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To Save His Job


My husband Glenn was, at best, a bit of a weakling! I married him 3 years ago because I thought he was a real man but it didn't take me long to wake up to him. He seemed to take more interest in everyone but me. He would listen to his mates and do what every they suggested. He would readily go to the bar and drink with them and come home pissed rather than spend an evening with me. When he was at home and sober he wasn't too bad and if I could get him aroused we would make love and both would enjoy the act. These times were few and far between and seemed to be getting further apart. Sex with Glenn was quite good but he was so easily led it was a wonder he came home to me at all.

Sometimes we would have guests over for an evening and he would either ignore me completely or make me the butt for all of his silly jokes. Many of our friends felt sorry for me but there wasn't much they could do to help me. I can recall times when one of his friends would perhaps be having a party and Glenn would tell them I would do all of the cooking for the party and then, it was up to me to deliver or look stupid! I really didn't mind doing things for other people but I would have preferred to be asked not told.

When Glenn was at his work her would be at the beck and call of everyone and they would have him running messages for them like a little boy. He was a lapdog for his boss and they took total advantage of him. His boss, Tibor, was a tall, well built black man who was forever taking the mickey out of Glenn. Glenn had invited Tibor over for a meal on a couple of occasions (Tibor was unmarried) and I had to be the hostess, running around looking after their food and drinks until I was completely sick of it all. Tibor is a very attractive man, a couple of years younger than myself (I am 27) and he is a bit of a magnet for women as they all seem to be attracted to him. I think he is very attractive and his eyes have that come hither look about them.

He has made a couple of passes at me when he has been at our home. Mainly it was just feeling my butt a couple of times and once he ran his hand up my leg, when I was standing next to him while he was sitting on our lounge, until he reached my panties but I soon moved away out of his reach. He was always making suggestive remarks to me and worse, he would make these remarks about me to Glenn who would immediately agree with him and tell him all of our secrets. The last time Tibor was at our home he casually made a remark about my boobs and Glenn stupidly told him they were very beautifully shaped and he could have a feel if he wanted. I was livid and walked out of the room and stayed out until I thought things had cooled down a lot.

Glenn came home from work one evening with a very glum look on his face. He reluctantly told me Tibor was considering retrenching him because he didn't think there was enough work for him. Glenn was shattered because he thought he was really close to Tibor because of all the sucking up to him that he did. It was a real blow to him to think he wasn't wanted. Tibor had told him he would make a final decision in 2 weeks and that would be that!

A few days later Glenn came home from work with a somewhat relieved look on his face and I immediately thought Tibor must have changed his mind and decided to keep him on. Of course, that would be too much to hope. No. Glenn still thought he would be put off work but he had discussed his problem with some of his mates at a bar and they had come up with a plan to save his job. When I asked what he intended doing, he simply told me to arrange to have Tibor over for a meal very soon and he would tell me more about it when the time came! He told me I should ring Tibor and invite him as a special favor. I wondered just what stupid Glenn would be hatching this time. Usually his intentions were good but the execution of his plan always fell flat.

I rang Tibor, as instructed, and he seemed genuinely pleased I had rung and immediately accepted my invitation to dinner the next night. Glenn was terribly thrilled when he learned I had arranged the visit and told me it would be really good for us in the future. I am always wary of Glenn and his plans and no less so this time!

The arrangement for Tibor was that he would arrive about 7pm and, as I had asked him what his favorite meal was, I would see that this was ready for him. Glenn had a grin on his face like a Cheshire cat and I knew he was banking on this meal to convince Tibor to keep him on. Why did I suspect it would fail?

About 5pm on the night of Tibor's visit Glenn told em I should get ready and look my prettiest for our visitor. I asked what he meant and he simply said, "I want you to look very attractive for Tibor and so you had better wear a mini-skirt and a short see-through blouse so that he will be able to see how lovely you are!" I railed at this a bit and told him I didn't want to dress up for Tibor but Glenn insisted and so he helped me choose my clothes for the evening. Glenn insisted I have a shower before I got dressed and, after this, he came into the bedroom to make sure I dressed properly. Glenn had never helped me dress before and I was becoming more and more suspicious at what he had in mind for me.

On the bed lay my shortest mini-skirt and the blouse was one which I wouldn't dare to wear out of the house, in fact, I had only worn it once before to try to turn Glenn on when I felt particularly randy and wanted a good fuck! No underwear was to be seen and, when I asked Glenn were my undies were, he simply said, "Sweetie, I don't want you to wear any underwear tonight - you will appear all the more attractive to Tibor if you don't wear any at all!" My response was simply, "No way! I don't want to dress up like a slut just for your boss!" Glenn insisted telling me he thought if Tibor saw me as attractive he would probably keep him on with the job and it was important to both of us that he remain employed!

I finally gave in but insisted on wearing another blouse which was not so see-through and this would not make my nipples so visible. Glenn agreed provided I didn't do up all the buttons and to at least leave it undone down to the bottom of my breasts! I didn't like it but had to agree because there would be a dreadful argument if I didn't!

Tibor arrived right on 7pm and when I greeted him at the door he kissed me, as he always did when at our house, but this time it was right on my lips and he held the kiss for longer than usual! I pulled away from him and then invited him into the lounge room. I gave him his favorite drink and we sat down on opposite sides of the room on our two lounge chairs. Glenn then came in, shook Tibor's hand and then left the room again. Tibor commented on how attractive I looked and how much he would like to see more of me! I quickly explained I had to prepare the meal and so I left him along while I went to the kitchen. As soon as I could find Glenn I told him to go and entertain Tibor while I prepared the meal.

The meal itself was a great success and I am sure Tibor enjoyed his favorite meal. He made absolutely no reference to Glenn's work but chatted merrily about all sorts of subjects, many of them bordering on sexual innuendo! I wasn't enjoying the meal very much and I was glad when it was finished and we moved into the lounge room after I had quickly cleared the table.

Again I sat on the opposite side of the room from Tibor and Glenn and although the subjects discussed were harmless enough, there was always a sexual undercurrent. Stupid Glenn asked Tibor if he remembered being here last time when he had admired my boobs? Tibor laughed and said, "How could I possibly forget such a beautiful sight and such a generous offer?" He was, of course, referring to Glenn's stupid offer for Tibor to feel my breasts! I could see this conversation was deteriorating rapidly.

I couldn't see any possible way to escape the conversation without appearing very rude to Tibor but I hated what they were saying about me. Glenn then told me, with absolutely no expression in his voice, to stand up and come over nearer them! I didn't want to do this but couldn't find a reason not to do so. When I was standing up in front of Tibor, Glenn stood up and moved around behind me and grabbed my arms and held them firmly behind my back. This caused my breasts to stick out and, because I have rather large breasts, they were really prominent. Tibor stood up and came in front of me. He then smiled at me and took both of my breasts in his hands and squeezed and rubbed them, hurting me in the process.

He seemed very pleased with what he had in his hands and my protests to Glenn were falling on deaf ears. Tibor then began undoing the few remaining buttons on my blouse. Soon they were all undone and he pulled the front apart and exposed my naked breasts. I tried to hide myself but there was no way Glenn would allow me to move and so Tibor then began caressing and stroking my bare breasts as he wished. I had to admit to myself that it felt good having another man's hands on by boobs but I also realized it was wrong. After a number of minutes where Tibor was manhandling my breasts, Glenn simply told him I wasn't wearing any underwear and he could have a look if he wanted! This was the ultimate humiliation and there wasn't anything I could do about it! Tibor undid the simple catch on the side of my skirt, unzipped the zipper and my skirt dropped to the floor! Now, apart from the blouse which was hanging limply over my arms, I was completely naked in front of Glenn's boss.

Tibor leaned over and began to lick and suck my nipples with Glenn holding my arms even tighter so that I just couldn't move at all. I had to admit it felt good but when Tibor took one of his hands off my boob and thrust it between my legs, I changed my mind very quickly. I attempted to kick Tibor but the way he was standing made it very difficult for me to kick him. He continued to feel me up and soon had his fingers inside my cunt! I had hardly ever been felt up, even before we were married, by anyone else than Glenn and I wasn't expecting to enjoy it now, but there was that funny feeling I get when I am being fingered so well that I started to cum. I couldn't help myself and, in fact, I helped Tibor by moving my legs further apart so he could feel me better. When I had cum, and I was terribly embarrassed, he began to kiss me deeply, still squeezing one breast and nipple as well as keep his moving fingers inside my cunt! I was cumming all the time.

I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Glenn say, "I think she is ready now Tibor, how would you like to fuck her?" "No way, I shouted!" but Glenn had other ideas and he kept holding me tight. Tibor simply said, "I think spread out on the lounge would be the best place for the first fun and we can move to the bedroom for the other sessions." What hope did I have and Glenn pulled me very roughly to the lounge and made me lie down? When I looked back at Tibor, he was removing his clothes and was soon naked. He cock was the most outstanding part of him - standing out in front of him like a small baseball bat!

Glenn was still holding me down and quietly said to me, "Darling, I want you to let Tibor fuck you now. It is important to my future and you must do this to help me!" Tibor didn't say a word but stroked his huge cock until it was so straight I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Not only was it long, very long and straight but it was very thick and I had, of course, never seen anything like it except for some porno magazines which Glenn had bought years ago.

Tibor reached for and held my right ankle while Glenn held my left ankle. They pulled my legs wide apart and then Tibor moved on to the lounge between my legs. He leaned over and began to suck and lick my cunt and clit and, although it felt very good while he was doing it, I couldn't help worry about what was coming next!

After licking me to orgasm several times, Tibor moved up and placed his huge cock against my cunt lips. I knew it was inevitable but tried to resist any entry. I needn't have wasted my time. Tibor leaned on me heavily and his cock began gaining entrance to my pussy. Soon he was well inside me with still more inches to go. I felt he was at the limit but a few hard pushes and he was buried completely inside me! I was being raped and worst of all he was being helped my stupid husband! Tibor began to pump me and soon he was pounding me with his cock so hard that I kept cumming all the time. It didn't take long before he was really shuddering and I knew he was about to cum in my cunt. I couldn't do anything about it so just laid there and let him cum! Tibor laid on me and began kissing me and playing with my nipples again. After a while his limp cock slipped out of me and he moved off my body. I thought it was all over but he simply moved up along my body until he had his huge cock at my mouth and he told me to lick him clean! I tried to resist but Glenn was twisting my arms painfully and so I opened my mouth and began to suck his soiled cock!

When Tibor was satisfied his cock was clean he told Glenn to take me through to the bedroom where he would enjoy another session with me. Although I struggled with Glenn I was no match for him and was forcefully taken into the bedroom and thrown onto the bed. Tibor insisted on me being on my hands and knees and he then entered me again and continued to fuck me again.

Although I did enjoy the size and pleasure I was getting from Tibor's cock, I wanted this to be all over and for Tibor to leave. I didn't have long to wait before Tibor came again in my cunt and then slapped my butt and told me I was a wonderful fuck and also a wonderful wife to do exactly what my husband had suggested! I could have killed the bastard right there and then for saying that but I reserved my greatest hatred for Glenn who had got me into this mess.

As Tibor was leaving the house, I heard Glenn say to him, "Well, now that you have been able to enjoy my wife, I guess my job will now be secure, Tibor. I will look forward to working for you for years to come!"

Tibor's only comment was "Not bloody likely, sucker. Who would ever like to have a wimp like you working for them? No, nothing has changed, you will finish up next Friday." I expected Glenn to break down and cry but he remained quiet and returned to the bed where I was lying, still recovering!

Glenn told me he was sorry but he had thought if he allowed Tibor to fuck me, all would be right and he would keep his job! I could have told him that wouldn't work but he would have never listened to me anyway. I screamed at Glenn and called him every rotten name I could think of, and told him I would never love him again! I really meant it and he would have a very hard time ever getting back into my good books! I didn't tell Glenn however that I had thoroughly enjoyed being fucked by Tibor and his monstrous cock! That was perhaps my reward for living with my stupid weak and useless husband!

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