show he had seen. Her brown hair swirled and her breasts bounced and swayed in the firelight. She approached closer to him, thrusting her hips, thrusting her pussy at him. She turned around and thrust her bum at him.

Finally Vicki came to him and looked at the bulge in his trousers.

"Daddy, I think you're getting hot now." She knelt in front of her father and removed his trousers and boxers. Then she softly licked his rigid cock and pushed her mouth and throat over it. She was a little surprised when Jim gently lifted her head.

"Soon, my princess."

Jim changed the music to slow mood favorites and they danced in a tight embrace. Each had their left arms around the other's shoulders, their lips were locked in a kiss and their right hands fondled the other's genitals.

As they slowly danced Vicki stroked her father's erection and scrotum. Jim explored Vicki's outer labia then felt the warm slipperiness of her vaginal canal. Up his wonderful fingers came to her clitoris. Vicki knew what was going to happen, she stopped dancing, parted her legs a little, put both arms around Jim's neck then came abruptly to her orgasm.

"Aaaaaaah Daddeeeeeeee."

Jim held her tightly until she recovered, then put both his hands under her buttocks.

"Jump up and put your legs around my waist darling." She did so as he supported her, clinging tightly with her thighs on his hips.

"Now see if you can put my cock inside you."

Holding his neck tightly with her left arm and being careful not to overbalance Vicki found Jim's erection. She eased her hips out and placed his knob between her inner labia. With a couple of wriggles she pushed herself herself down, relishing the feeling as her inner depths were invaded.

It was a little awkward but with some more fidgeting, she was clasped around her father's standing body, her pubic bone grinding into his, his engorged penis rubbing against her cervix.

She kissed him passionately, sucking his tongue as hard as she could.

She hugged him passionately, holding his shoulders as tightly as she could.

She clasped her thighs around his waist as tightly as she could.

She clasped his penis with her vaginal muscles as tightly as she could.

Jim started to dance and they swirled around the room. Vicki realized that with his strong arms holding her bottom and waist she didn't have to hold so tightly and leaned back, all the time feeling the lovely sensations of his cock within her. As they swirled she rubbed the tips of her nipples against her father's chest, showered his face with tickling kisses.

She gurgled with joy at the weightless sensation of dancing, at the eroticism of his penis wedged deeply into her sexual organs, at the joy of being with her father and lover.

"Daddy, you are so mad in such a lovely way."

He carried her to his bedroom and laid her down on top of him, his penis still inside. Vicki's long hair tumbling down beside his head, her beautiful face looking down lovingly at his.

"Ride me cowboy," she demanded.

"Hi Ho Silver," Jim yodeled and rolled her onto her back.

Their sexual organs were already highly aroused from their penetrating dance. Vicki's hips bounced from the excitement as Jim's pubic bone brought ecstasy to her clitoris, as his engorged cock stimulated her G spot causing her to squirt her female ejaculation.

Jim didn't stop. Harder he thrust in sexual delight as her vagina tightened around his cock. Vicki's orgasm continued in multiple waves until he sprayed her cervix with his semen.

Vicki took a pillow down the bed and went to sleep with her father's flaccid cock in her mouth.

They overslept the next morning and had to rush to get Vicki to her check-in at the airport. After those formalities were completed they went to the coffee lounge to say their farewells. Jim had not been looking forward to this, but Vicki was far more composed than he expected. The final call came for her flight, they had a tight father-daughter farewell embrace.

"Bye bye darling Daddy." A last hug, a last peck on the cheek and carefully so that no-one could see, a last pat on his trousers over his penis. "Look after that for me please."

Then she walked across the runway.

As her plane flew into the distance, Jim's life seemed cold and dark. Although the day was warm and sunny he somehow felt as if he had locked inside a light-less refrigerator. On auto-pilot he checked in with the air safety authorities who advised that he couldn't fly until their investigations were completed in three days.

"Just the procedures, you know that Jim."

That suited him fine. For the first time since his marriage finished 10 years ago he bought two bottles of vodka, went to his cabin, locked the doors, drew the curtains, took the phone off the hook and annihilated himself

The publicity from Jim's heroics meant he was extremely busy for the following months. The cash was more than welcome, but he knew the real benefit was that he had little time for himself, little time to feel sorry for himself with Vick's departure.

He was able to pay off his overdraft at the bank. The unpleasant bank manager now proclaimed him a "valued client". But Jim remembered the penalty fees and penalty interest when bad weather had almost ruined his business a year before and so switched banks with very favorable terms. He also cleared his overdue accounts with his petrol and parts companies and even managed to save a modest amount.


Six months after Jim's fleeting moment of fame Bridget moved to Jim's mountain town with her two children.

If she had been a fatalist Bridget would have had good reason to think the Gods didn't like her. She was French but when she was ten years old her parents had emigrated to manage a winery. The language difficulties made it hard for her to make new friends.

Then, 10 years later, her father had drunk too much at a wine tasting killing himself and Bridget's mother in a car crash. He had chosen to kill himself by driving into a brand new top of the line Mercedes Benz. The insurance company didn't want to know as he had been drunk and the claims from the Mercedes owner took just about all the modest estate.

Perhaps it was no surprise that, grief stricken and lonely, Bridget had married soon afterwards to an older man whom she hardly knew. Perhaps it was no surprise that she chose a man who shared many of the characteristics of her father, particularly the unfortunate ones, even more particularly a love affair with alcohol.

After eight years of putting up with an increasing barren sex-life and increasing verbal and physical abuse Bridget had left with her two children. For two years she had fought and won a custody battle, for two years she had fought and lost a legal battle for reasonable financial support for her children.

As she walked into the terminal at the mountain airport with her two children, Adam aged 8 and Jane, 7 Bridget mused that her life seemed to go in ten year cycles.

"10 years old when we migrated, 20 years old when my parents died and 30 when I'm trying to start my life again in a new town."

"Look Mummy," yelled Adam pointing at Jim's small reception desk. "There's the Blizzard Hero."

Joe had insisted that Jim had a blow-up poster of the newspaper headline prominently displayed as a publicity exercise.

"Can we go flying with him?" asked Jane.

"Maybe," said Bridget. Money was tight but she did want her children to like their new home town. "We'll see in a couple of weeks."

Jim had looked up briefly when he heard Adam's yell. His gaze quickly took in the children and then their mother.

"Interesting," he thought. "It's as though she's trying to make herself as unattractive as possible."

He could tell that Bridget was tall and slim but not much else as she wore baggy jeans and a figure hiding jersey. Her strawberry blond hair was drawn back austerely from her face into a pony tail and she had no make-up at all and a weary expression. Nonetheless her cheekbones were wide, her complexion perfect.

"I think she would be something with her hair let down and with a smile," he thought to himself.

Two weeks later Bridget and her children went to the airport. Bridget was feeling a little happier. The school where she was teaching French was very professionally run and very friendly. Adam and Jane seemed to like the small town, had settled into school well and had even invited some friends around.

Jim remembered them immediately but said nothing. Bridget's hair was in the same austere style, no make-up. While she wasn't smiling she no longer had that weary expression.

She was wearing those same shapeless baggy jeans but he could see that her waist was slim and her the shape of her breasts looked promising under a loose fitting blouse.

"How much would it cost for us to have a flight to the glacier?" asked Bridget.

Jim told her and was sad to see that weary expression return to her face.

"I'm sorry children, I just can't afford that."

Tears came to Jane's eyes and Adam's bottom lip pouted as he tried to hide his disappointment.

Jim looked down at his desk to make her feel less embarrassed.

"There's a way which might work. I get quite a few cancellations. If people cancel in the seven days before the flight they still have to pay half the price. So if I get a cancellation, could you afford to pay the other half?"

He neglected to add that if he subsequently filled the flight he refunded all the money.

He wasn't sure why he had been so generous. The Bridget's face lit up in a dazzling smile and her eyes sparkled. That was the reason: to see her smile. It was worth it.

"Oh that will be marvelous. Thank you so much."

Jim was a little surprised at himself.

There was a steady supply of tourists more than eager to bed the glamorous "hero" but whenever he started to develop an interest, his mind when back to Vicki and the attractive tourists departed unsatisfied.

The following Saturday Jim had a "Cancellation."

"Hi there Cap'n Jim," Bridget saluted and laughed, but her children saluted with an earnest sincerity.

"She's like a rose unfurling in spring," thought Jim.

Bridget was wearing baggy shorts which came to six inches above her knee. Her legs were even longer and slimmer than Vicki's and beautifully muscled and shapely. Jim always felt the true test of a woman's legs was the top six inches of her thighs, but knew already that Bridget would pass that test.

Her tee shirt was tucked into her shorts, showing a slim waist and flat stomach. It wasn't tight, but tight enough to have the material jut out firmly over her breasts. Still the austere pony tail, still no make-up, apart from, for the first time, some lipstick.

Adam was disappointed that Jane was to be co-pilot first but Jim told him that he had an important job holding his mother's hand as she looked like she might get scared. A chortle of laughter from Bridget in the seat behind Jim.

Jane felt immense pride as she said "Roger, over and out," on the radio to the control tower after they took off.

They landed on the packed powder snow on the glacier. The white snow contrasted with the black rocky sides of the moraine, but above that the late winter snow lay deep on the high peaks.

They all had a snowball fight then the children decided to build a snowman. Jim and Bridget sat on a foam mattress and drank some coffee. Bridget had drawn her knees up and sat with her chin on her knees as she fell in love with the view.

Jim didn't quite fall in love with his view, but certainly felt a surge as he saw that her shorts had fallen back and his suspicion about the wonderful tops of her thighs was confirmed. Bridget noticed his gaze and resisted the urge to adjust her shorts.

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